Best Chevy Bolt Lease Deals Price & Incentives in California

Deciding if a lease is good can be challenging for plenty of shoppers. It doesn’t get easier when you are looking to drive a Chevy bolt. However, there are plenty of amazing lease deals for the Chevrolet Bolt EV in the market 2020, if you know where to look.

Chevy bolt lease deals are contracts that allow you to drive a new car without paying huge sums of money or taking out a loan. Some of the leasing deals do not need you to pay money upfront. Read more about the leases in our $99 car lease no money down the resource.

Leasing a Chevy bolt automobile comes at different costs depending on where you live. For example, the cost of listing the Bolt LT in California is $279 for 36 months. However, you will be paying $3,959 at signing. The costs are based on 10,000 miles each year, which is equivalent to a cost of $389 per month.

The national lease cost for the Chevy, nonetheless, is listed at $429 for 36 months. Upon signing, you will pay an upfront fee of $6,109 before driving away in the car. The figures equate to an effective cost of $599 per month. You can also leverage the approximately $3,750 lease discount by the manufacturer.

All said and done, if you are from the West Coast, you can save up to $210 in monthly effective costs for a Chevy Bolt, before taxes and fees. This is based on a $3,000 leasing promotion Chevrolet announced in 2019 for the region, covering mainly Oregon and California.

However, the money off increased to $6,750, up from the national rate at $3,750. Besides, if you are from a non-GM lease, you stand to benefit from the $500 competitor discount. The total MSRP price-cuts can be $7,250, depending on your leasing location.

Moreover, Chevy lease deals often come with rebates such as the Clean Vehicle Rebate of $2,500, which makes the contract more appealing. You can also try out the Toyota corolla lease if costs for the chevy bolt lease deals are on the higher side.

Is It Better To Lease A Chevy Volt?

Besides the Bolt, Chevrolet Volt is another popular model by the automaker. If you are looking to lease a chevy volt, there are some things to consider beforehand. To begin, the 2020 Chevy Volt is coming in in limited numbers.

Even as the model continues arriving at dealerships across the country, deliveries have been too slow, making it difficult to find in most regions. This highly sought after automobile carries a powerful 7.2 kW charger, cutting down the charging time by half.

The feature is standard with Premiere models but comes as a $750 option for the LT make. Because of the more powerful charger with quicker charging time, you will have to part with a $550 and $300 respectively, for the two models.

Limited Time To Buy Lease Deals

One of the reasons for the extremely slow deliveries to dealers is that GM recently ended Volt production. The company is currently implementing a restructuring strategy that will see it move away from passenger automobiles.

Amazing Discounts

If a new Chevy Volt is your dream car, you may just be in luck with a few days to go. Chevy, nonetheless, is continuing to offer great deals to buyers for the Volt. The $4,000 rebate on the model is still on to all buyers.

Moreover, you are likely to benefit from dealer discounting, with most dealerships providing about $2,500 through in-house discounts. There can never be a better time to shop for the new Volt.

Excellent Lease Value

The new Volt is for the second month starting at $299 over 39 months, and 10,000 miles per year. You will pay an upfront fee of $3,019 when signing the lease deal. The figures amount to an effective cost of $376 monthly, which is a great value for a vehicle in this price class.

Moreover, if you are coming in as a non-GM brands lessee, you will qualify for a conquest bonus, further lowering the monthly effective cost to $364. If the lease value is not appealing, you may want to rent a car for a month for 300.

Cash Incentives With Financing

As a substitute to standard discounts, Chevy is now giving 0.9% financing over a 60-month duration for the 2019 Volt. Alternatively, you may find the 1.9% APR for 72 months offer more appealing. Whichever case works for you, the deal carries a cash bonus of $2,000, making it a perfect transaction.

Chevy Volt $99 Lease Deals

With the popularity of electronic cars increasing in the public sphere, auto-manufacturers are leveraging on the opportunity to satisfy this growing demand. Therefore, you shouldn’t be surprised at a chevy volt $99 lease deal in the market. For example, Capitol Chevrolet is offering Chevy Volt lease deals at $99 per month or less.

The first lease deal for the Chevy Volt LT is $89 per month, for a 24-month lease, including taxes. The deal involves:

  • $5,495 consumer cash
  • $750 GM lease rebate
  • $1,500 lease loyalty

Therefore, you will be in for a total of $7,745 due at signing. Moreover, the deal does not come with a security deposit, license, and tax. However, at the end of the lease contract, the lessee responsible for mileage in excessive of 10,000 miles yearly will pay $0.25 per mile.

The other Chevy Volt lease deal is $98 per month, for a 24-month lease, including taxes. The deal entails:

  • $5,495 consumer cash
  • $1,500 GM financial lease rebate
  • $1,500 competitive lease rebate

Therefore, this car is available for an $8,495 amount due at signing. Like the previous model, this one also carries a $0 security deposit, inclusive of tax and license. You will still pay charges for excessive mileage at the end of the lease term. The lease deal comes with a yearly 10,000 mileage limit. Exceeding the limit is charged at $0.25 for each mile.

Many other automakers have taken the route by offering below $100 lease deals. For instance, you will also want to see how the Volt compares to the Kia optima lease, as a viable alternative.

Chevy Volt Lease Deal in California

Just like with lease deals for the Chevy bolt, pricing for the Volt seems to favor zero-emission states such as California. Buyers are eligible for up to $7,500 in federal tax credit. However, California consumers qualify for up to $3,500 in state rebates, based on income.

If you trying to locate volt lease California deals, Southern California Chevy Dealers could be your first stop. The dealers provide $4,000 in total cash allowance, including a $2,000 GM customer cash program, and $2,000 Chevrolet purchase bonus cash. There is also a private GM lease loyalty offer for purchases, at $1,500.

These prices are exclusive of tax, document preparation fee, finance charges, license, and smog fee where applicable.

How To Lease A Chevy Bolt?

For the majority of shoppers, determining the best chevy bolt lease might be a problem. However, providing the answers to these three questions can inform you whether the lease deal is good or not.

  • What is the expected out of pocket cash due at signing?
  • What is the total monthly payment, inclusive of fees and taxes?
  • Are the total miles allowed on the lease?

With the information at hand, it will be easier to determine whether you have located a good lease or more shopping is required. If you are looking for an in-depth, more refined option to evaluate the merits of chevy bolt lease deals, here are four professional tips to examine the deals.

1. High Residual Value

The car residual value is the most important aspect of a lease. This is usually the perceived value of the automobile, which is set by car dealerships. The value is given as a percentage. When shopping for Chevy Bolt leases, the residual value is of the essence as it determines how much you will pay.

The higher the percentage, the less you will pay for the lease. The actual lease amount is often arrived at by taking the difference in the car’s residual value and its selling price.

2. Low Money Factor

If you are interested in leasing a car, it is vital to understand the low money factor, which is simply the interest rate for your lease. In some instances, it is called a lease fee or a lease factor. The money factor is different from the APR. However, like the annual percentage rate, the higher the number, the higher the interest you pay for the lease.

For example, the money factor could be a figure of 0.00125. To make it easier for you to understand, simply multiply the figure by 2,400 to convert it to an interest rate. In this case, a 0.00125 money factor multiplied by 2,400 would give an equivalent 3% interest rate.

3. Low Fees

To improve a Chevy bolt lease contract, you should not hesitate to ask for a discount or exemption from some of the fees on the lease contract. Charges such as security deposit, disposition fee, and the acquisition will vary from one dealer to the next.

While it is difficult to get away with the acquisition fees, most dealers are willing to waive the disposition or security deposit fee. However, you will need to have a solid credit rating to receive the waiver. The key point is that you need to ask for some fee waiver if they are part of the lease.

4. Conquest and Customer Retention Offers

When a dealership or automaker is offering strong rebates, it is a sign of a great deal. Discounts offered to repeated consumers for using the brand are known as retention rebates. They are meant to keep the customer within the brand. Nonetheless, if you are driving a car from a different brand to Chevy, you may benefit from deep discounts from the dealer.

These discounts are supposed to conquer consumers. Every carmaker wants to win away customers from their current brand by providing a sweet deal. Shoppers can take advantage of these offers and buy into excellent chevy bolt lease deals in the market 2020.

Bottom Line

With increasing competition from used car leases, and renting options, brands such as Chevrolet are constantly reducing their rates downwards to attract shoppers. Some of the discounts include the $1,500 GM financial lease rebate, and the $1,500 competitive lease rebate available at dealerships countrywide.

Moreover, with a good credit score, it is easy to qualify for a zero percent-financing offer from Chevy. Zero-emission states such as California and Oregon also tend to receive better rebates for chevy bolt lease deals in 2020, than other states.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much is it to lease a Chevy Bolt?

The national lease for a Chevy Bolt is $429 over 36 months. You will also pay an additional $6,109 when signing, which translates to a monthly effective cost of $599, with 10,000 miles per year. In California, however, the 36-month lease has a monthly cost of $279, on top of $3,959 due at signing. The 10,000 miles yearly lease is equivalent to a $389 monthly effective cost.

Does Chevy offer zero-percent financing?

Chevy offers 0% financing through multiple car dealerships across the US. Most Chevy shoppers can access financing rates for their vehicles, including zero-percent financing. Be sure to ask the dealership near you for this offer. However, you should also have a stellar credit rating to qualify for these offers.

What is the cheapest car to lease?

The cheapest car to lease will vary by month and are based on the available lease specials. In recent months, however, it has a variety of automobiles including the Ford Fusion, the Honda Fit, Nissan Sentra, and the Toyota Corolla.

How much is it to lease a Chevy Silverado?

The latest Chevy Silverado comes with an MSRP of $38,220. The national lease is $289 per month over a 36-month duration. Besides, everyone is expected to pay $4.399 due at signing, but with a $0 security deposit.

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