Best Honda CR-V Lease Deals – Special Offers

Leading a tough segment for several years is not an easy thing to pull off. The Honda CR-V maintains its place as one of the best crossover models in the heavily congested field that includes other automakers with great deals such as the Hyundai sonata lease. Despite the ever-increasing competition, Honda CR-V lease deals continue coming top due to excellent safety features, powerful and fuel-efficient powertrains, as well as a spacious cabin.

By ticking all the right boxes, the new Honda CR-V becomes an excellent option for car shoppers in need of a new lease deal. While the new model does not come with any changes like you would find in chevy bolt lease deals, customers can choose from two engines.

For a lesser engine capacity, the base CR-V features a 2.4cc engine with four cylinders delivering up to 184 Hp and 180 lb-feet of torque. On the other hand, if power intrigues you, then opting for the turbocharged 1.5cc engine with four cylinders might be a suitable deal.

The model is rated to produce 190 horsepower with 179 lb-ft of torque, it is a standard front-wheel drive. You will be paying an additional $1400 to avail of the four-wheel-drive configuration. The CR-V offers a continuously variable transmission as the only gearbox. The turbocharged engine delivers better fuel economy.

In spite of being a compact crossover, you will find some valuable space for cargo in the Honda CR-V, which avails up to 39.2 cubes of cargo space by maintaining the rear seats. Note that choosing to fold down the back seats delivers a maximum of 75.8 cubes in cargo space.

Honda CR-V Lease Specials

Honda carries financing and lease specials for the majority of its 2020 cars, minivans, and SUVs. For instance, while monthly payments for the honda CR-V lease deals specials are between $169 and $389, cash due at signing can go up to $3399. All their leases carry a three-year term, which is still on the pricey side, bearing in mind that you can lease a Kia Optima. Community dealerships often carry flexible terms. Checking with your local dealer will give you more accurate figures for lease specials in your area.

Honda is availing plenty of lease specials if you are in the market for an SUV. New Honda CR-V is one of the most sought-after compact SUVs in the marketplace. The automaker is advertising lease specials for as low as $249 every month, with approximately $2,700 upon signing. If all that space does not charm you, then the Honda HR-V might be a great alternative. The HR-V model is leasing at $179 every month with a $3,100 upfront fee for three years.

Honda CR-V Financing

Starting October, Honda announced financing deals for most of its models, including vans, cars, and SUV, which means that you can avail of at incredibly low interest rates below the 4.65% national average, for a five-year car loan. There are no 0% financing deals from the automaker, though plenty of their models carry as low as 1.9% interest rates and as high as 3.9% running for six years.

If you are looking for Honda CR-V financing, it means choosing from one of their flexible terms. These rates are also available for other Honda models, such as the Odyssey, Accord, Pilot, and HR-V. Honda interest rates come with flexible terms running from two to three years. Shoppers can sign up for financing deals on each of their models with 2.9% interest rates for a five-year term, or 3.9% for a six-year term.

Honda CR-V Lease Price

The 2020 Honda CR-V is available with rebates of up to $500 and $249 per month leases. Honda cr v lease price remains high because of its popularity in spite of the brand carrying a new loyalty bonus and conquest cash, and all other offers remaining the same.

Most of the automaker’s special offers focus on the LX configuration, meaning the EX and higher trims have fewer deals, which leave out the Honda Sensing collection of innovative features in the cold.

While the Honda CR-V is typically a carryover, the auto manufacturer is set to release a hybrid for the year 2020. This new model will come with a double-motor system giving up to 212 hp, which is 22 hp higher than the regular CR-V model at 190 hp. Honda is yet to avail of pricing and EPA figures for the new 2020 hybrid model.

Due to high demand, prices for Honda CRV lease deals continue soaring, though a few offers can help you lower the total cost of purchase. Here are some of the national offers for the Honda CR-V.

Conquest and Loyalty Offers

The 2020 Honda CR-V comes with a $500 unadvertised incentive for buyers, which they can combine with low-interest rates. But you will want to keep in mind that passing down this incentive to customers is not an obligation on the dealers. For that reason, it pays to shop around for the most reliable offers you can avail of in the marketplace.

It’s good to keep in mind that there is another $500 bonus cash offer for consumers switching over from a newer competing brand or current CR-V owners.

Leases Begin From $249/Month

If you are trying to locate the new Honda CR-V LX, the model is running from $249 every month over 36 months. You will also be paying $2,699 when signing. A $324 effective monthly cost does not give good value to the $25,545 MRSP.

If you prefer a four-wheel drive, you will be paying $200 extra upon signing, as well as an extra $10 every month. Just as the two-wheel-drive offer, this is deal does not give excellent value for the cars MRSP either.

Qualifying buyers can get the new Honda CR-V with different financing rates, including a 1.9% interest for three years, a 2.9% interest rate for five years, and a 3.9% interest for six years.

The LX trim does not give a good value for its MRSP, you can avail of better lease offers with other trim levels for the Honda CR-V. The new Honda EX, including higher trim levels, carry excellent values relative to their MSRPs.

Honda CR-V Other Model Lease Deals

ModelsPay Per MonthDurationDue at signingMileage LimitMSRPAvailability
CR-V LX Trim$24936 months$2,69912,000 miles$25,545Nationwide
CR-V LX AWD$25936 months$2,89912,000 miles$26,945Nationwide
CR-V EX Trim$25936 months$2,79912,000 miles$28,445Nationwide
CR-V EX AWD$26936 months$2,89912,000 miles$29,845Nationwide
CR-V EX-L Trim$27936 months$2,99912,000 miles$30,945Nationwide
CR-V EX-L AWD$28936 months$3,19912,000 miles$32,345Nationwide
CR-V Touring Trim$30936 months$3,49912,000 miles$33,945Nationwide
CR-V Touring AWD$31936 months$3,69912,000 miles$33,945Nationwide

Price and Features All Honda CR-V Trim Levels

Honda offers its CR-V model in four trim levels. All these configurations come with the auto manufacturers suite of advanced safety technology known as the Honda Sensing feature, save for the basic LX. This hi-tech suite involves an auto dynamic cruise system, mitigation braking against collision, LKAS system, and road departure mitigation.

The LX Trim Level

The LX trim starts from $25,395, inclusive of a destination charge of $1045. For the price, you will get the following exterior features as standard:

  • 17” wheels
  • Roofline spoiler
  • LED daytime running lights
  • Remote keyless entry

On the inside, this configuration comes with:

  • Tilt-and-telescopic steering control
  • A rearview camera with multiple angles
  • A USB port
  • An audio system with four speakers
  • Manually adjusting the driver’s seat with six configurations
  • Two 12-V power outlets

The EX Trim

Starting from $28,295, the EX configuration features:

  • A turbocharged engine
  • 18” alloy wheels
  • Remote engine start
  • Auto headlights
  • Honda sensing
  • Rear cross-traffic alert
  • Blind-spot monitoring
  • Walk away auto lock and smart entry
  • Heated side mirrors
  • Two-zone automatic climate control
  • A sunroof
  • 12-way auto-adjusting driver’s seat
  • Push start button
  • 7” touchscreen
  • Sirius XM
  • Android Auto
  • Apple CarPlay
  • HondaLink

The EX-L Trim Level

Priced at $30,795, the EX-L comes with the following new features:

  • 2-position memory driver’s seat
  • Power tailgate with auto-programming
  • General garage door opener
  • Auto-adjusting passenger seat with four configurations
  • A steering wheel wrapped in leather
  • Rearview mirror with auto-dimming technology
  • Leather upholstery

The Honda CR-V Touring Trim

The new CR-V Touring is Honda’s premium trim configuration starting at $33,795. Its standard features over the lower trims are:

  • Automatic access power tailgate
  • Dual chrome exhaust finishers
  • Windshield wipers with rain-sensing technology
  • LED headlights
  • 9-speaker audio system

Honda CRV EX Lease

Leasing a car with the latest safety features is vital, which makes the Honda CRV EXlease so striking. Apart from being an affordable trim comparative to its MRSP, the new Honda CR-V EX carries a powerful and highly efficient turbocharged engine, along with the Honda Sensing suite. This trim configuration includes several comfort features as standard.

Honda also adds in Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay as standard features on the CR-V EX further solidifies this trim as the most reliable starting point when looking for Honda CR-V lease deals.


The new Honda CR-V for 2020 is available as a carryover, its prices are high because it is a popular crossover model. The 2020 honda CR-V lease deals come with new loyalty and conquest bonuses, while other offers are remaining unchanged.

Since we are expecting Honda to launch the new hybrid model, leasing the EX and higher trims provides a good deal relative to their manufacturer selling recommended prices. Besides, current CR-V drivers stand to get a $500 cash bonus when signing a new contract.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does it cost to lease a Honda CR-V 2020?

New Honda CR-V carries four trim configurations, with the entry-level LX base starting at $249 a month for 3 years with a cash payment of $2,699 when signing. While the LX gives the lowest price, you can avail of Honda CR-V, the rates can go as high as $319 per month for the premium Touring all-wheel-drive trim level. On the downside, the entry-level trim does not provide good value relative to its $25,545 MSRP.

What is the cheapest car to lease?

Small cars provide the cheapest leases in the market. The Hyundai Ioniq Electric car is among the most affordable lease deals in 2020 with offers starting at $109 per month over 36 months and a $2,500 deposit when signing. This base model carries a $178 effective monthly cost, which makes it a reliable deal. The only issue is that the car is available in limited numbers and in select states.

Can you negotiate a lease?

It is common for most dealerships to indicate that leases are not negotiable. The rule of thumb is shopping around to compare lease deals with other dealerships. You can always negotiate a car lease. To do this, you should settle on the purchase price of the vehicle in advance. Most experts recommend that you don’t tell the dealer about your financing plan for the car. Once you’ve established the purchase price of the automobile in question, go ahead and lease it at the negotiated rate.

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