The 10 Best Travel Coffee Maker For The Car Reviews

When traveling, you will need that caffeine boost to keep ongoing. You may be on a road trip, out in the woods, or in a meeting but there is no coffee shop close by. This is one of the key instances when having the best coffee gear comes in handy.

Having your own gear does not only save you the time you would spend going to purchase coffee but also lets you make it the way you want. Furthermore, buying coffee regularly is very expensive.

Check out the top 10 best coffee makers for the car and a comprehensive buying guide.

Different Types Of Travel Coffee Makers

There are 3 main types of travel coffee makers. Although they have different working techniques, they have the same end goal. Some of the main benefits one reaps from owning travel coffee makers include;

  • Saves time
  • Saves on money
  • Accessing coffee anytime, anywhere
  • Making coffee to one’s personal taste

The 3 main types of portable coffee makers include:

1) Drip coffee maker or brewer

This portable coffee brewer which is also referred to as an automatic drip coffee maker is one of the best portable coffee makers for cars. Also referred to as an automatic drip coffee maker, this product has been a favorite for many due to its ability to produce several cups in one go. The ability to use any coffee brand and the diversity in shapes and brands of these products is also one of its biggest advantages.

2) Single serve coffee maker

This is also known as one cup coffee maker. It is very easy to use and is one of the cheapest types of portable coffee makers. It has very minimal wastage. The coffee pods can have flavors hence you can take flavored tea or coffee, as per your liking.

3) French Press

One of the most traditional methods of coffee making is the French Press. Its simplicity and low dependence on technology is a favorable feature this coffee maker offers.

Factors To Consider Before Buying Travel Coffee Makers For Cars

With the many brands and types of coffee makers, one can get confused about how to pick the right one. Here are a few factors you can take into consideration before purchasing a portable travel coffee maker.

1) Time factor

Coffee making should not take you ages. On average, a good coffee maker should take you only a few minutes (Anywhere between a minute to five minutes).

2) Ease of cleaning

Before buying a portable coffee maker, consider how easy and convenient it will be for you when you wish to clean. Some can be washed in a dishwasher while for others, you will need to hand wash them. If you will use it when you are mostly outdoors, an easy to clean product will be best for you.

3) How much coffee you need

This is an important factor to put into consideration before purchasing a portable coffee maker. Some only make one cup at a time while others can make up to ten. Keep in mind that the more that the coffee maker produces means more space is required.

4) What powers up the coffee maker?

Understand what powers up the product and its accessibility. Is it powered by electricity? Stovetop? Batteries? Where you will be using and the frequency of using it matters a lot.

5) Size

Do not fall for the feeling that bigger coffee makers make better and more coffee. Today, smaller and more portable products can make even better coffee while still saving you space. However, should you prefer a bigger device, you should look for a hard shell car top carrier that will help you loosen up space.

The 10 Best Travel Coffee Maker For The Car Reviews

coffee maker for the car

1) Espro Travel Coffee Press

Espro is a French Press Style coffee maker. Ideally made for the lovers of coffee, one can make their favorite coffee on the go. It makes 10 ounces of coffee but has the ability to hold 15 ounces of coffee. The product weighs only 12.2 ounces so it passes as one of the lightest travel coffee makers for cars.

The filters are free of phthalate, BPA, and BPS thus ensuring your safety. With a vacuum stainless-steel interior, your coffee will remain hot for hours without requiring you to reheat it. With 7 colors to choose from, your coffee mug can well represent your style.

The coffee press filters coffee twice unlike other products that only filter once. This extra filtration means that you not only get the fine coffee but will also be very smooth. The filters make your coffee finer almost 10 times than other French Press Style coffee makers. The double filter design is actually patented and therefore presents to you a unique system.

Making coffee with this product is as easy as ABC. The coffee is usually ready within 3 to 4 minutes. This amount of time can, however, be adjusted depending on how strong one wants their coffee to be.

A very noteworthy additional feature that Espro Travel Coffee Press has is its patented paper filter which fits in between two press filters. Unlike other coffee makers, it ensures that grits and some oils are absorbed. This ensures that your coffee is free of any unpleasant substances. Other coffee makers which only use micro-filters can have grits in your coffee.

Espro Travel Coffee Press
Beautiful design
Grit & grinds free
Keeps drinks hot or cold for long
Extraction stops at pressing
FDA approved materials
The lid is single-walled which makes some heat escape

2) KOHIPRESS Portable French Coffee Maker

The total immersion of the coffee grounds in water results in a robust flavor extraction mechanism that gives you the best coffee. The durability of the product is one of the reasons why it came into the market in the first place, as most other French Press coffee makers were just made from plastic. Its stainless steel body makes it the best coffee maker to use when traveling.

A double wall vacuum construction and a stainless steel chamber make your coffee hot or cold for hours. With only a 3 minute brew time, this makes it very ideal for on-the-move users. The filtering time is greatly reduced by the air pressure plunge method. The short brewing time is ideal as the bitterness associated with coffee brewed for long is avoided.

Making the perfect coffee is very simple with this product. All you have to do is to take out the plunger before adding the coffee to the chamber; pour water into the chamber; after approximately 3 minutes open the plunger lid, insert it into the chamber before pressing down; tightly screw the plunger into the chamber before you enjoy the best ever coffee.

KOHIPRESS Portable French Press Coffee Maker
Unbreakable design
Easy to clean
Quite affordable
No splashing when pouring
Water can seep into the double wall and cause mold
When the lid is loose temperatures can drop

3) MOSFiATA Portable Coffee Maker

This battery powered portable Espresso and Americano coffee maker is ideal for those traveling, camping, going to work, and for use at home. Compatible with both ground and K-Capsule coffee, you have the ability to make the coffee to your own taste. A re-usable k-cup is contained inside the packaging.

The size, with a 150 ml water capacity, is just like that of the vacuum cup hence very ideal to carry anywhere. It is also very light hence you will not have to deal with heavy luggage. It is made from very durable and high-quality plastic (PP) which is FDA approved. This means there will be no health concerns to you while using it.

The rechargeable battery makes it very convenient to use even out in the woods where there is no source of power. The process for making your favorite coffee is very simple as all you have to do is to add boiling water to the tank, pump it manually before your coffee is ready to drink.

MOSFiATA Portable Coffee Maker
Sleek portable design
FDA certified and food grade material
Easy to use
Some users complain of the tiny cup which does not match up the water reservoir

4) Bodum Travel Press Coffee Maker

Having been around for quite a while, Bodum has built a name for itself as manufacturers of the best coffee brewing devices. While holding about 15 ounces of coffee, you are definitely going to have more than enough coffee to boost your day. The double-wall construction, stainless steel interior which is vacuum sealed makes it possible for your coffee to remain hot or cold for hours.

The silicone and mesh filter present makes the coffee pure. Instead of floating on your drink, coffee sediments are trapped at the bottom of the cup.

This French Press Style coffee maker has a rubber and silicone grip base for easy handling thanks to its non-slip feature. The in-built plunger and spill resistant lid are some of the features which make this product to be very long-lasting.

The dishwasher safe portable coffee maker for cars will make your life easy as it does not have any major cleaning requirements. The process of making your favorite coffee is very simple. First, put a sizeable amount of coarse coffee grounds to the cup/tumbler.

Add hot water before stirring the contents. Replace the lid and wait for approximately 4 minutes before pressing the plunger down. You are ready to drink your coffee and get lighted up for the day.

Bodum Travel Press
Rubber grip
Easy to open and close
Very comfortable to drink from
Cannot leak or spill
Dishwasher safe
The French press cannot be removed
Average performance at keeping drinks at the desired temperatures
Candent if dropped

5) Presse by bobble Coffee & Tea Maker

Founded in 2010, Bobble has always managed to bring forth durable products, add more style to everyday life with sleek products, and highly convenient travel coffee makers. Just as the name suggests, the product makes coffee by pressing coffee grounds and it becomes ready in 3-4 minutes.

With a special micro-filter which separates coffee grounds from the resulting smooth coffee, no sediments or bitter tastes will ever hit your mouth. The coffee maker also has 3-wall insulation which makes it very efficient for keeping your coffee hot or cold for hours.

In terms of upkeep, this is one of the simplest products to take care of. There is no mesh to worry about getting soggy or stained and in general, there are no delicate parts you can be concerned about. It is also machine washable.

Presse by bobble Coffee & Tea Maker
High-quality materials used
Easy to use French press style
Coffee cup and press in one
No need for filters
Double-walled to keep the drink warm or cold for hours
Can also be used for tea
Only good for one person
Only makes French press style coffee

6) Espro 5116C-18BK Ultralight Coffee Maker

This product is probably the lightest of its kind in the market. It holds up to 16 ounces of coffee while it brews 12 ounces of coffee at a go. The insulated and double-walled stainless steel interior is capable of making your coffee to remain hot or cold for a long time.

The patented double micro-filters are better and produce coffee up to 12 times finer than what other traditional presses do hence eliminating sludge. Extraction stops after pressing hence eliminating the chances of getting bitter coffee.

Espro 5116C-18BK Ultralight Coffee Press
Excellent clean flavor
Double-filtered to eliminate sediments
Press completely stops the extraction
The vessel can be used as a leak-proof travel mug
Lots of pieces to keep track of
Heavy – can really hurt if it falls on your feet

7) AMOVEE French Press Travel Coffee Maker

Amovee is an appealing travel coffee maker with a sleek design and a wide range of attractive colors. The two in one travel mug and coffee maker lets you make and drink your coffee anywhere, anytime. The lightweight and leak-proof materials used make it ideal for travels and camping.

The food-grade quality materials used are FDA approved and BPA free. The high-quality plastic material has a heat resistant rubber for better grip. Fully immerse by the plunger, one can not only make coffee but also tea.

Making the best brew coffee is very simple with this product. Take out the plunger and fill it up with coarse ground coffee before pouring boiling water. Wait for approximately 3 to 4 minutes before twisting the plunger and pressing it down slowly into the body. The lid at the top during this activity should remain open. After pressing, you can close the lid of the bottle tight and you are ready to go.

AMOVEE French Press Travel Coffee Maker
French press doubles with a mug
Durable – made of high-quality plastic
No leakage – spill-resistant lid
Great for traveling
Separates the sediment
Takes little time to brew
No filters needed
Some liquid is left with the grounds bringing a messy cleanup session

8) GSI Outdoors, Glacier Stainless Commuter JavaPress

The GSI Outdoors–Glacier Java Press is easily one of the best thermal carafe coffee makers. It is a double-walled, portable, and insulated French Press Coffee Mug. With a 14-ounce liquid capacity, this coffee maker is made to keep your coffee hot or cold for a couple of hours. The device makes good use of a screen and carafe to press the coffee.

The outer steel carafe has a non-slip base while the inner steel carafe has a screen with a sliding lid. Its simplistic and minimalistic design makes it ideal and fits perfectly in standard car beverage holder compartments.

Making coffee with this Java Press is quite simple and you can drink your coffee within 4 minutes. Just pull up to remove the inner carafe; add coarse ground coffee to boiling water and stir it; place the inner carafe inside and on top of the water line and let it be still for about 4 minutes before pressing down the plunger; prior to drinking your coffee, you can twist the lid open to add cream or sugar.

Glacier Stainless Commuter JavaPress
Functions as a coffee maker and mug
The mesh in inner carafe still works well with finely ground coffee beans
Easy to use
Sealable lid with loop
Easy to clean
Removable non-slip foot
No filters needed
Not insulated
Spillage when inner carafe is not pushed all the way down

9) Bodum 11068-978B-Y18 Travel Mug

The sleek design of this travel mug is what appeals to your eyes at first sight. With a spill-proof lid when closed, you can comfortably drink coffee even while driving without any fear of accidental burns. The radial opening is an extra feature that allows you to sip from any part on the circumference of the lid.

The silicone and mesh filters reduce coffee grounds making your coffee very smooth. The double-wall design stainless steel interior keeps your coffee hot or cold for a long time while still maintaining the cool touch on the outside. The non-skid rubber base helps with stability making your road trips much more fun.

Cleaning the mug is pretty simple. There are no delicate parts to be concerned about or fear for them being damaged. This product is dishwasher safe so you do not have to worry much about having to hand wash it all the time.

Making coffee with this mug is pretty simple. Add approximately 3 to 4 tablespoons of coarse ground coffee then pour hot water into the mug. Stir the contents while placing the lid with the plunger up. After approximately 4 minutes, your fine coffee is ready, press down the plunger and enjoy.

Bodum 11068-978B-Y18 Travel Mug
Dishwasher safe
Spill-proof lid once the opening is closed
Vacuum sealed double wall of stainless steel to keep drinks hot or cold for long
There is a taste like plastic when you drink from the cup
You can only add milk or sugar through the drinking sprout which might make it spill when traveling

10) Barsetto Espresso Coffee Machine

If you love Espresso and would love to make it anytime you wish, the Barsetto Tripresso Hand Pressure Portable Espresso Coffee Machine is the perfect companion for you. With a stylish design, you can make very tasty coffee using ground coffee powder or you can use great tasting coffee capsules from the company; Barsetto.

This coffee maker is very portable and it can easily fit inside your vehicle’s bottle compartment. Made with FDA approved materials, this product does not require any batteries or electricity in order to function. This makes it perfect for traveling and camping.

Dubbed as one of the best and most powerful hands pressure Espresso makers, this machine can produce up to 15 bars of pressure. The double-wall glass mug not only keeps your drink hot for hours but also ensures that it does not increase the outer temperature which would have otherwise made it hot to handle. All the parts of the machine are easily detachable making it very simple to clean.

Coffee Maker Barsetto Espresso Coffee Machine
Sleek design
Brews with 15 bars of pressure
Can use either coffee capsules or coffee powder
Easy to use
Easy to clean
Requires no batteries or electric power
Portable – small enough to take anywhere
Double insulated cup to keep your brew warm
A few users complain that it stops working after a few months

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Over To You

There you have it – the top 10 best travel coffee maker for the car. Follow our complete guide and you will never find yourself buying poor quality, unreliable portable coffee makers.

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