Buy Here Pay Here 500 Down Used Car Dealers Near Me

If you are looking for a used vehicle, you’ve probably seen No Money Down Bad Credit Car Lots in your area running ads that claim, ‘buy here pay here 0 down!’ After all, nothing compares to purchasing an item without reaching into your pockets when signing the papers. While most used cars no credit check dealerships have no set down payment, here at, we do encourage our readers to buy cars with some money down. You don’t have to put down a lot of money to get into a good auto lease. There are plenty of buy here pay here 500 down vehicle leases if you know where to look.

Many BHPH dealerships offer car loans for bad credit buyers with little or no money down. These are a reliable buy here pay here used cars dealers who often run specials, offering used vehicles for 500 deposit near you. To provide such unbelievable leases, these auto retailers overlay several deals on your purchase, effectively reducing that initial amount. Obviously, such a low deposit depends on the model. But if you don’t have a definite inclination about the vehicle to buy, you might drive home a used automobile for only 500 as an upfront payment. And how do you pursue such exploits? By choosing the right dealer and selecting their special offers as you’ll learn in this post.

Buy Here Pay Here 500 Down vs. No Money Down Used Cars

Did you know that you pay less in the end when leasing a used car for 500 down? Just five hundred dollars? As down payment? Well, however much you rub your eyes in disbelief, the truth is that auto leases for as little as $500 down are available.

Even though cars are a necessity in the modern lifestyle, many people don’t consider them an excellent financial investment because they depreciate rapidly. And the less you deposit for an automobile during purchase, the longer it will take to pay it off. For example, in some instances, you might eventually spend more than the car’s actual worth when you put $0 down. Also, keep in mind that on top of the vehicle itself, you’ll pay taxes and registration charges. So, even if you pay nothing in advance, you might pay more money overall.

Putting down at least $500 on a car gives you access to a better deal on a used vehicle. It is especially useful if you want to finance the purchase through car loans for bad credit lenders. Usually, when you do this, you can get lower interest rates on the car than if you put nothing down. You will be happy about this arrangement for the long haul, whether you want to keep the car longer or intend to sell it after a few years.

We recommend finding an auto dealership that offers no definite down payment if you need a used vehicle. Depending on where you live, it’s always best to buy with a used car auto retailer, offering flexible terms. For instance, if you are in New Jersey, look for buy here pay here NJ dealers that are ready to work with you and accept your current situation.

And if a five hundred dollar initial payment is something your budget can handle, it will definitely help your situation. Depositing 500 dollars upfront on your next car is an excellent method to secure the transportation you require, start growing your credit, and obtain an affordable loan for you.

How To Get Buy Here Pay Here 500 Down Used Car?

You are probably wondering how to get the buy here pay here 500 down deals on used vehicles. Of course, not all dealerships will let you put down five hundred dollars for your next car. However, the following four methods can see you getting unbelievably low down payments for your next auto purchase:

Method 1: Flexible Payment Choices

There are many customer centered dealerships near you with flexible payment alternatives for their buyers. These dealers allow you to select how much you can afford to pay upfront. However, not every client gets to choose their down payment. Instead, the amount will depend on your credit score and the model you pick.

But if you are comfortable with not so latest models and your credit history isn’t wanting, you can always negotiate the initial amount down to 500 dollars. Besides, note that your credit report won’t be a problem for loan approval with the auto retailer. It will only determine the total funding that is getting approved and if you qualify for flexible car financing.

Method 2: Trade In Your Old Vehicle

With the majority of buy here pay here 500 down near me dealerships, it’s also possible to exchange your old car. Trading in a vehicle you own can offset part or the entire amount due when signing. Depending on the trade-in model, you could bring down the deposit to about five hundred dollars.

Upon arrival, the dealer is going to inspect the state of your used vehicle to determine its equivalent cash value. And based on the determined figure, you can plan for a lower down payment. Further still, the car you purchase and the one you bring in will be significant, although the 500 dollar figure is certainly possible to achieve.

Method 3: Get A Co-signer

Co-signing an auto loan is also another way to obtain buy here pay here 500 down deals. Having a co-signer for a car loan gives the borrower a quick and straightforward opportunity to own a vehicle. You could benefit from getting a different person to sign the loan, particularly if you are a student, first-time buyer, have bad credit, or no credit history.

Often, borrowers who need a co-signer will get a close friend or family member to assist with the loan. This is often easier to achieve, more so for families willing to lend a hand to a first-time young borrower.

One advantage of using a co-signer is that interest rates for the auto loan and the down payment tend to be lower. You can use the co-signer credit rating to negotiate the initial amount to around $500. Apart from reducing the upfront costs, you will save money on monthly premiums over the reduced car loan interest rate. Note that lenders consider the overall credit risk to determine an ideal interest rate for a borrower. So, having a co-signer collateralizes that risk and reassures the lender that you will pay the loan.

Method 4: Using Referral Money With The Three First Methods

There is more than one way to bring down your initial payment on a car purchase without getting into your wallet. Vehicle lenders are always looking for new buyers with whom to share their products and services. You’ve probably seen local car lots running ads that say, ‘earn $$ gift card for referring a colleague or friend to us.’

Many dealerships have member referral programs, earning you money for every person you refer to them and buys a vehicle. Earnings per successful referral can range between $100 and $500, depending on the dealer’s terms. Some car lots use a system that grows your referral incentive, each time you refer someone, successfully, to sweeten the deal. If you’re in luck, you could be the winner of an annual cash draw for all customers who refers in that year.

Customer referral programs are a great way for both new and existing customers to cover their car payments. You can earn enough to clear your initial payment or bring it down to $500 with just a handful of referrals. Use this offer plus the flexible financing alternative or the trade-in proposition to eventually arrange for a deposit that is close or equal to 500 dollars.

How Do Buy Here Pay Here 500 Down Dealerships Approve Your Car Loan?

Sure, you’ve heard about buy here pay here used cars dealerships that don’t use your credit ratings to approve your car loan. But that doesn’t mean they won’t check your credit score, or you can apply for any amount you want to get approved. Certified dealerships have specific standards to keep.

Also, the bad credit environment is a risky industry where dealers can’t simply hand out credits as they wish. Every dealership, including buy here pay here 500 down near me car lots, have exclusive means of determining the amount they can give you for an auto loan. While some dealers promise not to check your credit history to lend you money, other car lots still make soft inquiries to preapprove you for financing. The only advantage is that a soft credit pull does not affect your credit scores. For that reason, it’s tough to tell how bad credit vehicle dealerships approve buyers’ car loans.

But on the surface, here is how we can sum up the processes involved:   

Credit History Checking

When a creditor or lender asks a credit bureau to check your credit report, the inquiry may become part of your credit history. But there are two ways to make a credit inquiry, including hard and soft pulling.

A hard inquiry is where the creditor with whom you are applying for an auto loan evaluates your credit report to inform their decision making process. An inquiry of this nature will reflect on your credit report and can impact your credit scores. Hard credit pulls remain on your report for a little over two years, although their sway on your credit lessens with time.

On the other hand, soft credit inquiries mainly occur when lenders want to preapprove borrowers for available offers. It can also happen when checking your own credit. Therefore, it won’t influence your credit scores.

Nearly all the buy here pay here 500 down near me dealers use the second method to check your credit history. Remember that checking your credit history isn’t equivalent to reviewing your credit rating for loan approval. Instead, these lenders look into various parameters, such as your income to debt ratio, current credits, among others, to calculate monthly payments you can afford.

Consider taking a long term credit if you want to increase the total loan amount. Alternatively, you can put more money down to reduce the net credit and your monthly payments. Bad credit used cars dealerships need to check your credit history to approve you for a loan you can afford. They don’t want to overwhelm car buyers with more debt.

Checking Your Pay Stubs

You are probably wondering how BHPH dealers finance high-risk vehicle buyers. These dealerships will lend bad credit, no-credit, low credit, and bankruptcy borrowers. It means that you do not need a guarantor or co-signer to carry your risk because you have bad credit.

With the majority of top bad credit auto dealerships, your job can serve as your collateral. Therefore, they will ask you to provide the most recent copies of your salary statement. These pay stubs will help them evaluate your income correctly and determine your current job’s stability.

High-income levels with low debt will go a long way to get you approved for high loan amounts. On the other hand, the total credit will reduce if you are in the average salary range. Even so, you will still qualify for auto financing, where traditional lenders will naturally turn you down.

Choosing A Preferred Loan Repayment Date

After the first two steps, you’ll get to choose a date to repay your car loan. It also means that the best buy here pay here 500 down dealership will let you pick a suitable day of each month for paying your due monthly installments. In this way, you can align your auto payments with the day you get your salary.

However, note that this flexibility isn’t available with all dealers. Therefore, remember to look for the top buy here pay here 500 down near me car lots to benefit from flexible payment offers. Once you verify your date and the method of repayment, you must sign the required documents before walking out to pick your vehicle from the lot.

Getting a green light for your auto loan is exactly that simple, regardless of your credit score.

The Bottom Line

BHPH dealers can make purchasing a vehicle a lot easier by providing in-house financing programs. They can give loans when regular dealerships and banks won’t due to challenged credit issues. You can get approved for an auto loan at buy here pay here dealerships with little or no down payment, even if you are not eligible for traditional financing.

But you must search for used-car lots that offer flexible payment options. In this way, you can negotiate the initial payment at about $500. You can also consider exchanging your old automobile and have its cash equivalent clear part of your debts. Co-signing an auto loan can also give you better bargaining terms for a reduced down payment and interest rates. Besides, you can elect to combine all the three methods for a hassle-free auto ownership experience.

The mix and match financing model can be an option with trusted buy here pay here 500 down car lots near you. The business case in this situation revolves around the buyer. Therefore, we encourage you to make the right choice. We recommend picking a dealership with deals and offers that allow you to purchase used cars for $500 down payment using legit and transparent means. The vehicle you need could be waiting for you somewhere in a car lot. Put aside your money worries and get your dream car today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I get a car with $500 down?

Yes. You can get a car for $500 down payment at buy here pay here used cars retailers near me. However, individual dealerships have different requirements for approving such a low down payment. You may have to exchange your used vehicle, get a co-signer for the loan, or negotiate the initial amount down to $500.

Can you put 500 down on a car with bad credit?

Dealing with bad-credit customers is a risky business. Conventional auto lenders don’t give credit to buyers with less-than-stellar credit ratings. But you can put $500 down on a vehicle with buy here pay here used-cars dealerships, even if you have bad credit. Trading in an old car or co-signing the car loan can lower the down payment amount even more.

How much is a down payment at a buy here pay here?

The majority of buy here pay here car lots don’t have a set down payment. Instead, they have flexible payment options, allowing customers to negotiate the deposit amount, based on individual qualifications. It means that you can pay as little as $500 down or no money down at BHPH dealerships.

What happens if a buy here pay here goes out of business?

The majority of auto loans are available through banks and not the auto dealership. If the car dealership goes out of business, you’ll still owe the bank. But most buy here pay here car lots run in-house financing programs. If the facility were to go out of business, they might sell your vehicle loan to a different institution. The new institution will notify you of those changes, including how to pay for your loan to completion.

Can you give a buy here pay here car back?

Yes. You can give back a car to a BHPH dealer through a voluntary repossession. Getting out of a buy here pay here vehicle contract is similar to getting out of any other car loan. Therefore, you’ll have to consider several options. But if you don’t want a repo reflecting on your credit report for at least seven years, make sure all the options you are considering involve paying your loan contract in full.

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