What is The Cost of Hyundai Extended Warranty?

Hyundai slogan talks of new thinking and new possibilities. The maxim continues distinguishing Hyundai drivers from other car owners. The company works routinely to make new vehicle models better than those that came before. Also, a lot of Hyundai owners tend to keep their automobiles longer than the average vehicle owner. And even though Hyundai has outstanding maintenance and repair ratings, every Hyundai owner must eventually deal with fixing their autos. All vehicles suffer mechanical problems, and Hyundai’s aren’t exceptional. That’s why we recommend getting a Hyundai extended warranty for your Hyundai.

It doesn’t mean that new possibilities must come with bad ones. It’s to encourage Hyundai owners to stay open to fresh thinking and opportunities as the automaker’s motto recommends by looking into ‘America Best Warranty’ as Hyundai calls it. The automobile manufacturer is unmatched in terms of offering a factory warranty for its cars. But a manufacturer limited warranty is an industry-standard. Toyota does this as well, though with more limited terms. Embracing new prospects includes new risks, as well. Every innovation that Hyundai tests and equips on its vehicles accordingly increases the cost of car repairs and replacing components.

Keep in mind that no vehicle is entirely invulnerable to potentially expensive repair costs or breakdown. Just because Hyundai makes durable cars which they protect for a long time with a bumper to bumper warranty does not mean they will endure for as long as you need them to. So, we’ll explore Hyundai extended warranty coverage. We will also take you through the Hyundai warranty check online process, so you can decide if you should obtain one of the Hyundai extended warranty plans. Besides, we’ll tell you about other extended car warranty companies if the Hyundai extended factory protection isn’t upbeat.

Hyundai Extended Warranty: Everything You Should Know

A Hyundai extended warranty can potentially save you thousands of dollars in repair expenses. You’ll want to consider third-party protection plans as you shop for extended coverage for your car because they are more affordable and less costly than the dealership’s coverage plans. You can find outstanding third-party vehicle service contracts for any brand from BMW to Honda to Mercedes extended warranty.

And it turns out that Hyundai Assurance or America’s Best Warranty is the automaker bumper to bumper warranty for new cars. The brand has the longest factory coverages and protection plans in the industry. Its ten-year or 100 thousand miles powertrain warranty, for instance, is hard to compete with because it entirely covers powertrain components’ repairs and replacements during the term period.

And even though the Hyundai ten year or 100,000 miles warranty is widely seen as the best protection so far, it is not all as good as it sounds. So what could be missing?

Hyundai Assurance Overview

Here is a quick look at the factory warranty that comes with a new Hyundai off the lot:

  • Twelve-year or 12k mile replacement components and accessories coverage: It protects Hyundai-accredited replacement parts that you’ll install after the bumper-to-bumper protection is up.
  • Ten-year or 100k miles powertrain coverage: It covers the repair or replacement of core components of your vehicle that make drivable and keep it moving like the engine, transaxle, and transmission components.
  • Seven-year or unlimited mile anti-perforation protection: Only offers exterior / interior body coverage for rust holes
  • Seven-year or 70k mile California emission control system coverage: It applies to cars made to meet emissions requirements in California State and protects emissions control parts that fail inspections for California State.
  • Lifetime hybrid battery protection: It offers free battery replacements in Hyundai hybrid cars, including the recycling of old batteries.
  • Five-year or unlimited-mile 24/7 roadside help: It provides round-the-clock roadside help like towing service
  • Five-year or 60k miles limited factory warranty: It is Hyundai new car bumper to bumper warranty, which includes nearly all parts of the vehicle, excluding specific audio systems, paint, and batteries.
  • Eight-year or 80k mile federal emission defect and performance coverage: Protects the repair or replacement of specific components that control emission if they fail an EPA inspection.

All these sound like a great deal. But like every factory warranty, these plans have limits.

What You Need To Know About The Hyundai New Vehicle Warranty?

There’s no denying that Hyundai limited factory warranty is among the best you’ll get from a manufacturer. However, there are still a couple of things you should consider:

  • All the splendid protection perks above don’t apply for Hyundai used car warranty plans
  • All the warranties above only include Hyundai manufactured parts or original to the car
  • Hyundai limits covered repairs to factory related defective components or parts
  • Once your dealership or Hyundai extended warranty expires, you’re responsible for the costly repair bills
  • The above plans only cover you when you service your vehicle at certified Hyundai dealerships
  • The bumper to bumper warranty doesn’t apply to natural gas, hybrids, or electric vehicles

What is Covered Under Hyundai Extended Warranty?

Extended warranties are not true warranties but vehicle service contracts to continue offering protection against particular parts’ repairs on your Hyundai, at a cost. Hyundai dealerships sell Hyundai extended warranty coverages. You can choose from three different protection plans:

  1. Powertrain: It covers your vehicle drive axle, transmission, and engine
  2. Gold: It includes all components of the Powertrain extended protection plan, plus some additional parts such as the climate control system. But it excludes steering, brakes, and high tech electronics.
  3. Platinum: The plan offers the best protection levels, which include the Hyundai navigation system and high-end electronics. It makes this Hyundai extended warranty platinum cost worth the money.

Also, the automaker provides limited Platinum and Gold level extended warranties for certified pre-owned Hyundai. It’s the best factory offer in terms of Hyundai used car warranty options.

What is Not Covered By Hyundai Extended Warranty?

Even though extended warranties give your vehicle excellent protection, the dealership Hyundai extended warranty may not be your best choice of coverage. Hyundai Platinum extended coverage, for example, does not cover wear items such as:

  • Windshield cracks
  • Manual clutches
  • Body trim
  • Brake pads
  • Weather-stripping

And that’s not all. The ten-year powertrain protection that comes free with your new Hyundai won’t cover the second owner. You can expect lower coverage levels of these extended warranties to exclude more components than its Platinum counterpart does as you’ll see below.

Now, Hyundai calls its repair plans vehicle service contracts and not extended warranties as many of us refer to it. But they’re just the same thing. Below is a comparison chart for what a Hyundai extended warranty covers and what it doesn’t cover.

Hyundai ComponentPowertrain PlanGold PlanPlatinum Plan
Rear suspension
Fuel system
Front suspension
Electrical system
Drive axle
CV boots
Climate control
  • Transferrable coverage
  • Towing services to the nearest authorized repair center or Hyundai dealer
  • Service at Hyundai dealerships across the nation
  • All of Hyundai extended warranty plans come with the following benefits:
  • A $35 daily compensation for rental cars for a maximum of ten days
  • A $200 a day trip interruption payment for a maximum of five days
  • 24-hour roadside assistance

Be sure to use the Hyundai warranty check online platform to know the status of your factory protection before getting a vehicle service contract. Alternatively, you can confirm if your car is under the manufacturer coverage through the dealer. To do that, you’ll need to:

  • Have your vehicle’s identification number
  • Call the Hyundai dealership where you bought the car or any other Hyundai dealer
  • Ask the dealership service department to check for you if your Hyundai is still under warranty

Other Limitations of Hyundai Extended Warranty

Getting a vehicle service contract from Hyundai limits your payment options and flexibility. For instance:

  • Narrow Timeframe: Hyundai owners can only add an extended service contract when purchasing a new Hyundai. It means you cannot decide to include an extended warranty a few years into your Hyundai ownership experience unless you are buying a certified pre-owned car.
  • Interest Charges: The majority of Hyundai dealerships will convince you to add the service contract to your financing agreement. While it may seem like a stress-free way to make monthly payments on the extended warranty, it also comes with interest in your auto financing deal. You’ll pay for the vehicle service contract along with the premium interest.
  • Higher Charges: Hyundai dealerships don’t shop around for the most affordable rates. If anything, they’re often unwilling to offer a discount on the Hyundai extended warranty.
  • Few Repair Facilities: When using a Hyundai vehicle service contract, you can only take your car to a Hyundai accredited dealership for included repairs.

Keep in mind that Hyundai extended warranty does not extend the original factory warranty. It is a separate policy with new coverage terms. Besides, you can only get a Hyundai extended warranty from the dealership if your vehicle has at least a month and 1 thousand miles left on the factory warranty.

And if you’re not sure the dealer vehicle service contract is right for you; there’s a reasonable risk-free trial period. You can cancel your Hyundai extended warranty any time with sixty days of its purchase for a full refund. While it doesn’t offer sufficient time to determine whether the plan works out or not, it still provides a little time to make a decision.

Hyundai Extended Warranty vs Third Party Vehicle Service Contracts

Hyundai offers its own in-house warranties for auto owners. But you can choose from many other third-party providers with extended vehicle service contracts. Most drivers prefer a third party extended warranty because it is customizable and more flexible.

For instance, most aftermarket service contracts will let you repair your car at any certified repair facility. It is a significant selling point for drivers who have unquestionable loyalty to local shops.

Third party warranties have some downsides as well. For instance, you won’t get genuine manufacturer parts for repairs, and Hyundai will not be fixing your car. Some motorists don’t mind who is servicing their vehicle as long as it functions. Others, however, prefer the manufacturer to handle any repairs on their cars through a Hyundai trained mechanic.

Another advantage of a third party company is the ability to buy a plan at any time. You can get a vehicle service contract for a Hyundai that is well beyond its original warranty, a used model, or one with high mileage.

With an aftermarket Hyundai extended warranty, there’s no bundling of payments to your vehicle financing, which eliminates interest on the cost of your policy.

The following table shows how a manufacturer extended warranty compares to our top third party providers.

Hyundai Extended WarrantyCARCHEX Extended WarrantyEnduranceCarShieldA.A. Auto Protection
StartPurchase dateany timeAny timeAny timeany time
Max Coverage yrs101015n/a10
No. of PlansThree PlansFive levels, 16 plansFive plansSix plansFive levels, 24 plans
Trip Interruption
Roadside Assistance
Repair Network< 1,000 shops> 30,000 facilities nationwide> 350,000 ASE-certified shopsSelect ASE-certified shopsany ASE-certified mechanic
Cancellation PolicyRefund if within 60 daysRefund if in 30 daysRefund if in 30 daysRefund if in 30 daysRefund if in 30 days
AvailabilityCall Hyundai dealer for ratesFree, instant quote onlineFree, instant quote onlineCall for an instant quoteFree, instant quote online

The first consideration of whether to purchase a Hyundai extended warranty is the kind of coverage you already have. If you bought a Hyundai recently, the manufacturer ‘America Best Warranty’ offers the best protection. While its place as the best coverage in America is debatable, there’s no denying that Hyundai’s Assurance policy is exceptionally solid.

Also, keep in mind that most of the factory warranties are transferrable save for the hybrid and electric battery warranty as well as the powertrain protection. The plans are only available for the first Hyundai owner.

Hyundai Certified Pre Owned Warranty

When getting a certified pre-owned model from Hyundai, it comes with the remainder of the five year or 60k mile bumper to bumper warranty, along with:

  • A ten-year powertrain warranty that begins on the in-service date
  • Compensation for rental cars at $100 daily for five days or $35 daily for a maximum of ten days
  • Ten years of unlimited miles of roadside help beginning on the vehicle’s in-service date

Hyundai Extended Warranty Cost

The Hyundai extended warranty cost can differ greatly depending on the provider. Your vehicle, type of plan, and your location will determine the total value of a vehicle service contract. Third-party providers warranties can fetch anything between $350 and $750 or more, annually.

Here’s a sample quote on Hyundai extended warranty platinum cost with a ten years’ or 120k miles term:

  • Up to $3,875 annually with $0 deductible
  • Up to $3,625 annually with a $100 deductible

Keep in mind that prices may vary widely according to model, date of sale, location, and features.

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The Bottom Line

A Hyundai extended warranty can save you from expensive out-of-pocket repair bills. It is particularly useful when your factory warranty runs out. Hyundai provides three extended warranty options for drivers who want to protect their car beyond the limited new vehicle coverage. Hyundai Platinum vehicle service contract is the best plan you can get from the dealership. You will have access to nationwide Hyundai dealerships for repairs that come with authentic parts and factory-trained specialists. Gold and Powertrain are the other extended service contracts from Hyundai.

However, you can also get a quality third-party vehicle service contract that provides flexible payment options and the ability to choose certified local mechanics. Besides, aftermarket service contracts don’t limit you as to when you can buy an extended warranty for your Hyundai. Most Hyundai extended warranty reviews confirm that third-party vendors offer more affordable coverage than those at the dealerships. Also, the majority of independent extended warranty providers have customizable plans.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are Hyundai extended warranties worth it?

Yes. A Hyundai extended warranty is an excellent way to protect your vehicle from unforeseen mechanical issues and save yourself from costly repair bills. But the usefulness of the service contract will depend on the provider.

What is so great about Hyundai extended warranties?

The greatest thing about factory-packed Hyundai extended warranties are getting OEM replacement parts and manufacturer trained mechanics servicing your car.

Can I extend my Hyundai warranty?

You can extend your Hyundai warranty with one of the three extended service contracts that Hyundai provides. Alternatively, you can go with the best third-party provider’s offer for greater flexibility and affordable plans that you can customize.

Hyundai Elantra has a 10-year warranty, does it pay to buy an extended car warranty?

You’ll want to but an extended vehicle warranty because the ten-year Elantra warranty only covers factory related faults, which exclude some components like the brakes, electronic parts, air conditioner, transfer unit, and cooling system, among others.

Can any Hyundai dealership look up extended warranty?

Hyundai dealerships won’t shop around for the best extended warranty prices. The dealers have a fixed provider, from which they profit when you purchase a vehicle service contract. It’s advisable to compare multiple third-party vendors and find one who suits your needs.

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