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Can you recall the last time you did something that did not involve the use of technology? Tough one, right? If you think about it, you will realize that technology has made our lives so much simpler. Be it at home, work or even while traveling, we always have something or the other made to get our work done.

It is not difficult to point out the devices that have made it so much more enjoyable and comfortable to live. The very fact that you are reading this on your mobile device or a PC over the internet shows how much technology has become a part of our daily lives.  Here are some of the popular technological devices that one would surely agree to have brought a great deal of ease to our lives.

How Does Technology Help Us In Our Daily Life Home & Travel

How Does Technology Help Us in Our Daily Life

1) Vacuum Cleaner for Car Seat

All of us love to have our cars clean and shining. Most of us clean them ourselves at-least, say, once a week, or take them to the car wash center every time we feel it is a little dirty. Nevertheless, very few of us could have really cleaned the interiors in the way our cars deserve had there not been these vacuum cleaners for car seats. Over time, dirt and dust accumulate inside your car in the corners of the seats, in the boot and other difficult areas where from cleaning it manually can be a real pain. However, thanks to some of the latest vacuums, which can simply plug into your car’s power outlet and help you clean the inside of your car quickly. The suction is powerful enough to sweep in almost all the dirt off the surface. For the smaller cars, you even have the cordless vacuum cleaners that run on rechargeable batteries for more convenience.

2) Robotic Pool Vacuum Cleaners

What do you think is the best way to clean your pool? Maybe you have a pressure side cleaner or a suction side cleaner, but these are messy, especially with the hoses. Therefore, the technology here that comes to the rescue is the robotic pool cleaner. These robots are self-contained cleaning units, which actually filter the water too while they are running. From the floor of your pool to walls and steps, some of the latest robotic cleaners can clean them all. All it needs is a power source unless it has a built-in battery. One simply has to drop the robotic cleaner into the pool and wait for it to finish the job. With built-in chambers to store the waste collected, these robotic pool vacuum cleaners help you keep your main filter a lot cleaner.

3) Elliptical Machine

It is not hard to tell how popular are elliptical machines going by the queue that one has to wait in during peak hours of the gym. This machine generally requires much lower maintenance when compared to a treadmill as it is supposed to be a low impact exercising machine- low impact because one never has to take off his foot from the pedal, much like a mid air walk. As a result, there is a much lesser strain on the leg muscles. The elliptical motion is especially a favorite of aging muscles, so people at middle age and above love it the most. An added benefit is that while working out on the machine, you actually exercise both your upper and lower body, given the dual motion involved in it. In addition, while you are exercising more muscles at the same time, you end a burning a lot more calories in lesser time.

4) GPS tags for your essentials

It is frustrating to lose your car keys, wallet, or smartphone for sure. So many people spend so much time searching for their keys that they finally end up wasting more time than what it would take for getting new ones.  Now you do not have to worry about it- technology to the rescue, again. You can simply get a GPS tracker that helps you track the important stuff that you would never want to lose. These small-sized tags can be kept in your wallet, or used as key rings. You then use an app on your smartphone every time you want to track them. Some of them come with cool features like beeps and notifications every time you get about 50 meters away from the tag.

5) Cloud Storage

There was a time when people actually had to maintain files for their important documents manually, at a physical location. This made it so much difficult to access these documents quickly, alter them, or add new documents to the file. Then came digital storage systems where you could store your documents, pictures, and videos on the computer. Now, is the age of cloud storage. All your important documents, anything you want, is just a few clicks away, accessible from anywhere in the world- but only to you. You can actually upload from anywhere and download from anywhere else. Sharing information has become so much easier- all of this could become possible only because of cloud storage. Every tweet you share, every post on Instagram that you see, all of this is based on the idea of the cloud.  Who wouldn’t say it has made our lives better?


All of these technologies have a pleasing effect on our lives. Some devices save us time, some bring more efficiency, some do both and some of them simply make us look cooler (cannot forget the fidget spinners). Take any sector- health, lifestyle, research, travel, medication, data processing, governance- anything- you will find that technology has been integrated in such a manner that now it has become inseparable. Moreover, technology has been changing rapidly, so will it in the future. With every such change, we have had something that has solved a problem for us. And every time we will have a problem, there will be a new invention that’ll solve it. Rightly said is the proverb- “Necessity is the mother of all inventions.”

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