The 10 Best Jeep Wrangler Front Bumper

When you buy a Jeep Wrangler, it comes with cute front and rear bumpers. The bumper is a shield often made from aluminum, plastic, steel or rubber. That’s why all jeep owners understand the importance of getting the proper equipment, especially for off-road activities.

You’ll get the most value by investing a few more dollars for a steel-made jeep wrangler front bumper. The jeep wrangler front bumper replacement is among the most common Jeep modifications today.

From off-roading to trail-driving stock front bumpers, there are tons of choices available. But the bottom line is investing in a beefier jeep jk front bumper than the factory design.

Apart from protecting your SUV, the best bumpers will also enhance your Jeep aesthetics. This is going to increase the value of your vehicle if you plan to sell it in the future.

Fortunately, aftermarket bumpers come in all varieties to fit individual styles, budgets, and functionalities. Regardless, keep in mind that the type of bumper you choose will determine the quality of your outdoor driving.

For example, spending money on a low-quality product could compromise the protection of the engine or OEM lights if an accident occurs. You’ll find a great selection of heavy-duty bumpers in this review to give your jeep wrangler a unique look. But these products aren’t for every jeep owner since the extra weight could compromise your fuel efficiency.

The Best Jeep Wrangler Front Bumper: Everything You Should Know

Maybe you bought a Jeep to satisfy your off-road fantasies, or you’ve seen an amazing modified Jeep version. Whatever motivates you, the desire to transform your Jeep is common today.

That’s why we created this review for the best jeep wrangler front bumper. We’ll also explore some benefits of installing bumpers, plus handy buyers guide to get you started.

The reason to have a bumper on your vehicle is very specific. Most motorists think that it’s supposed to decrease or prevent the severity of injury during a crash. Interestingly, bumpers are not a safety feature for protecting vehicle occupants.

Bumpers help to lessen or avoid physical damage to the rear or front of your Jeep in low-impact incidences. Therefore, a heavy-duty jeep wrangler bumper is the best choice for safeguarding your vehicle’s trunk, fuel, cooling system or radiator, hood, and grille.

Nevertheless, giving your Jeep Wrangler the look of your dream car isn’t a one-off thing. Quite the reverse, it’s a lengthy process involving plenty of time, resources, and effort.

But you must start somewhere, and we recommend beginning with your front bumper. And here are reasons to invest in a high-quality jeep wrangler front bumper.

Reasons To Get An Aftermarket Jeep Wrangler Front Bumper Upgrade

Upgrading the factory bumper with a steel one is vital for off-road trips. It helps to raise your Jeep tire and ground clearance or the height above terrain. In this way, you can achieve three crucial elements for outdoor driving;

  • Maximize on your departure angles
  • Get extra protection
  • Expose your large Jeep tires

With these three factors, you’ll have a menacing, cool, and muscular stance for your vehicle. Besides, the best jeep wrangler bumper replacements will improve other off-road features, including;

1) Extra lighting

You’ll want to get upgraded lights, particularly for night off-road trips. Most steel bumpers provide a dedicated place to fix these aftermarket lights and avoid drilling extra holes in the Jeep’s body framework.

2) Communication

You can install a spring aerial on the mounting brackets of your bumper to enhance CB communication.

3) Durability

Aftermarket off-road bumpers allow for intensive use. The designs can withstand harsh outdoor conditions. For example, upgrading your Jeep TJ rear bumper with a metal, carbon fiber, or fiberglass model can help it endure extreme conditions.

4) Functionality

Aftermarket designs cater to both the front and rear jeep bumper requirements. And apart from providing protection, they’ll enhance your trip with extra performance and style. Moreover, they come with stops for additional auto parts.

5) Radiator safety

The radiator resides at the front of your SUV. Getting a sturdy aftermarket bumper will protect this cooling system if you hit an object.

6) Recovery points

The best jeep wrangler front bumper replacements come with mounting points to help with safe recoveries. The safety-rated mountings will let you use D-shackles to snatch yourself or other stuck vehicles.

7) Safety

Even though bumpers offer protection, let’s emphasize that it doesn’t guarantee your safety. It’s especially less effective for impacts at over five miles per hour.

If you’re in the market for something that improves style and features, you can check out these ten best jeep wrangler front bumper reviews.

The 10 Best Jeep Wrangler Front Bumper Reviews

Jeep Wrangler Front Bumper

1) E-Autogrilles EAG JJKFB001 Front Bumper

The E-Autogrilles design is a fashionable front-end vehicle enhancement. You can fit it on any Jeep Wrangler JK model made between 2007 and 2018. However, it won’t work with the JK Rubicon of 2017.

Jeep Wrangler JK Front Bumper


  • Anti-corrosion textured powder coating
  • Built-in winch plate
  • Fixed tube for additional installations
  • Fog light holes
  • Multiple built-in mounting points
  • Provides all necessary installation hardware plus instructions
  • Steel tubing measuring 2-inch by 0.120-inch
  • Strong D-rings mountings
  • The 5/32-inch heavy-duty steel sheet
Easy to install
Best for off-roading
Suitable for nearly all Jeeps
Doesn’t need extra drilling
Great modern finish
Superior, long-lasting design
The holes don’t match the chassis of some Jeeps

2) LEDKINGDOMUS Y01-J002-x1e Front Bumper

The LEDKINGDOMUS rock crawler is a perfect jeep YJ front bumper. It will also fit jeep wrangler TJ models.

LEDKINGDOMUS Rock Crawler Front Bumper


  • Fits 1987-2006 YJ and TJ Jeep Wrangler models
  • Anti-corrosion textured powder coating
  • Built-in winch plate
  • Fog light holes
  • Several built-in mounting points
  • Steel tubing measuring 2-inch by 0.120-inch
  • D-ring shackle mountings
  • 290 Watt LED lights
  • The 5/32-inch heavy-duty steel sheet
Rugged modern look
Easy to install
Works with old model Jeeps
Maximum tire clearance
No need for drilling additional holes
Heavy-duty model
The holes don’t match the chassis of latest Jeeps

3) Restyling RFFB4005 Front Bumper

The first impression that comes with this Restyling Factory front bumper is that of a high-end product. And it doesn’t disappoint when you look further.

Restyling Factory Jeep Wrangler JK Front Bumper


  • 2007-2018 JK Jeep Wranglers
  • Steel tubing measuring 2 3/8 inches by 0.120-inches
  • Anti-corrosion textured powder coating
  • Built-in winch plate
  • Fixed tube for additional installations
  • Fog light mountings
  • Two D-ring shackle mounts
  • The 5/32-inch heavy-duty steel sheet
Great tire clearance
Anti-corrosion powder for durability
Rugged appearance for tough terrain
Doesn’t need extra drilling
Sturdy, long-lasting design
Requires professional installation
You must cut the fenders to work as a jeep Cherokee front bumper

4) Razor RZKYFB-3524 Front Bumper

You’ll love this Razor Crawler front-end auto enhancement for its sturdy design and straightforward installation.

Razor Rock Crawler Stubby Front Bumper


  • For 2007-2018 JK wranglers
  • Anti-corrosion textured powder coating
  • 22-inch LED light bar mounting
  • Fixed tube for additional installations
  • Fog light holes
  • Relevant installation hardware with instructions
  • Two pre-welded D-ring mounts
  • The 5/32-inch heavy-duty steel sheet
  • Pre-made winch mount plate
OE compatible fog light mountings
Simple to install
No additional drilling or cutting
Excellent finish
Durable construction materials
Doesn’t come with fog lights

5) OEDRO YO0301R001-R Front Bumper

If your Jeep needs a quality off-roading bumper, consider this combo compatible OEDERO front bumper.

OEDRO Combo Compatible Front Bumper


  • Suitable for 2007-2018 Unlimited, Rubicon, JK, and Sahara models
  • Anti-corrosion coating
  • Pre-fixed winch plate
  • Fog light holes
  • Multiple built-in mounting points
  • Installation hardware with relevant instructions
  • Steel tubing measuring 2-inch by 0.120-inch
  • Two D-ring mountings
  • The 5/32-inch heavy-duty steel sheet
Easy to fix
Compatible with most Jeep models
Limited lifetime warranty
No cutting and drilling for extra fixtures
Excellent design
Durable materials
Doesn’t fit the 018 JL wrangler and JK Rubicon Recon of 017

6) EAG JJKFB007 Front Bumper

Upgrade your jeep wrangler today with this stinger front bumper from EAG.

EAG Stinger Front Bumper Upgrade


  • Compatible with any 2007-2018 JK wrangler
  • Convenient stinger bar
  • D-ring mounts
  • The 5/32-inch heavy-duty steel sheet
  • Steel tubing measuring 2-inch by 0.120-inch
  • Rust-proof coating
  • Built-in winch plate
  • Fog light holes
  • Provides all necessary installation hardware plus instructions
DIY installation
Anti-forward flip design
Provides great approach angle
No additional drilling
Compatible mounts for OE fog lights
Stylish design
Long-lasting material
2017 Jeep Wrangler JK Rubicon Recon incompatible

7) EAG JTJFB002 Front Bumper

Replace your TY or TJ Wrangler bumpers with this durable, steel front bumper by EAG.

EAG Steel Front Bumper 1987-2006


  • Work with any TJ and TY Jeep Wrangler made between 1987 and 2006
  • Anti-corrosion coating
  • Pre-welded winch plate
  • Fog light holes
  • Installation hardware with instructions
  • Steel tubing measuring 2-inch by 0.120-inch
  • D-ring shackles
  • A 5/32-inch heavy-duty steel sheet
Straightforward installation
Strong construction materials
Works with older Jeep models
Attractive finish
No-cut installation
Compatible with OEM fixtures
The holes don’t match the chassis of some Jeeps

8) Ecotric CA-110 Front Bumper

When it comes to outdoor adventures, this rock crawler front bumper from Ecotric will give your Jeep Wrangler an incredible performance.

Ecotric Rock Crawler Front Bumper


  • ’86-’06 TY and TJ compatible
  • Heavy-duty steel material
  • Corrosion protection coating
  • Pre-fixed winch plate
  • Fog light mountings
  • Two D-ring shackle mountings
Offers a nice fit
Compatible with older Jeep Wrangler models
Strong and durable bumper
Maximum vehicle protection
No-drill fixings
The light mountings don’t fit properly

9) OEDRO YO0301R009 Front Bumper

The EDORO front bumper is a perfect fit if you need to upgrade your 87-06 wrangler with a nice black Jeep bumper.

OEDRO Rock Crawler Front Bumper


  • DIY installation
  • Custom-made winch plate
  • For Wrangler YJ and TJ
  • Four pieces built-in fog lights
  • Steel plate construction
  • Two D-rings
  • Installation screws
  • Provides instruction manual
DIY installation
Suitable for oldest Jeep models
Classic, modern design
Strong, durable construction
Comes with bright fog lights
Some customers receive their package with missing washers and nuts

10) U-Drive Auto B19G0921-15 UD Front Bumper

The U-Drive Auto front bumper will do if you own a 2007-2018 Jeep JK Wrangler. Also, it can function as a jeep XJ front bumper replacement with a professional installation.

U Drive Jeep Wrangler JK Front Bumper


  • Made with high-quality steel material
  • Textured rust-proof coating
  • Built-in winch plate
  • Two D-rings
  • Includes four LED lights
  • Single screw set
  • Multiple built-in mounting points
Simple, bolt-on installation
All-weather finish
Compatible with latest Jeep models
Pre-drilled holes for additional off-road lights
No installation instructions

That’s our list of the best jeep wrangler front bumper. If our list doesn’t match your criteria, here’s a simple buying guide to help you shop for the right product.

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Factors To Consider While Buying a Jeep Wrangler Front Bumper

Aftermarket jeep bumpers may all appear similar to the ordinary eye. But there are differences in their construction for a keen observer. For example, you’ll notice that they come with different lengths, materials, designs, and add-on features.

And with an extensive selection of high-quality brands and makes of jeep upgrade bumpers to consider, here are some essential things to look at:

1) Approach angle

It is the distance between your wheels and the furthest area on your jeep wrangler front bumper. Check for a product that gives your Jeep the widest approach angle. Doing this will result in high ground clearance, making it easy to crawl over huge rocks and steering steep hills.

2) Bumper Width

Your bumper width is the length it covers across the front of your Wrangler. There are three different bumper widths to choose from, including:

  • Full-width bumpers that run from one end to the next while covering part of your wheels. While these are bulky and prevent maximum wheel clearance, they guard against punctures from low hanging objects.
  • Mid width bumpers are shorter than the first choice. Although these bumpers expose your tires, they have less weight with better ground clearance.
  • Stubby bumpers are the shortest of the three categories and only cover the part between the headlights of your car. Similar to mid-width bumpers, they are lightweight, increase your Jeep’s approach angles, but expose your tires.

3) Design

With so many front bumper designs, your taste and preference will determine the best one.

4) Extra Features

Aftermarket bumpers come with several features, including:

  • Bull-bar add-on: Apart from shielding your vehicle from collision impacts, bull bars provide the extra menace and aggressiveness you need for your Jeep.
  • D-Ring Shackle Mounts: You’ll need these hook attachments on your bumper to save yourself or another off-road driver in a trouble situation.
  • Grille Guards: Your preferred bumper should include a grille guard to shield your radiator from flying objects such as branches.
  • Light Housing: It’s vital to ensure the bumper you’re eyeing has dedicated holes to attach the manufacturer’s fog lights. Besides, it’s essential to check for hoop mounts if you need to install additional lighting for off-road night adventures.
  • Skid Plate Mountings: Skid plate compatible bumpers are the best for safeguarding critical engine parts underneath your Jeep from damage.
  • Winch Plate Mountings: Investing in a bumper that allows you to fix a winch is a good idea, especially for off-roading. The capacities of winch plate mounts can range from 10,000 lbs. to 15,000 lbs.
  • Finish: You can choose from textured, diamond, glossy, or matter plate coating. Regardless of your choice, it should be rust-proof.

5) Weight of the bumper

The weight of your preferred front-end bumper will determine the quality of your upgrade. Even though heavy bumpers are excellent for off-roading, they’re bad for your fuel economy. And while light bumpers are suitable for fuel economy but don’t offer the best off-road experience.

6) Buying Price

Many factors influence the price of a jeep wrangler front bumper. For instance, the add-on accessories, construction material, and brand can affect the bumper’s cost.

Look for these six factors when replacing your jeep bumper. Also, keep in mind that the most expensive product doesn’t automatically qualify as the best one for your Wrangler. So, decide what you want in your front bumper, create a budget, and review different product brands to secure the best deal.

The Bottom Line

There you have it; the best jeep wrangler front bumper review and buying guide. You’ve seen that most aftermarket heavy-duty bumpers complement the structures of respective Jeep models by keeping to its design lines. In this way, you are sure to find the best possible fit, functionality, and look for your Jeep Wrangler.

The most critical characteristic of off-road bumpers is their build quality. Be sure to check the quality of welding and finish as you shop for the perfect match. Both aspects make a huge difference in terms of the bumper’s functionalities plus the overall occupants’ safety in a collision. And the simplest reason to get heavy-duty steel bumpers for your Jeep is their rugged and durable build.

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