Best Ford Escape Lease Deals With Financing

If you are in the market for an SUV that provides a fun, safe, and trendy driving experience, consider checking out the Ford Escape. Ford has recently redesigned its entire lineup of cars in a reaction to the customer’s preference for Sports Utility Vehicles over sedans. The new model 2020 Escape is in full supply across the nation.

So, finding the right ford escape lease deals and finance specials shouldn’t be a problem. Mid-range SE and high-level Titanium models are the easiest to find across dealerships, while the base S remains scarce.

The Ford escape lease starts at $299 a month for three years. Its deal includes a bumper to bumper warranty like other Luxury Cars in its class. The 2020 Escape boasts of an improved fuel economy, which means better gas mileage. Moreover, it comes in both FWD and 4WD selections.

Regardless, you will find a nicely controlled ride, offering great agility with sporty handling. The five trim levels carry Ford Co-Pilot 360 driver-assist system plus cylinder activation for improved efficiency. Escape top-shelf Titanium gains a new two-liter turbo engine.

For the first time, the Escape features plug-in hybrid and hybrid versions. The plug-in hybrid can travel up to 30 miles on electricity and will arrive later this year with a starting MSRP of slightly above $34,000 without incentives. The MSRP is around $4,700 over the regular hybrid. Unlike Explorer lease deals, which have no cash rebates for the 2020 model, current ford lease offers on the Escape include up to $2,500 off.

These incentives vary by region until the end of March 2020. For example, the entry-level S model carries a $500 cashback this February. All other trims come with a $1,000 rebate. Besides, trade-in buyers qualify for $1,000 in trade-in bonuses across all models.

Ford Escape Lease and Finance Deals, Incentives, & Special Offers

There are several incentives on new Ford vehicles at the local dealers this year. Most Fords have at least one type of special offer, including cashback, finance, and lease deals. Finance specials come with interest rates from 0% to 3.9% depending on your location.

Some contracts include bonus cash on low-interest rates. Cashback deals range from $750 to $4,500. A $2,750 rebate is among the best offers on the 2020 Ford Escape, which is $1000 less than discounts on most Ford Truck Leases.

We could only find a few advertised lease deals at the time of doing this post. The automaker is promoting fewer lease specials than most competing automakers. So, if you are looking for ford escape lease deals and can’t find an incentive you like, consider checking with your local Ford dealership.

Current Ford Lease Offers

We recommend buyers lease a Ford if they have an idea of how much they drive a year. The company provides seven mileage plans from 10.5k to 19.5k miles per year. Including extra miles at your lease inception is more affordable than at the lease-end.

With only a handful of advertisements on the manufacturer’s website, your local dealer is the best source of information regarding current ford lease offers. Regardless, Ford still lists a few specials, all covering 39-month terms, including;

  • The 2020 Ford Explorer lease at $315 monthly with a $3,935 due upfront
  • 2020 Ford Edge lease at $339 monthly with $3,899 upon signing
  • The 2020 Ford Fusion Hybrid lease at $249 a month with $2,919 due at signing
  • The new 2020 Ford Escape lease at $279 monthly with a $3,459 down payment

Cashback rebates are the most popular incentive from Ford this year. Most cash rebates advertised on their website are between $1,000 and $2,000. The 2020 ford mustang lease deals and 2020 EcoSport come with a $1,000 discount.

Ford Financing

We recommend Ford financing for heavy drivers. This will prevent you from paying a surcharge for the extra miles you drive.

There are various finance and cashback deals on new Ford vehicles this year. The offers are better than what most credit unions and banks give with a 4.56% average APY for a new five-year car loan. Moreover, some Ford finance incentives carry cash besides the special interest rates. Nevertheless, you’ll find fewer incentives Ford zero percent financing than with many automakers.

You can qualify for interest-free financing on Escape. Instead of the regular discount on a 2020 Escape, customers can get 0% financing for four years. But, if you need a longer period, you can choose to finance at 0.9% for five years. Buyers opting for this finance special remain eligible for the trade-in bonus of $1,000.

Best Ford Escape Lease Deals

Once more, the 2020 ford escape lease deals begin at $299 per month for three years, including $3,109 upfront on the SE model. The arrangement works out an effective monthly cost of $385. Although this is a better bargain than some previous lease offers, it is not the best value for a vehicle in its class.

However, we expect significant improvements around Spring. Note that these are special rates for California. You can inquire with your local dealer for accurate prices.

Ford Escape Lease Deals For MN

Ford prices and incentives vary by region. For example, customers in Minnesota can take advantage of discount lease specials from Ford dealerships. Below are a handful of the best ford escape lease deals mn offers.

  • Get the new 2020 Ford Escape SE AWD lease from $232 for 42 months with $3,000 upfront and save $6,745
  • The 2020 Ford Escape SE AWD zero down lease from $314 for 42 months with $0 due at signing and save $6,745
  • Get the new 2020 Ford Escape SEL AWD lease from $258 for 42 months with $3,000 down and save $7,307
  • Get the 2020 Ford Escape SEL AWD zero down lease from $337 for 42 months with $0 due at signing and save $7,307
  • The 2020 Ford Escape Titanium AWD lease from $317 for 42 months with $3,000 upfront and save $7,712
  • Get the 2020 Ford Escape Titanium AWD zero down lease from $395 for 42 months $0 due at signing and save $7,712

Ford Escape Lease Deals For NJ

There are plenty of new Ford lease specials and finance offers in New Jersey for interested buyers. Apart from the 2020 model, you can get deals on the new 2019 Ford Escape sedan. Some of the best ford escape lease deals in NJ include:

  • The new 2020 Ford Escape SE FWD at $139 for 24 months with $4,539 upfront and save $5,395
  • The 2020 Ford Escape SE FWD zero down lease at $299 for 36 months with $ 944 upfront and save $5,395
  • New 2020 Ford Escape SE FWD with 2.9% APR for 60 months plus $3,000 cashback
  • The new 2020 Ford Escape SE AWD at $139 for 24 months with $5,279 upfront and save $3,955
  • The new 2019 Ford Escape SEL 4WD at 0.0% APR for 60 months with $1,000 cashback and save $6,150

Ford Escape Incentives

You can get up to a $2,500 cash bonus on the 2020 Ford Escape. The following charts summarize incentives for the ford escape lease deals in 2020.

Cash Bonus

The cash bonus is available to most buyers and different purchasing situations

Retail Customer’s Cash Discount$500
Trade-In Bonus Cash$1,000
Select Inventory Bonus$500

Leasing Incentives

 RCL Customer Lease Discount$500
Trade-In Bonus Cash$1,000
Lease Customer Discount on Select Inventory$250

The Bottom Line

Buyers have multiple powertrain options for the ford escape lease deals in 2020. The model comes with substantial manufacturer incentives that vary by state. Nonetheless, Ford’s incentives tend to favor buying by providing plenty of cash rebates and low APRs. The automaker offers zero percent financing with a trade-in cash bonus. While the company has several lease specials, they aren’t as good as the special finance offers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does it cost to lease a ford escape?

The cost of leasing a ford escape will depend on your location and model. For example, Ford’s website advertises the lease at $279 for 39 months with a $3,459 down payment. The price is on the SE FWD model. Elsewhere in California, you can lease the SE model from $299 a month for three years with $3,109 upon signing. However, you can confirm with your local dealers for accurate prices in your location.

What is the warranty on a ford escape lease?

The new Ford Escape lease includes a three-year or 36,000 miles Ford factory warranty. The bumper-to-bumper coverage protects nearly all parts of the vehicle. However, your Ford Escape will still be under a five-year or 60k miles powertrain warranty from the manufacturer. Details on what the warranty covers and what it doesn’t will be in your policy document.

Is it better to buy a ford escape or to lease?

Whether to lease or buy a Ford Escape is a personal decision. You will want to lease the Ford Escape if you need to drive a new car for a specific duration and return it to the dealer for a newer model. In this way, you only pay for a portion of the vehicle’s value. On the other hand, financing is ideal if you intend to keep the vehicle longer. After making payments, you will be free to use the car as you please, including trading in for a better model or customization.

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