The 5 Best 1600-3100 PSI Ryobi Electric Pressure Washer

Cleaning is a daunting task, nobody enjoys removing stains, dirt, and mold or muck, as they tend to be stubborn and need quite some work to remove. The only way to bring some fun to cleaning is by choosing a reliable pressure washer.

Ryobi is one of the leading manufacturers of pressure washers with a track of providing high quality. We have listed some of the best Ryobi electric pressure washers you can consider for your continuous cleaning assignments.

How Pressure Washer Works

Pressure washers use either an electric motor or engine gas to power a pump. This moves the water at high pressure on the nozzle and gets out to hit the dirt or stains on the surfaces like patios, driveways, and decks. You can also include soap and other detergents, then scrub away for cleaner washing results.

Factor to Consider When Choosing a Pressure Washer

These are some of the tips to use when looking to purchase a Ryobi pressure washing:

  • Consider buying a pressure washer with a built-in detergent tank if you want to use soap and other detergents.
  • The surface you want to clean determines the type of pressure washer to use. 1300–1900 PSI is for light-duty works like on vehicles and grills, medium-duty of 2000–2800 PSI is for generally stubborn stains, while heavy-duty is for high power cleaning needs making them the best commercial pressure washer.
  • You can save yourself the storage and upkeep hassles when you hire a pressure washer instead of buying one.
  • Your budget determines the pressure washer you buy. Remember, it is important you get the right quality even when you buy a cheap pressure washer.

The 5 Best Ryobi Electric Pressure Washer Reviews

After rigorous testing and sampling by our experts to determine the best Ryobi pressure washers, these are the ones we settled on.

1) Ryobi RY141900 2000 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

Looking to handle tough stains on a range of materials within your home? You are better off working with the 2000 PSI electric pressure washer. It is made with some features that make it fit for a long period of work within the residence.

Ryobi RY141900


  • The machine operates on a force of up to 2000 PSI which makes for quick cleaning of a variable of places; windows, decks, driveways, and other areas as needed.
  • It has a powerful 13-Amp motor and pressure technology which is reliable to work with different materials.
  • A removable detergent tank that allows easy soap access and application, and ease in cleaning.
  • It’s designed with a durable roll-cage frame that makes for easy movements.
  • It has an accessory storage compartment and onboard hose reel which is easily convenient for movement and reaching difficult to access places when cleaning.
  • For more cleaning power, the machine includes a Turbo Nozzle you can power on for 50% more cleaning effects.
Ease of use
Washes a lot of surfaces
The bonus Turbo Nozzle after some time of use
This might lead to irregularity of pressure
This can easily be corrected by a certified technician


  • This 2000 PSI pressure washer comes with a limited 3-year warranty for all the machine parts.

2) Ryobi RY14122 1700 PSI Electric Power Washer

Cleaning your residence doesn’t come any easier when you use the Ryobi 1700-PSI pressure washer. The powerful 13 Amp Electric motor can easily power pressures of 1700 Psi for quick cleaning of windows, driveways, decks, and several other areas around your home.

Having an onboard detergent tank ensures convenience as you don’t have to move any bucket or hose around. It also has an onboard storage compartment for the accessories making it easy to store.

Ryobi RY14122


  • Designed using a roll-cage frame for durability and ease of movement.
  • Quick connect allows for easy connections and the use of nozzles and any other additional attachments for better cleaning power.
  • Produces 1700 Psi force which makes for better cleaning results.
  • An onboard detergent tank for quick soap location makes for ease in washing.
Easier to use as compared to other pressure washers
Has fewer nozzles as compared to other pressure washers
Produces relatively high noise levels which require you to have hearing protection


  • The company allows a 90-day return period in case any issues on use, it also comes with a limited 1-year warranty.

3) Ryobi 2300 PSI 1.2-GPM Electric Pressure Washer

Finding a pressure washer to handle some of the toughest around your home can be quite some task. What you are assured though is that you are sorted once you get this Ryobi 2300 PSI pressure washer. It’s come with powerful and reliable features that make it convenient to use on a variety of surfaces.

It has a high-efficiency brushless 13 Amp electric motor and pressure technology for assured cleaner washing results. This packs 2,300 PSI force which makes it fit for washing different home surfaces. Also, it has a bonus turbo which powers it for 50% more cleaning power, and a 25ft hose that makes it easy to access different washing areas.

Ryobi 2300 PSI electric Pressure Washer


  • Bonus Turbo nozzle for more powerful cleaning
  • 12-inch wheels for easy mobility
  • Integrated storage compartments for hose, code and accessories make it easy to use
Affordable without compromising on quality
Ease to use as you don’t need any technical know-how to operate
You might experience issues with some applications after some period of use like weakling soap compartment, it does not compromise on its cleaning though.


  • This machine meets the PWMA efficiency Standards and comes with a 3-year limited warranty and assured durability.

4) Ryobi 3100 PSI 2.5 GPM Gas Pressure Washer

Engineered with precision to serve your cleaning purposes, Ryobi 3100 is a reliable gas pressure washer you can rely on for all your home cleaning needs. Powered by a 187cc Honda engine, this pressure washer runs a 3100-PSI force to deliver quick cleaner washing results.

It is made with a durable roll-cage design for ease of movement and an integrated detergent tank for easy soap application.

The idle time technology that slows down the engine when not in active use makes it fuel-efficient, environment-friendly due to reduced noise and ensures longer engine life. The machine also provides for a 5-in-1 nozzle option that allows you to select the pressure options depending on the intensity of the dirt and surface you are cleaning.

Ryobi 3100 PSI 2.5 GPM Gas Pressure Washer


  • Powerful 187cc Honda engine
  • Idle time technology for fuel economy.
  • Integrated accessory storage and detergent tank
  • Roll cage frame design for easy movement and protection against rough conditions.
  • 5-in-1 nozzle spray options for easy cleaning patterns.
Fuel economy
Easy to set up and use
Comes with no blowout and clearance options


  • This machine comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, a 3-year limited warranty and with assured performance over several years.

5) Ryobi RY141612 1600 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

Looking for a reliable Ryobi pressure washer? Why not give the Ryobi 1600 a try? This is a lightweight yet compact machine that you can easily move around the washing site. It is powered with a powerful 13 Amp motor to delivering up to 1600 PSI force which makes for quick cleaning of windows, patio furniture, and decks.

The integrated accessory storage and detergent tank provides a hassle-free washing experience, while the roll-cage design frame allows for easy movements.

Ryobi RY141612 1,600 PSI 1.2-GPM Electric Pressure Washer


  • On-board detergent tank and an accessory compartment for user convenience.
  • Lightweight and compact design.
  • Roll-cage frame design for easy movements and protection against tipping.
  • 20 feet high-pressure hose that allows for easy access of hard-to-reach points.
  • 1600-Psi 1.2-GPM and a 13 Amp electric motor for efficient cleaning of different surfaces.
Easy to set up
Affordable yet comes with high-end features
Easy to use
Comes with a large plug that can be a little hard to connect to external power outlets.


  • This machine comes with a 1-year limited warranty.

How To Protect Yourself And Property When Using Ryobi Pressure Washers

Ryobi pressure washers can cause damage to property. It can strip paint from buildings and cars, break windows, create holes on concretes, and bodily arms through electrocution, lacerations and falls. These are some of the tips to keep you safe when using pressure washers.

  • Read the manual for all the important information you need to know about installation and setup, customer service, troubleshooting tips, replacement parts, and troubleshooting.
  • Wear safety gear like work gloves, safety goggles, and enclosed shoes when operating the machines.
  • Avoid the zero-degree nozzle which is the strongest. It tends to have a heavy and destroying impact on surfaces.
  • Do not use ladders when using the pressure washer on higher grounds. This will help you avoid deadly falls.
  • Drain water and other particles from the system to keep the portable pressure washer with water.
  • Do not spray directly on your body or that of others to avoid injury.

Ryobi Electric Pressure Washer Troubleshooting

Just like any other brand of pressure washers, Ryobi electric pressure washer is prone to damages and will require replacement or repair from time to time. It is important you understand the different parts of the machine before you start the Ryobi electric pressure washer troubleshooting.

The basic parts of these machines are a pump or motor, pressure hose, and a trigger gun. All these must be working perfectly for the pressure washer to operate.

Here’s how to go about fixing a broken pressure washer:

  1. Turn off the power and unplug the machine before starting the operation.
  2. Troubleshoot to ensure the extent of the damage. Maybe it is just a clog or low water supply. Only move forward if you are sure it is broken.
  3. Check the state of the O-rings on the pressure hose. You can remove them using an ice or screwdriver.
  4. New O-ring is easily accessible from supply stores. You can proceed to install the new ones on the pressure hose.
  5. Check if the oil in the water pump is at the right level, if not, refill until it is on the right level.
  6. Check for a blown fuse and replace them.
  7. If you have tried all the troubleshooting and repair options and nothing seems to work, or you feel a burning smell, go ahead and contact a professional technician.

In Conclusion

Ryobi pressure washers are reliable and easy-to-use machines that you can rely on for all your cleaning needs. They are high quality made of the best finishing, and most come with an integrated detergent tank and an accessory compartment for hassle-free use.

Using the information on this guide will help choose the best pressure washer for any surface you need to be cleaned.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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