Affordable Car Insurance For High Risk Drivers | The 8 Best Companies

Getting affordable car insurance for high risk drivers is a challenge. Most insurance companies won’t take the risk of taking anyone with past driving violations or who has very little driving experience. As a result, high risk drivers tend to settle with higher auto insurance premiums and insurance that may cover things that they don’t really need.

But is there really a chance to get affordable car insurance? The answer is yes. You may still get lower insurance premium payments despite being a high risk driver BUT you need to shop smart and work your way into getting a good driving record to do so.

How To Qualify For Affordable Car Insurance For High Risk Drivers?

Are you a high risk driver?

Before you search for the best high risk auto insurance product, it would be best to understand what it takes to be called a high risk driver. Consider the following factors when buying auto insurance:

Do you have a DUI offense?

If you have a DUI record then your insurance premiums will automatically increase. When you are finally allowed to drive and get your license, you will be required to have a DUI insurance which is the highest-risk car insurance product in most companies.

The DUI insurance coverage should be filled by your state DMV so that you can have your driving privileges back. The DUI insurance should be on file with the DMV up to five years after the incident. In the US, the DUI insurance product coverage and for how long you need to carry this varies from state to state.

The only way to pay for lower car insurance fees is to wait for the DUI insurance coverage period to expire. If you keep a good driving record thereafter, you can guarantee to pay for more affordable insurance for years to come.

Are you a young driver?

Statistics show that young people are more at risk for accidents on the road than older people. Insurance companies will automatically adjust their premiums based on the driver’s age regardless of how safe the young drives and his or her experience on the road.

car insurance young driver

How do you get affordable insurance in this situation? The best thing to do is wait for the right time until you qualify for lower premiums. And as you wait, enroll in safe driving courses, don’t commit any kind of driving infraction and choose a safer car to drive. These steps will help you secure a cheaper premium with good coverage once you reach a more mature age.

Are you a senior driver?

Just as young drivers are perceived to be unsafe on the road, seniors also have the same fate. Senior folks often have medical and health conditions that may affect their perception while driving.

Oftentimes old drivers suffer from poor hearing and eyesight. Some may also have conditions such as arthritis which could affect the way they grip the wheel. These conditions can place senior drivers at risk for accidents.

cheap life insurance for seniors

Senior drivers may find it hard to get a more affordable premium. However, some companies may provide discounts for seniors if they use a safer car, a car installed with the latest security systems and if the driver enrolls in a safe driving class. These may not be true for all companies but it’s worth asking about if you are this kind of driver or you were labeled as high risk.

Are you a first time driver?

No matter what age you are, young or old. if it’s your first time to drive, you will get a higher premium than other experienced drivers. But there are ways to work around the system. You can have a family member or a friend to include you in his existing car insurance policy.

First-time drivers can reduce premium payments by taking up defensive driving classes, getting a safer car to drive and to install security systems. They may also get cheaper insurance when they shop around because different insurance companies have different offers for first-timers.

Do you have poor credit?

Having poor credit or having a poor credit history may affect your car insurance premium payments as well. You will be deemed a high risk driver and hence pay more than people who have stellar credit histories.

To avoid this, look for companies that don’t consider credit histories and do not conduct credit checks. It could be hard to find these companies especially when credit checks may not be mentioned outright to customers.

You may also ask around. If you know people who have had less than perfect credit records but were still able to get affordable car insurance then why not check their insurers out.

Do you have a history of dropping car insurance policies?

You may have failed to pay your past insurance products before due to some personal or financial issues and now your current premiums are soaring. But despite this, you can still look forward to better premium payments once you have religiously paid your current provider.

Insurance companies just want to make sure that you’re up to the task this time but after a while, they may reduce your premiums to a more affordable rate. If this is not indicated in your insurance policy, talk to the representative to find out your options.

Do you have other driving violations?

Aside from a DUI offense, there are also some serious driving offenses that can immediately cost your premiums. Examples of these offenses and violations are hit and runs, overspeeding, reckless driving, etc.

Getting a lower premium may be the least of your worries because you may need to settle these offenses first before you are even allowed to drive.

The 8 Best High Risk Auto Insurance Companies in 2020

Now that you have a clear idea of what a high-risk driver is, evaluate your driving. Are you a high risk driver? Do you deserve to pay more premiums?

If you were quoted as a high-risk driver and were provided with a higher premium quote, don’t despair. You can shop from different driver’s insurance companies until you get a reasonable premium amount.

Here are five of the most popular insurance companies that offer reasonable rates for high-risk drivers:

1. Geico

Geico offers affordable and tailored fit driver’s insurance packages. Specifically, Geico’s insurance coverage for young and first-timer drivers involves parents in providing the best insurance coverage for young drivers.

Aside from getting affordable premiums, Geico provides resources for parents as well as young drivers to help them stay safe on the road. Parents also get cost-cutting techniques to help their children drive safer.

Advice on the ideal car to buy for your teen, the importance of a graduated driver’s license and how to add driving children in your policy and how to remove them by the time they are more mature enough to drive safely are also included.

2. Gainsco

Another popular name in insurance is Gainsco. This company specializes in minimum limit policies or just the right amount of insurance coverage for your driving condition. You may find affordable packages from Gainsco but expect that this may be too limited for a high risk driver.

To get affordable coverage, talk to their agents. Gainsco has agents all across the US ready to answer questions about their products and services.

3. Kemper

If you want to save on paying auto insurance then you can check out Kemper low-cost auto insurance packages that will surely meet your needs. Just some of the features you’ll find in Kemper high risk non-standard auto insurance include roadside assistance, SR-22 or DUI insurance, reconditioned vehicle insurance, Broad Form insurance coverage, and free text reminder alerts.

You can further save money by using Kemper’s discount options. Discounted prices are available for customers who pay in full, who have previous insurance discounts, residence discounts and for those with multiple vehicles insured under the company.

4. Infinity

Aside from offering home, life, and personal insurance, Infinity also has car insurance. Infinity lets you choose the coverage that’s perfect for you. You can choose from their State Minimum, Good, Better or Best packages. The minimum auto insurance coverage varies from state to state.

To get the best savings from Infinity, you need to choose the ideal coverage plus avail of the company’s many discount options.

You can qualify for an education discount, occupation discount, credit rating discount, clean record discount, married discount, homeownership or renters discount, multiple car discount and so on. You may even get discounts for the type of vehicle you wish to insure. Furthermore, you can manage all your insurance packages in a convenient app that’s accessible via Android or iOS.

5. Direct

The direct general is an auto and life insurance companies that offer affordable auto insurance for a small number of Southeastern states in the US including Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Missouri, Tennessee, and Texas.

Direct offers discounts even for high risk drivers plus flexible payment schedules to help all their members pay their premiums on time and avoid default. Their non-standard insurance packages are for people who have a hard time getting an SR-22 and for people who are having a hard time getting a quote because of their driving history.

High risk insurance from Direct does not cover accident forgiveness and new car protection though and if you live outside the Southeastern region of the US then this may not be the insurance company for you.

6. Alliance United

Alliance United is a company that insures non-standard drivers in California. It is owned by Kemper and is related to Infinity Insurance.

In Alliance’s high risk driver’s insurance, you’ll get non-owner’s insurance and SR-22 support forms. It does not cover gap insurance, rideshare insurance, and usage-based insurance. You can’t use Alliance auto insurance if you plan to drive to Canada or to Mexico.

And since this insurance only covers California residents, you may find your coverage limited when you visit other states. It’s best to check out the minimum coverage of each state before you travel with Alliance.

7. Progressive

One of the biggest names in auto insurance is Progressive. This company offers high-risk drivers with a number of options because of its customizable packages and tools. And even if you were labeled high risk, you can still enjoy its discounts.

A good thing about Progressive is that it’s available in all 50 states. You won’t have problems with driving from state to state because Progressive has your back.  Together with your coverage, you may add roadside accident coverage. You will also qualify for accident forgiveness and new car protection features.

Progressive was initially created to serve the needs of high-risk drivers. But now, it offers more services and will take almost everyone regardless of his or her driving record. In general, Progressive offers body insurance and property damage liability, uninsured or underinsured body injury and medical payments, a loan or lease pay off and pet injuries to name a few.

Progressive also offers SR-22 to assist drivers that are required to submit this form. Discounts are available all year round. These will help keep your premiums low no matter what type of driver you are.

Just some of Progressive’s discounts are Safe Driver, multi-vehicle, homeowner, student, a good student, and the Name Your Price discount. All the more reasons to choose Progressive.

8. United Automobile

If you want cheap high risk auto insurance then United Automobile may be the company that serves only 12 states in the US including Florida, Texas, Nevada, Oklahoma, and Mississippi.

To find out what they offer to high-risk drivers, customers are advised to call their customer service reps or to visit their website to get a quote. Most United Automobile insurance agents are also available in local malls where they can talk to prospective customers face to face.

Best Car Insurance for Bad Driving Record

Among popular auto insurance companies for high-risk drivers, MetLife stands out. This is known as a solid insurance company that offers above-average customer service. Customers looking for group auto insurance or company insurance can take advantage of cheaper group insurance.

MetLife offers customers the best discounts but drivers are advised to get these from the organization that they are affiliated with. MetLife is available in companies, credit unions, labor unions and also for private individuals.

Just some of the discounts that you can get from MetLife are deductible savings benefits, defensive driver discounts, home or life bundled discounts, good student discounts and deals for vehicles with security systems and more.

In short, if you’re worried about expensive high-risk car insurance payments, MetLife can reduce your payments through their different discount options. And above all, MetLife has MetLife MyDirect. This is a special feature for drivers who take care of their auto insurance needs online.

Most auto insurance companies don’t have the luxury of an online site or app to monitor your insurance coverage. MetLife helps its members become more responsible with their insurance payments and other aspects of choosing the right things about their coverage.

Remember The Following When Looking for The Ideal Auto Insurance

If you are shopping for the ideal high-risk auto insurance, compare products from different companies, Get online quotes from as many insurers as you can until you find the product that will work for your needs and budget. Most auto insurance companies offer quotes so you can easily compare plans without leaving your home.

If you are a high risk insurer, don’t despair. You won’t be a high-risk driver forever; you will still get the chance to improve your status as long as you have proven you are now a responsible driver. If you have a DUI, you have no choice but to pay for higher premiums for an extended period of time. But if you were not convicted of a DUI, your chance of getting a reduced rate may be much sooner.

And even if you were labeled as a high-risk driver, you can still do something to improve your status. You can simply wait for your insurance payments to drop or you can perform proactive activities to improve your rates.

If you are a student and you are labeled high risk because you are a young and new driver, you may avail of student discounts by getting good grades. You just had a traffic violation, you can take driving classes or switch to a safer car instead.

If you are a senior driver take driving classes or use a safer, older model car to get a better rate on your premiums. And if you were labeled high risk because of your poor credit score, work on reviving your credit history by paying your debts, repaying loans and taking related classes to improve your credit score.

Remember that you must have proof that you did something to improve your rate. Insurance companies will ask for a certificate if you claim you took driving classes or ask for a new credit score if you claim that you used measures to improve your financial status.

And if you think that your current auto insurance does not work for you anymore, feel free to look for better affordable car insurance for high risk drivers.

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