Car Accidents are common in the United States of America. This is horrible for your life because the risk factors of the car accident may lead to unintentional and ultimate death or damage of important part of the body and loss of your car bought with your earnings from hard work. The accident must occur where there is lack of safety and Safety First is the most talked warning to prevent accident and road. In spite of having modern technology like safety device while driving, a car accident may occur and must occur as some more causes are responsible for driving. Even if a car accident does occur, there are more facts to make things worse because one accident may generate more incidents like car accident lawyer if the case is related to the destruction of the more civil asset. Obviously, there is the civil law that prohibits any kind of loss of the premises where destruction for car accidents may lead to premises liability. However, we are going to discuss some most important reasons behind car accidents.

1. Distraction From The Concertation: As you are driving, your focus and concertation should be to control your car and have a clear map of the road. This is one of the biggest reason for the road accident in the United States. The distraction from the concentration may be depression over any sorrowful event, using a phone, talking over phone, texting or slowing down to observe another accident. Even According to Mark Edwards, Director of Traffic Safety at the America Automobile Association, 25-30 percent reason of car accident is the distraction.

2. Speeding Up: When you enjoy watching a car race, you may wish this race on the road also. By overlooking personal injury protection, you may speed up and enjoy the race. This race may be so dangerous when you lose control.

car accidents

3. Drunk or Fatigue: Maximum accident occurs when there is no control over the mind. When you are drunk you can’t control any moving part like steering of the car. Applying full energy by avoiding abnormality for drinking alcohol type which stimulates our sleepy condition in the human body is one of the big reason. In addition to drinking, it is not proper time to drive like 11.00pm to 8.00am. this time, the human body needs sleep

4. Inexperienced On The Road: There is a big difference between an expert and inexpert driving skill. The expert driver knows the road clearly and can drive safely. When a driver has no idea on the roads or new on the roads may face accidents. Driver’s nervousness gets weak and cannot control the car. So an accident is apparently possible.

5. Risky And Sleepy Road: The roads may not be risk-free and sleepy. It is so dangerous to drive risky and sleepy roads. The road authority must set warning sign beside the roads like accident statistics on the road or turning point with signboard or speed limit on the risky and sleepy roads. If the drivers don’t get any warning sign on the roads, his speed may not be limited and accidents may occur on the risky and sleepy roads.

6. Sudden Elements On The Road: When drivers get a turn, there may be an animal or any trees part. The road should be safe and unoccupied for easy direction. But the car moves with its speed and accident may occur when it is not possible to control the speed at the sudden moment. Most often, there is an unnecessary blockage on the roads like drums, stockpile and other materials which are the reasons behind car accidents.

7. Fault In The Car: The car should be sound enough to run on the roads. You need to check or recheck your cars when your car is running on the roads. If regular maintenance is missing and is not taken for the car, there is a risk of facing accidents. Faults are tired blowouts, expire of tire, continuous erosion of screw and nuts and other most important parts of the cars. These faults are most often responsible for car accidents.

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8. Wrong Way Driving: There is traffic signal or traffic laws. A responsible driver should follow and study those traffic laws. Traffic laws like adopting safe signals rules. But most often it may be seen that drivers may not comply with traffic signals or traffic laws. Even Drivers may find wrong way driving for pursuing shortcut way. That wrong way is not the way for the drivers who use. That way is for others drivers who may face accident and crush is common.

9. Construction Site: It is so difficult to drive a car in the construction site. There are lots of stockpiles on the roads in the construction site and it is not easy to move freely. At this moment, you may not be patient and move very fast as you are in hurry. So Impatience may lead to damage and car accidents your car as you have lost control over the roads.

10. Back Red Light Off: In the evening, you have forgotten to switch on the red light back in the car. Even the red light is not working while starting driving. You are in the lanes with speed but the car behind yours may hit your car and cause damage to your car as the car behind you did not notice your car even if a few yards ahead. So it is so risky to drive when your back red light is not working at all.

The City In The USA Where The Rate Of The Car Accidents Is Much More

The car accident is one of the most probable reasons for unintentional death. It leads to early death which is not expected by anyone. The accident may occur where there is lack of safety issue, risky roads and drivers’ enjoyment of the race. In the USA, All the states have records of accidents and the city that has most car accidents is Montana. Montana tops the list for road deaths like a car accident and the rate of deaths is 22.6 per 1,00,000 people. Even, West Virginia has records of car accidents according to Centre for Disease Control and Prevention.

However, car accidents are common in the USA and do have an adverse effect on the economy because it not only takes lives but also financial loss. As car accidents are related to financial loss, so you may seek justice from the auto attorney general for recovery of your car if you are on right way. Even you may seek help from car accident lawyer from whom you may get justice if your car is crushed in an unjust way. But while driving, following personal injury protection should be kept in mind always. Now you may read and Follow Top 10 Tips And Save Your Life From a Car Accident