The Best KIA Soul Lease Special Deals

Leasing is a fantastic option when you still have to consider the car’s cost and price. Furthermore, leasing is a wiser choice if you will not be driving the car for a longer duration. Rather than spending your resources to afford a car and take complete ownership, leasing can be a decent bet.

In this instance, the Kia Soul is a good choice for a small car. You can choose from various model years to determine the best automobile for you and the best lease rate. When it comes to the KIA soul lease, you may not be able to get the most recent version, but you can still get unique cars.

In this instance, you should look into this more thoroughly before making your final decision.

Why KIA Soul Lease Recommended?

For instance, cars like the 2017 Kia Soul can provide drivers with more space and lifespan. The 2017 Kia Soul is available in 16 vivid hues and a variety of trims. A lease may be an excellent alternative for you, but it all relies on your situation and what’s essential to you. Having a vehicle is a good idea, and KIA soul lease $79 can become an excellent option to take. You’ll never lose your Soul in a busy area with so many eye-catching choices!

2022 KIA Soul Lease Special Deals

Are you looking for some choices? The Kia Soul is available in various trim levels, including LX, S, GT-Line, EX, and Soul Turbo.

Kia Soul ModelTerm LengthDue at SigningMSRPDeal Valid inMileageTotal Least Cost
Kia Soul LX36 MONTHS$2,999$20,845US (Price Varies in Location)10,000$23,159
Kia Soul S36 MONTHS$2,999$22,750US (Price Varies in Location)10,000$ 24,779
Kia Soul GT-Line36 MONTHS$3,499$27,490US (Price Varies in Location)10,000$28,699
Kia Soul EX36 MONTHS$3,299$25,145US (Price Varies in Location)10,000$27,599
Kia Soul Turbo36 MONTHS$3,999$28,350US (Price Varies in Location)10,000$30,819

Continue reading to understand the specific details about each KIA Soul Model. Below we describe everything about Kia soul lease, let’s see it.

1. KIA Soul LX

With its tall, powerful, and manly features, this car is designed with Soul. The most significant quality of this vehicle is its distinctively fashioned exterior. The Soul’s upright design provides a spacious cabin with plenty of space for passengers and baggage and is a perfect choice when you’re thinking of a Kia soul lease special.

This should be your first choice if you’re looking for a Kia Soul LX lease special with superior quality. The market price for this automobile is around $20,845, and you can lease it for 36 months for about $690 per month. There will be a $130 lease fee, resulting in a total cost of $23,159 for 36 months.

2. KIA Soul S

On the other hand, the KIA Soul S costs $22,750 on the world market. This edition comes loaded with modern and practical amenities, including power windows, privacy glass, rear defrost, a 5-passenger capacity, wireless cell phone hookup, bucket seats, and much more.

If you’re looking for a car to own and pay a lease for, this type is one of the best suggestions. Ready for a monthly lease price of $750, which will total $24 779 over 36 months. A lease fee of roughly $145 will be charged as well.

3. KIA Soul GT

The KIA Soul GT-Line is a wiser alternative for a 7-speed automatic manual transmission car. The current market price is $27 490. This model comes with standard ten overall speakers, supplied satellite radio service, keyless activation, electric power steering, illuminated door sill plates, cargo compartment, and compass features are just a few of the highlights, the KIA Soul GT LINE is one of the greatest bargains available. Arrange for a monthly lease payment of $860, a leasing fee of $160, and a total least cost of $28,699 if you plan to lease for 36 months.

4. The KIA Soul EX

The KIA Soul EX is a prominent and excellent choice for the finest KIA leasing deals, with a starting price of $25,145. Keyless Entry, Heated Mirrors, Apple CarPlay, Power Driver Seat, Onboard Hands-Free Communications System, Passenger Capacity of 5, Compact Spare Tire, and other features are included.

One of the greatest offers on the market is the KIA Soul GT LINE. Ready for a monthly lease payment of $825, a leasing fee of $150, and an overall least cost of $27,599 if you intend to lease for 36 months.

5. KIA Soul Turbo

Among the best of Kia lease specials is the Turbo and now the only trim level featuring a turbocharged 1.6-liter engine that generates 201 horsepower. A seven-speed dual-clutch mechanism is linked to the engine. This trim is by far the most dynamic of the group, and it also comes with a lot more luxury. The MSRP is significantly higher than the previous trim, however, it includes LED headlights and taillights, a powered sunroof, and a Harman Kardon audio system with ambient speaker illumination.

This is the trim to choose from if you have the money since it comes equipped with front collision avoidance. Pricing in the market is roughly $28,350, and you can lease this car for 36 months for about $935 monthly. There will be a $190 lease fee. Thus you will be spending the entire amount of $30,819.


The 2022 Kia Soul’s distinct appearance isn’t the only feature that sets it apart from its subcompact SUV competitors. This compact crossover boasts an extensive cargo compartment and enough seating room for people. The base engine is adequate but not remarkable, but a much more powerful engine is offered. The Soul has good gas mileage and a smooth ride, but you’ll have to search elsewhere for agility.

Also, double with neighboring Kia stores or go to their official website. There are various significant lease options accessible in each Kia Soul model.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is The Kia Soul All-Wheel Drive?

The 2021 Kia Soul provides drivers with many adaptability and reasons to be thrilled, exceptionally when equipped with the optional 201 horsepower turbocharged engine. For quick acceleration and dynamic driving, the 2017 Kia Soul for purchase is a front-engine SUV with a front drive. When you schedule a test drive, be sure to ask about the smooth-shifting seven-speed Dual-Clutch Transmission.

Is The Kia Soul A Sport Utility Vehicle?

This will fall underneath the SUV/Crossover category when looking for a new Kia Soul. The Kia Soul is a modern Kia for purchase that combines cargo space, comfort, and versatility while remaining agile in traffic. The cargo capacity behind the driver is increased by the split-folding seats, increasing the total cargo volume to 62 cubic feet.

Is There A Spare Tire On The Kia Soul?

Indeed, the new Kia Soul for 2021 comes with a spare tire, ensuring that you will never stuck on the road with a flat tire.

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