Average Settlement For Rear End Car Accident

A rear-end car accident is one of the serious cases of accidents that can leave a person physically impaired for the rest of his/her life. Without the right first aid and medical treatment, a severe rear-end impact can threaten the life of an individual. If you have been in a rear-end car accident recently, you must approach a car accident law firm to avail of the necessary legal support. The top legal firms will help you get the best deals on the average settlement for rear-end car accidents.

The best legal firms have several years of experience in handling the complicated rear-end car accident cases effectively. These firms know how to effectively deal with such complicated situations in an effective manner. Such firms have a full-fledged team of experienced lawyers who can help you win the deserved settlement amount in no time.

Research suggests that the car accident legal firms preparing for the rear-end collision settlement verdicts often deal with the following questions.

What Are the First Steps that I Should Take After the Car Accident?

Check for Visibly Obvious Injuries

You need to prioritize your physical well-being after the accident first. Check all the ways in which you may have been hurt and make sure that you get all the necessary medical treatment and first aid that you need. The physically obvious injuries like a scratch on your head, or a dislocated shoulder, or a bleeding arm requires immediate medical attention.

Such injuries are good for the case since they can help your lawyer convince the jury of your victim state in a simpler manner. The jury will sympathize with a victim with such visibly obvious injuries more.

Get a Complete Medical Health Check-up

In several cases, the damage done to your body might be completely invisible and internal. Such injuries are typically more dangerous than the other ones and they require immediate medical attention. With a complete medical health check-up, you can identify such injuries in their preliminary stages effectively.

Medical Health Check-up

A certified clinic/hospital will have all the necessary medical equipment to provide a complete medical health check-up. The top legal firms have tie-ups with some of the best hospitals and clinics to offer you the necessary medical treatments and check-ups at a highly subsidized cost.

Check the Extent of Damage to the Car

One of the major components of the settlement claim comes from the damage incurred to your car. Therefore, you must assess the damage correctly and get the necessary repairs in time. It is always advisable to get the complete repairs from the certified shops of the car manufacturer. Do collect the necessary invoices from the garage for all the repairs and replacement components.

Always rely on a trustworthy garage owner or a certified shop owner to source genuine parts for your vehicle. While you can let go of minor accident dents and scratches, you need to claim the right amount of settlement cost for more serious damages.

Approach the Right Legal Firms for the Necessary Help

Ideally, as soon as you regain function and can think again, you should approach the right legal firms for support. Always have the contact details of a reliable lawyer on your speed dial and get in touch with him/her as soon as possible. The lawyer will assess all the forms that you need to sign at the hospital and ensure that you do not sign a release form by mistake.

Release Form: The release form is a document that suggests that you give up all the rights to sue a third-party for the accident. If you sign this form, you lose the rights to sue the party-at-fault and lose the case even before filing it in the first place.

Document Your Entire Post-Accident Journey

You must record your experience from the accident as candidly as you can. This information will help your lawyer create a seamless story for presentation purposes. After all, the presentation skills of your lawyer hold a lot of importance in assessing the total amount of settlement that you will get from the case. If your lawyer can convince the jury and put you in the role of a victim, you will most likely win a huge settlement offer.

You should never lie to your lawyer and always tell the whole story candidly. If your lie is caught in the court during the trial, the lawyer won’t be able to do much to protect your interests.

What is the Average Settlement Amount that I Can Expect from Such Cases?

There are various factors that determine the average settlement cost that you can expect from such rear-end collision cases. A few of these factors include:

Damage Incurred to the Car

The condition of your car can depict the severity of the accident. There are several cases in which the victim of the accident walks away from the scene without a single scratch but still manages to receive a huge settlement cost. In such cases, the car of the individual is totaled beyond repair.

The top lawyers can leverage this opportunity to depict the severity of the accident in your favor. He/she can weave a story around the fact that it was pure luck that saved you from the accident and that the party-at-fault should still be penalized for the actions.

Physical Damage Incurred to Your Body

The physical damage incurred to your body is one of the key factors that determine the amount of settlement cost that you can get. The injuries that are physically visible get more sympathy and attention from the jury. However, in the most severe cases, we can see that the damage incurred internally is significantly more harmful than the visible.

In cases of internal physical damage, a reliable lawyer will collate the necessary information from medical reports and present it in the best way possible. The lawyer will highlight your victimized state to the entire jury in a presentable fashion.

Negotiation Skills of Your Lawyer

The overall negotiation skills of the lawyer hold huge importance in the course of the case. The top lawyers know how to negotiate in the most effective manner to get you the best deal on the table. Such lawyers will never crack under the pressure of the defense counsel and put up a strong fight with his/her key negotiation skills.

An experienced lawyer will never accept the first offer presented by the defense counsel since he/she knows that it is not the best offer. In fact, the lawyer will ask the insurance agency to prepare a better counter offer until you don’t get the best deal.

Clarity of the Fact Who is at Fault

If you are particularly sure about the fact that the third party is at fault, you can expect a higher settlement amount. However, if you have, by any mistake made a wrong turn to cause the collision, you need to express this to your lawyer. Talk to your lawyer and tell him/her everything that caused the accident. If you try and put the entire blame on the third party when you know that you suffer the blame equally, you may lose the case due to the lawyer’s ignorance.

If you lie to your lawyer, he/she will not be able to help you during the cross-questioning sessions. You will either lie on the stand or accept your fault. In both cases, the jury will lose faith in you.

Quality and Quantity of the Evidence Collected

The top lawyers will help you with the evidence collection process too. They will collect high volumes of high-quality evidence for you. These lawyers will do everything in their power to fortify the case further with strong evidence for you.

The high-quality evidence will help the lawyer in the case more quickly and get a better settlement amount for you. The best lawyers do not stop when they get their hands on a couple of different pieces of high-quality evidence. In fact, they dig deeper to find more evidence and fortify the case even further.

When Can I Expect to Get the Complete Settlement Cost After Trial?

The overall time taken by the insurance agency to release the complete settlement cost depends on the following factors.

Persuasion Skills of Your Lawyer

The best lawyers have excellent persuasion skills. They can leverage their upper hand in the trial without any fear. Therefore, they can help you get the settlement amount from a rear end collision case very quickly.

The top lawyers know how to persuade the jury to ask the insurance agency to give the settlement amount as soon as possible. A few insurance agencies clear the entire settlement amount in a single attempt while the other ones clear it in smaller installments.

The Strength of Your Case

If your lawyer has built a strong case for you, nothing can stop him/her from getting the settlement amount as soon as possible. The top lawyers are not afraid of taking the defense counsel to the court if the insurance agency does not agree to the terms and conditions of the case.

In case you have a weaker case, the insurance agency will convince the jury to give it more time for the evidence collection process. This way, it can delay the entire payment process by a few weeks or even a few months.

Impact of the Jury Decision

If the case does go to the trial eventually, the jury decision is final. The defense counsel has the choice to approach the higher court in case it feels that an unfair decision is made by the jury. However, most insurance companies rarely do so in the first place.

The jury will most likely sympathize with the victim of the accident thereby awarding him a huge settlement offer. Most insurance companies realize this fact very clearly. Therefore, they do not take the risk of taking the case to the court in the first place. Instead, they try and settle the case out of the court.

Total Amount of Settlement

The top lawyers can help you win the case with a settlement amount that is exponentially larger than the initial offer. In such cases, the insurance company may demand more time to complete the entire payment process.

The company will most likely choose to pay the amount in one attempt. However, in rare cases, it might decide to pay the amount in smaller installments. An experienced lawyer will negotiate the terms of the agreement further and ask for a higher settlement offer in case the insurance company wants to pay it in installments.

The Willingness of the Third-Party to Cooperate

In most cases when the judicial system is directly involved, the third-party has no choice but to pay the entire amount to the plaintiff as soon as possible. However, when the jury and the judge are not directly involved in the process, the defendant will try and delay the entire case.

The top lawyers will leverage their upper hand in the case and force the third-party to pay the necessary amount as soon as possible. These lawyers will ensure that you get the deserved amount quickly so that you can pay the necessary bills of medical treatments, physical therapy, and car repairs.

When Can I Sue the Party-at-Fault?

The victim is not always in the best position to sue the party-at-fault in the first place. In fact, the victim needs to carefully assess his/her position in the legal case and then decide whether he/she should sue the party or not. A professional lawyer can help the victim assess the condition in an unbiased manner.

For preliminary evaluation purposes, you can ask yourself the following questions to know if you can sue the third party or not.

When You Know that You are Not to Blame

You can go ahead and file a case against the third-party without any fear when you are 100% sure that party-at-fault is to blame for the accident completely. If you have doubt or cannot recall the incidents that led up to the accident, you should consult a lawyer first. The smart defense lawyers can easily make you seem the person-at-fault for the accident if they catch hold of small evidence against you.

Discuss all the details of your case and the incident with a reliable lawyer candidly. A trustworthy lawyer will give you his/her unbiased opinion of the situation. You can follow the rest of the conditions in this list only when this first condition is met correctly.

When You Suffer Serious Physical Damage

If you have suffered serious physical damage due to the accident, you have the right to sue the party for all the medical expenses. Ideally, you should not ignore any injury as minor and let it slide. In fact, you should get a complete medical check-up as soon as possible to locate any serious injuries. Such medical check-ups can help you locate the source and intensity of the internal injuries in a timely fashion.

When You Feel Mentally Traumatized by the Accident

In certain accidents, a victim may escape the scene of the accident without facing a single scratch physically. However, the impact of the accident can leave the person feeling stunned and traumatized. The accident might affect the mental well-being of the core levels. If you are feeling mentally traumatized by the accident, you need to consult a psychiatrist and a lawyer immediately.

When Your Car Is Totaled

The modern-day vehicles are equipped with tons of different safety features. The main aim of the car is to absorb the energy of the impact so that you can leave the scene of the accident unharmed. In such cases, you might easily escape the scene unscathed, but your car may suffer serious damage.

In the most severe car accident cases, the car is totaled completely beyond repair. You need to file a case against the party-at-fault to recover the cost of replacement/repair. The insurance company of the party-at-fault will be responsible for giving you the necessary reimbursement to purchase a new car.

When You Need to Go to the Hospital to Get Medical Treatment

A simple pointer that suggests that you need to file the case is that you need to go to the hospital to get medical treatment after the accident. You should sue the third-party even in case of minor injuries because you never know how it may affect your lifestyle.

Make sure that you do not sign any release forms at the hospital by mistake because that will take the right of using a third-party away from you.

How Do I Choose the Right Legal Firms to Represent My Case?

The top legal firms have a couple of things in common. Here are some things that you will find common amongst the top legal firms that are ideal for such cases.

24×7 Support

The best legal firms never shy away from responsibility. The lawyers of such firms understand that this is a scary experience for most of its clients. Therefore, these lawyers offer tons of emotional as well as legal support to all their clients. A 24×7 support system helps these firms build the necessary trust and rapport with their customers.

Large Team of Experienced Lawyers

The top legal firms have a huge team of highly experienced lawyers to serve you better. The combined experience of these individuals easily exceeds several decades. The lawyers of the top firms consistently share knowledge with each other to learn and grow. This practice helps the firm serve its customers better.

You can easily approach a friendly team of lawyers at the corporate office of such a legal firm to get the necessary guidance in such cases.

Huge Library of Case Studies to Gather Experience

One of the main things that the top legal firms have more than novice ones is an experience. The experience of dealing with hundreds of similar cases in the past helps the legal firm build a huge repository of case studies for its lawyers and clients. The clients of these firms have free access to this library to assess their legal position in a better way. The library of case studies is open to the lawyers so that they can learn from the experience of their peers.

Easy Access to Emotional and Legal Support

Legal support is easily available in both the small as well as large legal firms. On the other hand, the necessary emotional support is not. Only a few lawyers can sympathize with their clients and truly step into their shoes to understand the dilemma closely. The lawyers of the top legal firms usually have more experience in doing this.

Specialization in Handling Car Accident Cases

If you are going to hire a legal firm for such cases, it is a good idea to choose the one that has expertise in handling similar cases. The legal firms with specialization and experience in handling the car accident cases are in a better position to help you calculate and claim the settlement amount. Such firms have dealt with multiple complicated scenarios in the past effectively.


Want to calculate the average settlement for car accident back injury accurately? Approach the right legal firms for help today. You have the full right to fight your legal case without any legal support, but you should not do so. The experience and professionalism that a lawyer brings to the table can help you win a settlement amount that is exponentially higher than the initial offer made by the insurance agency.

Choose your legal partner wisely if you want to win the case quickly. The right legal help will not only provide you with legal support but also provide the necessary emotional support in times of need. Getting the deserved amount of settlement claim is significantly easier with the right legal help. Avail of the right legal help as soon as possible so that you can have a competitive edge in winning the case in the first place.

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