Best Troy Bilt Pressure Washer 2700 PSI Reviews

Cleaning at home has been made easy thanks to the troy bilt pressure washer. You do not need to scour and scrub as long as you have a troy-bilt power washer at your disposal. Using pressurized water jets, the washer blasts surfaces clean making your chores easy and fun.

Though, if you want to use a pressure washer for outdoor chores where there is no electricity or where a trailing cable would be risky or inconvenient, then a gas pressure washer is recommendable. Similarly, an electric pressure washer is ideal for indoor cleaning duties. However, extensive tasks such as cleaning commercial buildings, cold stores, road surfaces, etc. require a commercial pressure washer.

Troy Bilt pressure washer parts built with durable materials that guarantee a longer life span. Notably, the troy bilt pressure washer pump comes with a thermal relief function that automatically purges overheated water to protect the pump.

It occurs when the engine is running for 2-3 minutes without spraying the wand. To get your work done conveniently you need to have a portable pressure washer. It is essential to have a unit that does take much effort to wheel around or store.

Best Troy Bilt Pressure Washer 2700 PSI Reviews

Troy Bilt Power Pressure Washer

Get rid of dirt and debris around your home using this amazing Troy Bilt 2700 gas pressure Washer. Boasting on a 175-cc Briggs & Stratton Professional Series OHV engine with a ready start, the unit delivers 2700 pounds per square inch and 2.3 gallons per minute. Therefore, the total CU (cleaning units) score, stands at 6210.

The engine has an axial cam pump with stainless steel pistons and an automatic cool-down system, that makes it run cooler. The four quick-connect spray nozzles let you preset pressure and flow settings allowing you to choose a suitable water jet that can handle your cleaning requirement.

The gun comes with a trigger locking mechanism to prevent accidental trigger pull and guarantee safety while using. Additionally, it has a durable metal wand built to withstand high pressure. There is a single detergent tank on the unit that helps clean surfaces that require soap treatment.

This pressure washer is supported by a metal frame that has to fall down handle design that makes it compact and convenient while storing. For ease of mobility, Troy Bilt pressure washer 2700 features two 10 inches never go flat wheels that allow you to maneuver over any terrain.

The machine comes with a 25-foot heavy-duty hose. This pressure washer is ideal for medium-duty chores such as cleaning cars, patio furniture, outdoor play equipment and many more. With this gas pressure washer, you can be certain to eliminate dirt and grime on surfaces around your home.


  • PSI: 2700 Max
  • GPM: 2.3 Max
  • Engine Displacement: 725cc
  • Hose Length: 25-ft
  • Weight: 66.9 lbs
  • Dimensions: 20 x 22 x 21 inches
Flat-free wheels allow easy movement
2-year unit warranty and 3-year limited frame warranty
Fold-down handle minimizes storage space
A variety of nozzles
Detergent tank
Powerful and can handle a range of cleaning tasks
Made with durable material
PWMA rated
Produces noise
Heavy in weight
Manual start
High operation and maintenance costs
Emits carbon monoxide therefore not suitable for indoor use
Must be winterized before storing

Troubleshooting Of Troy Bilt Pressure Washer

Pump Chatters, Lack Pressure, Produces Erratic Spray or Water With Low Pressure

  • Step 1: Check the spray tip of your Troy Bilt pressure washer and in case it is a low-pressure nozzle, consider replacing it with a high-pressure spray tip. Remember that the spray tip screws off in an anti-clockwise way.
  • Step 2: Check and clear the water inlet for blockages. To clear out smaller debris, using a compressor, release air in short intervals.
  • Step 3: Confirm that the unit is receiving a sufficient flow of water through the inlet hose. Ensure the hose is not kinked and that the water is not very hot. High temperatures of water (above 100 degrees Fahrenheit) will result in poor performance by the machine.
  • Step 4: Check and clean the inlet hose screen as blockages on this point affect the pump pressure. Remember that the screen is positioned on the pump water inlet.
  • Step 5: Ensure that the spray gun has no leaks. Check at the point where the gun connects to the hose. Confirm that the trigger spring functions properly by pressing the red button on the gun. In case of any of these errors, replace the gun.

Engine Lacks Power, Fails to Start or Performs Erratically

  • Step 1: Check if the engine rocker switch is set “ON”. Remember that the switch is positioned on the side of the unit.
  • Step 2: Ensure that there is enough gasoline in the power washer and fill it up, if there is a need.
  • Step 3: Confirm the oil level and fill it to the indicated level, in case it has gone down. you can find the oil dipstick on the top of the unit near the air intake. Remember if you are using your pressure in extremely dirty conditions, then you will need to change your oil regularly.
  • Step 4: Make sure the air filter is free of dirt and debris. Replace it if there is a need. To check the air filter, slide the cleaner lever on the filter compartment to the “Unlock” position and tilt the filter cover downwards.
  • Step 5: Check and ensure that the spark plug wire is firmly connected to the spark plug.

Detergent Fails to Mix With Spray

  • Step 1: Confirm the detergent siphoning tube is submerged in the detergent deep to the tip of the tube.
  • Step 2: Check if there are any clogs and cracks on the siphoning tube. In case you need to replace it refer to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Step 3: Replace the low-pressure tip on the spray run with a high-pressure one.
  • Step 4: Check and confirm that the detergent ball is not lodged in the siphoning system. To do it, turn off the washer, squeeze the trigger on the spray gun to release any built-up pressure, take out the siphoning hose from the barbed fitting on the pump and insert a thin object such as an Allen wrench into the barbed fitting until you feel resistance.

Apply slight pressure until you feel the ball come loose. Reinsert the siphoning hose into the barbed fitting.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Troy Bilt pressure washer 2700 offers a solution for outdoor cleaning requirements at home. It is powerful yet portable and easy to use a pressure washer that guarantees value for money. However, when using it some caution should be exercised as it may end up causing damages or injury.

Remember to put on protective equipment and perform a wash test on a small unseen patch before fully engaging. It is always important to carefully read the manufactures manual beforehand.

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