The 10 Best Cheap No Down Payment Car Insurance Companies

Auto insurance companies are everywhere but come at a cost. Nearly all of them require you to put down money to obtain coverage. However, no down payment car insurance carriers don’t need a deposit to activate your coverage. You can get very cheap policies for your vehicle with these providers. The best way to find no money down automobile coverage is to shop around. For example, you can check online quotes for low down payment auto insurance policies.

Some websites let you get real-time insurance quotes from the best regional and national auto insurers. It only takes a few minutes to fill out your card details, and you could unlock great discounts and savings. The best part is that these platforms allow you to compare multiple insurance quotes instantly. Without these platforms, you can do a quick Google search for no money down car insurance carriers. Google will show you hundreds of cheap full coverage auto insurance companies in your area.

But zero down car insurance companies are not the same. And while you could insure your vehicle without paying money in advance, the deals have a catch. In this article, we’ll take you through the ins and outs of obtaining instant auto insurance with no deposit. However, keep in mind these deals are not for everyone. For example, no down payment car insurance can mean high monthly premiums. Also, they’re only available in some states. So, here’s what you should know concerning cheap car insurance no deposit offers.

Cheap No Down Payment Car Insurance Companies: Everything You Need To Know

No matter your financial background, you must cover your car if you intend to use it on public highways. That’s why we’ve done extensive research on the best cheap no down payment car insurance companies. Policy agreements differ from one insurer to the next. But all ten have an extensive history of approving vehicle owners with varying insurance needs.

Before you apply for these offers, it’s necessary to determine if they are right for you. So, before we get to our list of the ten best carriers, here’s what you should know.

Is No Down Payment Car Insurance Right For You

You’re probably wondering, “What makes cheap no down payment car insurance packages distinct?” One major factor making this type of coverage attractive is the no deposit required with instant policy activation. It’s the best plan if you need instant auto coverage, and you don’t have immediate funds for the down payment.

You probably know that driving without vehicle insurance is illegal in the majority of states. And you could pay thousands of dollars from your pocket in compensation fees if you cause an at-fault accident. If this happens, your insurance premiums will skyrocket.

Moreover, a lapse in your auto coverage gives insurers reason to deny you an auto policy in the future. Keep in mind that insurance carriers look at a driver’s history of maintaining their coverage. Therefore, a lapse in your coverage record will reflect on your account negatively. You can’t wish away the negative report even if you didn’t have a car or weren’t using it for that period.

Therefore, you shouldn’t go without auto insurance for lack of funds. It’s important to take extra measures to prevent a negative coverage record. Even if you are low on cash, obtaining cheap, no down payment car insurance can sort you out.

Where Can I Find No Down Payment Car Insurance

Once you determine whether this is policy is right for you, the next step is to find one. We told you earlier that no down payment car insurance is not for everyone. Well, one of the reasons is that it may not be available in all 50 states. At the time of writing this post, we could only verify availability in eight states, including;

  • Washington
  • Arizona
  • Florida
  • New York
  • Texas
  • California
  • Georgia
  • Oklahoma

Motorists in the Golden State will have the easiest time shopping for these policies. Our research shows plenty of no-deposit, cheap car insurers in California than any other state.

What Are The Available No Down Payment Car Insurance Options

Car coverage companies provide two policy payment options:

  1. One-off Payment: Plans in this category include the three-month, six-month, twelve-months, or eighteen months’ policy.
  2. Planned Payments: The category often includes quarterly or monthly schedules.

Most insurance carriers prefer that you pay all premiums in advance. So, they offer regular discounts for one-off payments. Also, many of these discounts will eliminate the processing costs that most providers charge. You could realize ten percent or more in savings.

Nonetheless, insurers know that not everyone can raise lump sums instantly. That’s why they allow you to make monthly payments. Besides, middle-income families can’t afford to put down large amounts of cash to initiate policies.

How Do I Qualify For Cheap No Down Payment Car Insurance

You probably don’t have extra funds to spare, but you need auto coverage to run essential errands. That’s when the no-deposit policy plan comes in handy.

Qualifying for an affordable $0 down insurance plan often needs these three things:

  1. Clean driving history
  2. A good credit record
  3. Have an excellent insurance payment record

Even so, insurers might take other factors into account, including:

  • How often you drive the vehicle
  • Your zip code or neighborhood crime rates
  • Whether other people drive your car
  • Whether you park on the street or have a secure garage

The process is more straightforward if you’re willing to throw down some cash. In that case, you can get auto coverage from regular insurance carriers. Show these companies your excellent credit record and clean driving history to qualify for incredible premium rates.

4 Useful Tips To Choose The Best No Down Payment Car Insurance Company

Now you know the benefits of cheap no down payment car insurance. It’s also essential that you learn how to get one. Auto coverage often seems expensive, mainly because of the upfront deposit plus the first month’s payment. That’s why you need to shop around for the best affordable insurance carrier. You might pay as little as $20 down payment car insurance or even $0 if you do your homework. Regardless, with so many auto coverage providers, getting the most affordable insurer might seem challenging.

The following features should help you compare the best car insurance no immediate payment quotes:

  1. Monthly Payment Schedules: When shopping for auto coverage, most carriers will give yearly or six-month totals. It means calculating the monthly payments yourself. Remember to include any other fees as you calculate monthly rates.
  2. Flexible Policies: The majority of vehicle insurers will quote their annual premium. Even so, many of them have flexible policy terms. But you won’t know about these if you don’t shop around. Plus, there’s a catch if you don’t pay the annual lump sum in full. You might end up paying extra on monthly rates. Luckily, you can avoid this by choosing an alternative payment schedule. Use online platforms to help you compare quotes for both six-month and yearly policy plans.
  3. Customer Support: You’ll find newer carriers offering no down payment car insurance plans. Don’t look forward to an excellent customer support history from these providers since most will have lower ratings. You can verify their dedicated customer support number. Also, check out for any reviews about the carrier. You’ll need to reach a reliable customer support department to assist with paperwork when filing a claim.
  4. Provider History: The auto coverage industry is brimming with insurance scams. Therefore, ensure your preferred cheap no down payment car insurance company has an excellent track record. Read online reviews from previous and existing customers. Also, verify their status with industry reviewers like BBB and J.D. Power, among other organizations.

The 10 Best Cheap No Down Payment Car Insurance Companies

The appeal of paying a $0 deposit for auto coverage is clear. Below is a choice of the ten best cheap no down payment car insurance companies.

1. Allstate Auto Insurance

Allstate ranks thirds among insurance companies in the United States. Here’s why you should consider getting an auto-coverage with this insurer;

Best Features

  • Serves all 50 States
  • Excellent online quotes process
  • Offers 3,500+ repair facilities
  • Good to the excellent financial strength
  • Great selection of policy options and discounts, including smart student, new car, and multi-policy
Multiple discounts
Provides accident forgiveness
Above-average claims’ satisfaction rates
Watch out for occasional premium hikes

2. Ameriprise Auto Insurance

Although Ameriprise sells its insurance products in 44 states, it’s a recognized name in the financial services sector. Here’s why you should consider getting an auto coverage with the United States’ largest financial planner;

Best Features

  • The stable online quote system
  • Over 2 million customer base
  • Multi-insurer with 8+ auto policies
  • Excellent financial strength
  • Great discount selection
Home and auto insurance products
Variety of auto coverage discounts
Financially sound
Safe driving discount even after an at-fault accident
Flexible payment options
Choose your repair facility
Watch out for lackluster customer service especially at claims processing

3. Farmers Auto Insurance

Combine your auto coverage with another policy from Farmers to get incredible discounts. Apart from the full range of plans for every level of a motorists’ life, here are other unique features;

Best Features

  • Responsive customer service
  • Great selection of apps
  • Serves all 50 States
  • Sound financial strength
  • Serves customers of all ages
  • Multiple policy options and discounts
Provides investment options
Convenient mobile app with discounts
Accident forgiveness
Roadside assistance
Personalized service through a network of local agents
Unpredictable annual rate hikes
Watch out for fees on top of your premiums

4. GEICO Auto Insurance

Allstate ranks thirds among insurance companies in the United States. Here’s why you should consider getting an auto-coverage with this insurer;

Best Features

  • Serves all 50 States
  • Offers 3,500+ repair facilities
  • Good to the excellent financial strength
  • Great selection of policy options and discounts, including smart student, new car, and multi-policy
Multiple discounts
Provides accident forgiveness
Above-average claims’ satisfaction rates
Watch out for occasional premium hikes

5. Good2Go Auto Insurance

The minimum state requirement auto insurer has been offering services for over 25 years. You’ll want to get Good2Go coverage for the following reasons;

Best Features

  • Serves all 50 States
  • Over ten discounts
  • Decent online quotes
  • Works with top insurance companies
  • Offers 3,500+ repair facilities
  • Excellent financial strength
Home and auto insurance
BBB accredited with A- rating
Above-average claims’ satisfaction rates
Watch out for premium hikes through its third party policies

6. Hartford Auto Insurance

You’ll want to consider Hartford for both home and auto coverage policies. Some of the best features with this insurer include;

Best Features

  • AARP partner
  • Excellent claims benefits
  • Property, vehicle, and business insurance
  • Solid financial strength
  • Serves all 50 States plus American Samoa and Puerto Rico
  • Great selection of policy options and discounts
Great for seniors
Excellent savings through AARP partnership
Provides motorbike insurance
Comes with a lifetime guarantee for repairs
No hidden costs
Exclusive to AARP members
Watch out for credit checks

7. Kemper Auto Insurance

Sign up for Kemper’s auto insurance for up to 20% discount. Key coverage features include;

Best Features

  • Serves 26 states
  • Offers life, home, health, and auto coverages
  • Caters to poor credit and bad driving history drivers
  • Rental car benefits
  • Roadside help
  • Text notifications for policy issues
Insurers high-risk motorists
Provides SR-22 forms
Policies for salvaged cars
Offers accident forgiveness
Trip interruption benefits
Lacks a mobile app to manage your policy

8. Nationwide Auto Insurance

Nationwide sells home and car insurance for customers across the United States. The company’s notable features include;

Best Features

  • Serves all 50 States
  • Has agents in 46 states
  • Great financial strength
  • Website and mobile app for managing policies
  • Roadside assistance
  • Decent selection of policy options and discounts
Multi-policy discounts
Personalized service through local agents
Excellent customer satisfaction ratings
Wide coverage
Watch out for hiked rates if you have an unfavorable driving record

9. Progressive Auto Insurance

Allstate ranks thirds among insurance companies in the United States. Here’s why you should consider getting an auto-coverage with this insurer;

Best Features

  • Serves all 50 States
  • Buy policies by phone, online, or through local agents
  • Convenient mobile app
  • Virtual voice assistant
  • Solid financial strength
  • Great selection of policy options and discounts
Multi-policy discounts
Mobile phone policy management services
Few customer complaints
Useful tools for tech-savvy clients
Pet injury coverage
Varying policy rates on the mode of purchase
Less than average claims’ satisfaction rates

10. USAA Auto Insurance

You’ll find the most affordable insurance rates at USAA compared to other large insurers. The military members and associates provider has plenty of attractive features, including;

Best Features

  • Serves all 50 States
  • Investment and banking options
  • Excellent financial strength
  • Accident forgiveness
  • Rideshare coverage
  • Wide range of insurance products covering, home, life, and vehicles
  • Great selection of policy options and discounts
Lowest prices among top providers
Great for remote policy management
Multiple discounts
Offers umbrella policies
Above industry average customer satisfaction ratings
Exclusive to veterans, active military members or their family members

You are now aware which companies will insure your vehicle with zero down payment. But you can still save even with the no-deposit offer. So, before we answer your frequently asked questions and wrap up this post, let’s show you how to get an attractive rate.

6 Ways To Save Money on Cheap No Down Payment Car Insurance

No down payment car insurance plan is the best choice for most consumers because it’s affordable. So, you’ll do your due diligence to secure the best low-cost policy premiums. Even so, ensure you don’t pay extra fees in return for an excellent rate.

There are options if you’re unable to pay the annual insurance lump sum in full. For instance, you could break up the yearly amount into monthly premiums. In this way, you can still use your car without being an uninsured driver.

Nevertheless, you should understand why an insurer would offer an annual policy plan. In some instances, the company may not consider you legally insured if you’re on the monthly coverage. Therefore, it’s essential to confirm that you are obtaining this policy from a genuine provider with a great track record.

Keep in mind that the company considers you a high-risk client. The reason is that the only stakes in your plan are the monthly payments. Even if it’s a genuine insurance carrier, you should prepare for the bill. The provider will often apply higher-than-average rates. It means you could pay more by hundreds of dollars over your policy duration because you didn’t pay the deposit.

But you can still get around this with these six tips:

  1. Pay A Deposit: While the plan doesn’t require advance payment, putting down money can lower your monthly payments significantly. Consider paying some money upfront if you have room in your budget. Some companies allow as low as $20 down payment car insurance deposits. It will help you maintain uninterrupted coverage at less than average monthly premiums.
  2. Keep a positive coverage history: Do you honor your policy terms to their completion? Is there a lapse in your auto coverage history? The answers to these two questions could determine if you qualify for a discounted no down payment car insurance offer.
  3. Set Up Direct Payments: Also, you could use a checking account to set up direct payments. Some carriers provide direct debit discounts. It’s easier if you make the payments from the same account on the same day of each month.
  4. Maintain A Clean Driving Record: We all know that causing an accident or multiple bookings will raise your insurance premiums. Be sure to keep your driving history clean to qualify for lower monthly rates.
  5. Get Multiple Policies: You can get multiple insurance coverage from the same company. For example, insure more than one vehicle or combine auto coverage with home insurance. You’ll likely qualify for a multiple policy discount on the no down payment car insurance plan.
  6. Maintain Great FICO Scores: Insurance carriers look at your credit scores to calculate monthly installment rates. Similarly, they’ll use these scores to decide if you qualify for coverage without a deposit. A positive credit report could get you an affordable monthly auto policy plan.

The Bottom Line

Insurers are growing with the changing times and technology. Today, for example, many of them are providing no down payment car insurance plans. But these offers come with some caveats. You should be willing to pay higher than average premiums. It’s because zero deposit policies are risky and attract high-risk clients. Even so, there are other ways to save. You could start by avoiding claims and maintaining a clean driving record.

Taking advantage of available discounts is another terrific option to save. Shop for a company that accepts you on their premium reduction and with the best discounts. Also, it’s always smart to confirm the correct details with local agents because offers can vary by state. Besides, take some proactive measures to obtain the lowest possible rates. For instance, you could install auto safety features or get certification for a recognized driver’s training program.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I get a car with no down payment?

Yes. Although requirements will differ from one dealership to the next. For example, you can get a car with a $0 deposit if you have a stellar credit report, a clean driving record, and a trade-in.

How much is car insurance down payment?

There’s no standard rate for auto insurance deposits. Individual providers charge differently depending on the customer’s qualifications. However, most companies charge between eight and thirty-three percent of your total policy cost.

How to get a car with no credit and no co-signer and no down payment?

If you want to get a vehicle without the three options, it means you are buying it instantly. So, you’ll have to prepare the lump sum for a one-off payment. You could also use a trade-in if the available funds are less than the car’s MSRP. Remember to ask for a discount since most dealers have price-cuts for instant buyers.

Do all insurance companies require a deposit or down payment?

Not all insurers need you to pay money in advance. But the majority of top insurance companies require clients to deposit cash before activating their policy.

How to get a car loan with bad credit and no down payment?

Getting a co-signer can help if you have no deposit with bad credit. Also, consider trading in another vehicle to substitute the down payment funds.

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