Nationwide Insurance Roadside Assistance Coverage

Insurance cover is a critical element in managing a number of accident and non-accident situations, such as theft, natural disasters, and car crashes. Because these kinds of serious events in life can have substantial physical and emotional impacts on victims, it is essential that an insurance carrier moves with speed to restore calm and balance. Nationwide Insurance is one of those service providers. You can always get cheap full coverage auto insurance with Nationwide Insurance.

Many auto insurance companies today have an extra insurance policy plan known as emergency roadside assistance. If you are looking for this kind of additional protection for your vehicle, you may want to try nationwide insurance roadside assistance coverage. This plan comes with myriad benefits that most car owners look for in roadside assistance policies.

When signing up for Nationwide’s 24/7 emergency roadside assistance program, here are some of the services to expect:

  • Flat-tire changes
  • Gas deliveries
  • Jump-starting
  • Winching
  • Towing

Nationwide Insurance Roadside Assistance Coverage

This coverage is only available in specific states, you should first check with the local Nationwide agent to ensure that this service is offered where you live. Alternatively, you may want to check other offers like roadside assistance for acceptance insurance coverage. In addition, low-income car insurance in texas has some great insights on how to find great auto emergency deals. If the local Nationwide agent gives you the nod, you will have to select from two categories of coverage:

1. Nationwide Roadside Assistance Basic

This is the cheaper option of the two categories of cover. Upon signing up for this coverage, you will get up to $100 in lockout services, when:

  • The key breaks off in the ignition
  • You lock the keys in the car
  • You lose the ignition

Essentially, this basic plan will get you protection for breakdowns relating to:

  • Dead battery
  • Flat tire
  • Car lockout

The above notwithstanding, Nationwide will tow your vehicle up to 15 miles to get a repair facility, or sign up for $75 worth of protection for Virginia and $100 for North Carolina residents. The company will also reimburse customers for this plan if they need to get their car pulled from a ditch.

The plan is not without restrictions for specific services like ditch extraction and gas delivery. It is important that you confirm with your agent what those restrictions are and how they are likely to affect your policy.

2. Nationwide Roadside Assistance Plus

This option covers all the services in the basic plan and some extras. In the place of a 15-mile tow, this Plus coverage gives you up to 100 miles of car towing. Trip interruption is another extra on this plan. You will get compensation for accommodation and food in the event you are stranded far from home. Payments include alternate transportation services to cover the rest of the trip.

Additional Benefits

Policyholders of the nationwide roadside assistance plan get exclusive discounts from hotels, theme parks, and car rental agencies with which Nationwide Insurance is collaborating. Some of the participating discount partners entail:

  • Walt Disney World
  • Travelodge
  • Six Flags
  • Avis
  • Sea World

To gain benefit from these discounts, consumers can just call a toll free number in order to access the discount codes for individual partners.

Tips for Finding The Cheapest Roadside Auto Insurance Plans

Some factors affecting your car insurance rates may not be in your control. For instance, you do not have control for demographics like location, job, age, marital status, and gender. For other factors, nonetheless, including your driving habits and the way you manage your credit is easier to transform. Therefore, do comparison shopping, explore available discounts, and consider policy-bundling to find the most affordable insurance providers.

1. Shop Around

It pays to shop around for car insurance. If you find that the nationwide insurance roadside assistance plan does not cover your state, start pursuing other alternatives like the general roadside assistance coverage. You don’t even have to waste time making endless phone calls. An online quoting tool can save plenty of time. Besides, obtaining multiple car insurance quotes is the best protection from price optimization.

2. Policy Bundling

You are likely to get discounts from auto insurance firms with whom you have other policies. For example, using the same provider for home, renter’s, or life policies can give you a break from car insurance. Bundled policies are also convenient because you will be dealing with the same company, meaning one bill.

3. Boosting Your Deductible

Deductibles are the amounts you will pay out of pocket before the insurance company takes over the remaining costs of car repair. Plans with lower deductibles often cost more than those with higher out-of-pocket rates. This is because the insurance begins sooner for the latter.

4. Drive Low-Risk Vehicles

Luxury car models are among the most expensive to cover. Since the cars provide extremely fast driving capabilities, insurance firms know the owners are more likely to get into problems. Further, still, luxury vehicles are costly to fix and are a high target for burglars. All these are circumstances your insurance provider wants to avoid.

5. Change Driving Habits

Insurance is a risky industry. When your driving record reflects a speeding ticket every month, your bill will definitely go up. However, if you have been maintaining a clean driving record, finding cheaper car insurance should not be a problem.

The Bottom Line

Car breakdowns are normal. It is never a bad idea to prepare for one. Roadside assistance provides drivers with a new lease of life if their car is out of warranty.

Roadside help like the nationwide insurance roadside assistance is something most car owners think of when it is already too late. Adding protection now can keep you from paying high towing fees from companies you are not familiar with. Signing up with Nationwide’s auto insurance emergency road service means getting a tow from a company you trust, besides many other benefits and services.

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