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The 15 Best Portable Pressure Washer With Water Tank

Regardless of the weather and season, cleaning your home or car is a very time-consuming task. It is even more tedious when you do so without the help of modern equipment and technology. Discover the freedom of a portable pressure washer with water tank. With improved working mechanisms, your cleaning will not only be easier but made more fun.

Common Uses For Portable Pressure Washers

Pressure washers are very versatile when it comes to both outdoor and indoor cleaning. They can be used to clean places that are hard to reach while also saving you the money you would have otherwise spent on paying someone else to do. Below are the top 5 common uses of portable power washers with water tanks.

  • Allows for thorough cleaning of your car
  • Cleans the exterior part of your house without leaving any traces of mold, dust, mud, grime, and many others.
  • Removing spider webs and wasp nests. Pressure washers can easily remove those stinging insects from your home without you having to physically touch them. This act is, however, advisable you do it at night when the insects are dormant.
  • Thoroughly clean mold and other dirt from swimming pools and Jacuzzi before the beginning of a new season.
  • Very effective in cleaning outdoor equipment, machines, farming, and industrial equipment.

Types Of Portable Pressure Washers

Before deciding on which pressure washer you will stick to, you have to first understand the different types of portable pressure washers. The standard way of differentiating these machines can be through their functional capacity and power source.

According To The Source Of Power

  1. Electric engine – just as the name implies, these engines are connected to an electric power source and are mostly used for light to moderate home use. Apart from being plugged into an electric socket, they can also be connected to a power generator.
  2. Petrol or gas engine – mostly useful in industrial and commercial applications, these Petrol or gas pressure washers use to perform medium to heavy tasks.
  3. Diesel engines – these are related to petrol engines, only that they use diesel instead. They work more or less like gas engines and should only be used outdoors due to the fumes they emit.
  4. Hydraulic engine – equipment that utilizes hydraulic pressure is mostly found in an agricultural setting. They are quieter, less heavy, and are very compact.

According To Functional Capacity

The functional capacity of pressure washers is divided into 4 main parts of:

  1. Light duty – these have a pressure rating of between 1300 to 2000 PSI. They are made to deliver a maximum of 2 GPM. Light duty pressure washers are best used in accomplishing domestic cleaning purposes such as garden equipment, patios, motorbikes, and even small cars.
  2. Medium duty – with a pressure rating of between 2000 to 2800 PSI, these washers deliver a flow rate of about 2 to 3 Gallons per Minute. Best for cleaning bigger cars, large patios, swimming pools, etc.
  3. Heavy-duty – heavy-duty pressure washers have a pressure rating of between 2900 to 3000 PSI. The flow rate of 3 to 4 GPM makes them very ideal to perform heavy-duty tasks such as cleaning large trucks, stone, and brickworks, etc.
  4. Extra heavy-duty – these machines are extra powerful and are used to perform heavy tasks. They have pressure ratings of above 3000 PSI.

How To Choose The Right Portable Pressure Washer

After understanding the different types of portable pressure washers available in the market, it is paramount to now choose the right one. Since there are many options to pick from, here are the top 3 considerations before choosing a portable washer water tank.

1) Purpose

What are you planning to use the pressure washer for? Will it serve the intended purpose well? For domestic cleaning purposes, a light duty washer will be enough for you.

If planning for commercial use or washing large vehicles, you will need a medium-duty washer. A heavy-duty washer will be perfect if you will be using it to clean large equipment, industrial use, etc.

2) Location

Your location or the location from which the product will be used also greatly matters. A light-duty power washer will be inefficient if you intend to use it in a barn or large industry.

Moreover, if you have very sensitive neighbors and do not want to experience regular complaints from them, choose an electric-powered light washer. This is because it produces very minimal noise and exhaust fumes.

3) The source of water

Where you will be getting the water greatly matters. It is imperative when you get water directly from the tank to get a filter that will help prevent the entry of debris. Not considering this factor can bring forth unforeseen damages to your pressure washer.

How We Picked And Tested

Our reviewers spent hours sampling out the most popular pressure washers there are in the market. For comprehensive results, these pressure washers were used to clean different parts of their homes with different levels of difficulty. Furthermore, several pieces of equipment and vehicles were cleaned in the process.

After the testing process, we outlined the most important features of those products while keeping in mind their maneuverability and efficiency. The major factors outlined in this post were also taken into keen consideration while giving all the pressure washers our unbiased ratings. After doing so, we came up with an all-inclusive list of the top 15 pressure washers that rated the highest.

Why Should You Trust Our Review

With a vast hands-on experience with pressure washers for a long period of time, you can expect us to have known all the nitty-gritty concerning these products. Combining the experience and practical knowledge of our team, we definitely have all the expertise to guide you on matters concerning pressure washers. Our main goal is to see you find the best products available in the market currently.

The 15 Best Portable Pressure Washer With Water Tank Reviews

portable pressure washer with water tank

1. Sun Joe SPX6001C-XR

Give yourself the freedom of easily moving around as you perform your cleaning chores with this Sun Joe SPX6001C-XR pressure washer machine. With a powerful 40V/600-watt motor, you can easily perform light-duty tasks such as cleaning your home, cabins, etc. A 5.0 Ah battery is also included to help run longer.

A top-loading and detachable bucket is very convenient as it can hold up to 5.3 gallons of water. To make work easier for you, the machine can be connected to a garden hose for a continuous flow of water. The unique Pressure Select Technology offers you the option to choose the pressure which will suit your needs. You can also customise your cleaning results by adjusting the Quick-Connect tips.

Sun Joe SPX6001C-XR


  • A very powerful 40V/600-Watt motor which generates up to 1160 PSI / .79 GPM.
  • The EcoSharp® technology for no-fade power enhances maximum performance.
  • Features an innovative 5.3-gallon water bucket.
  • Easy manoeuvrability thanks to the simple-glide wheels.
  • Unique Pressure Select Technology allows you to choose between 507 PSI, 650 PSI, and 800 PSI.
  • 0 Ah Battery included for a longer run time
  • The TSS (Total Stop System) automatically switches off the washer when the trigger is not engaged. This helps save power.
  • The Quick-Connect spray tips are 4 for convenience (0°, 15°, 25°, and 40°)
  • Improved wheel design and stability for advanced mobility
Very portable!
Very little water is used (0.66 GPM to 0.79 GPM)
The choice between having the water in a bucket or straight from the hosepipe)
The battery runs long enough so long as it is under medium pressure
No locking compartment for wheels to prevent them from rolling
Soap dispenser attachment is weak and does not reach far

2. Aqua2Go GD605

The Aqua2Go GD600 is a very efficient portable pressure washer with water tank which accompanies you anywhere. Perfect for light-duty tasks, this product a 4.5-gallon tank enabling you to take it anywhere, even cleaning those unreachable parts of your homestead.

With a number of very useful attachments, the purpose of this washer extends to not only cleaning the house and other equipment but can also be used to shower.

Aqua2Go GD70orGD600


  • Rechargeable 220 V battery
  • Spray pressure can be adjusted from 40 PSI to 130 PSI.
  • Storage for the hose and nozzle are provided.
  • Optional soap dispensing brush
  • 5 ft hose makes it easy to access ‘inaccessible’ areas
10.000 pulsating vibrations boost cleaning
Very portable
Includes a water reservoir which lasts for 12 minutes of continuous use
Water pressure of up to 3-9 bars
Adjustable spray
The materials are not very durable
Leakages reported from the tank

3. Sun Joe SPX3200

The Sun Joe SPX3200 ‘GO ANYWHERE’ Electric Pressure Washer is an ideal partner for all your domestic and light-duty chores. The compact and innovative lightweight design makes the product very portable, also thanks to the sturdy swivel wheels. The 14.5-amp motor has a peak performance and is able to blast water of up to 1.76 GPM.

This enables easy cleaning and removal of dirt, stains, residue, etc. There is an in-built 27 fl oz. the detergent tank which enables you to easily move as you clean. Maneuverability is increased and made possible by the 360º rotating wheels while an extension wand makes accessing tight spaces very easy.

Sun Joe SPX3200


  • Powerful engine generating up to 2030 PSI and 1.76 GPM to fight the toughest stains
  • 360º easy-glide wheels
  • 5 Quick-Connect spray tips (0º, 15º, 25º, 40º, and soap). This enables the machine to handle light to heavy-duty cleaning tasks.
  • TSS (Total Stop System) functionality
  • In-built 27 fl. oz. detergent tank to help you clean better
34-inch extension wand to access ‘inaccessible’ areas
20-foot high-pressure hose for convenience
35-foot power cord which has a GFCI protection
Very light at only 27.5 lbs
While the pressure is okay, the company advert of 2030 PSI is not as it is on the manual book which reports a maximum of 1450 PSI

4. Pure Clean PCRWASH21

If looking for a very easy-to-use pressure washer, this is the go-to product. Using it only involves plugging in the rechargeable battery, adding water to the 4.5-gallon water tank, and you are ready to go!

Pure Clean


  • A very light cleaning system allows you to move around with it anywhere
  • Versatile and a compact innovative design
  • Built-in rechargeable battery which can be plugged into vehicle accessories such as cigarette lighters
  • 5-gallon water tank
  • Trigger-activated nozzle
Rugged and durable materials made to last for long
Very portable!
Conserves electricity through the rechargeable battery
Versatile uses
The material making up the product is durable but the nozzle is too weak

5. Sun Joe SPX4000

The Sun Joe SPX4000 Electric Pressure Washer provides the best way to tackle tough home, outdoor and other cleaning projects with ease. This compact unit measures 37x18x22 inches and weighs approximately 27.8 lbs. Though not the smallest among other pressure washers, its relatively small size makes it perfect for portable use.

Sun Joe SPX4000


  • Highly powered with 1800 Watts to remove stubborn dirt, gunk, grime, and grease from all surfaces.
  • The pressure select technology enables users to choose from low and high options depending on the pending cleaning task.
  • Has five quick-connect tips allowing users to switch from gentle spray to intense jet to suit impending cleaning tasks.
  • The onboard 54oz detergent tank provides the right amount of detergent to boost cleaning.
  • The safety lock switch automatically shuts off the pump when the trigger is not engaged to save energy.
Compact size thus easy to store
Wheels enhance portability
Less noisy
Dynamic pressure selection system
2 years Warranty
Plastic make
Not industry-grade washer

6. Sun Joe SPX3500

The Sun Joe SPX3500 Electric Pressure Washer is another Sun Joe product that is designed to tackle the hardest cleaning work. The washer is equipped with a 13-amp motor that generates up to 2300 PSI.

This makes it easy to tackle tough and stubborn mud, gunk, grime, oil stains, and grease. The washer’s utility belt comes with a 20ft pressure hose and 34-inch spray wand that makes it easy to clean hard-to-reach areas.

Sun Joe SPX3500


  • Excellent cleaning power provided by the 13-amp motor
  • Comes with 5 quick connect tips at different angles that add to its versatility
  • An additional detergent tank makes it easy to work on light, medium, and heavy cleaning tasks.
  • The brushless induction motor lasts longer compared to traditional pressure washer motors.
  • The adjustable detergent dial makes it easy to regulate the amount of detergent released from the detergent tank.
  • The total stop system automatically stops the pump when the trigger is not engaged to save on energy and prolongs the pump life
  • The motor generates up to 2300 PSI, making it a reliable and powerful pressure washer
Long 35-ft cable for convenience
Large inboard detergent tank
Wheels offer easy manoeuvrability
2 years Warranty
May not be powerful enough to remove tough stains
Plastic connections

7. Sun Joe SPX3000

This is undoubtedly one of the most selling pressure washers on Amazon right now. This very portable and versatile pressure washer weighs just a little over 30 pounds. A 14.5 amp motor is packed inside this electric washer enabling it to generate up to 2030 PSI with 1.76 GPM. This means that 3573 is the Cleaning Unit (CU) score.

Sun Joe SPX3000


  • Power-packed 14.5 Amp 1,800-watt motor to clean different levels of stain
  • Has 5 Quick-Connect spray tips (0º, 15º, 25º, 40º, and soap)
  • Has a TSS (Total Stop System) available
  • Two 0.9 Liter detergent tanks for a seamless cleaning process
  • A sufficiently long power cord of 35 ft
  • 34-inch extension wand for easy access to all places
  • 20-foot high-pressure hose for convenience
At 2030 PSI, this is probably one of the strongest pressure washers
Extra-large wheels for ease of movement
Nozzle only cleans a small strip of area
Assembly time is quite longer than most other equally good pressure washers

8. Stanley SHP1600

For someone who does light cleaning jobs, wants efficiency, and does not want to move around with a heavy washer, the Stanley SHP1600 is the choice for you. Even though it is a bit cheaper compared to others of its caliber, this washer has much better and cooler features.

With a better cable management system, larger wheels, and tank size, you will agree that this washer is simply one of the best.

Stanley SHP1600


  • Light & very portable at only 16 lbs.
  • The 1600 PSI pressure is very ideal, especially for an electric pressure washer.
  • 20-foot high-pressure hose
  • In-built 14 oz. detergent tank
  • Popular accessories such as a high-pressure hose, variable spray nozzle lance & extension lance, spray gun, O-ring replacement kit, and a detergent bottle is included.
Very powerful 1600 PSI cleans out most of the common stains
Saves water through a 7 GPM garden hose
Does not use universal connection
The soap bottle is not very useful


Designed to last longer, YARD FORCE YF1600A1 is for those who love efficiency, durability, and its quiet engine ensures you do not disturb your neighbors. The reliable 13 Amp electric motor blasts out 1600 PSI of pressure.

This pressure is enough to remove even the toughest of stains. The roll-along wheels help you move from one place to another so easily without being concerned with immobility.



  • Reliable 13 amp electric motor offering 1600 PSI with 1.2 GPM
  • 32-ounce built-in soap tank
  • 2 quick-connect nozzles
  • Roll-along wheels keep you moving anywhere
  • Compact design with an in-built storage compartment for accompaniments
Lightweight at only 20 lbs
2 years of warranty
Quieter than most electric pressure washers
Would have been much better with a rechargeable battery

10. Sun Joe SPX3001

While maintaining a small price tag, the Sun Joe SPX3001 is an effective, yet very affordable pressure washer. It has a compact design that can be easily collapsed for better storage and portability.

Even though it has a small, mobile design, this machine has a very powerful 14.5-Amp 1800-Watt motor which generates up to 2030 PSI with 1.76 GPM for the ultimate cleaning power.

Sun Joe SPX3001


  • The Sun Joe SPX3001 electric pressure washer has been featured with a Total Stop System (TSS)
  • An extra-large detergent tank of 40.6 Fl. oz. (1.2 L) has been fitted
  • It has a 20-foot long high-pressure hose
  • 35-foot long power cord fitted with a GFCI plug for safety even when operating on wet grounds
  • Has a built-in storage compartment
Total Stop System (TSS) prevents accidental misfires
Easy storage as it can collapse into a smaller footprint
Lightweight at only 32 pounds
Large wheels for movement assistance
The plastic chassis seems like a cheaply made design
Does not support accessories from other manufacturers
Does not support hot or heated water

11. Greenworks GPW1602

A versatile pressure washer is one that can be easily used from all angles and still working perfectly. This is exactly what Greenworks offers.

With the ability to be used both vertically and horizontally, this product also comes with added features including a very powerful engine motor and ease of use.

Greenworks GPW1602


  • Powerful 1600 PSI motor which blasts 1.2 GPM
  • 20 ft. high-pressure hose for greater reach
  • 35 ft. power cord with inline GFCI
  • Has a soap applicator which applies soap as you clean
Built-in GFCI for safety
The light-weight design is very compact and makes the unit very portable
The motor does not produce a lot of noise
The brass connectors are reportedly weak
It needs a longer hose

12. LYNSLIM Electric Pressure Washer

If looking for a powerful electric pressure washer to remove all the stubborn stains and dirt, LYNSLIM is a perfect choice.

At 2100 PSI, it has one of the strongest motor engines compared to other electric pressure washers. With extra accompaniments and other features, this machine is very worth your time and money.

LYNSLIM Electric Pressure Washer


  • The powerful 1800 Watt motor can power up to 2100 PSI and a blast of 1.80 GPM of water flow for maximum cleaning power
  • Has a Total Stop System (TSS)
  • The 35 ft. a cord with UL listed GFCI plug provides more safety features
  • Adjustable spray nozzle (0 – 40 degrees)
Has an extra turbo nozzle which rotates 360 degrees for maximum dirt cutting action
Equipped with two big non-slip wheels
Has an efficient long brush
The materials used are cheap

13. Karcher K1700 Cube

If you are in the market for an innovative and convenient pressure washer that has value for the money, the Karcher K1700 Cube Electric Power Pressure Washer should be your washer of choice.

The equipment comes with innovative features such as handy storage bins, an onboard detergent storage tank, three spray nozzles, and a unique on and off footswitch.

Karcher K1700 Cube


  • An on/off switch that makes it easy to turn off the device by stepping on the easily accessible foot pedal. It reduces back pain associated with frequent bending.
  • The small and compact nature makes the unit easy to store.
  • Has a removable bin that eases the storage of hoses, cord, and accessories.
  • An onboard detergent tank provides an easy detergent application.
  • Compatible with industry-standard accessories, including hose connectors and nozzles.
  • Heavy-duty metal frame construction provides assured durability.
  • Increased cleaning versatility provided by the included 3 nozzles.
  • Easy to assemble and doesn’t require tools.
  • The compact design, standing only 12 inches tall and weighing less than 20lbs, eases storage space.
Lightweight construction
3 interchangeable nozzles
Compact, portable body
Easy to set up
3 years Warranty
Long pressure hoses can’t be stored in the unit
Heavy wheels

14. Generac 7122 SpeedWash

The Generac SpeedWash 7122 Gas Powered Pressure Washer is a powerful gas cleaner with more power and reliability expected from professional models.

Most often, the thrill of using new power cleaners is full of tedious installations and challenging configuration processes. However, this unit comes with a few steps installation process and easy start-up.

Generac 7122


  • Has a power dial gun that allows users to easily adjust between the four cleaning options based on the impending tasks for optimum cleaning. The options include concrete, car, wood, and soap.
  • It comes with a 12” power broom that has high-pressure nozzles and provides 4 times cleaning efficiency compared to standard washer nozzles.
  • Features a rotating pinpoint stream designed to eliminate stubborn dirt on tough surfaces. They are 30 percent faster compared to standard nozzles.
  • The soap blaster is 3 times faster and more effective than standard nozzles and penetrates through tough stains.
  • Comes with a 30-feet pressure flex hose that is kink resistant and non-marring.
  • Comes with four quick-change nozzles; 0 degrees, 25 degrees, 40 degrees, and soap for versatile cleaning.
Easy to use
Has a power broom
Efficiently handles cleaning of multiple surfaces
Turbo nozzle works on hard surfaces effectively
3 years Warranty
Limited designs
Gas-powered washers require close maintenance

15. Simpson Cleaning MS60763–S MegaShot

The Simpson Cleaning MS60763–S MegaShot Gas Pressure Washer is ideal for those who want to clean their siding, cars, driveways, paint prep, RV and more.

It is a perfect pressure washer of choice for every ardent gardener or homeowner due to its lightweight nature. This makes it easy to maneuver and can be used in various parts at home.

Simpson MS60763–S


  • Durable 196cc engine that provides 3000 PSI cleaning power. This makes it a perfect choice for cleaning patios, driveways, cars, and fences.
  • The unit uses OEM technology that makes it maintenance-free, minimizing the cost and frequency of checkups. With this, you will spend a lot of time cleaning.
  • It produces 2.4 gallons per minute, which provides quick and efficient cleaning power.
  • The compact steel frame design makes it easy to transport and store.
  • It comes with 12” wheels that are never flat to handle all backyard terrains.
  • The pro-style steel spray wand is ergonomic with a safety lock that prevents accidents.
  • Has 5 quick-connect spray tips with onboard tip storage
Maintenance-free OEM technology
Steel construction
Large, never-flat wheels
5 quick connect nozzle tips
5 years Warranty
Quite heavy

Factor To Consider When Buying a Pressure Washer

Apart from the above considerations, you have to also consider a number of features which the product you intend to buy has. Doing so will help you avoid disappointments later on while using the product.


How easy is the washer to move from one location to another? Will you get very exhausted at the end of performing heavy tasks?

Power ratings

Some portable pressure washers use two methods to rate their power output, while others use three units of measure. The most common units of measurement include Gallons per Minute (GPM) and Pounds per Square Inch (PSI).

The third measurement stats which help you to further identify the ideal pressure washer is Cleaning Units (CU). The CU is easy to calculate as you just multiply the PSI by the GPM.


Ensure to read the fine print before purchasing any pressure washers. Find out what the warranty covers (if any) and compare it with others. It is recommended when the warranty can cover both the engine and the pump.

Hot and cold water pressure washers

Some pressure washers are built to withstand and utilize hot water. While hot water is very efficient as it easily removes dirt using the smallest amount of detergent, cold water pressure washers cannot sustain it. The hot water in cold water only pressure washers might damage the coils or the entire washer system.

Wands and nozzle tips

The nozzle tips are different and can range anywhere between a 0-degree point jet to 65-degree wide spray.

Pressure Washer Troubleshooting

No matter how careful and thorough you are when choosing your pressure washer surface cleaner, it will experience some problems at one point in its life.

The issues could be easy to diagnose, like fixing leaking water, or more challenging to diagnose, requiring you to tear down the pump. Nevertheless, you should not be quick to return the washer the moment it experiences a problem.

Learning how to diagnose and even repair your pressure washer could prolong its life and ensure quick, efficient cleaning every time you clean your home. Even the best home power washer will suffer from tear and wear or clogging.

Luckily, some of the common pressure washer problems do not require you to take it to an expert for repairs. You can quickly and efficiently rectify the issues without a sweat.

Our goal is to help you squeeze more life out of your power washer before you can start looking for power washing services near me with simple to use DIY troubleshooting tips and tricks. You will find these troubleshooting guides useful for gas and electric pressure washers.

However, it is helpful to check the manufacturer’s manual for safety and troubleshooting tips first. You also need to be aware of the problems that have more possible solutions for you to try. The pressure washer troubleshooting problems that we will help you fix in this guide include:

  • Water pressure problems
  • Engine not starting or working properly
  • Water leaks
  • Injector not working
  • Noise
  • Oil leaks

How to Repair a Pressure Washer

1) Water Pressure Problems

No pressure

The right diagnostic solutions depend on the cause of the problem. Your pressure washer may not have strength if it has damaged unloader valve or damaged pump inlet valves. You may need to open the machine to troubleshoot and fix the problem.

  • Damaged unloader valve: Open the unloader screw and look for broken springs and seals. Replace them as necessary.
  • Damaged pump inlet valves: Disassemble the unit and look for dirty or broken components. Clean the dirt and replace the worn-out valves of the inlet manifold.

Low Pressure

Some of the issues that cause low pressure do not mean that your washer has a problem. It could be a wrong application or even a blocked garden hose. You need to check for insufficient inlet water supply, use of the wrong nozzle, or blocked water filter.

  • Water supply not sufficient: Look for twisted hose and ensure you have full water pressure from the tap. Using the wrong sized garden hose could also cause low pressure. Check the manufacturer recommendations to ensure you have the correct diameter sized garden hose.
  • Blocked filter: Check the inlet water filter for blockage if the water supply from the source is right. Dirt and debris can reduce water pressure. Remove the hose connection and clean the debris.
  • Wrong nozzle: Not using a nozzle or having a wrong nozzle can affect the pressure. Refer to the manufacturer guide to ensure you have the right nozzle and change it accordingly.

Pulsing pressure

The problem of pulsing pressure involving high and then is highly prevalent. The rhythmic water pressure can occur due to several factors ranging from a faulty pump to the damaged manifold, water obstruction, and air sucking.

  • Pump sucking air: Air sucking is the primary cause of pulsing pressure. Before you can start worrying, turn off the washer and keep the water supply running. Squeeze the trigger gun to release the tension and then start the pressure washer.
  • Obstruction: Dirt can obstruct the water inlet and nozzle to create pulsing pressure. Deposits in the wand or gun may also be the cause of the problem. You can use fresh water to flush inlet filter, needle to unclog nozzle, and vinegar to clean deposits from the wand.
  • Faulty or damaged components: Fix the problem by disassembling the pump. Check for broken or dirty valves and replace or clean them. If that does not solve the problem, you may need to replace the pump.

Unsteady pressure

Unplanned pressure spikes or drops can make cleaning your home or car problematic. Pressure spike is dangerous as it can damage your surface while pressure drop increases the cleaning duration. You can use these remedies to fix pressure spike or drop.

  • Spikes: A poorly calibrated unloader valve is the primary cause of pressure spikes. Refer to the manual to adjust the unloader to the correct pressure.
  • Drops: Several issues could make the pressure drop after cleaning for some time, including unloader valve problems and nozzle blockage. It is easy to unblock the nozzle with a needle to ensure steady pressure. A dirty or faulty unloader valve can also make the pressure drop. Thankfully, you only need to remove the unloader for cleaning or repairs to restore your pressure washer functionality.

2) Water Leak Problems

Leaking pump

Before you start fixing a pump, you may need to look at your warranty cover. Disassembling the pump can void the warranty, but there are things you can do to stop leaks without voiding it. Water leaks from the pump can occur due to various issues like broken seals, loose bolts, and an activated thermal valve.

  • Broken seals: Check whether your washer warranty is active and return it for replacement.
  • Loose pump bolts: Loose bolts will create a gap on the pump casing. Fix the problem by tightening bolts to ensure proper sealing.
  • Activated thermal valve: Wait for about five minutes before using the pressure washer again. The valve will de-activate immediately it is cool enough.

Hose connection leak

A broken or improper connection of the garden hose can cause leaks. Disconnect the hose and reconnect properly. You may need to check the rubber washer to ensure it is not broken. A broken rubber washer will require replacement as it can allow the water to leak.

Spray wand and connections leaks

If you notice leaks on the wand, you should check the connections. Improperly connections will not be tight enough to prevent leaks. You may also check the o-ring inside the hose connection to ensure it is not broken. Replace the broken o-ring and connect properly.

3) Gas Powered Washer Engine and Power Issues

The engine does not start

You may experience trouble starting a gas powered washer engine if it does not have gas or the choke is in the wrong position. Make sure the washer has gas, and the choke is in the correct position as per instructions before trying again. Other problematic issues include pressure build-up, spark wire disconnection, or faulty spark plug. Release the pressure in the system by squeezing the trigger gun. Check the spark plug connection and make the right connection or replace the plug if faulty.

Not enough power

If the engine is running but not producing adequate power, you need to check the following.

  • RPM: The engine will not provide enough power if it is running at the wrong RPM. Detach the pump and adjust RPM to the recommended engine specifications.
  • Dirty air filter: Check the air filter for dirt and clean or replace it accordingly.

Engine stops while in use

Confirm the oil level and refill as necessary. Dirty filters can also make the engine stop while it is in use. Clean and replace the air filter regularly to improve efficiency.

Water in oil

A pressure washer could have water in oil if the pistons are broken or worn. It may also occur if seals are worn. The warranty usually covers pistons and seals problems. Talk to your manufacturer to get the problem fixed.

4) Electric Powered Washer

The washer will not start

The best home power washer will not start if the electric outlet is not plugged in or faulty. Check the plug and main fuse to ensure the problem is not the power source. The pressure washer will further not start with a defective motor. A defective motor will need replacement, which can be under warranty.

5) Other Issues

Injector not working

Most problems with the detergent or chemical injector are as a result of using the wrong nozzle. Check to ensure the black soaping nozzle is on the wand. A clogged inlet filter or valve will lead to problems with the injector. A clogged inlet filter is easy to clean with fresh water. However, you will need to remove the hose to unblock the soap inlet valve.

Loud noise

Your water pressure will produce more sound if the water intake is blocked, which you can quickly fix by cleaning the intake. Inadequate oil in a pump or engine can make your machine noisier. It is necessary to regularly check and add oil to increase the lifespan of your washer.

Final Word

Your tedious search for the best portable pressure washer with a built-in water tank will finally come to an end thanks to our comprehensive list. Take note of the buyers’ guide and you will never have to face disappointments after purchasing poor quality pressure washers.

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