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A land rover is a UK-based brand of 4 wheel drive vehicles that is one of the best vehicles in the world which is owned by Jaguar Land Rover a multinational car manufacturer company. Jaguar Land Rover currently manufactured Land Rovers in India, China, Slovakia, Brazil, and the United Kingdom. Their cars are holding the top positions in the market and the automaker warranty is excellent than other competitive car brands.

Land Rover’s creations SUVs are the most loved luxury vehicles around the world among the luxury car owner. Their most popular creations are Land Rover, Range Rover, Range Rover Sport, Land Rover Discovery, Land Rover Defender and Range Rover Evoque. However, when you purchase a new Land Rover, it will come with a factory warranty. Once your factory warranty has expired, you will be faced with a lot of expense for repairing if something breaks and damages.

In that case, if your Land Rover needs repair, you can buy Land Rover extended warranty that will give you additional coverage. You can get the extended warranty service from third-party providers also. Though Land Rover extended warranty is quite expensive its additional coverage will give you peace of mind.

What is an Extended Warranty?

An extended warranty is a maintenance or service contract that is a long term warranty offer provide by the manufacturers or retailers to their consumers. It is also called an extension of the coverage period and with this warranty, the consumer can extend the time where the producer will be liable to pay for covered incidents.

In the case, of Land Rovers when the limited warranty expires and those who will purchase the extended warranty, will get much coverage that is specially designed for vehicle protection and investment. And these coverage are comprehensive electrical and mechanical vehicle coverage, travel protection abroad, and mileage allowances & acceptable claim. With this warranty, a consumer can get the best used car warranty.

Best Land Rover Extended Warranty Reviews

Do you want more for your luxury-branded car? Then you should purchase an extended warranty. This extended warranty provides you improved features with standard coverage and you do not need to get worried about coverage. Land Rover offers extended warranty selling through its dealers. We deeply reviewed the car extended warranty and we find the Land Rover extended warranty cost is $5870 for 7 years/100,000 miles with a $100 deductible (retails market value) from the time of buying and this coverage for specific models. The land Rover extended warranty is good compared to other brands, for example, BMW extended warranty is likely $1000 to $1500 per year according to CARCHEX.

But THE DETRIOT BUREAU said, when they asked for a quotation to the local dealership for 2019 Discovery sport with 6,000 miles, they were quoted the maximum coverage 10 years/150,000 miles and the extended warranty rate $6,400 with a $0 deductible or $5,400 with a $200 deductible. They also said that the land Rover company’s website specifies that deductible price in extended warranty depends on the place where your vehicle will be serviced, where $0 in a dealership and $100 in case of any other repair facilities. But some dealership advertises $100 deductible at a dealership and $250 in case of other repair facilities.

But it is important that you have to purchase an extended warranty within the factory warranty time limit and this will lead to you unnecessary expenses for coverage. However, Land Rovers extended warranty will offer you coverage up to 10 years/100,000 miles from the time of purchase. This offer gives you bumper to bumper warranties and power train warranties that come with a single package that facility is separate in most manufacturers. The extended warranty also offers you the benefits of unlimited claims and MOT insurance.

Coverage Inclusions And Exclusions


The land Rover extended warranty covers all internally lubricated parts of engines, transmissions, and Drive Axle. The extended warranty covers the vehicles for any mechanical and electrical failure defects that are related to the factory-fitted components. As it provides unlimited claims and MOT insurance hence, the benefits of MOT insurance are its coverage include repair cost and replacement of cars such as steering, breaks, lamps, suspension, seat belts, electrical equipment and body structures.

The Land Rover’s extended warranty coverage also includes air conditioning, heating/cooling, fuel delivery, and high-tech components. However, this coverage is listed on many dealership websites, for better clarification directly contact your local dealership.


There are a few exclusion of Land Rovers extended warranty. It does not cover normal wear and tears on the wheels and any repair, and replacement due to damage, and unauthorized modification that is made by third parties. The extended warranty exclusion also includes damage due to improper use, neglects, defects due to accident, and improper maintenance of the vehicle. Finally, keep in mind, you have to purchase an extended warranty where the limited warranty still in place (quite similar to aaa extended warranty: additional coverage must be purchased in advance) otherwise once your limited warranty has expired, you not able to find an extended warranty.

Best Extended Warranty Providers For Land Rovers


The best extended warranty service provider. However, CARCHEX provides limited protection on land Rovers. CARCHEX offers many extended vehicle protection plans with its five coverage tiers.

  • Titanium: provide bumper to bumper coverage for a small number of excluded parts.
  • Platinum: A comprehensive nonexclusionary warranty that works to covers most parts.
  • Gold: provide a beneficial plan for high-mileage vehicles that are used to covers many major systems, and components.
  • Silver: Covers powertrain parts, fuel delivery, air conditioning and electrical.
  • Bronze: It is a basic plan that is used to covers most major powertrain parts.

2. CarShield

CarShield is the most affordable auto protection provider and offers plans for many Land Rover models. They have low or no deductibles that could be prevented the stress of the wallet at a complex time. Their all vehicle repair agreements include towing services that are used to transport you and your vehicle will be provided for a safe repair facility.

Are Third Party Providers Will Be Good For an Extended Warranty?

Although Land Rover extended warranty may cover everything when we talk about flexibility, it will be limited because you have to pay premium prices to cover the repairs of parts. But if you consider a third party for an extended warranty, you will able to get more flexibility to pick several plans like a bumper-to-bumper warranty to powertrain coverage. The third-party providers have some additional benefits and these are as follows:

  • Cost is normally cheaper than manufacturers.
  • Provide longer coverage terms.
  • Available repair shop.
  • No fixed time frame for purchasing.
  • A number of coverage plans.


Therefore, considering Land Rover extended warranty will be worth it for you because it can cover expensive fixes once the factory warranty has expired. The extended warranty will give you extra coverage for up to 10 years and you can get rid of additional expense and investment within this period because the provider or third party will be liable to pay all the coverage. But Land Rover extended warranty has some limitations also hence if you need an extended warranty directly contact your local dealership, you will get a better idea.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does Land Rover offer extended warranty?

Yes, Land Rover sells extended warranty and with this extended warranty you will get maximum coverage from 4 years/50,000 miles to 10years/100,000 miles. They offer bumper-to-bumper and powertrain warranty in a single package.

What does Land Rover warranty cover?

All-new Land Rovers come with a limited factory warranty that is 4 years/50,000 miles. Besides this limited warranty all vehicle carries 6 years or unlimited mileage corroding hole warranty and other various emanation warranties.

What Land Rover extended warranty does not cover?

Land Rover extended warranty has several exclusions. Such as, it does not cover unauthorized modifications that are made by third parties, no replacement or adjustment during normal services or maintenance, and any damage or defect due to an accident, etc.

Is it worth buying auto extended warranty?

I think it is good to buy an auto extended warranty although the dealers make more money to sell an extended warranty and it will lead to you a more expensive. But this extended warranty will provide you additional coverage with lots of benefits especially you will get 24-hour assistance.

Are Land Rovers expensive to repair?

Yes, land Rovers repairing cost is expensive because of a luxury brand and its costly components. As Land Rover has some reliability issues so in this case, you can purchase Land Rover extended warranty for covering the additional expense.

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