Cheap Long Term Car Rental Los Angeles – Complete Details

Long term car rentals are vehicles you can hire for longer periods of time. Typically, car rental is when drivers hire a car. The car hire agency becomes the service provider as the driver becomes the hirer for the car. It is important to note that cars are hired at a fee.

Usually, a car rental company rents vehicles for short durations, mostly ranging from hours to a few weeks. Unlike, normal car rentals, long term car rental in Los Angeles offer more time for hirers to use the car. Here is a handy resource to help you rent a car for a month for 300.

One of the best things about long term car rental providers in Los Angeles is the flexibility they offer. Usually, prospective drivers can rent cars for as little as 1 hour and as long as 1 month. This means that you only pay for the days you will be using the automobile.

Why Rent A Car for Long Term in LA?

You must be wondering when a long term car rental is suitable. To assist you in making the right choice, we have come up with the most appropriate circumstances warranting a monthly car rental.

  • Vacations: If you are in for a vacation, long term car hire provides the best solution to experience LA and its environs through an extended affordable transportation.
  • Brief work posting: If you are visiting Los Angeles for a business trip, long term car rentals offer stress-free transportation within the city at affordable rates.
  • Opt-out of car lease: Most consumers who do not want to get entangled in a pricy lease often prefer monthly car rental services. This is particularly for those that are not ready to invest in a new car or long-term commitments.
  • Car Replacement Emergency: There are times when your automobile is in the shop for repairs and not having a car can ruin your business. Opting for a month to month car rental is a good rule of thumb.

The 5 Best 3 Month Car Lease Providers in Los Angeles

Some of the car lease companies are allowing customers to lease automobiles for a number of months at a time. However, these leases come with limited terms and can include minimum days alongside mileage limitations. You can check out our resources on the cheapest car to lease with no money down for leases with flexible terms.

If you want to lease a car for 3 months, the best option is through lease takeovers. A lease takeover allows drivers to buy into the lease of another holder who wants out of their existing deal. Some of the companies providing 3-month car lease Los Angeles deals include:

1. Swapalease

This is a lease swapping site that provides a decent way to swap into a short term lease, often 8 to 16 months. The best part is that these deals do not come with a huge outlay of cash.

2. Lease Transfer Club

This online platform is for leaseholders who want to get out of their leases early without involving the car dealer as well as short term lease buyers. They have leases for as low as 6 months and sellers on the site often provide incentives to prospecting lessees.

3. LeaseTrader

If you are looking for a short term 3-month lease in LA, simply move to and search for a vehicle. Once you have the right automobile, contact the seller and begin transfer deals. You can then drive away in your 3 months leased car.

4. LeaseQuit

Unlike other sites that trade car leases, you must first register on the LeaseQuit website if you find an interesting deal. After registration, buyers can communicate directly with the sellers whose lease they want to take over.

5. Quitalease

Signing up with QuitALease is a faster way to buy a short term car lease. The site efficiently matches the right buyers with the lease through its extensive sellers’ database. The eCommerce platform also helps through the whole leasing process by making sure sellers follow laid down policies.

Long Term Car Rental Vs Lease

Long term car rental and lease deals are set apart by the type of provider, potential to own the car, insurance requirements, as well as the time of use.

1. Time of Usage

However, the time of usage is the major difference between long term car rental vs lease deals. Leases are long-term commitments that allow you to use the car as your regular auto, mostly for personal use.

Same as purchasing a vehicle and getting a loan, you will pay for the lease until you buy the automobile or simply lease another vehicle. There are plenty of excellent lease deals in the market today. Our $99 car lease resource sheds more light on the cheapest deals out there.

Long term rented vehicles, on the other hand, usually come with a narrow commitment. Some customers prefer renting for a week or two when they are on vacation. However, you can also find short term rentals for a day or two. The time frame of use, in this case, depends on the long term car rental Los Angeles service provider.

2. The Provider

Leased automobiles are usually from car dealerships. Rented vehicles, however, are from car rental companies often at airports or independent stores. Car dealers also sell cars besides providing them on lease. In essence, leasing replaces traditional financing of car purchases.

Rental services have vehicles for the sole purpose of renting them to customers for income. When your primary car is in for service or flying for vacation, rental shops come in handy.

3. Potential to Own the Car

When leasing a vehicle, it comes with a high possibility to own it at the end of your term. However, leasing carries different financial terms than borrowing cash for upfront payment. This is usually known as a lease to own deal.

It means you pay sufficiently to own the automobile outright over a period of time. However, you can also opt to stop paying for the lease, and instead lease another car.

Rental cars, on the other hand, do not carry any potential for ownership. Just pay the charges for utilizing the vehicle for an agreed period.

4. Insurance Requirements

When leasing a car, insurance is a mandatory requirement. This is unlike renting an automobile where insurance is usually optional. Most states, including Los Angeles, require drivers to have a minimum liability for the cars they drive. With car dealers, nonetheless, they need you to have full coverage for the vehicle, including comprehensive benefits as well as collision, which protect the car’s value.

In most cases, a driver’s liability covers their use of rented automobiles. It is also common for rental dealers to avail of insurance purchasing options. Their insurance offers normally range from $9 to $30 every day depending on the level of coverage. It helps to cover damages to the car during the period of use.

Rent To Own Cars in Los Angeles

If you need to own a car that you cannot afford at the moment, rent-to-own services might be the right solution for you. Rent to own cars Los Angeles is where you rent the vehicle for a specific timeframe.

You will have to make an agreement with respective rent to own vehicle dealers, which allow you to make payments after which you can permanently, buy the car. This is more like leasing cars from dealers, which offers the opportunity to own the car upon completion of the terms and conditions.

However, unlike the latter, rent to own dealerships do not need to check your credit report or confirm how much you have. It is, therefore, a great option for consumers with less than stellar credit scores to own a car. Nonetheless, you must meet the specific qualifications of respective rent to own car dealers.

Provided the rented car is yet to change ownership to you, it means paying title and license charges. This is after you complete the terms. Thereafter, you can claim the vehicle as yours.

Consumers will do well to remember that rent to own automobiles does not always carry a warranty. Typically, only used car service contracts provide warranties when purchasing. Besides that, you will be compelled to pay for any damages and repairs thereof.


With the need for cars growing each day among consumers, it is vital to know different ways you can either rent or own one. If you are looking to own a car without the cash for direct purchase, leasing and rent to own options might work for you.

Long term car rental is also an important method availing a car for short time usages, such as business trips and vacations. However, if you need to lease a car without a deal with car dealerships, you may want to consider buying into short-term leases, which are typically leased swaps.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does it cost to hire a car in Los Angeles?

There are many factors determining the cost of car hire in LA. For instance, the type of vehicle you want to rent will determine how much to pay with minivans costing $14 more than an economy car. Therefore, you will want to research various factors including the duration of hire and individual car hire companies.

What is the most popular car hire in Los Angeles?

The Ford Mustang Convertible and its similar models are the most popular cars that hirers are looking for in Los Angeles.

What is the cheapest car hire agency in Los Angeles?

The cheapest car hire agency in Los Angeles will depend on your specific needs. Someone looking for a cheap SUV for hire may have a different budget to one looking for cheap economy vehicles on hire. However, you can check out this link for the best economy car bookings in LA.

How can I find a car hire near me in Los Angeles?

Thanks to the internet, finding the right car hire agency near you is easy. Sites such as Cheap Car Rentals and provide local car hire information in Los Angeles. However, there are numerous other car hire sites with useful information. Just make sure you know what you are looking for.

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