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The 10 Best Cheap 15 Passenger Van Rental Companies

Whether you’ve visited someplace, had your vehicle at the mechanic’s, or just wanted to make a trip outside the city, you’ve probably had to rent an automobile at one time. And if you have, you understand that the rental service you select matters. And now that regional governments are resuming regular business activities, Americans are already thinking of safe travel options this fall with more and more travelers avoiding air travel in favor of road transport. But for those without a vehicle, car rentals offer a reliable option with modest pricing especially for monthly car rentals, innovative cleaning and sanitization systems, a full range of fleets from little compact cars to the 9 passenger van rental and mid-sized pickup trucks, among others.

With the holidays fast approaching, you may want to take a kid’s trip on the road or probably want a vehicle for some great time around town with a group such as a large family. Full-size van rentals with a capacity for 15 adults are will make for the most convenient pick if you are trying to avoid renting a bus. That’s why we rounded up the top ten cheap 15 passenger van rental companies to help you get started. And if you’re still setting up for new projects next year, be sure to sample out our latest compilation of the best truck lease deals.

15 Passenger Van Rental Companies: What You Should Know

Apparently, there are more factors to consider besides costs and fees when renting a car. So you should be prepared to do more than browsing the internet for a van rental near me service-listing. Note that different car rentals often cater to clients with different priorities. For instance, we found that Avis, Hertz, and National are more business-oriented brands, unlike the more luxury-oriented Budget, Dollar, and Thrifty. That’s why we’ve started with the “what you should know” section.

Here, we explain some of the factors that informed our choices of the ten best cheap 15 passenger van rental operators. After that, we will tell you the questions to ask when choosing the best car rental service, before getting to our review of the ten best cheap full-size van rentals. And before we wrap up the post, we’ll also answer a few of your frequently asked questions. But if you’d rather lease than rent a luxury van for vacation, don’t worry because here at Carsplan.com, we always have you in mind. So, if you think you’ve seen it all in the auto services industry, wait till you see our comprehensive auto guides on the hottest luxury cars lease deals and the newest jeep lease deals in town.

Best Car Rental Companies Highlights

Enterprise was our best overall rental company, with a wide selection of vehicles, including sprinter van rental services. For many years, the company has been getting high ratings for service on multiple publications and is often recognized for its excellent customer service. Other providers have their strengths too. For example, Sixt offers the widest range of automotive to rent ranging from 15, 12, to the 9 passenger van rental, while National customer loyalty program is particularly useful. For the moment, you’ll rent with Dollar if you are looking for the best reservation rates.

Who Needs Cheap 15 Passenger Van Rentals

Do you plan to travel for the holidays with your family, friends, or a church group? Well, going with budget van rentals would be an ideal choice to fit everyone on the tour if you’ll be group-traveling. You will be amazed that renting a full-size multi-passenger comes with many benefits. With a cheap 15 passenger van rental, everyone gets ample room to spread out.

Cheap 15 Passenger Van Rental

Therefore, enjoy these six benefits as you tour around as a group:

1) Keeps the Entire Team Together

A full-size van rental can accommodate up to 15 people at a go. This is suitable for a large group. You can use it for church activities, family reunions; youth group trips, sports teams, company trips, school groups, corporate events, and much more.

2) Fairly Easy To Drive

Forget what you’ve been told about multi-passenger vans with a few lessons on driving a van to boost your basic driving skills, you’ll be good to go. And they sure pack plenty of power to keep going with peace of mind that the vehicle you are driving is in perfect condition.

3) Cut Down Expenses

Everyone pays for their own gas and tolls when group members drive in their private cars. But with a rental van, you will get to split the fees among the group. It means saving money on the trip through carpooling.

4) Plenty of Space

Every person in your tour will be comfortable, whether you fill every seat or not with adequate space for luggage, souvenirs and toys, car seats, and other gears, families will particularly love the ample room vans offer. And if your van is not packed to full capacity, you can have the remaining space to stretch out, making the trip more comfortable.

5) More Fun on Road Trips

It can get boring to trip around alone in the car. On the other hand, carpooling in a multi-passenger van is the perfect way to group members to bond. They can engage in meaningful discussions or play games to entertain the whole team.

6) Reduces Stress

Did you know that being around people can help in lessening stress and depression? You’ll get to interact with group members throughout the trip, renewing your energy and bring a positive feeling. Besides, with more leg-room and bigger seats, you can just relax and enjoy the journey.

Overall, getting a cheap 15 passenger van rental for your group tour is a great choice in terms of comfort and value for money.

How Did We Choose

Since each company tends to target a specific consumer demographic, it was challenging to settle on the best car rentals for everyone. However, to get you the best cheap 15 passenger van rental companies, we looked at affordable pricing, available outlets, amiable customer service, great reviews and ratings, friendly cancellation policies, and new comprehensive cleaning processes.

Car rentals are different based on the loyalty program each provider offers and your renting frequency. If you are a business renter, features like exclusive packages with a superior choice of cars, reserved lanes for check out, and corporate contracts will certainly entice you. Concerning the price, rental vehicles vary.

The majority of dealers have an array of models to choose from, with compact cars being the most inexpensive. Although it does not imply that cheap car renters are automatically more satisfied. The cost and charges of an auto rental experience will define the value you get. In other instances, the price variation between a 12 passenger van rental and its bigger 15-capacity version that you’ll opt for the latter to get value for money. 

Here are other factors we considered in our selection of the cheap 15 passenger van rental providers.

  • Price vs Value: One of the vital elements of picking a rental van or rental company is you accept the rental price and assess the experience based on how well it meets your expectations at that price point. If you pay more for the luxurious 15-seater sprinter van rental you will not have similar expectations versus paying for a 10 passenger van rental like Nissan NV, Chevy Express, or Ford Transit. You will be a satisfied renter in both cases if your expectations are surpassed. And if the experience falls short of your expectations, you will be an unsatisfied customer. 
  • Easy-to-Use App: A rental service can improve its customers’ rental experience by investing in a user-friendly app. Avis mobile app was the unquestionable winner this year in that regard. Still, about apps, Budget and Hertz had below-average ratings. A usable app significantly adds to the overall satisfaction in the car rental process, mainly due to convenience and customized experience as the app provides you with instant feedback about the rental. 
  • Multi-Driver Plan: Vehicle rental companies can be flexible if you want an extra driver or drivers in the policy, although they’ll often charge you more per day. It would be nice to rent a business trip car through your workplace if your boss has an understanding of a specific agency. In most cases, rental agencies will also provide insurance plans when renting. While including rental car insurance in your plan will add to the price, it’s a worthy expenditure.

According to J.D. Power 2019 industry ratings, there wasn’t much difference between the best brand and the trailing one. Using a 1000 point scale, all the leading brands ranged in the 800s with only 31 points separating the top and bottom companies. It means there hardly poor performers in the industry with the experience of car rental being the highest rated area of the whole travel experience. So, you’ll probably be satisfied regardless of your choice.

What About Location and Season

Where you are renting from and the time of year often play a role. For instance, New York is typically an expensive city to rent while holidays will surge the rental fees. We recommend making reservations three to six months before your trip to secure the best discounts on vehicle rentals, after which prices will shoot. Also, you don’t want to book too early for the trip as you might end up paying more.

Generally, you’ll pay between twenty and seventy dollars per day for a rental car. But we often encourage budget renters to consider longer rental duration to save money. Another car rental hack is to book on the internet. There are thousands of websites, including Travelocity and Kayak that are designed to guide you in the quest for a vehicle rental company. There, you can compare multiple providers on the go and choose different filters to refine your searches.

The 5 Questions to Answer Before Renting a Van

1) Where are you visiting and for what period?

Answering these questions will guide your auto rent process and rates.

2) Do you expect to find a comprehensive public transport system in your travel destination?

If yes, you may want to reconsider renting a van.

3) What kind of van do you need?

An economy will be more than enough to rent if you are making the trip alone over short distances. But you’ll want a full-size van if you are traveling in a group. Be sure to evaluate according to your travel arrangements.

4) Do you have any additional needs to renting the van, like an extra driver on your plan or a vehicle seat?

Do you prefer to get insurance when reserving a car rental? What type of insurance do you prefer when renting a car?

5) Which car rental companies can give you the best affordable rates?

Compare various sites, including websites to each company, to secure the most inexpensive vehicle rental prices for the car you want to rent. And are there any hidden charges?

The 10 Best Cheap 15 Passenger Van Rental Companies

Although different renters have different judgments of their rental car experiences basing on various factors, we quantified consumer priorities in this review, just like we do for all our reviews. We’ve gathered that the rental’s rates and charges are the most essential factor, accounting for about 28 percent of the total satisfaction a renter has with the rental experience. It is trailed closely the rental vehicle itself with 25 percent, while the pick-up process stands at 23 percent. Other factors, including the booking process, drop-off process, and the convenience of a company-branded shuttle bus make up the outstanding 25 percent of the customer’s overall experience.

So, we ranked the following van rental companies according customer service satisfaction.

1) Enterprise

With more than 60 years in this field, Enterprise business experience has helped them become one of the most reputable and widespread providers in the car rentals industry. This was evident during this year’s ‘Travvy Awards’ ‘Best Car Rentals’ category, scooping four gold distinctions with one silver. It’s also worth noting that Enterprise takes pride in social responsibility.

They’ve committed sixty million dollars towards fighting hunger worldwide, along with planting 1 million trees annually in the United States for fifty years. Enterprise unique selling point involves picking renters up and bringing them to the respective rental office. This extra service partly explains why they feature on this list.

  • Customer Rewards Program: Through the Enterprise Plus loyalty program, the brand provides several reward levels, each offering you bonus points on eligible rental dollars, as well as free car upgrades. Your eligibility level is determined by your annual car rentals frequency.
  • Available Outlets: Over 4,400 in the US and 8,000 worldwide.
  • Average Daily Rate: Approximately $50
  • Rating for Google Play Store app: 4.7/5

Named after the founder WWII service aircraft carrier, Enterprise has a great selection of exotic vehicle rentals suitable for splashing out during a special occasion. And if you are within the intermediate homework range, they do give special prices, starting from a month’s of renting. It means saving more the more days you rent.

Requirements To Rent A Vehicle

  • Usable driver’s license
  • Be within the state’s minimum age requirements
  • Refundable deposit depending on the car you are renting 
  • A valid debit card or credit card in the driver’s name with supporting documents like utility bills
No additional fees
Outstanding supplementary rates for young drivers
Many locations within the US and internationally
No-fee cancellation policy for all customers
Dedicated Covid19 cleaning policy
It’s an expensive provider compared to other car rental companies

2) National Car Rental

The Enterprise and Alamo subsidiary, National Car Rental, excels in customer service. They came in second in J.D. Power 2019 annual report and earning five-star ratings from renters for their booking process and overall satisfaction. National offers a wide assortment of vehicles to rent, from economy compact models to Chevrolet cargo vans.

Their programs and offers tend to lean towards business travelers. Corporates often take advantage of the National Car Rental business rental program, allowing workers at any company no matter the size to secure vehicles at discounted rates compared to paying a premium for last minute rental needs in peak season. Moreover, customers can redeem their air miles to rent cars using points from several popular programs like American Airlines AAdvantage, Delta SkyMiles, and the Southwest Rapid Rewards, along with hotel programs’ points such as Hilton Honors.

  • Customer Rewards Program: Sign up for the company’s Emerald Club program to avoid the counter while earning rewards on your reservations, making the entire process smoother for corporate travelers. 
  • Available Outlets: Over 329 in the US and 1,500 worldwide.
  • Average Daily Rate: About $50
  • Rating for Google Play Store app: 4.7/5

The National Car Rental is a reliable option for those looking for an easy way to book vehicles at a reasonably modest rate.

Requirements To Rent A Vehicle

  • Valid driver’s license
  • Be within the state’s minimum age requirements
  • The credit card used to make the reservation
  • Proof of insurance coverage
Unlimited mileage car rentals
Complete Clean Pledge Covid19 cleaning policy
Accepts additional drivers
No fee cancellation policy for all customers
Excellent range of premium cars
A fair global presence in major cities and airports
There is a surcharge for young drivers
The company is oriented for business travelers
No pick-up or drop-off services

3) Alamo Car Rental

It’s the largest car rental service among international travelers going to North America. It means the company’s business is focused on vacation travelers and has a heavy business presence around airports. Alamo boasts its vehicle renting deals that provide a range of ways to save money on charges for renting, including partnership programs with hotels and airlines for loyalty points as well as business parks.

  • Customer Rewards Program: There’s the Alamo Insiders, a straightforward loyalty program in terms of what it gives. The program offers a universal 5% discount on rental fees. With a free membership, Alamo Insiders offers a great opportunity for those who want to put away some money with ease.
  • Available Outlets: Over 250 in the US and 1,200 worldwide.
  • Average Daily Rate: About $42
  • Rating for Google Play Store app: 4.7/5

Requirements To Rent A Vehicle

  • Valid driver’s license
  • Be within the state’s minimum age requirements
  • The credit card used to make the reservation
  • Proof of insurance coverage
Great service at the outlet’s rental desks
Complete Clean Pledge Covid19 cleaning policy
No fee cancellation policy for all customers
Allows second drivers
A quick pick-up and drop-off process
Excellent overall value for money
Very clean cars
Fewer outlets than most of its competitors
Most locations are around airports

4) Hertz Car Rental

It is one of the biggest car rentals bragging more than 1,600 locations in U.S. airports. However, it may not be the cheapest provider in town with a daily average comparable to Enterprise. You’ll want to rent longer to save money and even book ahead of for more price cuts.

Even so, Hertz has an excellent collection of vans and other vehicles, a dedicated rental section with hybrids and exotics if you want a treat for a memorable trip. It’s so easy to see why they beat Enterprise as the top car rental during J.D. Power polls in 2019. And looking at the assortment of awards the company has been bagging over the last few years, it is clear why their renters are so satisfied with an unparalleled customer service that continues speaking to its peak performance.

  • Customer Rewards Program: Join Hertz Gold Plus Rewards Program to enjoy great perks for frequent customers like e-returns and skipping the counter to pick up cars, expedited drop-offs, plus an assorted range of cars.
  • Available Outlets: Over 2,905 in the US and 10,200 worldwide.
  • Average Daily Rate: About $48.50
  • Rating for Google Play Store app: 4.7/5

Requirements To Rent A Vehicle

  • Valid driver’s license
  • Be within the state’s minimum age requirements
  • The credit card used to make the reservation
  • Proof of insurance coverage
15-Point Covid19 cleaning policy
NeverLost GPS program with online trip planner
Guides for national parks and cities
Competitive rates for long-term rentals
Great customer loyalty programs
On the pricey side for short term quotes
Not everyone qualifies for their no-fee cancellation policy

5) Avis Car Rentals

They are the giant in the vehicle renting world and by far the priciest rental company in the market. Avis average daily charges are higher than Enterprise. Even so, you will be surprised at how much you can knock down those rates with a host of promos, rebates, and discount codes, which make them one of the best cheap 15 passenger van rental services for savvy renters who can do their homework.

AARP members, for instance, are in for special pricing by default. And it gets better if you are renting from the Northeast region. Here, all vehicles integrate e-Toll, eliminating additional toll fees. It is also a perfect choice for corporations with employees who need a luxury car for the cheap, with small enterprises especially getting up to 30% price-cuts on their rentals.

  • Customer Rewards Program: Enroll in their Preferred Car Rental Program to secure expedited service as well as getting to pick cars through the Avis app, among other benefits. 
  • Available Outlets: Over 1,421 in the US and 5,500 worldwide.
  • Average Daily Rate: About $60
  • Rating for Google Play Store app: 3.9/5

Requirements To Rent A Vehicle

  • Valid driver’s license
  • Be within the state’s minimum age requirements
  • The credit card used to make the reservation
  • Proof of insurance coverage
Excellent range of discounts
Decent customer service
Very clean cars
Expedited service for Preferred Rental customers
Regular members also earn points for rewards
The most expensive average daily charges
The poor score for the Google Play Store app compared to others

6) Budget Rent A Car

Budget is the best cheap 15 passenger van rental company for upfront payments. And like its name, it has some of the most inexpensive vehicles in the rental realm, with the second-lowest average daily cost on this list, without counting discounts. Pay when reserving your car to get up to 35% off your rental fees.

  • Customer Rewards Program: The company’s Fastbreak program helps to expedite the whole process of renting and returning vehicles. With the free membership, you can skip the counter and drop off your car in a designated place for your convenience, among several other exclusive offers. 
  • Available Outlets: Over 1385 in the US and 3,000 worldwide.
  • Average Daily Rate: About $35
  • Rating for Google Play Store app: 4.3/5

Requirements To Rent A Vehicle

  • Valid driver’s license
  • Be within the state’s minimum age requirements
  • The credit card used to make the reservation
  • Proof of insurance coverage
Affordable car rental pricing
Great discounts for instant payments when renting
Outstanding selection of vehicles
Widespread locations in the US
Cheap daily rates
Fewer international outlets compared to its competitors
A bit low score for the Google Play Store app compared to others

7) Sixt Rent A Car

Sixt rent a car Founded in Germany, the company ventured into the US car rental market in 2011 and has made great progress since then. It offers a unique business model than its competitors with more car rent categories. You can choose from a wide selection of pickup trucks, sports cars, convertibles, vans, SUVs, and more.

  • Customer Rewards Program: Sixt Express Cards lets the holders earn points on the dollars they spend. On top of the regular express cards, you’ll find numerous levels, such as Diamond, Platinum, and Gold, offering discounts and extra perks.
  • Available Outlets: Over 57 in the US and 2,100 worldwide.
  • Average Daily Rate: About $45
  • Rating for Google Play Store app: 4.7/5

Requirements To Rent A Vehicle

  • Valid driver’s license
  • Be within the state’s minimum age requirements
  • The credit card used to make the reservation
  • Proof of insurance coverage
30% off on Sedans and SUVs
Attractive discounts on premium models including vans
The excellent score for the Google Play Store app
Outstanding service at the company’s rental desks
Great overall value for your money
Fewer outlets within the US compared to its competitors

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8) Dollar Car Rental

Another one of the best affordable car rentals if you want a vehicle for the cheap is Dollar Car Rental. Dollar average daily rates are the cheapest, with an extra 15% price cut on your principal amount if you subscribe to their newsletter. If you want to get the best value for your money, look no further.

  • Customer Rewards Program: Join the Express Rewards rental program to avoid the counter, include more than one driver, as well as get free rental days. And the best part is that you don’t have to pay anything to enroll.
  • Available Outlets: Over 260 in the US and 1,500 worldwide.
  • Average Daily Rate: About $35
  • Rating for Google Play Store app: 1.2/5

Requirements To Rent A Vehicle

  • Valid driver’s license
  • Be within the state’s minimum age requirements
  • The credit card used to make the reservation
  • Proof of insurance coverage
The most inexpensive car rental pricing
A full fleet of vehicles for every customer
Top-quality customer support
Great rental programs with a host of perks
Very poor app scores on Google Play Store
Best offers reserved for enrolled rental program customers
Few global storefronts

9) Ace Rent A Car

Although it is not one of the most popular brands in the vehicle renting business, Ace storefronts constitute the biggest chain of independent car rental operators worldwide. It implies that though it has less corporate muscled compared to its rivals, Ace has been able to expand dramatically in the 53 years it has been in operation. Moreover, their awards are a demonstration of satisfied renters, acing the second spot in overall customer experience during the 2017 and 2018 Temkin Experience Ratings, consecutively.

  • Customer Rewards Program: It has the Rental Genius program, a straightforward loyalty program for renters. Every dollar you spend on an eligible booking will earn you a point, which you can redeem for mileage and rental days. In addition, program members can earn a bonus through an array of other promos Ace offers.
  • Available Outlets: Over 73 in the US and 350 affiliate storefronts worldwide.
  • Average Daily Rate: About $65
  • Rating for Google Play Store app: Not Available 

Requirements To Rent A Vehicle

  • Valid driver’s license
  • Be within the state’s minimum age requirements
  • The credit card used to make the reservation
  • Proof of insurance coverage
Unlimited mileage
Round the clock mechanical help
Free shuttle services
Competitive pricing for specific brands and models
No mobile app on Google Play Store
Expensive standard rental car daily rates

10) Thrifty Rent A Car

Thrifty, Dollar, and Budget car rentals have one thing in common, they are the bottom line for their renters. Although it is owned by Hertz, customer satisfaction is not the only thing you’ll find with top-tier rental services like Avis and Enterprise. Therefore, while Thrifty gives some of the cheapest rates in the market, it offers some good perks for the premium as well.

  • Customer Rewards Program: The rental service provides the Blue Chip Rewards program, allowing you to add a driver to your plan for free, and expedited counter services in the company’s airport and off-airport sites.
  • Available Outlets: Over 472 in the US and 1,000 worldwide.
  • Average Daily Rate: About $39.5
  • Rating for Google Play Store app: 1.3/5 for the official app and 4.2/5 for the THRentals app

Requirements To Rent A Vehicle

  • Valid driver’s license
  • Be within the state’s minimum age requirements
  • The credit card used to make the reservation
  • Proof of insurance coverage
Excellent location-specific offers
Straightforward check-in system
Budget-friendly car rental rates
Decent scores for the THRentals app
Less than average customer service
Complicated car drop off system

There you have it, the 10 best cheap 15 passenger van rental companies. To create this list, we had to comb through various online specs and customer reviews of market car rental deals. We also looked at the latest industry ratings and considered elements like the perks offered in the rental contract, number of outlets, customer satisfaction levels, customer service, and overall value for money.


Picking the best cheap 15 passenger van rental company might seem like an overwhelming task because of the many available options across the country. But you’ve already seen some of the clear-cut aspects that you can employ to narrow now the choices. Some of the main factors include; daily rates, the range of vehicles available, customer reward programs, as well as total outlets available. Once you get these variables, it will be easy to choose from the vast selection of car rental providers in the US.

Also, keep in mind that all the companies featured on our list are among the best in the industry some with tens of decades of experience. We recommend that you select a specific vehicle rental service to rent with more often. In this way, you will secure the best of their rewards program. However, remember to have a few more trusted companies as your fallback option when your preferred car rental company isn’t forthcoming.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who has the cheapest van rental?

It’s difficult to settle on one provider with the cheapest van rental because each renter has unique needs. The cheapest rental will also depend on the capacity of the van you want, the number of days you are renting, and whether you are in any of the provider’s loyalty programs.

Does my insurance cover 15 passenger van rental?

It depends on your insurance policy. If you are using a credit card for car rental insurance, it’s worth noting that many of those companies, such as MasterCard, Discover, Visa, and American Express exclude vans with over 8 passengers from their cover. Therefore, you’ll want to get in touch with your insurance company beforehand, to avoid last-minute surprises.

Does Enterprise have 15 passenger vans?

Sure, Enterprise offers both 12 and 15 passenger vans and anyone from age 25 with a valid driver’s license can rent.

Do you need a CDL for a 15 passenger van?

The law requires having a Commercial Driver License or CDL when driving a vehicle with over 15 passengers. So you won’t need one since the 15-seat passenger van has a maximum of fifteen people.

Is it hard to drive a 15 passenger van?

If you plan on driving a 15 passenger van for the first time, it would be best to learn a few things through research. Although the basics of driving are the same whether you are operating a small car or a full-size van, there is a bit of variation to consider. It’s vital to recognize that 15-capacity vans are not your regular automobiles. They come in longer lengths, extra weights, particularly when fully packed, as well as a higher center of gravity. All these conditions make it more challenging to operate and control, especially during emergencies or some weather conditions. You can have an experienced driver help you hone your van control skills with a focus on defensive driving, speed, and weight distribution, as well as braking and parking.