Honda Extended Warranty Cost With Guideline

Honda makes the list of exceptional auto manufacturers. The company entered the US marketplace in the 80s but they have since become serious competitors for homegrown manufacturers like Chevrolet and Ford.

The Japanese car manufacturer recently added three models making the Top 20 best-selling cars of the year. These are:

  • Honda Accord
  • CR-V
  • Civic

With plenty of Honda cars on the road, it is very essential to plan for when the car will break down. This is where a honda care extended warranty comes in. It is also probably, why Honda is one of the most popular brands. They make a darn good vehicle.

Even as carmakers manufacture admirable brands, such as Honda, they ultimately begin breaking down over time creating the need for drivers to have a safety net. This incredible product is often packaged as an extended warranty.  There are extended warranty providers, which include covering extended warranty for cars over 100k miles. This vehicle protection plan can save drivers thousands of dollars on future Honda car repairs.

What Does a Honda Bumper to Bumper Warranty Entail?

The factory warranty by Honda isn’t anything you would jeer at. This is it is a heavy burden for drivers when the terms expire.

The factory warranty comes with coverage starting with a 60,000-mile or 5-year powertrain limited cover. This covers the essential vehicle parts; those that keep it moving such as transmission and engine. The warranty, commonly known as honda bumper bumper warranty, is only applicable to new Honda vehicles.

  • Within the first five years of owning a brand new Honda, the manufacturer provides another 36,000-mile or 3-year warranty focusing on factory defects. It covers:
  • Repair or replacement of malfunctioning batteries
  • Replacement of wiper blades and inserts with defects
  • Year one or 12,000 mile of ownership fully covers tire alignment and wheel balancing
  • The first two ownership years has a cover for air conditioner refrigerant

What if you bought your Honda as a “certified pre-owned” or used vehicle? Well, the coverage options above are not for you. In its place, all drivers of used Honda cars will find that nearly all Honda dealerships offer a “certified pre-owned warranty”.

According to the manufacturer’s website, CPO warranties are only available for used cars bought from a Honda dealership. It covers:

  • 12,000 miles or 12 months bumper to a bumper harvest
  • 100,000 miles or 7 years of powertrain coverage

Specific details of both factory and CPO warranties vary between the makes, models, and mileage. When reviewing a Honda CPO Warranty, be sure to look up the following terms:

  • PowerTrain: The plan covers the most expensive and most essential components of your car. They include your engine, transmission, drive axle, transfer case, and many others.
  • Stated Component: This is a significant step above the PowerTrain option. Its coverage protects all major components listed above but goes beyond to provide cover for high-tech parts like cooling system, suspension, air conditioner, fuel system, steering, and others.
  • Exclusionary: It is often referred to as full-coverage. This plan entails so many parts of your vehicle that it instead lists what is not covered.

It is encouraging that Honda is offering coverage for used vehicles, unlike many other automakers that do not. Unfortunately, this warranty is very limited because the manufacturer prefers you to buy another car directly from them, instead of keeping one beyond the automaker’s warranty. Obviously, purchasing any kind of Honda extended warranty from a dealership, it limits your repairs and maintenance at their service centers.

It is for this reason that contracting your vehicle service to third-party providers is a vital choice for used and new Honda drivers alike.

How Much Does Honda Extended Warranty Cost?

At last, the million-dollar question. Coverage does not necessarily cost millions of dollars. It is in fact incredibly affordable. Just like a BMW extended warranty cost, Honda extended warranties are relative to the make and model of the vehicle in question.

While we cannot give an exact price for a Honda extended warranty unless you ask for a quote, we can give an estimated cost. Averagely, your Honda coverage ranges between $350 and $450 per year. However, this is all reliant on a number of factors determining the final cost of an individual customer.

Third-party extended warranties are generally affordable, as you can see from the Toyota extended warranty cost. As we head close to ending the year, some warranties are about to expire for the previous models. Be sure to get your free quote and enjoy worry-free driving.

Does Honda Bumper To Bumper Warranty Cover New and Used Vehicles Alike?

Extended auto warranties or vehicle service contracts are there to help car owners pay for repairs like they would have done under warranties from their manufacturers. Most automakers refer to their warranties as bumper-to-bumper. This implies a comprehensive cover for your car. In the case of Honda, they refer to their comprehensive coverage as end-to-end protection.

Independent service providers of extended auto warranties as a substitute use the jargon “exclusionary coverage”. This is a comprehensive protection for the most vital components of the car all through. The cover plans areas similar to the factory warranty, only it extends the coverage and limit of the car manufacturer’s warranty once its terms are over.

As previously noted, the factory warranty by Honda is comprehensive. It, however, doesn’t last forever. When thinking of Honda used vehicles, the options are limited. For many Honda car owners, they invested in their models because they are reliable and durable.

Are you a pre-owned Honda driver? You can purchase coverage from a direct provider and extend the protection of your car from expensive repairs.

Honda drivers who wish to keep their vehicles longer than their manufacturers’ warranties should immediately get a quote from a reputable extended auto warranty provider. Protecting your car is extremely essential, and delaying to get one only helps to reduce your protection options. This is why we recommend not waiting and making certain your investment gets comprehensive protection.

What You Need To Know When Obtaining Honda Extended Warranty

One of the most enticing facts about cover from third parties and not manufacturers are not being limited to the dealer for repairs and maintenance.  Dealers usually control prices once your factory warranty expires.

Typical Honda Accord Repair Costs

Vehicle ComponentAverage Cost
Heater Core$746-$1,197
Ball Replacement$104-$267
Water Pump$766-$860
Head Gasket$565-$1,620
Upper Ball Joint replacement$216-$429

Are All Honda Vehicles Available For Warranty Cover?

The moment your Honda factory warranty expires, you could be making out of pocket replacements for the above repairs. Automakers often charge premium rates for out of pocket payments.

  • Accord
  • Civic
  • CR-V
  • CR-Z
  • Fit
  • Insight
  • Odyssey
  • Pilot
  • Ridgeline

Are Honda Extended Warranties Worth It?

It is very confusing for most drivers when it comes to choosing the right Honda extended warranty package or even going for a third-party provider. Your gut may gravitate towards the manufacturer’s warranty. However, as it has already been indicated, you will be bracing for tons of term limits and plenty of restrictions, which cannot compare to any third-party offerings.

Biggest Honda Repair Issues

It is very tempting to ignore the idea of buying a vehicle protection contract for your car. Honda top models including the Honda Civic, Accord and CR-V will take you up to 300,000 miles. While you might think this will last forever, it won’t! While the Japanese automaker was in 2018 gifted two performance awards, and a dependability award courtesy of J.D. Power, common mechanical problems that need repair can still occur.

Some of the most prevalent issues are:

  • Vibration problems
  • Airbag issues
  • Excessive oil consumption
  • Peeling paint
  • Premature break wear
  • Premature tire wear
  • Auto-engaging auto breaks for sensing malfunction

With time, the repair issues can add up. Once you are out of Honda’s factory warranty, you will be compelled to pay for the above repairs from the pocket, except when you have a Honda extended warranty.

Average Repair Costs For Honda Cars

It is essential to have a close look at further Honda repairs and their respective charges for those who do not have an extended warranty. It might give you a better perspective of why buying an extended warranty for your used Honda is vital.

ComponentEstimated Repair Costs
Honda CR-V axle/half shaft replacement$260–$708
Honda Ridgeline timing belt replacement$742–$823
Honda Insight steering rack replacement$425–$1,104
Honda Crosstour radiator replacement$366–$633
Honda Civic fuel pump replacement$587–$1770
Honda Accord Hybrid EGR valve replacement$167–$210
Honda Insight oil pump replacement$975–$1,182

You are probably wondering whether your vehicle model is covered under the Honda Warranty Coverage. Here is a list of models available for cover under the Japanese automaker:

Even as Hondas make the list of the most reliable cars, the above costly repairs do not pay for themselves. It tempts to wait for your manufacturer’s warranty to expire before you begin thinking about an extended warranty. Getting additional coverage before the manufacturer’s cover expires can save you thousands on expensive repairs.

What Is Covered In An Extended Warranty?

When planning to purchase an extended warranty, it is important to consider your choices. What does a honda warranty cover? This is an essential lead question to ask before venturing out to shop for the right cover.

You generally are looking at two choices when it comes to buying a Honda extended coverage:

  1. Purchase through a dealer
  2. Purchase through aftermarket service contracts or a third party supplier

Honda provides Honda Care. This is an extended warranty with four coverage levels that include bumper-to-bumper coverage.

Reliable cars That Can Cover More Than 150,000 Miles

Contrary to the popular belief that a car’s value diminishes dramatically beyond the 100,000 mile mark, there is a different opinion. In simple terms, the value of old cars has gone up, more so for SUVs. CheatSheet records the following car models to take you beyond 300,000 miles without major issues.

  • Honda Civic
  • Honda Accord
  • Honda Odyssey
  • Chevrolet Silverado 1500
  • Toyota Corolla
  • Toyota Highlander
  • Ford Escape Hybrid
  • Ford F–150
  • Toyota Tacoma
  • Subaru Legacy and Outback

That notwithstanding, no single car model is without problems, and therefore, the models mentioned above must be having slight issues. You can find the average repair costs for the cars outline above in the table below:

Vehicle MakeProblemCorrectionCost
Toyota HighlanderFaulty oxygen sensorOxygen sensor replacement$820 and above
Ford F – 150Ignition coil failureIgnition coil replacement$430 to $700
Chevrolet Silverado 1500Inaccurate fuel meterFuel pump replacing$970 and above
Toyota CorollaFaulty starterStarter replacement$400 and above
Honda AccordFaulty ACAC replacementFrom $545
Toyota TacomaLesser ball joint problemsNew ball joint$220 to $520
Honda CivicFractured exhaust Cracked catalytic converterReplacement No repair.$1176 and above

Shopping for the best affordable extended warranty for your Honda may seem like a vast decision to make, but knowing what to look for before buying might help. The most reliable warranties should have the following:

  • Prices should be competitive and transparent, with money-back guarantees
  • Customized terms to meet your needs, driving habits and most of all budget
  • Accreditation from reputable organizations such as the Better Business Bureau including industry leaders’ endorsements
  • Flexible repairs from a mechanic of your choosing and not just your dealer

Dealership Vs. Third Party Warranties

It may seem like one of the most difficult choices to make between dealerships and third-party providers of extended vehicle protection. Competition in the aftermarket vehicle service contracts continues to confuse the average driver, including Honda owners.

Here is how you can benefit from direct providers of vehicle coverage:

1. Less Costly Repairs

Everyone wants to save money. Even as you buy an expensive vehicle, you believe you are saving money because it is a reliable and durable investment. With reputable third-party extended warranty providers, you get assistance in shopping for a cover plan and price that:

  • Fits your lifestyle
  • Fits your budget

Direct dealers offer affordable monthly repayment terms. Of more importance, however, direct dealers pay for claims direct to the shop, unlike competing providers.

Tailored Extended Protection Cover

Most of the reputable third-party providers will draw up coverage plans customized specifically to:

  • the make or model needs
  • driving habit
  • budget

2. Use Coverage Plan At A Trusted Mechanic Of Choice

Honda care extended warranty limits you to their repair facilities and service centers. That is a good thing when you are still under their factory warranty. But the moment you begin paying for repairs by yourself, dealers always charge a premium for original manufacturer parts (OEM) and service.

This can sometimes turn to be inconvenient, particularly when you choose to own the vehicle longer. This is the reason behind third-party providers’ flexibility, allowing you to take the car to a licensed mechanic. Simply put, you can work with someone you trust or take the car to a third-party provider.

3. Money-Back Guarantees

Honda owners are very discerning and particular when purchasing third-party provided coverage. That is why the best third party extended auto warranty providers offer some miles of risk-free trial duration with their service. The trial period helps to determine whether coverage works for you.

Further still, once your factory warranty expires, you cease benefiting from:

  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Rental cars for vehicles under repair
  • Trip-interruption

Those are perks third-party providers offer with all vehicle service contracts.

4. No Paying Interest

When you purchase coverage from a third-party warranty provider, you are technically buying a different product. This is instead of simply rolling the warranty rates into your auto purchase. Factory warranties are usually included in the purchase price, denoting you have to pay interest every month for the coverage period.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does a Honda extended warranty cover?

Honda drivers have full range coverage plans meant to fit their specific needs, including 24/7 roadside assistance.

Do Honda warranties protect used vehicles?

Honda offers “CPO” warranties for used vehicles, it is quite limiting in terms of convenience and time. The CPO coverage only allows drivers to get their repairs done using services provided by Honda.

How does a factory warranty differ from third-party warranties?

When buying a warranty from dealers, they are just intermediaries distributing other companies’ policies. Direct dealers administer their extended cover, meaning no intermediaries you get what you see.

Additional Information About Honda Warranty

There are many more Honda drivers who want to know about their models. For manufacturer coverage details and the performance history of your Honda car, be sure to visit the sites listed below. If you want to know the types of breakdowns to look forward to as the Honda warranty expires, a little research will come in handy.

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