The Route 66 Extended Warranty

A mechanical breakdown can drain your wallet and render your vehicle useless. It’s the reason we recommend vehicle service contracts like this BMW extended warranty for BMW models. While automakers have their own factory warranty extensions, going with a third-party provider plan such as route 66 extended warranty is always a great idea.

The right aftermarket service contract should offer mechanical breakdown protection for all models and makes of cars. But it’s not always the case since providers exclude some models, including the route 66 warranty coverage that excludes BMW 6 and 8 series, Jaguar, and exotics like Lamborghini, among others.

But no brand is immune to mechanical issues, and with so many vehicle service contract companies to choose from, you’ll have so many questions to ask. First, it’s critical to know what each plan covers and what it doesn’t, plus how the provider handles claims.

If you’re getting the Hyundai extended warranty, for example, where do you take your car for repairs? You should ask your auto coverage provider each of these questions as you shop for a service contract. Having these answers right from the start can save you from nasty surprises when your car breaks down.

Now, as you read our best route 66 auto extended warranty reviews, you’ll be able to see how this company compares to other third-party warranty providers. We put together the best aftermarket bumper to bumper warranty companies, and though we did not include route 66 extended warranty in our top 5, so many people rely on its services.

Therefore, we’ll be taking you through the ins and outs of Route 66 automotive warranty services Inc., including its pros and cons. We will explore all plans, so you get to know what route 66 extended warranty covers. After that, we’ll answer a few frequently asked questions about route 66 auto coverage plans before wrapping up this post.

Route 66 Extended Warranty: Everything You Should Know

Route 66 extended warranty is not your ordinary VSC provider. While the company has many positive features, including its comprehensive triple-tier auto protection, the majority of route 66 warranty complaints are about the unavailability and lack of transparency. Both of these are important elements you’ll easily find with other vehicle service contract companies.

Unlike most vehicle service plan companies, route 66 doesn’t offer its extended warranties through dealerships or online. You can only purchase its plans from specific credit unions and banks.

We often look at who is providing backing for the warranty while evaluating auto coverages. It’s essential to know who is protecting your contract, which, preferably, should be an insurance firm. In this case, Assurant Solutions backs extended warranties at Route 66. The underwriter covers all service agreements to ensure that policyholders don’t lose their money when the warranty issuer closes down.

The table below is an overview of route 66 extended warranty pros and cons:

During our research of route 66 extended warranty plans, we discovered that the provider’s website does not outline its specific coverages. You have to email the company to get the nearest participating warranty provider for more information on a particular plan.

What Does Route 66 Extended Warranty Cover

Route 66 extended warranty is mechanical breakdown protection or MBP package. The MBP reduces out-of-pocket payments when your car suffers an unforeseen mechanical failure. It offers peace of mind for stress-free driving, knowing that you are safe from major mechanical expenses.

To help you answer the question “what does route 66 extended warranty cover?” here’s an overview of the three levels of coverage they offer followed by an in-depth analysis:

  • First Street: It is the most affordable level of protection that builds upon a manufacturer’s powertrain coverage to create a drivetrain plus warranty. First Street plan limits coverage for electrical and cooling parts to 50% of components and labor.
  • Main Street Deluxe: The deluxe plan falls anywhere between an automaker bumper to bumper warranty and powertrain coverage.
  • Easy Street: It is the most detailed protection plan for route 66 extended warranty. Easy Street is almost similar to the factory type or manufacturer warranty. Here, your contract will only list the excluded items like cosmetic parts, filters, and tires, among others.
First StreetMain StreetEasy Street
Standard transmission
Fuel delivery
Front suspension
Drive axle assembly
Automatic transmission
Air conditioning

The three Route 66 extended warranty plans not only protect you against costly out of pocket expenses but also come with various benefits, including:

  • Transferrable plans if you sell your car before the agreement expires
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Round-the-clock roadside help for your plan’s term
  • Rental car reimbursements
  • $0 deductible
  • Nationwide coverage

Also, Route 66 extended warranty is among the few providers that include battery coverage. Battery replacements are among the most common car repairs along with A/C and transmission repairs, according to Kelley Blue Book.

1. Easy Street

The factory type coverage is the most comprehensive extended warranty on Route 66. The Easy Street plan covers two types of vehicles:

  • 2016 and Newer Models: It includes vehicles with a current odometer reading of between 0 and 15k miles, save for premium cars. The category excludes premium vehicles like any Diesel Hummer; Volvo any V10, BMW 1, 3, and 5, Mini Cooper, Cadillac, Mercedes C, and E Class or any Hybrid among others. It protects the car for six years or up to 100 thousand miles, whichever comes first.
  • 2010 and Newer Models: It includes automobiles with a current odometer reading of between 0 and 8k miles, including premium models. The protection is for five years or up to 100k miles, whichever comes first.

The factory type of plan extends protection to virtually all electrical and mechanical components of your car, save for the parts your contract specifically excludes. Easy Street coverage mainly excludes:

Consumable parts including

  • Brake pads, drums, or rotors
  • Clutch release bearing
  • Tires
  • Shocks or struts
  • Pressure plate
  • Wheels

Cosmetic items such as

  • Molding or trim
  • Upholstery
  • Lighting
  • Appearance features
  • Paint
  • Interior parts
  • Glass
  • Keyless entry
  • Wiring harness
  • Safety restraint and lane departure systems

Maintenance parts like

  • Belts or hoses
  • Adjustments or alignments
  • Oil change
  • Filters
  • Fluids and lubricants
  • Exhaust or emission items

Regardless, Easy Street coverage has additional benefits, such as:

  • Allowance for rental car $50 daily and up to $250
  • Fuel delivery
  • Assistance for flat tires
  • Door lock-out service
  • Car towing

Route 66 extended warranty has two plans for older vehicle models, which are nine model years old with a 140k mile or less odometer reading.

2. Main Street Deluxe Coverage

The Main Street plan is an extended service contract that includes all major systems in your car. It covers many parts as per the chart below:

Parts CoveredCoverage Details
EngineAll engine parts plus the engine block
Automatic TransmissionAll automatic transmission components
Standard TransmissionAll standard transmission parts excluding pressure plate, release + pilot bearings, clutch plate, and flywheel
Front/Rear Wheel Drive AxleThe driveshaft, pinion bearings, carrier unit, axle + bearings, clutch pack unit, ring + pinion gears, side carrier bearings, thrust washers, and universal and CV joints
Seals and GasketsAll gaskets and seals plus necessary repairs
4-Wheel Drive Axletransfer case with its parts, front driveshaft, axles, CV joints, differential, and U-joints. It comes with a surcharge.
A/CClutch + coil assembly, accumulator and condenser, and compressor
Front SuspensionControl arms, ball joints, wheel bearings, shaft and bushings for the control arm. Also available as bonus cover for cars with 85-k miles at purchase
SteeringP-steering pump, steering gear casing plus internal parts, and electric steering motor
BrakesABS master cylinder, wheel cylinders, hydraulic fittings and lines, master cylinder, brake booster, plus disc brake calipers. Excludes brake shoes, rotors, pads, and drums
CoolingFan clutch, cooling fan motor, radiator, and water pump
Fuel deliveryMetal fuel lines, fuel delivery unit, fuel injectors, fuel pump, and fuel tank
ElectricalEngine operation computing, alternator, wiper module, window regulators, ignition module, distributor, starter solenoid, manual switches, battery, voltage regulator, wiper motors, ignition coil, window motors, seat motors, starter, and door lock actuators
24/7 Roadside HelpIncludes changing flat tires, lock-out service, secure packing, towing, fuel + fluid delivery, and jump-starting stalled vehicles
Rental CarCompensates $40 daily for a maximum $200

3. First Street Coverage

First Street is another route 66 extended warranty for nine model years old vehicles. It covers the drivetrain systems in an automobile. The primary coverage level includes:

  • The engine
  • The transfer case
  • The transmission
  • The drive axle

The First Street plan has a claims limit of $3,000.

What’s The Quality Of Roadside Help At Route 66

Route 66 extended warranty offers free 24-hour roadside help worth $50 on each contract. Note that this comes with a limit of one call every week. The company roadside assistance package includes these services:

  • Vehicle towing
  • Door lock-out service
  • Minor adjustments
  • Assistance for flat tires
  • Battery jump-starting
  • Secure parking
  • Compensation for rental cars

Route 66 Extended Warranty Claims Process

The majority of factory warranties, online providers, and dealerships will limit you to specific repair facilities. Route 66 gives you the flexibility to repair your car at any repair shop with ASE certification.

When you get to your mechanic, just direct them to call route 66 extended warranty claims department using the toll-free number. The company claims division will issue payments directly to the repair facility. And if you cannot reach the claims department over the phone, you have the option to fill out a claims form on the internet.

The dedicated chat feature for the claims department is a commendable thing about route 66 extended warranty services. It is something most companies don’t have, which in this case helps to improve service delivery.

However, the chat feature isn’t available 24/7, both for the customer service and the claims department, meaning you could end up doing an email.

Does Route 66 Extended Warranty Cover All Vehicles

Most of the vehicle service contract companies don’t offer coverage on all car models and makes route 66 extended warranty isn’t different. The company excludes the following vehicles from its protection plans:

  • BMW 8, 7, 6, M, and Z series
  • Corvette
  • Jaguar
  • Saab
  • Exotic models like Ferrari and Lamborghini
  • Audi
  • Land Rover
  • Porsche
  • Mercedes save for E and C class models.

Route 66 Extended Warranty Cost

Route 66 extended warranty says that its coverage plans are more affordable than those from dealerships. But one of the shortcomings from route 66 auto extended warranty reviews is that the company lacks an online, direct quotes system. It points to a lack of transparency in this provider since direct quote engines offer instant price estimates, making it convenient for online clients.

The cost of protection will depend on your preferred plan and type of vehicle. Some of the participating financial institutions say that coverage costs often don’t exceed $1,250, although customers report higher rates. Besides, the rates may differ according to the financial institution you select.

Regardless, all route 66 extended warranty plans have a $0 deductible. It means you’ll only pay for sales tax, fluids, and filters at the auto repair shop.

What Do Customers Think Of Route 66 Extended Warranty Plans

Currently, the Better Business Bureau doesn’t list route 66 extended warranty. It means customers will find it challenging to get details on the provider’s common complaints, transparency issues, and business practices.

However, the following table lists the customer’s likes and dislikes, according to what was available at the time of doing this post:

What Consumers LikeWhat Consumers Dislike
Substantial savings on costly repairsLow coverage on the bumper-to-bumper plan
The stress-free, quick claims processPreliminary claims denials
Responsive and proficient customer support servicesCostly coverage plans
Quick response to issues concerning repair facilities or the claims processPayment limits on repairs leaving customers liable for the remaining amount

The general criticisms are about complicated protection plans and prices. Customers need to assume that auto protection plans don’t cover whatever item isn’t in the contract. Therefore, it’s essential to read the full agreement, including the fine print, as you compare different warranties.

We recommend comparing plans from multiple aftermarket warranty providers, including our top five favorite third-party companies. Are you looking for the best direct provider? Endurance may be a perfect match for you. Or, what of the longest payment schedules? Then try to Protect My Car.

CARCHEX is our overall winner among third-party vehicle service contract providers. See how route 66 extended warranty compares with our top 5 best companies below.

Company NameStart DateMax Cover YrsNo. of PlansTransferrableDeductibleRental CarsRoadside HelpRepair ShopsCancellationAvailability
CARCHEX Extended WarrantyAny time105 levels, 16 plans$0+30,000+ shopsRefund if in 30 daysFree, instant quote online
EnduranceAny time155 plans$100350,000+ ASE-certified shopsRefund if in 30 daysFree, instant quote online
CarShieldAny timen/a6$0 -$100Select ASE-certified shopsRefund if in 30 daysCall for an instant quote
A.A. Auto ProtectionAny time105 levels, 24 plans$100Any ASE-certified shopRefund if in 30 daysFree, instant quote online
Protect My CarAny time103$100Any licensed repair shopRefund if in 30 daysFree, instant quote online
Route 66 Extended WarrantyAny time103$0Any ASE-certified shopRefund if in 30 daysNo online or calling system

The Bottom Line

After exploring route 66 extended warranty plans, we discovered several uncommon features that stand out from its competitors. The company has $0 deductibles on all its protection plans, along with using financial institutions to sell these warranties instead of online vendors or dealerships.

Lack of upfront details on its plans is the major drawback to the services they offer. It means that customers have to do more digging around to obtain the info they need since the website has no sample contracts and coverage level information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where to get route 66 warranty Dallas texas?

Route 66 warranty is available through participating financial institutions in each region. You can contact the company for a list of participating banks and credit unions in Dallas, Texas.

How much is route 66 extended warranty?

Most banks and credit unions claim that the warranty costs $1,250 at most. But the cost of route 66 extended warranty often varies according to your financial institution provider and your type of vehicle.

What is the maximum mileage allowance extended service contract route 66?

Route 66 extended service contract allows vehicles with up to 140 thousand miles of odometer readings.

Do you still pay route 66 extended warranty after miles expires?

Your term ends when the miles expire or at the end of the allocated years. It means you cannot continue with payments unless you renew the contract.

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