How To Get Out Of a Car Lease Early? The 8 Best Ways

Having or driving a car is most important for people because it gives us status or prestige and provides freedom for random traveling. Some people fulfill the wish of having a car by getting a lease. Because leasing a car has many benefits especially, the monthly payment is lower than buying a car. The volume of leasing a car has increased fast over a couple of years. Leasing a car is especially good for office going people who travel on a regular basis and where there is no public transport. As many people love car leases because they can drive a new car every few years with a lower payment and low maintenance costs, whereas some of you need to get rid of a car lease.

There are many reasons to get out of a car lease. Like, maybe you are not financially stable currently means disable for monthly payments and maybe you have no job now or your job location has changed where there is a lot of public transport available. Also, you may want to buy a big car that supports your family or maybe you are the person who loves to drive all the latest car models. These could be your basic reason to get out of a car lease. So, how can you get out of a car lease early? In this guide, we will explain broadly the best ways to get out of a car lease. Read this article you will know everything you need.

What is a Lease?

A lease is a contractual agreement where one party grants land, property, vehicles, and services to another for a specified time period. Generally, we can say it is an agreement between two parties where one is a lessor and the other is a lessee. Leasing has many advantages like the payment schedule is much flexible than loan agreements, It involves 100 percent financing of the price of the asset and it’s after tax cost is lower because the tax rate is different for two parties (For lessor and lessee).

Car Lease & Its Upside and Downside

A car leasing is a well known type of auto financing that helps you to rent a car from a dealership or leasing company for a certain period of time. You can give the payment on a monthly basis. At the end of the leasing period, you will return the vehicle to the dealership or if you want to keep the car, you can buy out the lease if the option is available in the lease agreement. However, a car leasing has some upside and downside and these are as follows:

The Upside Of a Car Leasing

  • The monthly payment is lower.
  • Low maintenance cost.
  • Enjoy or drive a new car every 2 to 4 years.
  • Warranty protection is better

The Downside Of a Car Leasing

  • Income stability is necessary.
  • Put mileage limits.
  • Probably to pay more over time.

How To Get Out of a Car Lease | 8 Best Ways

This is the right time to discontinue your leasing and might think about how to get rid of a car lease? Figure out to break the lease can be a pricey and lengthy process. But you have many ways to get out of a lease. These are as follows:

1. Return The Car Early

This is the easy way to get out of a car lease early because the dealer will manage all the points or details for you. But it is most expensive because the leasing company or dealer probably will apply all of the penalty provision that is contained in the lease agreement. You will have to pay an early termination fee in addition to the remaining depreciation of the car. The depreciation could be a higher amount at the end. The dealer or leasing company will sell the car with minimum value through an auction; in that case, you have to pay the difference value.

2. Transfer The Lease

Transfer the lease is another convenient way to get out of a car lease. You can transfer your lease to a new lessee who can afford the monthly payments. Most of the leasing company permits you to transfer the lease to another party, but the party has to meet the lender credit requirements. As lease transfer requires paying a transfer fee and other costs, then you should compare with other options to see if it is cheaper. If you find difficulties to search the party for transferring the lease, you can consider the site: Lease Trader or Swap a Lease. Make sure your new lessee will be responsible.

3. Swap The Lease

As we discuss earlier if you face trouble finding someone then go to The site allows the lease owner to “swap” the cars to another individual. The deal is most attractive for the people those who want short term car lease or who enjoy randomly changing the cars. Your lessee must meet the leasing company credit requirements before allowing the swap. Before finalized the transfer identify the terms and conditions with your leasing company or dealership. Some leasing company requires the original lease owner to manage the post lease liability. Make sure what administrative cost you need to pay, you may need to pay the fee to them who facilities the swap. One other thing, you may need to offer cash incentives to encourage the party to swap your lease if our car is available at low prices in the market.

4. Terminating The Lease Early

If you have an option in your leasing agreement that can end the car lease early then you can terminate the lease. But the agreement typically includes lots of penalties if you try to exit early. You have to pay the remaining balance due, including any type of costs, fees and penalties related to this early termination. The cost also includes transfer fees, vehicle disposal fees, and taxes. Before deciding to get out of a car lease, read your lease agreements carefully to see how much penalties are included. Because the early termination cost can be so high than keeping the car for the full leasing period.

5. Trade or Sell The Car

Some people do not realize that they can buy and sell the car independently. Most lease company allows you to buy the car at any time that you are leasing during the lease period. If you want to sell the car then ask your lease company to know the cost of buying the car at this current time. Then find someone to buy the car from you for that amount. This method will be a far better option to get out of a car lease. As it looks uncomplicated but if not you can pay the amount of cash for the car, you need to encourage someone to give the cash for the car before the deals. You can engage your family member who loves you and car dealers who solved the problem of ending the lease by trading the leased car. In this way, you can get rid of expensive fees and penalties that are included in the contract.

6. Buy The New Car With The Same Dealer

This method could not eliminate all the termination penalties but can reduce them. Buy the new car from the same dealer where you already leased your current car, they may help you to minimize some penalties but they have some hidden cost. Car dealers typically will apply some exit fees on the lease within the terms of buying a new car. The lease termination fee will be added to the new purchase. It means you will owe more on the new car than it’s worth. Car dealers love to deal with an existing customer that they come back and buy the new car from them.

7. Ask For Help To The Leasing Company

Most leasing companies will be ready to work with you If you find yourself financially disable to pay the monthly payments during this time; you can contact your leasing company to minimize or discounted some payments. If they are able, then they can help you to reduce the monthly payments or even suspended the payments. One thing must remember that if a delay in payments from them, you can lengthen the lease term that will have to cover in later.

8. Default On The Monthly Payment

If you realize you are not financially stable currently and have no longer afford to make the payments on the car, in this case, you could consider defaulting on the lease by stop making monthly payments. But this is not a good way to get out of a car lease, this will give you other problems. especially, your credit will be affected highly which will be the same as an auto loan.

Good Time To Get Out Of a Car Lease Early

There are several reasons to get out of a car lease early. But when the time is perfect for this movement? The high time to get out of a car lease is as follows:

  • If you are moving another state.
  • Financially disable.
  • Need a big car for your family.
  • If you moved to a crowded area where public transports are easily available.
  • If you love to drive a new model car every few years.


Therefore, I think keeping the car and paying the monthly payments may be the best option if you can afford it. Because you have to pay lots of penalties for ending the contacts by which you will face a big expense to get out of a car lease. But if you definitely need to discontinue the lease then try any process or way which will fit your current situation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What happens when you turn in your leased car?

When your lease contract end, you may think to return your leased car and it will be knowledgeable for you to go to the same dealership where you find your lease. Before returning the car to the dealership, it will go for lease inspection. If there is any damage to the car, you will be charged for extra fees.

Does turning in a leased car early hurt your credit?

No, it does not hurt. Turning or returning the leased car early doesn’t affect your credit score unless you fail to pay the amount to the lender that you owe. Any single late payment can hurt your credit.

Should I fix a dent in my leased car?

Yes, you should fix the dent. But you will be charged for it when your contract is up and after ending the lease when you might think to return the car, it will send for lease inspection. If your inspection is happened a weak ago before return the car, you will get an advantage and you will find the week to repair the vehicle. If not, your car is an old model and in poor condition, fixing the dent brings a better price.

Do you get money back for unused miles on a lease?

The answer is no. The low mileage makes no differences on the agreement. When you signed an agreement for a certain number of miles per year, your lender undoubtedly charged for the overall time period. There will be no reimbursement for unused miles.

How much is a lease damage penalty?

There’s no exact way to inform how much you will be charged for damage. A penalty charge depends on various things, including the manufacturer and what the damage is. Normally $750-$1,500 charged to the financed amount of the vehicle.

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