Cheapest Short Term Car Lease 3 Months

Short term car leases are typical lease transfers. It happens when you take over a lease from someone who wants out of his or her existing lease. This is because car dealers do not have short lease terms for new cars. Moreover, they do not rent out used cars. Car dealers often give new car leases ranging from 24 months to 36 months. When in need of a short term car lease 3 months deal, for example, there is another avenue you can take. Our 6-month car lease no deposit sheds more light on short term car lease assumptions.

What Is a Short Term Car Lease?

A short term lease is a contract you make with a dealer to pay for a vehicle for a period not surpassing two years. A short lease works in the same way as normal car leases with the exception of a period that is shorter than the two to five years for a general lease. Once you take up a short term lease, you agree to pay the leasing company a set amount for the duration of the lease to drive the vehicle. The amount you pay will depend on several factors, including lease term length, residual value, capitalized cost reductions, financing charges, and agreed value of the car at the start of the contract.

How Does Short Term Car Lease Work?

Since car dealers do not have short term leases, it means all leases for the shorter term are takeovers or assumptions. When a new lessee takes over a vehicle, they also assume making monthly payments of the original lease for its remaining term period. For instance, if you want to rent a car for a month, it means finding a leaseholder with a remaining term period of 1 month.

The remaining period on the leases can be as short as 1-3 months, 3-6 months, or as much as 39 months. However, taking over short-term lease offers an excellent way to have a car with low monthly payments, as well as no down payment. In addition, you will not be paying upfront fees to the dealer. The original leaseholder paid all the charges when they were purchasing a new car lease from their dealer.

It is worth noting that some lease companies carry a small fee for the application and transfer of the leases. Besides, a good number of those firms will check the lessee’s credit score. It is therefore imperative, to know your credit score before applying for a short term car lease 3 months deal. If you are unsure of your latest score, you can check from the Free Experian Credit Report Beyond that, the whole process is simple, straightforward, and inexpensive.

Types Of Short Term Car Lease

1. Conventional lease

A conventional lease is available from car dealerships and leasing companies. It functions similarly to a traditional lease, but it comes with a shorter period of fewer than two years. You will undergo the same process of leasing a car and you may have to pay a down payment and a security deposit to obtain the lease. You may also have to pay for insurance, vehicle registration, and car maintenance costs. A short term lease is expensive than a longer lease as cars depreciate significantly within the first year.

2. Mini Lease

A mini lease is simply a long term car rental that lasts between several weeks and 11 months. You can get a mini lease from rental companies where you may have to pay a security deposit. The rental company takes care of vehicle registration, insurance, and maintenance. You may also have an option to exchange cars several times within the lease period, depending on the terms of the leasing company. Most companies do not have mileage limits for mini leases, but you should expect to pay between $700 to over $1,500 per month for a mid-sized car.

3. Lease Swap

A lease swap is an arrangement that allows the transfer of an existing lease deal. A person takes over an existing lease deal, including the terms and conditions of the contract. However, you will need to meet the credit standing of the original lease owner to qualify for a lease swap. A lease swap is affordable than a mini lease or conventional lease.

Why Someone Need a Short Term Car Lease?

A short term car lease may not make sense to most people when you consider the cost of the contract, but there are situations when getting a short term lease is a good idea. It is a convenient option if you are looking for a temporary car.

Also, it does not make sense to get a three years lease when you only need a car for six months as you may end up with excessive penalties for canceling the contract. It is also not convenient to purchase a vehicle and sell it after a few months as you will have a financial hit due to first-year depreciation.

Furthermore, it is possible to find a good deal. With some people not happy with their current lease deal, you can find someone willing to offer an incentive to allure you into a swap deal. Nevertheless, it is vital to understand that the reasons why most people look for short term car lease near me deals are personal. That said, some of the reasons include:

  • Temporary work assignment
  • Temporary financial problem
  • Military posting
  • Test driving specific models for some time
  • Lack of finances for dealer charges and down payment

Short Term Car Lease For 3 Months

Short term car lease 3 months deals often come with cash incentives. Many sellers for the short-term leases are desperate to let go of their original lease for a new car. With three months left on the lease, many of the original leaseholders will offer cash rebates to entice prospective lessees. If you need to be into a late car make that is still under its original warranty, 3-month assumptions provide the lowest possible cost options.

Taking over a lease involves the lease company of the original leaseholder. The company has to draft the new contract showing the changes to the lease owner. This agreement switches over the lease to the new lessee. Lease assumption procedures are usually fast, and may not cost over $100. The cost often depends on the lease company and can sometimes go over $200.

After the 3 months of your short term lease have elapsed, it is your responsibility as the new buyer to return the car to the lease company. Alternatively, you may want to buy the vehicle if you wish to retain its services. It is important to check the condition of the car you want to lease for 3 months. This is because you are likely to be charged for excessive damages, most of which you may not have caused.

Moreover, watch out for the mileage limit to avoid incurring more charges from the lease company. Typically, you are taking over all the risks the original lessee would have, had they kept their car, including surcharges.

Short Term Sports Car Lease

If you want to have a feel of the latest sports car without buying a brand new lease from a dealer, transfer leases provide a viable, less costly alternative. You can get a short term lease for virtually any make or model provided there is a willing seller who wants out of their current lease. While you can find a short term sports car lease in auto-trader magazines and newspaper classifieds, the best way is to visit the internet for the best deals from multiple companies.

Trying to get out of a lease early can be expensive. Therefore, one of the best ways to get yourself out is to transfer the remaining months of the agreement to a willing buyer. This is where you will need to get in touch with one or various eCommerce platforms, linking lease sellers to prospective lessees.

For consumers trying to get a short-term lease for a late model sports car, many of the companies on the digital platform, including, have top-of-the-range SUV leases they could take over. Lease assumptions for sports cars are not different from other lease takeovers. The new owner will continue paying for the remaining months of the contract on the original deal. It is, therefore, among the most affordable options available.

BMW Short Term Lease Deals

That BMW is at the top echelons of the sports car niche is undisputable. Car models are identical to the concept of class. The best brands carry style, comfort, and performance, all of which BMW excels in. Driving a Beamer is a completely new experience, which you can get through BMW short term lease deals.

Sites such as are playing a pivotal role in matching people who want to get rid of their BMW leases plus other models, with those looking for short-term contracts. Check out the vehicles listed on lease transfers for the right BMW makes. Whether you buy into a good short-term lease deal or not, often depends on the original lease deal. You can find very good deals on the latest BMW models, particularly when the initial lease was a great deal, to begin with.

Moreover, there are plenty of sellers offering cash payments to willing buyers. Short-term car deals generally provide an excellent way to assume an almost-new BMW vehicle for an incredibly affordable fee. You can get more insights on getting cheap short-term lease deals for the best car models like BMW through our car lease no money down the resource.

However, it pays to check the quality of the original deal when taking over a lease. This helps you to assume a great car lease deal, though briefly.

Alternative To Short Term Car Lease

Lease assumptions can sometimes be difficult to find. This is particularly when you want a specific car model or make. In such circumstances, one alternative might be to purchase a used car. However, you will be looking for a very good model or one that holds its resale value. You can resell the car later when you don’t need it for a little loss. The best choices are cars with great reliability and popularity. Some of the examples in that category include:

  • Honda Accord
  • Honda CRV
  • Toyota Camry
  • Honda Civic
  • Toyota Corolla
  • Toyota RAV4

Car Purchase Financing

If you need to purchase the car with an auto loan, online services such as will give you a loan even if you have less than stellar credit scores. One of the best things about the auto loan provider is that they feature a straightforward online application with fast approvals. Even when a bank or dealer approves you, it is also essential to look into online services.

The 5 Best Short Term Car Lease Providers

1. Enterprise

Enterprise Rent A Car is a popular option for a mini lease. It offers a car subscription service that lets you keep the car as long as your enrollment is active. The one-monthly, auto-renewing service offers a range of vehicles and includes maintenance, insurance, and roadside assistance. Furthermore, you can swap out the cars up to four times a month. The enterprise subscription service has a wide range of SUVs, sedans, and pickup trucks to suit every occasion.

Enterprise charges a monthly subscription, enrollment fee, and mandatory taxes. The additional fees include toll pass convenience, citations, and tickets. The subscription renews automatically every month. The first month’s payment includes the subscription fee, enrollment fee, and estimated taxes. The second payment includes any pro-rated fees, monthly fees, and taxes. Thereafter, you pay for a subscription and estimated taxes.

Enterprise subscription service includes physical damage protection, liability protection, maintenance, roadside assistance, and mileage of up to 3,000 per month. Nevertheless, you will need to be at least 25 years old, have a valid US driver’s license, a valid credit card, and a verifiable email and physical address.

2. Hertz Multi-Month

Hertz has a mini-lease arrangement that offers flexibility, savings, and freedom. The Hertz multi-month rental arrangement is a convenient way to get a car with no money down, financing, or hidden fees. The package does not have mileage limits or penalties, ensuring that your long-term car rental is worry-free at a special low multi-month rate. The package offers a full range of vehicles, including SUVs, Hybrids, and Minivans, and flexibility to exchange vehicles as per your changing needs.

Hertz multi-touch comes with a host of benefits. The service does not have upfront fees or finance charges or long-term lease commitments. You will be able to enjoy your drives without worrying about mileage limits or penalties that are common in long term lease deals. Hertz multi-touch is flexible as you do not have to worry about long-term commitments. You can easily extend your monthly lease without incurring additional costs.

However, the multi-month turnaround time is usually three to five days, depending on car availability. You also need to be at least 20 years old to rent a car or 23 years for larger vehicles and SUVs.

3. Leasetrader

Leasetrader offers lease swaps. It helps people looking to exit a lease contract to find people looking for affordable lease deals. The site offers all types of lease deals including long 3 years deals and short less than 12 months deals. Leasetrader allows people to list their lease deals and gain exposure to credit-screened individuals looking to take over a lease. If you find a lease deal you are interested in, you can utilize the website to contact the seller.

Once you reach an agreement with the seller, you can start the transfer process through the website. Clicking on the begin transfer button puts the car on hold, waiting for the buyer to get approval from the finance company holding the lease agreement. Both parties will only pay the trader transfer fee once the transfer is approved by the financier. However, the leasetrader is not ideal for people with bad credit as everyone is screened before beginning the process. The good thing is that all lease deals at leasetrader do not have a down payment. Some deals offer incentives, allowing you to find an excellent deal.

4. Swapalease

Swapalease is a full-service online marketplace that offers in-process vehicle leases. The company helps to match individuals who are looking to get out of a lease deal and those looking for a short lease deal with no money down and attractive payments. Sellers can list their offers and buyers can view and contact the seller safely to transfer the lease. It is easy to find the lease deal you need at the site. Swapalease lets you search by make, year, model, location, payment, and or months remaining.

Once you find an attractive lease deal at the site, you should register to gain access to the seller’s contact information. The registration cost is inclusive of seller contact information and unlimited customer support from Swapalease. The registration offers you access to an unlimited number of vehicles. The site allows you to contact the seller and discuss the transfer including buyer incentives, vehicle inspections, and shipping among other details. Swapalease guides you through the entire lease process.

5. Leaseexchange

Whether you want a short term car lease for 24 months, 12 months, or 6 months, you will find exciting lease deal offers at Leaseexchange for free. Unlike other lease exchange services that enable people to buy a lease deal at a fee, Leaseexchange offers short term lease deals with an appealing monthly payment in a few minutes with your phone. You just need to create an account at the site to transfer or take over a lease deal. The company offers a host of short term lease deals ranging from 6 months to over 3 years.

Taking over a lease deal at Lease Exchange is easy and straightforward. You need to install the app, create an account, search through lease offers, select the lease to take over, and contact the seller to begin negotiations. It costs you nothing to take over a lease at Leaseexchange.

Final Recap

Even though lease assumptions have been around for some time, getting the right match has remained a big challenge. This is particularly when you need higher-end models like Jaguar and BMW. Since recently, nonetheless, the internet has come to the rescue of lease assumption traders. There are plenty of short term car lease 3 months deals in the market if you know where to look. Auto-trader digital platforms have made it easy for anyone to drive their dream model car without investing in a new deal at the car dealership.

The sites often list multiple short term car leases from drivers who want to terminate their agreement. They are the best place you can visit if you need a short-term contract for a car. The deals are available for nearly all car makes and models. However, the quality of short term car lease deals often depends on the original lease. A good rule of thumb is to scrutinize the original deal and ascertain that you are taking over a great car lease.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can you lease a car for 6 months?

Yes. You can lease a car for six months. However, this type of car lease is not what you will find at an auto dealer. 6 months is a short-term lease, which car dealers do not offer. Instead, for short lease terms, you can opt for third-party lease assumptions. This is where you take over a lease from a party selling their current lease.

What’s the minimum time you can lease a car?

You can lease a car for as little as three months, or even one month depending on the seller. Most short-term car leases start from 3 to 6 months. However, these leases are not for new cars. New car lease deals often start at 24 months, meaning car dealers do not have short-term leases, neither do they lease used vehicles.

Can you lease a car month to month?

Even as you can lease a car month to month, not every car leasing company will have this offer. Most of the leasing companies and car dealers do not offer new cars with one month’s lease. However, companies such as Apex typically specialize in leases of between a month to six months. Moreover, you can buy a lease from owners who wish to terminate their contracts a little earlier. These are known as lease transfers. In this case, the period usually varies from one month to a couple of years, based on the seller. You can find similar deals with big companies like Hertz and Budget.

Can you get a short term lease on a car?

Yes, although most traditional leases for new cars start at 24 months. As it relates to car leasing, a short term lease means renting for lesser months than the standard length for most car leases, which can be 24, 36, 39, 42, and 48 months. However, you can take over an active lease from a car owner who wants out of the deal. Therefore, you can get a short term lease on a car when the owner transfers the lease to you.

Are there 4-year car leases?

Yes. Most lease deals last between two and four years, but you can also find deals for 60 months. 

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