Best Buick Enclave Lease Deals with Pricing

The 2022 Buick Enclave is a big, three-row SUV with several standard features, comfortable driving, and capacity for seven passengers. Compared to the previous versions of the vehicle, the 2022 Enclave is well-rounded, featuring standard driver aids and better interior quality.

Buick has revised this vehicle’s front and rear styling, making it look a little sleeker than before. The interior has a brand-new transmission gear selector akin to a button, replacing the previous lever. Its revamped infotainment system connects wirelessly to mobile devices via Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

It comes with a 3.6-liter V-6 engine, which is powerful enough to cruise smoothly on the highway. You have options to get this vehicle – you can purchase it outright, rent, or lease it. For the latter, you should consider taking advantage of the current Buick Enclave lease deals.

This article discusses the 2022 Buick Enclave pricing, leasing deals, features, reviews, and specifications. Read on for more information.

2022 Buick Enclave – What’s New?

One of the major changes to the 2022 Buick Enclave is the refreshed exterior styling with better front and rear bumpers. It also features updated redesigned wheels, updated exterior lighting elements, a novel shifter button in the center console.

Its top trim, the Avenir, comes with unique interior trim, new cabin wood inlays, massaging front seats, and quilted leather upholstery, making it more luxurious. Buick includes new standard driver assists in the other trims, including automatic high-beam lights, blind-spot monitoring, lane-keeping assist, and automated emergency braking.

Optional safety features include rear pedestrian alert, head-up display, and adaptive cruise control. The previous version of the Enclave had Apple CarPlay and Android Auto working via USB connection. Buick has since upgraded that to wireless versions with wireless connectivity.

2022 Buick Enclave Pricing

2022 Buick Enclave Preferred$42,000
2022 Buick Enclave Essence$43,995
2022 Buick Enclave Essence$44,000
2022 Buick Enclave Premium$50,000
2022 Buick Enclave Premium$50,995
2022 Buick Enclave Avenir$55,000
2022 Buick Enclave Avenir$56,295

The 2022 Buick Enclave starts from $42,000 for the base model – the Preferred – which offers the front-wheel-drive option, 18-inch wheels, cloth interior upholstery, and an 8-inch infotainment touchscreen. It features the wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The mid-range Enclave Essence seems like a good option thanks to its perforated leather seats, six USB ports, and onboard Wi-Fi.

Even though the Avenir stands at the apex of the Buick Enclave range of vehicles, it doesn’t deliver the kind of luxury expected from a vehicle of its stature. So, you are better off saving money by purchasing the Enclave Premium with massaging front seats, leather upholstery, a power liftgate, and second-row captains’ chairs.

Best 2022 Buick Enclave Lease Deals

Several Buick Enclave lease deals enable you to drive this vehicle for 24, 36, or 48 months. Each of these deals comes with unique pricing based on the lease period and the mileage limit. On average, you will pay $531 per month for 36 months, with $2,000 due at deal signing and a 12,000-mileage limit annually. If you choose the 24-month lease term, you will pay $641 per month. Leasing the Buick for 48 months on a 12,000-mileage limit may cost you $533 per month. Here is a summary of some of the lease deals you can use to get a Buick Enclave.

  • 2022 Buick Enclave, $623 per month for 24 months, $2,000 down payment, 10,000-mileage limit.
  • 2022 Buick Enclave, $641 per month for 24 months, $2,000 down payment, 12,000-mileage limit
  • 2022 Buick Enclave, $659 per month for 24 months, $2,000 down payment, 15,000-mileage limit
  • 2022 Buick Enclave, $711 per month for 24 months, $2,000 down payment, 18,000-mileage limit
  • 2022 Buick Enclave, $519 per month for 36 months, $2,000 down payment, 10,000-mileage limit
  • 2022 Buick Enclave, $531 per month for 36 months, $2,000 down payment, 12,000-mileage limit
  • 2022 Buick Enclave, $554 per month for 36 months, $2,000 down payment, 15,000-mileage limit
  • 2022 Buick Enclave, $605 per month for 36 months, $2,000 down payment, 18,000-mileage limit
  • 2022 Buick Enclave, $525 per month for 48 months, $2,000 down payment, 10,000-mileage limit
  • 2022 Buick Enclave, $533 per month for 48 months, $2,000 down payment, 12,000-mileage limit
  • 2022 Buick Enclave, $559 per month for 48 months, $2,000 down payment, 15,000-mileage limit
  • 2022 Buick Enclave, $607 per month for 48 months, $2,000 down payment, 18,000-mileage limit

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2022 Buick Enclave Engine, Transmission, and Performance

The Buick Enclave has a 3.6-liter, 310 hp V-6 engine in front-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive vehicles, a nine-speed automatic transmission. Even though the Enclave isn’t the fastest crossover, it is quick enough to help you arrive at your destination soonest. At the highest speeds, the engine doesn’t produce much sound or cause reverberation in the cabin.

It is powerful enough to tow a maximum of 5,000-pound luggage with the right equipment. Thanks to its top-notch suspension, the 2022 Buick Enclave delivers smooth driving without feeling too heavy. Its steering wheel is responsive enough to deliver just enough feedback or crisp response at minimum effort.

The Buick Enclave provides top-notch ride quality, providing swift and stable handling when accelerating or negotiating corners. Most of the lower trims of the Buick Enclave come with the front-wheel-drive option. If you want it to be all-wheel-drive, the dealership can fit it for you at a cost. The all-wheel-drive Buick Enclave Essence transmits power to the rear wheels when the front wheels can get traction.

Buick has fitted a twin-clutch system that shares power between the front, and rear wheels for the Premium and Avenir trims. That system ensures optimal power placement and is excellent for stabilizing the vehicle around corners.

Despite its many qualities, the Buick Enclave isn’t as fast as you would expect. With its weight starting at two tons, its speed is a few notches lower than comparable SUVs. The tall family wagon has a soft ride and feels comfortable for both the driver and the passengers. Its base suspension has a soft setup, making it less adept on complicated corners and tight corners. The high-end Avenir’s AWD system’s adaptive dampers provide tight control over the road and don’t easily let go.

2022 Buick Enclave Fuel Economy

Most large three-row SUVs aren’t economical when it comes to fuel consumption. Although the 2022 Buick Enclave is much better than other crossovers, it doesn’t come close to the Volvo XC90, which is more fuel-efficient. According to the EPA, the Enclave has 18/26/21 mpg for the front-wheel-drive and 17/25/20 mpg for the all-wheel-drive vehicles.

In a test involving a 75-mph cruise on the highway, the vehicle delivered an impressive 25 mpg for the all-wheel-drive model. The XC90 performs much better than the Enclave on that front. Another vehicle that performs better is the Toyota Highlander.

2022 Buick Enclave Interior

The 2022 Buick Enclave’s interior is bigger than you would expect from vehicles in its class. Its roomy interior can carry up to seven adult passengers comfortably, thanks to plentiful legroom and headroom. If you have adult passengers, they are better off sitting in the first two rows. The front seat has power adjustment and provides heating on all the Enclave trims. Over long trips, the heating, cooling, and massaging function relieves any possible body discomfort.

In the second row, the 2022 Buick Enclave has massive 38.9-inch legroom. The seats also provide heating, keeping passengers as comfortable as the driver. The third-row seat is in the form of a bench that can carry up to three medium-sized passengers over short trips. Since the third-row legroom is a bit lower, it isn’t suitable for accommodating taller passengers.

Despite putting in its best effort, Buick didn’t manage to outshine its competitors regarding interior quality. The material quality and craftsmanship applied in the 2022 Buick Enclave interior aren’t as good as you would expect from a high-end crossover. It has a rather chintzy wood trim, non-power-operated panoramic roof shades, and limited cargo space.

The space behind third-row seats can accommodate 23.6 cubic feet. After folding the second and third-row seats, the vehicle can carry up to 97.6 cubic feet of cargo. While all third-row seats fold to create cargo space, only the passenger-side second-row seat is foldable. That limits the amount of space you can have.

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2022 Connectivity and Infotainment

The vehicle comes with an 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system from IntelliLink, providing a user-friendly interface. In addition to a lovely arrangement of different elements, the touchscreen has crisp graphics and lots of useful features.

Among its standard features are Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and an onboard Wi-Fi hotspot. The first two features help you connect your phone to the entertainment system wirelessly, while the Wi-Fi hotspot provides convenient on-the-move internet connectivity.

The 2022 Buick Enclave has a navigation system that provides real-time weather and traffic updates, keeping you informed about what’s happening around you. It also has a wireless charging pad for mobile phones that allow it. In each row of seats, there are two USB ports to help passengers charge their devices.

2022 Buick Enclave Safety Features

The 2022 Buick Enclave comes with additional driver assistance and safety features, making it safer than the previous version. Its additional features include rear parking sensors, blind-spot monitors, active lane control, automatic high beams, and automatic emergency braking.

According to the NHTSA, the 2022 Buick Enclave has a five-star rating overall. It scores four stars when it comes to frontal-impact protection. That essentially means that the vehicle is safe to drive, considering all possible ways it can be in an accident.

The following are the 2022 Buick Enclave safety features at a glance:

  • Automatic emergency braking
  • Rear parking sensors
  • Automatic high beams
  • Blind-spot monitors
  • Active lane control
  • Surround-view camera system
  • Head-up display
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Rear camera mirror
  • Front parking sensors

2022 Buick Enclave Models

You can use the 2022 Buick Enclave lease deals to get any of four models – Preferred, Essence, Premium, and Avenir. The Buick Enclave Preferred has the most basic features and is available at the lowest possible price of $42,000. All the models for this particular vehicle have a 3.6-liter, 310 hp, V-6 engine working together with a nine-speed automatic transmission. The standard configuration for all the models is front-wheel drive. Due to its large interior size, the vehicle can carry up to seven passengers.

Here is a description of the features available in the three most advanced Buick Enclave models:

1. Buick Enclave Essence

The Buick Enclave Essence’s standard features include leather upholstery, heated front seats, hands-free liftgate, and power-adjustable front seats. Some of the vehicle’s tech features include a Wi-Fi hotspot, wireless smartphone charging, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, an 8-inch touchscreen, and automatic climate control.

Like all other Buick Enclave models, the Essence comes with advanced driver aids like front and rear parking sensors, forward collision mitigation, blind-spot monitoring, lane-keep assist, and a safety alert seat.

2. Buick Enclave Premium

The Buick Enclave Premium has more advanced features, including a power-adjustable steering column, ventilated front seats, house-style power outlet, and power-folding third-row seats. The driver also gets a heads-up display for information right in their sightline. Additionally, it has household-style power outlets, a ten-speaker Bose audio system, a surround-view camera system, and a digital rearview mirror.

3. Buick Enclave Avenir

As the quintessential Buick Enclave model, the Avenir has all the features of the Premium and more. Additional features include a sunroof, navigation system, and adaptive cruise control. The Avenir also features additional tech features like adaptive suspension and responsive headlights

The Bottom Line

With so many attractive Buick Enclave lease deals, you’ve got no reason why you should avoid having this vehicle. It has a large passenger and cargo capacity, performing better than comparable crossovers. If you are looking for a vehicle that delivers great fuel economy and average engine power, consider hiring the Buick Enclave. It also has a unique infotainment system with an 8-inch touchscreen and wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. If you need to connect to the internet on the go, take advantage of this vehicle’s onboard Wi-Fi hotspot.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much is it to lease a Buick enclave?

You will pay $531 per month for 36 months to lease a Buick Enclave with a 12,000-mileage limit while paying $2,000 during the deal signing. The monthly payments can be lower or higher depending on the lease period, mileage limit, and down payment.

How much is a fully-loaded Buick enclave?

A fully-loaded Buick Enclave starts from $42,000 for the base model. The highest trim for the 2022 Buick Enclave costs around $57,000. Besides the price, you should select a vehicle depending on its features.

Where is the 2022 Buick Enclave built?

GM USA manufactures the 2022 Buick Enclave in its GM Lansing factory in Delta, Michigan. Therefore, it is fully a product of the United States.

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