Best Chevy Extended Warranty Cost for Cars and Trucks

When the existing factory warranty on your car runs out, you can lengthen the coverage using an extended warranty. General Motors, also GM, backs the chevy extended warranty. GM service contract on your Chevy is different than what most other carmakers offer after the original new vehicle coverage expires. If you are getting a new Chevy car, there are plenty of items to consider before parting with cash on expanded protection.

You’ll want to protect your vehicle because reports say a special bond exists between Chevy owners and their cars. However, research suggests that most drivers prefer third-party providers for their vehicle protection. You can get the same coverage you had on your Chevrolet for a lower rate with extra benefits. Third service plans go by the name vehicle service contracts. These plans work similarly to the protection you had on your car when it was new. They pay for labor, parts, as well as taxes on all Chevy models. Regardless, we recommend running a chevy warranty check to determine the perfect protection plan for your vehicle.

You may want to compare the Chevy warranty extension with top offers from other brands. For instance, BMW extended warranty offers extra benefits like 24/7 roadside help, while Chevy does not. In this way, you will see if you are getting a good deal for your Chevrolet car. When your factory protection expires, it would be nice if the company would lend a helping hand to cover your repairs. But Chevrolet won’t. It is why you need expanded coverage. These service contracts are similar to what you’ll find at dealerships but are less costly since they come directly to you, eliminating the middleman.

Chevy Extended Warranty: Everything You Should Know

Chevrolet offers its factory coverage, which is for the first three years or the first 36k miles, on all its new vehicles. After this warranty runs its course, they will let you buy the Chevy Protection Plan, which is the automaker’s version of a vehicle service contract. Even though most car manufactures provide vehicle service contracts after the original warranty comes to an end, Chevrolet extended warranty is a true extension of your current bumper-to-bumper coverage from the factory.

You buy the optional protection when purchasing a new Chevy. This Chevrolet extended warranty cost does not have a deductible. Besides, you will get repairs done with new, rebuilt, or reconditioned parts, depending on choice or circumstance. The majority of standard vehicle service agreements contain extra perks. For example, the honda extended warranty has additional benefits that make it very compelling. Some of them include round-the-clock roadside assistance that offers tire changes, lockout services, towing, and fuel delivery. On the other hand, Chevy just lengthens its factory warranty for a few more years with an additional thousand miles.

So, what does Chevrolet provide for its extended vehicle warranty? It is more of a hybrid of advance payments for maintenance costs. Although you are pre-paying Chevrolet extended warranty cost, this contract does not cover you during a mechanical or electrical breakdown, unlike a Toyota extended warranty does.

As a result, extending Chevrolet’s factory warranty is not different from signing a service agreement that locks into using the company’s services for the rest of the period you choose to keep your vehicle. It is a convenient option for drivers who wish to have everything that comes with their car to Chevrolet. Regardless, the convenience is expensive and restricts flexibility for payment plans to a few options. Another limitation is that it is only available at participating Chevy dealerships, and not all of them are eligible.

Vehicle service agreements, on the other hand, function the very same way as your factory warranty. So, when your car needs repairs, just take it to the nearest dealership or preferred licensed mechanic. And when your vehicle is ready for service, simply give the auto-shop your membership card along with your policy, which will cover the required repairs.  The deal comes with a standard $100 deductible. But no one’s going to worry about one hundred dollars when the entire bill for repairs costs over $1,500, for example.

Moreover, a vehicle service contract means you are never going to be without protection. Imagine driving your car to different places and never worrying about paying for repairs. Also, depending on your choice of coverage, you can cover everything from the power locks to the power train. Getting your Chevy a vehicle service contract or VSC gives you plenty of power and peace of mind.

In addition, with a VSC, you get 24-hour roadside help, which includes fuel delivery, battery charges, and towing services, among others.

Is The Chevrolet Extended Car Warranty Worth It?

Chevrolet stands out among carmakers as they give drivers an option as soon as the factory warranty expires. This warranty runs slightly shorter than other companies. Do you require extra protection after the manufacturer coverage runs its course? To answer this question, we’ll take a look at Chevrolet’s reliability. RepairPal ranks Chevy at 3.5 out of 5.0, positioning it 20th out of 32 vehicle brands. Therefore, it does not offer the best reliability stats.

Moreover, Chevrolet outlines the approximate replacement prices for parts on its site. Check out these numbers:

  • Air Conditioning System replacement at $1,136
  • Engine replacement at $6,952
  • Fuel Pump replacement at $972
  • Rack & Pinion Steering replacement at $1,355
  • Transmission replacement at $3,622
  • Water Pump replacement at $600

Apart from these components, you’ll also want to know the common problems and repair expenses for popular Chevy models:

Chevrolet ModelCommon IssueRepair Expense
Chevy CorvetteReplacing the fuel pump$280 to $873
Chevy ColoradoReplacing the blower motor resistor$65 to $112
Chevy Silverado 2500Replacing the fuel pump$552 to $797
Chevy CamaroNo start diagnosis$272 to $301

When your warranty expires, are you ready to foot the bill for these repairs? What about many repairs? A few trips to the repair shop can create a financial problem for some Chevy drivers. All vehicle owners want to protect their Chevy, but it doesn’t mean you should break the bank. This brings us to an important question: How much does the Chevrolet 36 month extended warranty cost, and is it worth getting?

Chevy Extended Protection

Chevrolet has two different options for protecting your car after the factory warranty runs out.

  • The Chevrolet Extended Limited Warranty
  • The General Motors Protection Plans

1. The Chevrolet Extended Limited Warranty

You can get Chevy extended limited warranty from your dealership directly to continue where the manufacturer’s protection ends. The unique thing about this cover plan is that it is a real addition to the bumper to bumper limited factory warranty. It covers the same components, but with a lengthier term. Choosing this service program stretches the term from three years or 36k miles to five years or 60k miles.

You can roll payments for this plan when purchasing the car, which some drivers find convenient. However, choosing this option will mean paying interest in the extension.

2. The General Motors Protection Plans

General Motors has two distinct packages under its General Motors Protection Plans, also GMPP, to which Chevy drivers can sign up. Similar to vehicle service agreements by other manufacturers, the GMPP package includes;

  • The Silver
  • The Platinum

The Silver Protection Plan is the most basic vehicle care program from Chevrolet. It offers inclusionary replacement or repair protection for select parts.

The Platinum Protection Plan works as Chevy’s traditional auto warranty, covering over 1,000 parts. It doesn’t just include the transmission, braking system, and engine, but also the seals, A/C, and video display screen, among other small features.

Platinum coverage provides extra benefits, such as:

  • Towing services
  • Lost key & lockout services
  • Cover for a rental car
  • Coverage for trip interruption

The following chart shows how the two GMPP packages compare:

ComponentsThe Silver PlanThe Platinum Plan
Adaptive Cruise Control
Auto-Climate Control Unit
Sensor for blind-spot
Brakes + ABS parts
Drive Axil
Emergency Trunk Release
Enhanced Electrical without updates
Manufacturer’s Anti-Theft System
Manufacturer’s Entertainment System
Manufacturer’s Turbocharger or Supercharger
Heated Seats
Lock for the Power Tailgate
Camera and Sensor for Rear Vision
Reverse Warning System
Rider Control Suspension
Steer + rear-wheel steering
Video Display Screen minus pixel damage
Plus more

Chevy allows drivers to transfer or cancel the warranty whenever they want to. But you must pay the appropriate charges and complete the paperwork. Keep in mind that some extended warranties do not offer these options. Also, not all Chevy dealerships participate in the above plans. Drivers who buy vehicles in Minnesota, Florida, California, and Maine don’t qualify for Chevrolet’s extended limited warranty.

The chevy extended warranty does not include damages resulting from the environment, accidents, aftermarket products, misuse, poor maintenance, chemical elements corrosion, or contaminated fuel.

Dealership vs Third-Party Extended Warranties

Chevrolet allows drivers to get extended warranties directly from dealerships to lengthen the original factory protection. Chevy’s coverage is unique in that it is a true extension of the manufacturer’s limited warranty. While it doesn’t include regular maintenance and accidental damages, it protects cars that experience issues after the bumper-to-bumper coverage expires.

Moreover, you can opt to lengthen the protection to your Chevy through the General Motors Protection Plan. It is similar to vehicle service agreements from other carmakers but carries more benefits than Chevy’s extended warranty. With two levels of coverage under the GMPP package, Chevy owners have more choices for their coverage needs.

Even though these options come at an extra cost, there are other perks to enjoy. For instance, frequent travelers and those who don’t like working on their own cars can benefit from roadside help and trip interruption.

On the downside, Chevy extended limited warranty restricts coverage to factory defects. Besides, the warranty gets less useful as your vehicle gets older. Through time, issues with cars are often age-related and have less to do with factory flaws. Therefore, protection from Chevy’s extended warranty will not be as applicable.

In the end, you may secure extended protection through GM traditional service agreement or via an independent provider. The option may be more suitable, especially for a car that you have been driving for many years.

Thankfully, there is a decent selection of reputable providers offering comprehensive cover for Chevy cars. Third-party plans can provide peace of mind and often come at lower rates than dealership agreements.

For example, most of these providers will let you select a preferred repair facility. Besides, they’ll handle your claims directly without tossing you to a different company. The setup offers flexibility, which simplifies getting repairs, even while on travel.

As you search for the best place to purchase a chevy extended warranty, consider our top three choices for third-party protection, including CARCHEX, Endurance, and CarShield.

Chevy Extended Warranty vs CARCHEX vs Endurance vs CarShield

Jeep Ext. CoverCARCHEXEnduranceCarShield
Startany timeany timeAny timeAny time
Max Coverage yrs51015n/a
No. of Plans25 levels, 16 plans5 plans6 plans
Deductible $0$0+$100$0-$100
Trip Interruption
Roadside Assistance
Repair NetworkSelect Chevy Dealers Only> 30,000 facilities nationwide> 350,000 ASE-certified shopsSelect ASE-certified shops
Cancellation PolicyAnytime with a $50 feeRefund if in 30 daysRefund if in 30 daysRefund if in 30 days
AvailabilityMust purchase from a local dealer, and not available in FL, MN, CA, and MEFree, instant quote onlineFree, instant quote onlineCall for an instant quote

More Details About Chevy Factory Extended Warranty

You may want to seek help before choosing the right Chevy extended warranty for your vehicle. You can use these details to gather useful information concerning the safety history and reliability of your automobile. For example, you may want to know the type of breakdowns that come after the factory warranty runs out. Here are Chevy factory contact details to help you with your research:

  • Factory Phone Number: 1-800-222-1020
  • Chevy Website:
  • Chevy New and Used Auto Recalls:
  • General Recalls, Issues, and Defects: gov/Recalls

The Bottom Line

Going with a Chevy extended warranty is the right choice for basic coverage. The General Motors Protection Plan offers better flexibility for drivers who need to choose between plan options. While GMPP packages are similar to traditional service contracts, they’ll still restrict you to specific using dealerships. But you save more and get more with extended third-party coverage, including getting services from your preferred qualified mechanic. Also, reputable third-party providers offer extensive repairs and services, which factory warranties list in their exclusions. Best of all, extended plans from independent companies are less limiting about a vehicle’s age or mileage. As a result, you get to cover your Chevy no matter what.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does Chevy offer an extended warranty?

Yes. Consumers can choose between an extended limited warranty and a protection plan, similar to a vehicle service agreement.

What does GM extended warranty cover?

GM extended warranty protects factory defects and offers repairs using General Motors factory parts. But the warranty does not include routine maintenance since it only covers components that do not wear over time.

Is extended warranty worth it?

An extended warranty is a personal preference. Different extended warranty providers have distinct services that could be useful based on individual needs. A simple factory extended warranty is budget-friendly and will protect your car from manufacturer’s defects. But a vehicle service contract from third-party companies may provide more protection for older cars and trucks.

What is Chevy bumper to bumper warranty?

A bumper to bumper warranty from Chevy means comprehensive protection for nearly everything between your car’s front and back bumpers. This coverage is limited to thirty-six months or 36k miles. It includes factory defects, towing, vehicle components, as well as labor for free.

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