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This December, there are excellent jeep compass lease deals on the 2019 and 2020 models. Lease deals for the new 2020 Jeep Compass carry low-interest financing, special leases, as well as cash rebates. While this model comes with no significant changes, the automaker lends superior safety features, comprising the ACC safety system along with a blind spot vehicle sensor, which makes the crossover more appealing.

With the brand emphasizing its promotion of rebates, it is advisable to reach out to your local dealer for a lease quote. You will find Jeep best deals weighing towards loan and purchase offers. The existing lease deals are mostly poor, more so for the base trims.

The automaker is currently running a new Employee Pricing sale on all its models, save for the Gladiator and Wrangler. For example, the Jeep Grand Cherokee lease can give close to $7,800 in potential savings, if you apply the employee pricing rates. Holidays are an excellent time to exploit other offers, such as bonus cash savings. Shoppers must keep in mind that Jeep often lowers other incentives during the period.

Lease Specials For The Jeep Compass

The 2020 Jeep Compass is available in four trim versions, comprising the Trailhawk, Latitude, Sport, and Limited. The Sport model starts from $23,600 inclusive of destination charges, with the Trailhawk climbing to $31,170. The Limited comes in a High Altitude sub-trim while the Latitude is bringing two sub-trims in the Altitude and the Sun and Wheel.

The new 2019 Compass is easier to find at dealerships across the country. The Adaptive cruise now comes under the optional advanced safety group features, with the mid-level Latitude and base-level Sport carrying a 7-inch Jeep Uconnect touchscreen interface. The Sport trim is the best seller, even though you can quickly locate the Latitude due to low demand.

Jeep Compass Discounts

All shoppers can qualify for the Employee Pricing giving a 5% discount on the invoice for the 2019 Compass after paying $200 in fees. Along with that, the automaker is lending cash discounts in all the 2019 Compass line-ups. The Altitude and Latitude have the best price-cuts at $5,000 each. The Upland and Sport models come with generous rebates, each carrying a $2,500 refund. The rugged Trailhawk receives a factory cashback of $4,250, with another $3,500 rebate going to the High Altitude and luxury-oriented Limited versions.

Additionally, using Jeep non-promotional rates to finance the 2019 Compass can give you up to $750 in finance bonuses. If you need the 2020 Compass, Jeep is giving a $1,500 price-cut on all trims, with another finance bonus of $750.

The automaker is yet to announce December’s jeep compass lease deals for the 2019 and 2020 models. If you happen to be looking for a crossover Compass, you will want to check with your dealership for a lease quote. Since October, however, the 2019 Compass Latitude had the cheapest offers towards FCA lessees at $159 per month for 42 months. The deal has 10,000 miles per year with $3,675 when signing.

Jeep is giving a 0% financing offer for 36 months for its 2019 Compass. Buyers can combine the offer with full manufacturer cashback for the new month. The financing offer also comes with longer terms, though at increasingly higher rates. The brand has the same offer available for the 2020 Compass.

Significant cash incentives that most customers can avail from Jeep include:

  • Retail consumer cash rebate of up to $1,500 expiring on 12/2/19
  • Jeep Black Friday rebate of $500 on select models expiring on 12/2/19
  • Lease Chrysler Capital rebate of up to $750 expires on 12/2/19
  • Lease bonus cash refund of up to $500

Financing incentives for the jeep compass lease deals come as a promotional APR offer with varying terms, including:

Financing Lease PeriodRates
Three years0%
Four years1.9%
Five years2.9%
Six years3.9%

It is essential to check with local dealers if you qualify for the financing incentives since eligibility is limited to residents of specific regions under the Business Center Boundaries section. The APR financing must pass through Chrysler Capital, which requires Tier 1 and Tier 2 qualifications. Customers with the third tier will sign up for higher financing rates.

The 2019 Compass Latitude is the overall winner with the best cash back incentive of up to $7,241.

Jeep Compass Lease $99

With the varying lease prices on Jeep brands, the jeep compass lease 99 is one of the best offers in the market. This deal is available on the crossover 2019 Latitude model, with a $28,080 MSRP. Adding a $4,349 CDJR Hemet discount lowers the sale price to $23,731, without other retail benefits totaling to $4,760.

The $99 monthly lease for 42 months is inclusive of taxes, with a $5,000 down payment. The special lease compass deal has a net cost of $18,981, which gives $9,099 in net savings off the MSRP. The $4,000 plus rebate means the deal is only valid for qualifying buyers. You have to check with the dealer for eligibility requirements.

The $99 compass lease isn’t the best deal in the market. Shoppers can always secure better deals for the 2020 Jeep Compass leases, depending on individual negotiation skills and credit ratings. For instance, the employee pricing which all buyers can get on 2019 and 2020 Jeep compass models would result in higher discounts with suitable monthly payments.

Jeep Compass Lease Deals NJ

If you are looking for jeep compass lease deals NJ offers, there are 2020 Jeep Compass models at dealerships, along with the crossover 2019 trim-levels. The latest 2019 Jeep Compass Latitude 4X4 is available as a special zero down payment lease, similar to the GMC Terrain Lease Deals. The lease special carries the following details:

Monthly Payment Duration Down Payment Security Deposit Mileage Per Year
$209 42 months $0 down $0 deposit 10,000 miles, with 25¢ per mile increment fee after that
OTHER CHARGES $369 document fee
licensing, registration & taxes due at signing
$209 first month’s payment
$695 bank fee
Total Payment $8778 out of $12,252.80 MSRP with a purchase option at lease end
Lease Price Includes Amount
The NE Lease Cash $2500
The 2019 Chrysler Capital  Bonus Cash $750
The Conquest Lease Rebate $500
The 2019 NE  Bonus Cash $1000
Offer Expiry 12/2/19

Jeep Compass Lease Deals Michigan

If you are looking for a crossover Jeep compass lease, the best approach would be to go for regional dealerships. With the automaker withholding national prices for the 2019 and 2020 Compass lease deals, it means the best offers are available at community dealers. There is plenty of jeep compass lease deals Michigan offers, depending on your trim level selection. The Sport 4×4 trim level starts at $21,095 in Michigan.

Below is a table listing other Jeep Compass lease specials available in Michigan

VehicleMSRPEmployee PriceWith $1,500 Retail Consumer Rebate
The 2020 FWD High Altitude Compass$34,930$32,228$30,728
The 2020 FWD High Altitude Compass$34,735$32,060$30,560
2020 FWD Latitude Compass$29,540N/A$28,040
2020 FWD Latitude$29,370$27,294$25,794
The 2020 FWD Limited Compass$31,400$29,177$27,677
The Limited Edition 2020 FWD Compass$32,870$30,448$28,948

Buyers should note that the manufacturer’s suggested retail price is exclusive of most charges like tax and registration fees. Therefore, the availability of vehicles and respective prices are likely to vary depending on various factors such as dealerships, options, charges, specials, and qualification for financing. Additionally, the selling price is majorly for purposes of information, because you might not be eligible for these special offers.

The Wrap-UP

Jeep has an excellent selection of the 2019 Compass models, even as the 2020 models are streaming in at dealerships across the country. The carryover 2019 compass comes with up to $4,500 in rebates with employee pricing that could further increase the discount. Shoppers can get the 2020 Compass with Employee rates, plus a few other cash backs, including a $1,500 retail consumer refund along with the $750 finance rebate.

We are looking forward to better offers for the 2020 compass in the new month.

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