What Is The Minimum Credit Score Need To Lease A Car

Leasing a car is an affordable way to drive a newer car without a long-term commitment. The monthly lease payment is lower than the financing amount, which makes it ideal for people who cannot afford to buy the car at its current MSRP. At the end of a lease contract, you only need to return the vehicle to the dealer, which helps you avoid the inconveniences of selling it. Leasing further gives you the freedom to explore newer cars every few years.

Nevertheless, you will need to meet the dealership requirements to qualify for a lease. You must demonstrate financial ability and meet the minimum credit score to lease a car before the dealer considers your application.

The needed requirements for a lease vary from one dealership to another, but you should take with you a valid driver’s license and current pay stubs. It is also crucial to review your credit score and research the car you need to lease before visiting a dealership. We look at the minimum credit score to lease a car and tips that will make the car lease affordable.

What Do You Need For A Car Lease Approval

1. Good Credit Score

A good credit score shows that you are credit-worthy. Although it is possible to get a car lease with bad credit, most car dealers require a good to excellent minimum credit score to lease a car. People with a poor score will need the assistance of a co-signer to qualify for a lease.

2. Stable Income

You will not qualify for a car lease unless you can demonstrate your ability to pay for the car. Most dealerships require several recent pay stubs as proof of income. Others have a minimum income requirement to qualify for a specific vehicle. Look at the financial needs of your dealer to ensure that you meet the minimum requirements.

3. Residence address

You will need documents that show your current residence. It is common for the leasing companies to ask for proof that you have been living at the same address for at least two years before applying for a lease. If you plan to apply for a car lease, you should avoid relocating to a new location as it may prevent you from qualifying for a car lease.

4. Co-signor

People with poor credit scores can qualify for a car lease if they have a co-signer. The co-signor should meet all qualification requirements, including a stable income, proof of residency, and the minimum credit score to lease a car. The co-signor is responsible for the monthly payment if the applicant fails to pay the agreed amount.

5. Valid driver’s license

You need a valid driver’s license to apply for a car lease. The license must be valid in the state where you want to register the vehicle.

6. Insurance

Most car dealers require full-coverage insurance that you must maintain throughout the lease term and covers collision, bodily injury, and property damage with low deductibles. Other dealers offer simplicity by including insurance premiums as part of the monthly payment. In such a case, the dealer takes care of the insurance cover, but you must ask what is included to ensure your protection.  

7. Gap Insurance

Gap insurance protects you against the additional cost that might occur if the car is totaled or stolen. It covers the vehicle’s total cost. You should have Gap insurance if your existing policy does not offer full replacement value.


Instead of visiting multiple dealerships to get a lease approval, you should visit websites that offer car lease pre-approval. It helps you proceed once you are sure you meet the application requirements.

What Is The Minimum Credit Score Need To Lease A Car

The minimum credit score to lease a car vary from one to another dealership. That said, the minimum credit score you need to lease a vehicle at most dealerships is 620. Most dealerships consider ratings of between 620 and 679 are near-prime, and those of between 680 and 739 are prime while above 740 is golden. People in golden and prime ratings have better chances of getting approval and qualifying for special discounts, including lower interest rates and no down payment.

On the other hand, people in the near-prime category will be eligible for a car lease but at higher interest rates. Furthermore, people with lower ratings may have to give higher down payments to qualify for a lease.

The best credit score to lease a vehicle is 680 or above. You will find it easier to qualify for a lease at multiple places, which helps you find attractive deals. Moreover, you will have greater flexibility to customize the deal like zero down for higher monthly payments. It is also worth noting that lease deals for supercars require higher ratings than the common vehicles.

Can You Qualify For A Car Lease With Bad Or No Credit Rating

Yes. You may qualify for a car lease with a bad or no credit rating, but it will be more challenging as lenders will consider you a high-risk applicant. The easiest way to qualify for a lease with bad credit is by seeking the help of a co-signer. A co-signer can be a friend or a relative with a high credit score. The co-signer will need to meet all the requirements for a lease, including financial stability, proof of residency, and minimum credit score to lease a car.

Alternatively, you can increase your chances of getting a lease by giving a large down payment. The higher deposit helps to lower your risk, which can make your application attractive to the dealers. However, you should keep in mind that people with lower credit ratings attract the highest interest rates. If you find it impossible to get a car lease with bad credit, you might try getting approval to buy a used car.

Can Leasing Help You Build Your Credit Score

Yes. Leasing a car can help you build credit, but you will need to ensure that the dealership reports to all major credit bureaus in the same way they would make loan payments. Leasing a car helps you build a credit score like any other loan. Making prompt payments will impact your scores positively, but missing a payment will send your scores plummeting.

Furthermore, a lease will help you build a credit mix, which is more effective in helping you build a score than one kind of credit.

How To Build Your Credit Score For A Better Lease Deal

If you plan to get a lease deal in the coming months, you should review your credit score and adopt habits that can help you build your score. Some of the things that can help you build your score include:

  • Reduce balances on credit cards: You can quickly improve your score by lowering your credit card balances. We recommend that you pay off as much of your balances as possible. Keep in mind that a high credit balance will negatively affect your score. Aim to reduce your balance to 30 percent of your credit limit to help you get a more appealing score.
  • Make timely payments: You should strive to pay all your bills on time at all times. Put reminders to help you pay utility bills, credit card bills, and phone bills on time to make sure that you will not miss a payment and negatively impact your score. On-time payments will show that you are responsible for your finances.
  • Keep all credit accounts open: Avoid closing your credit accounts unless it is really necessary. Keeping accounts open for a longer period reflects positively on your credit score. However, you do not have to keep an account that you cannot afford, as defaulting on payments will undo the gains.
  • Review your credit report: Fixing errors in your credit report can quickly improve your score. Review your credit report thoroughly to find errors that can negatively affect your score and take the necessary steps to get them fixed.

How Can You Get A Good Deal On A Lease

  • Shop around: Dealerships offer different terms and conditions that make lease offers dissimilar. It is common for dealers to have different prices for the same car. Contact multiple dealers in your area to find the best deal.
  • Negotiate: Do not accept a lease offer without negotiating the different aspects of the contract like down payment, residual value, and interest rate. The aim should be to lower the cost of the lease as much as possible. Always remember lower monthly payments do not necessarily make the lease affordable. Opting for lower monthly payments with a longer repayment period will make the deal more expensive due to the interest rate.
  • Give a down payment: It is always a good idea to give a sizeable down payment if you can afford it. Down payment will lower your monthly payment and can help you qualify for a lower money factor due to the reduced risk. It can also help make your application attractive if you have a poor credit score.


It is necessary to build your score if you would like to lease a car as you must meet the minimum credit score to lease a car for you to qualify. Furthermore, a good credit score of at least 700 can help you qualify for better terms and conditions.

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