Top 10 Rental Companies to Rent a Car for a Month under $300

Sometimes, you may need a vehicle for a full month to fulfill your personal needs. It may be challenging to get a cheap auto rental vendor. Most car rental companies will quote you monthly car rental rates of thousands of dollars. Your auto insurance company may refuse to cover for you too. But don’t get worried – use this comprehensive guide to rent a car for a month for 300.

Short Term vs Long Term Car Lease

Many people do not know the difference between a short-term and a long-term car lease. Before you decide on the term length of your car lease, you should ask yourself what purpose you intend to use the car for.

In case you want a 6-month car lease, you should go for a short-term lease. Short-term car leases may be up to 24 months, but long-term leases can stretch beyond two years. Typically, an average long-term lease is around 3–4 years. If you are stuck between choosing a short or long term lease, ask yourself these questions;

  • For how long will you need the car: Obviously, this is one of the main factors which should determine the term length of your car lease. If you need the car for around 12 months, then a short-term lease will be more appropriate for you.
  • Will you sublease: A short-term lease will be more desirable if you intend to sublease.
  • Does the lender offer a warranty plan: You can comfortably opt for a long-term lease if the rental dealer provides a warranty plan to its customers. This is because you won’t spend too much money maintaining and repairing the car if it gets faulty.
  • What about gap insurance: You can sign up for gap insurance on a leased car. However, you will only cover the difference between the amount you’ve invested and its market value. Since vehicles can depreciate, gap insurance may not be necessary. Savvy drivers usually consider the requirements of gap insurance for a particular car before deciding on the lease term.

Reasons For Short Term Car Rental

There are many reasons why you may be looking for cheap weekly car rentals. Some of these reasons include:

  • Extended vacations and trips: You may want to go for an extended vacation with your loved one to enjoy yourself, visit new places, and relax. If you’ve booked a short-term car rental, you will be able to travel comfortably.
  • Overall savings: Renting a car is much cheaper than paying for public transport. When you lease a vehicle for the short term, you will save more money.
  • Car replacement: Unfortunately, you may be involved in a road accident; and your car may get damaged. If you’ve been using it frequently, such as traveling to and from work; you will be greatly disadvantaged. In such situations, you should lease a car for a short term to help you out while you repair yours.
  • Seasonal work: Some jobs may require you to be flexible. For instance, your boss can request you to leave your home town for a couple of weeks. You may not be permitted to bring along your car to the new job location. In such situations, leasing can turn out to be a much better option.
  • Special events: You may decide to rent a car for a special occasion. For instance, you can rent two other vehicles to transport guests to your wedding reception.

What You Should Consider Before Selecting a Car Rental Company

There are many car rental vendors out there, but it is always better to start with car rental places near me before you can consider other options. Different car dealerships structure their deals differently, making it necessary to know the things you should look for in a car rental offer. The important things that you should consider include:

1. Whether You Will Be Required to Pay Some Money Down

Some car rental vendors will require you to pay some money down, while others won’t. The best car rental companies won’t need a down payment from you.

They will just give you the vehicle for the specific period which you want to use, with the condition that you will pay them the installments dutifully. If you must select a vendor who wants a down payment, make sure that the amount is reasonable enough.

2. The Length of Warranty Coverage

Most car rental companies have warranty plans for their customers. These warranty plans usually differ by their length. Some vendors may provide coverage for the whole period you have leased the car, while others will only cover for part of it.

Also, some plans may be more comprehensive than others. Always go for a rental company that offers complete and unlimited warranty coverage.

3. The Terms and Conditions

You will have to enter into a lease contract with the car rental company. Also, you should read thoroughly the lease agreement to know what restrictions and limits are placed on your short-term lease.

You should choose a car rental company which has clear terms and conditions. Avoid lease vendors who have confusing clauses in their agreements.

Often, some terms and conditions are negotiable in a long-term lease. Always choose a company that offers more favorable terms if you are looking for 6 months car lease with no deposit.

4. The Fees

Different car rental companies will offer you different payment rates. If you are looking for a cheap short-term car lease for three months, you should choose a vendor that has affordable prices.

You should first analyze the total amount you will be required to pay. Then, consider if the company which you select can offer you a discount and some extra free days.

Where To Find the Best Car Rental, Vendors

The most appropriate place to find the best car rental vendors is on the internet. A quick search on Google will give you a thorough list of the car rental companies in your area. If you are interested in a particular company, click the link which leads to its official website to get more information about it.

There are many sites online which can link you with consumers who would like to rent your car. However, you will be required to pay a small registration or membership fee before you can use their services. Here are three essential tips that you should use when selecting a lease vendor online;

  • Look at specific online websites. Go through the corporate websites of popular car leasing companies. You can also look out for sites that deal with these companies such as Auto Lease Breakers, Lease Trader, and Swapalease.
  • Decide the term of your lease. A short term lease may range from a couple of days, all the way to 24 months. Select a vendor that offers the specific lease term which you want.
  • Pay more attention to the car you are leasing. You don’t want to negotiate a lease contract for a car that you won’t be proud of in the long run. Look into car history. If it is possible, you should inspect the vehicle by yourself. Generally, you should go for newer cars since their manufacturer’s warranty still covers them.

The 10 Best Cheapest Monthly Car Rental Companies

To save you the hassle of looking for a reliable car rental vendor, have a look at this list. You can choose from one of them since they have competitive monthly car rental rates and dedicated customer service.

1. Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Most people believe that Enterprise is one of the most expensive car rental vendors in the United States. This belief is not true.

Though you will have to pay a daily fee of $50, it doesn’t have any hidden additional charges like most car rental companies. Enterprise has up to 6,000 branches.

It will be the best fit for you if you are moving into a new city for work-related reasons. It also offers exotic car rental services if you would like to splash out your money for a special event such as a wedding.

Enterprise car rental has an advanced check-in process that gets you on the road faster with low-touch service. It further offers a long-term car rental service that lets you get a vehicle for as long as you need without a mileage limit for most cars.

Enterprise charges a monthly flat fee for long-term car rental. The fee is inclusive of vehicle maintenance, insurance and an option to swap cars up to four times a month.

2. National Car Rental

National has one of the best customer care service systems. This company has a five-star rating on many online review sites. Almost all its customers are satisfied with its leasing and reservation process.

National’s inventory is stocked with different car vehicle types. This vendor targets business travelers who are always on the move.

National offers a point reward system to its loyal customers. This is one of the most convenient companies where you can find a monthly car lease at an affordable price.

3. Alamo Rent a Car

According to Trip Savvy, Alamo isn’t wallet-friendly since its cars can run for around $42 in one day. Despite this setback, Alamo is still a favorite among many millennials.

When you lease a car from this company, you will be entitled to unlimited mileage. All of its loyal customers are guaranteed a 5% discount. If you rent a car for a month at Alamo, you will get an additional day free. This company has a great customer service system too.

4. Budget Rent a Car

Budget is one of the cheapest car rental vendors in the United States. At Budget, you can easily rent a car for a month for 300.

This company offers many bonuses to its customers. For instance, you are entitled to a 35% discount if you make payments during the reservation process. Also, you may get an extra free day in their Mustang Weekend Program.

You won’t only find the Honda Accords at Budget. You may have access to hybrids such as the Toyota Prius, and convertibles like the Chevy Camaro.

5. Dollar Rent a Car

Just like Budget, Dollar offers cheap weekly car rentals to its customers. You will only need to pay $30 a day, and a discount can reduce this rate.

The dollar has in-stock several vehicle varieties. Whether you want a fully-fledged van for a family trip or a pick-up to carry your luggage; Dollar will be there for you.

Moreover, this rental vendor enrolls its customers into reward programs. For example, you will be given American Airlines points if you lease any car for more than three days. Many business travelers love this company since it offers them some serious benefits such as short lines and fast booking.

6. SIXT Rent a Car

With a history that dates back over 100 years ago, SIXT is one of the leading car rental places in the world. Founded in 1912 in Germany, the company has a footprint in over 100 countries in over 2000 locations.

SIXT is present in almost every major city in the US. You can easily find SIXT car rental whenever you are looking for car rental places near me, as it is in every strategic location including, airports, cruise ports, train stations and hotels. 

SIXT has a high reputation for its excellent customer service and user-friendly website for quick, easy booking. The company has a quick pick-up process with an average waiting time of fewer than 15 minutes.

It has a large selection of premium vehicles that range from Cadillac to BMW, Ford, Mercedes, Jeep, Volkswagen, Range Rover and Chevrolet, among others. Despite the premium range of cars, SIXT has competitive prices backed by exceptional customer service. 

7. Thrifty Car Rental

Thrifty has some of the most competitive monthly car rental rates, making it popular with budget-conscious leisure and business travelers. Since its establishment in 1958, Thrifty has expanded its presence to over 1300 offices in 99 countries around the world.

The company offers a wide variety of cars to meet the needs of different people, ranging from SUVs to family sedans and minivans. You can rent a BMW X1 at Thrifty as long as you are 25 years old and enjoy the comfort of heated seats and a panoramic sunroof. 

Thrifty car rental is available in major cities and airports in the USA. The affordable prices make Thrifty a popular choice for individuals looking to rent a car for prolonged use. The company has excellent value for money if you are looking to rent a car for days, weeks or months.

Thrifty car rental is backed by top-notch customer service, quick pick-up process, quick drop-off process and good overall value for money. 

8. Hertz Car Rental

Hertz has a long-time reputation as a good car rental company. The company has one of the largest car selections with several options for almost every customer, whether you are looking for a simple model, fast car, or sports car.

Unfortunately, Hertz’s daily car rental rates are higher than what other rental companies charge. However, Hertz has some of the valuable monthly car rental rates, making the company a good option for those who need to rent a car for several months. 

Hertz has a useful rewarding program that gives you points for every dollar spent. It is free to join the reward program, and you can exchange the points for free days of rental. The rewards program is useful to those who regularly hire cars. Booking a car in advance or renting in a non-airport location allows you to get better prices.

The company has friendly customer service, and quick pick up and drop off processes. If you are looking to rent a car for several months, Hertz has a multi-month subscription service that lets you get a car for as low as $549 a month. 

The Hertz multi-month package is a worry-free service that lets you rent a car without worrying about mileage limits or penalties. You also get a full range of vehicles, including SUVs, Hybrids, and Minivans with the flexibility to change cars to suit different needs.

9. Advantage Rent a Car

Advantage rent a car is one of the largest car rental companies in the US, with a wide variety of cars. Their fleet features modern and new vehicles ranging from mini to compact, economy, vans and SUV.

The company ensures that every person travels safely and in style in their cars whether you are traveling on business or leisure. The Florida-headquartered company offers quick pick-up and drop-off processes. 

Advantage car rental is a good choice rental company for business and leisure trips with economical prices. The company has a user-centric booking process, whether you are using their website or a rental desk. The customer service is also friendly. 

Beyond renting a car, Advantage lets you rent a truck at affordable rates based on hourly, daily, weekly or monthly needs. The company has a wide range of trucks, ranging from cargo vans to pick-up trucks, 16ft cube trucks and 20ft Hino trucks. 

10. Avis Car Rental

Avis car rental service has some of the best monthly car rental rates, but its daily rates are some the highest. If you are looking to rent a car for a few days, there are more economical options on this list.

However, you can get better rates by booking more in advance. The company has competitive weekly and monthly rates, making it an economical option for those who need to rent a car for more extended periods.

Avis rental service is available in many locations within the US but booking a car outside the airport offers better rates. You can also join a rewards program to get free rentals, making it ideal for those who use rental services regularly. Although the reward program is a good bonus, you will need to accumulate more points to get a free ride.

Avis is the right choice when you are booking well in advance. It offers good value when you are looking for a long-term car rental. You can also look for discounts that help you reduce the cost by up to 30 percent.

Quick Steps For Finding The Best Short Term Car Lease

Here are the main steps which you should take to find a cheap short term car lease:

  1. Consider all options: Make sure you deliberate on all the leasing options which you can access. These options include well-known and reputable car rental companies, used-car dealers, and local car brokers.
  2. Visit various car leasing outlets: After you’ve made a shortlist of multiple rental car dealers, you should visit each one of them. You can inspect their cars manually to see whether they are in good condition. You should lean towards leasing vendors who have plenty of used, but still new vehicles in their inventories.
  3. Get a dealer who has a certified preowned program: Contact a dealer who has some bragging rights. Look at their inventory and see whether they have included the number of days each vehicle has stayed idle. If you choose a car which has not been leased for long, you will definitely get it cheaply.
  4. Stay honest: You should remain truthful with your car rental dealer. You should be clear to them what you are willing to spend. Besides your budget, tell them the term of the lease you want and the type of vehicle you would like to have.
  5. Test drive the car: Before you select a particular vehicle, you must test drive it. This will help prevent you from paying too much money on a car that may not be worth it. Get a couple of plates, and make sure the car is insured.


Most people make mistakes while leasing a car since they don’t even know where to start. Some of these mistakes include paying high prices, not being honest with the car dealer and not inspecting the vehicle before leasing it. Following this guide will help you avoid making these errors. What’s more – you will get a good bargain since you will be able to find cheap weekly car rentals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does a monthly car rental cost?

The monthly car rental cost varies from one rental company to another. The cost also changes depending on how you book a car. Rental companies tend to offer better rates if you book in advance. You will likely get better rates if you book in offices outside the airports. The type of car you want will further dictate the monthly cost. You should expect to pay more for a sporty car than you would pay for a small car. The average monthly rental cost is about $1000 but you can rent a car for a month for 300 if you know how to get better rates.

Can I lease a car for $100 a month?

With most car rental companies charging about $50 daily, it will be difficult to get a car for $100 a month unless it is a lease.

Can I rent a car with a $200 credit limit?

Yes, you can as long as the credit limit is adequate to cover the cost of the car. Most companies will hold the limit until you return the car. However, most rental services will charge you all the fees plus extra costs in case you exceed the mileage, which means that a credit limit of $200 will only enable you to get a car for a day or two. Nevertheless, most companies need a healthy balance before they can let you get the car.

Can I rent a car from Enterprise for a month?

Yes, you can rent a car from Enterprise for a month. The company charges a flat fee that is inclusive of vehicle maintenance, insurance and an option to swap for a different car.

How much does it cost to rent a car from Hertz for a month?

Hertz has a multi-month subscription service that starts at $549 per month. The package has no mileage or penalties, making your rentals worry-free. The package comes with a full range of vehicles including SUVs, hybrids and minivans. You also get a flexible vehicle exchange option to suit your monthly changing needs.

What’s the monthly payment for a $50000 car?

The monthly payment depends on a number of factors including the length of the loan, interest rate, depreciation and down payment. Some cars have a higher depreciation rate than others, making their monthly payments more costly. Furthermore, a higher down payment or a longer payment period will significantly lower your monthly amounts. You should consult with your car dealer to find the actual cost of your favorite car.

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