The 10 Best Lexus Lease Deals – SUV Special Offers & Incentives

In 2019, Lexus saw its car’s sales in the US increase by up to 36.7 percent, which is laudable when you factor that most brands, including the Lexus parent company Toyota, reported a decline in sales over the same period. Several of the Lexus models saw their popularity increase, with the RC model being the most successful Lexus car of 2019 with a sales increase of 72.8 percent.

The UX model saw its 2019 December sales increase by 326.7 percent to push the total 2019 sales to 16,725. The RX model saw a sales increase of 2.9 percent driven by higher December sales.

If you are looking to purchase a Lexus car in 2020, the exceptional sales figures of 2019 give you a green light that you are not only buying a famous brand but one of the best cars in the highly competitive SUV and luxury categories. The Lexus luxury SUV and hybrid divisions recorded their best-ever sales figures in 2019.

The total hybrid sales for the year increased by 43.1 percent, while those of the SUV increased by 5.6 percent. The remarkable sales figures can be attributed to the attractive Lexus lease deals that have made Lexus the obvious choice for individuals looking for the best value in luxury cars.

Since it launched its first cars the LS 400 and ES 250 in 1989, Lexus has remained true to its dedication to pursuing excellence with 2019 being its best year. The introduction of an all-new ES 300 in 1991, as well as the SC 300 and SC 300 sports models, saw Lexus show its intent in becoming the best brand in the US by outselling BMW and Mercedes Benz.

In 1998, the company introduced the RX 300 as its first crossover car and the LX 470 as its first luxury sport utility car. The year saw Lexus become the first international automaker to outsell all luxury competitors. In 1999, the carmaker sold its one-millionth vehicle in the US, but it was in 2000 when the car hit a new milestone of being a top-selling brand in the US.

The 10 Best Lexus SUV Lease Deals

1. 2020 Lexus ES Hybrid

Quiet and fuel-efficient, the ES Hybrid is a top luxury with ample space for cargo and passengers. The car combines great performance with exceptional features to give a memorable drive. The ES Hybrid is available in three trims that come with an automatic transmission, two electric motors, a front-wheel drive, and a four-cylinder engine.

The base configuration has a market price of $41,760, which is lower than most of its competition. The luxury trim comes with power-adjustable front seats that are also heated and ventilated at $44,416, while the ultra-luxury trim has an entry price of $45,610. The Lexus hybrid lease deals for the 2020 model start at $389 per month for 36 months with a down of $3999.

2. 2020 Lexus GS

The GS model is a sign of agile handling and a comfortable ride with many standard features and ample space. The 2020 model has seen the GS 300 trim available in the 2019 model discontinued. The model comes in a choice of two powerful engines that guarantee smooth ride in addition to metal trim pieces, leather upholstery, lane departure warning and improved suspension.

The GS model is a good car if you are looking for interior refinement and ample space. The Lexus GS model comes in three trims of GS 350, 350 F Sport, and GS F. The base configuration has a V6 engine with eight-speed automatic transmission. At $51,065 MSRP, you get an all-wheel drive with a drive mode selection system that lets you adjust your ride quality effortlessly. The Lexus lease deals for the GS model start at $489 per month for 36 months with a down of $3999.

3. 2020 Lexus LC

A luxurious cabin, comfortable handling and vigorous powertrains are some of the top features that define the 2020 Lexus LC. With its sporty tuning and cultured powertrains, the car gives you a lovely, engaging experience. The model comes in two trims of LC 500 and Hybrid LC 500h, with the main difference being the powertrain.

The LC 500 variant retailing at $92,950 is powered by a V8 engine that produces 471 horsepower. The Hybrid LC 500h available at $97,950 comes with a V6 engine that gives 354 horsepower. Lexus lease deals for the LC model start at $898 per month for 36 months with a down of $3999. You can also get the LC 500 with a $0 down payment of $1449 per month.

4. 2020 Lexus LS

The LS model is a powerful supercar with an exquisite interior. The LS car comes in gas-only and hybrid powertrain configurations. The 2020 Lexus LS model comes in three variants of LS 500, 500 F Sport and Hybrid. The 500 F Sport and LS 500 are powered by a turbocharged twin V6 engine with a 10-speed transmission for an amazing driving experience.

The Hybrid version is powered by a V6 engine with two electric motors. The market price for the base model starts at $75,450. This hybrid variant is available at $79,960, while the Lexus LS 500 F Sport is available at $81,450h. The Lexus lease deals NY for the LS 500 starts at $659 per month with a down of $3999. The LS is available with $0 down at $719 per month. The payment period is for 36 months.

5. 2020 Lexus GX

If you are looking for a Lexus car that will give you a great off-road experience. You should go for the 2020 Lexus GX. The 2020 model has seen several improvements that include a revised front grille, inclusion of LED headlights and rear cross-traffic alert.

The GX is available in three variants that include the GX 460, Premium, and Luxury. Also, the base variant is available at $53,000 and comes with essential features like dual-zone climate control and 10-way powered front seats. The Premium and Luxury trims have a starting price of $55,790 and $64,265, respectively. The Lexus lease deals NY for Lexus GX 460 starts at $559 per month running for 36 months with a down of $4499.

6. 2020 Lexus ES

Spacious, comfortable and refined, the Lexus ES is an outstanding luxury mid-sized car. The Lexus ES is a smart buy with some of the lowest starting prices in the luxury mid-sized car. Despite its low price, the car gives a luxurious feel thanks to advanced safety systems and brimming interiors.

The 2020 model has seen an improvement in infotainment with the integration of Android Auto. The Lexus ES comes in four variants that include the ES 350, Luxury, Ultra Luxury and F Sport. With the exception of the ES 350, all other trims are hybrid configurations that deliver 215 horsepower. The pricing for the ES 350 starts at $39,900 with the hybrid versions costing $42,755, $43,750 and $44,635 for the Luxury, Ultra Luxury, and F Sport.

The 2020 Lexus ES 350 lease deals start at $389 per month for a 36-months payment plan with a down of $3999 at signing. If you are looking for a lower-priced car with a similar driving experience, you should look for Toyota lease deals for the Toyota Camry. The Camry has better infotainment, although it does not have some of the luxurious amenities present in the ES. The price for the Camry base trim starts at $29,000.

7. 2020 Lexus IS

The IS model is one of the lowest-priced Lexus luxury cars. It is top-rated for reliability and the cabin is highly comfortable and of good quality. The Lexus IS model is fitted with a 241-horsepower turbocharged engine that delivers good acceleration on the highway and in the city.

The Lexus IS comes in two trims of IS 300 and IS 350. Also, the base model variants come with 241 and 260 horsepower engines. While the IS 350 configurations come with a 311 horsepower version of the same engine. The starting price for the base variant is $38,560 while the prices for the IS 350 trim starts at $42,180.

The Lexus lease deals for the IS 300 starts at $299 with a down payment of $3999. You can also get the Lexus IS 300 at $419 per month with zero down. Both lease plans have a running period of 36 months. If you are looking for a cheaper option, you should consider the Acura TLX that compares favorably with the IS model. Starting at $33,000, you can save a few thousand dollars with the Acura lease deals.

8. 2020 Lexus NX

The Lexus NX is one of the best compact SUV cars with good gas mileage. The car features two rows of comfortable seats and a host of useful features. The Lexus NX comes in three configurations that include Lexus NX 300 F Sport, NX 300, and 300 Luxury. Lexus 300 is fairly priced at $36,720 and comes with a number of features like an 8-inch screen, reclining rear seats, and leather upholstery, among others.

The NX 300 F Sport and NX 300 Luxury trims have market prices of $38,960 and $43,810, respectively. The Lexus lease deals for the NX 300 starts at $359 per month with a down payment of $2999 at signing for a 36 months payment plan.

9. 2020 Lexus UX

With the best fuel economy rating, the Lexus UX is a top luxury subcompact SUV car that offers smooth rides over rough roads. The car is a worthy investment if you are looking for the best value in terms of features. The 2020 UX comes in three trims that include the UX 200, UX F Sport and UX Luxury.

The base model has a market price of $32,300 and comes with a host of features like forwarding collision warning, pedestrian detection, traffic sign recognition and adaptive cruise control. Also, the UX F Sport will cost you $34,300, while the UX Luxury price starts at $37,500. The lease deals for Lexus UX 200 starting at $299 per month for 36 months with a down payment of $2999. The hybrid version lease deals start at $329 per month for the UX and UX Hybrid.

10. 2020 Lexus RC

Like all listed cars in this guide, the Lexus RC comes with a host of features that make it a good car in the luxury small car category. Despite its small size, the car guarantees a comfortable ride with its powerful V8 and V6 engines.

The 2020 Lexus RC model comes in six trims that include the RC 300, RC 350, 300 F Sport, 350 F Sport, RC F, and the Track Edition. The price for the Lexus RC 300 starts at $41,295 with the expensive Track Edition trim starting at $96,800. The Lexus lease deals for the RC 300 starts at $339 per month for 36 months with a down payment of $3999 or $459 with zero down payment.

Lexus SUV Lease Specials

The lease specials vary by location, but some of the best offers include $269 per month for the Lexus NX. The $299 per month offer for the Lexus IS 300 with a down payment of $3999.

Lexus SUV Financing

Lexus offers lease financing through its dealers. You can also apply for credit online through the company’s website. Other financing programs it offers include a college graduate program, military reward program, business solutions, repeat customers and preferred option finance plan. You should always look for the best luxury car lease deals in your area to discount your price further.

Cash Back Offers

Lexus lets you earn cashback offers that are as much as $10,000 depending on the car model. You would like to purchase and your locality.

Lexus SUV Lease Deals For NY

The Lexus lease deals in New York varies between dealers. But some of the best deals include $399 per month for the UX250h, $349 per month for the NX 300T, and $349 per month for the IS 300.

Bottom Line

Lexus cars are engineered to offer a perfect balance between beauty and power. Most of its cars are rated as some of the best in their category, which explains their popularity. As a subsidiary of Toyota, Lexus borrows from its parent company in fuel economy but goes further to deliver perfection. The company also has one of the best customer services with great Lexus lease deals and offers in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Much Is It to Lease a New Lexus?

The price you will have to pay will depend on many factors. Including the model and trim of your car, your location, your dealer, and your bargaining power.

Can I negotiate a New Lexus Lease?

Yes, you should always negotiate your car lease deal.

Is it Worth Buying Out a New Lexus Lease?

You should look out for inflation of the residual value that can make your buyout higher than the value of the used car. When you are looking to buy out a lease deal.

Is it Better to Buy or Lease a New Lexus?

Each form of ownership has its pros and cons. Leasing lets you drive a newer model without making the initial investment while buying gives you full freedom of ownership.

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