What is Sign and Drive Lease Deals and Who Qualifies For It?

Imagine you are the proud, consistent, pre-owned auto buyer. You prefer buying and owning a vehicle, run it into the ground minus restrictions, as part of your property. Regardless of the urge to drive a brand new, fresh, directly from the showroom has always been appealing, and has never been more enticing than right now, with carmakers throwing deals all over. And if you have been looking around for a few years, then you may already have come across the sign and drive lease deals.

They are arguably the most straightforward leases out there because you just need to sign the papers and drive your car off the showroom. For example, earlier this year, Volkswagen introduced its sign and drive VW leasing special, a program that also lets you purchase a VW brand without visiting the dealership. Instead, you can close the deal on the internet from thousands of miles away, as the following Toyota lease deals with zero offers among or any other car leasing websites for that matter.

Although the use of online digital signatures for remote purchases isn’t the newest technology in town, it certainly is for buying cars. For example, only a few luxury car lease deals on the internet are available at below 400 dollars, including the 2020 Chevy Silverado 1500 with a custom 4×6 V6 configuration. But a quick spot check of lease deals near me websites and you’ll notice that sign then drive leases are not easy to qualify for or almost as cheap as you had imagined.

What Does Sign And Drive Lease Mean?

Since we knew this would probably be your first question, we’ve prepared a detailed post about sign and drive leases. But we’ll also show you how to meet the requirements and get one. And before wrapping up, we shall highlight the 10 best affordable car leasing websites and answer a few of your frequently asked questions, thereafter.

Like we’ve already told you, sign and drive leases are dealer-based financial agreements, usually backed by the car manufacturer. It means you are sidestepping a down payment because it will be rolled into your monthly payments. They must seem great because like accepting a package, it’s yours as soon as you sign off on the dotted line.

Nevertheless, remember that the costs due at signing won’t just disappear. The dealership is including them into your monthly payments, instead, shared equally through your total lease payments, which can dramatically increase your monthly rates. 

One of the advantages of this type of financial arrangement is it relieves the hassle of finding a large upfront sum to pay when getting your brand new vehicle. It’s a suitable scenario for plenty of reasons, but none better than just driving off the lot with your new automotive without paying a dime. While this program is likely to benefit many motorists, it’s vital to get an in-depth look before you commit to any deal, no matter the finance agreement you need.

To start with, bonuses for sign and drive lease deals are not always available. Therefore, while the local brand-certified dealer might always provide numerous leasing specials, some sign and drive perks are linked to exclusive events and sales. And without putting down money upfront, you should look forward to higher than average monthly payments. But since they are designed to let you choose from the most affordable monthly price, it’s not given that you will pay extra from one month to the next.

Who Qualifies for Sign and Drive Lease Deals?

The right type of lease deal depends on a few factors like your down payment, sales tax, total lease price of the vehicle, and an assortment of other fees. In the case of a sign, then drive deal, your financial standing, as well as credit history, are the most essential, as they also determine if you are eligible for other arrangements such as no money down leases.

Consumers with poor to average credit are unlikely to qualify for the sign and drive lease deals. However, car dealers may not offer any discounts for those offers. Nevertheless, you do not have anything to worry about if you are looking at stellar credit history. Banks often see less risk in loaning more money to customers with solid credit scores. Also, auto dealerships will readily sign you up for the best financing offer.

For that reason, even if the sign and drive deal is the most attractive option and you have set your mind on signing one, you still need the lender’s approval before moving forward. Nonetheless, with the lender’s endorsement, it is an excellent choice for potential lessees, which most car shoppers end up choosing.

If making monthly payments more affordable is your primary objective for car leasing. But you have less money to put down at signing, then you should consider no money down lease deals. Read on for more information on $0 down deals.

Zero Down Lease Deals

The majority of car shoppers confuse no money down leases with the sign and drive lease deals. While the two contracts may sound similar, there are vital differences worth noting. Zero down lease deals or only $0 down deals refer to leasing a vehicle with no down payment. Please note that just because the advert says zero down does not mean the money due at signing will be $0. The truth is that you will still be covering the first month’s payment along with the DMV, bank charges, tax, and acquisition fee.

No money down leases could potentially mean paying thousands of dollars out of pocket upon signing, based on the cost of the vehicle. In contrast, sign and drive carry the benefit of waiving all these fees, without which you will be paying no penny when signing the deal. Getting the two payment structures confused can prevent you from making accurate comparisons.

Why Choose Zero Down Lease Deals?

In most cases, lessees do not want to put so much money down up front for the newly leased vehicle. Because they will be returning it to the dealer in about two or three years. As a result, most dealerships advertise car prices with zero money down. Just as with sign & drive deals, this will mean higher monthly costs, which surprisingly provides peace of mind to consumers, as they do not need to give out a lot of money all at once.

While it is more common to see financed vehicles asking for a down payment as opposed to those on a lease. Sometimes putting down money could be in your best interest. If you don’t have extra cash to spare when signing a new contract, making a substantial down payment will reduce the total lease amount you have to pay. Which knocks down your monthly payments. Spending some money up front could be an attractive lease structure. If you are looking to keep monthly costs down while driving a car that you desire.

Attaching a down payment to your contract might help you get approval for a lease if your credit standing is less than stellar.

To help you compare the two lease deals and decide what works best for your situation, check out this table:

Sign and Drive Lease Deals Pros and Cons

Zero Down Lease Deals Pros and Cons

Sign and Drive Lease Deals Nj

Sign then drive leases can make an excellent option if you do not have cash at hand for a new vehicle. Currently, different sign and drive lease deals NJ special offers are available on various car brands. For example, many Volkswagen models, including the 2019 Arteon, Tiguan, Passat, and Atlas, are on the line up for sign and drive leases in New Jersey. The deals involve zero security deposit, no down payment, and no first month’s payment. The new 2020 Volkswagen Jetta S Manual might be the best NJ sign then drive deal costing $169 per month over 39 months with $0 down at signing.

Not only are shoppers leveraging the zero down offer courtesy of the sign and drive specials. But adding the VW Partner Program incentives on top of everything might help cater to taxes, registration, and title fees to make the deal completely free upon signing.

If you are rolling the costs of car leasing into your monthly payments, ensure you have high credit scores to qualify for the deal. While different car dealers and manufacturers have varying standards. Sign then drive deals in New Jersey have a minimum credit score requirement of about 675.

The 10 Best Car Leasing Websites

Coronavirus is forcing the hand of car dealerships into embracing internet sales and home delivery services. The countrywide culture of ‘dealer showroom’ is seeing an involuntary transformation. No matter the kind of auto financing program you want, you’ll find this list of best car leasing websites very useful as you hunt for reliable online automotive marketplaces.

Keep in mind that with this year’s corona pandemic build-up, foot traffic dried up quickly in major national car dealerships and local ones too. For a steady flow of business, many dealerships began promoting transactions on the internet, including free deliveries to your home, per social distancing requirements. And for that reason, much of the visits to a dealership are only by appointment.

So, if you’re scared to get inside the showroom like most Americans are, use one of the ten online auto marketplaces to compare the best sign and drive lease deals for you and enjoy contactless transactions.

1. TrueCar

As one of the most trusted online automotive marketplaces, TrueCar Buy From Home program is already operational, allowing buyers to take care of every aspect of their auto purchase without going to the dealer. Moreover, more than thirty percent of their nationwide networks, comprising over 165 thousand dealerships are partaking, with the figure expected to rise.

To help you easily identify dealers offering the company’s Buy From Home option, look for a special logo on the website’s vehicle searches. It is even more important for buyers to track manufacturer and dealership sites for the latest incentives and special deals. Thankfully, TrueCar offers such an online tool to make everything easier.

2. Rodo

With shoppers already feeling the brunt of the coronavirus pandemic, the least a dealership can do is to guarantee them a hassle-free shopping experience. Rodo is one of the finest online marketplaces where you can lease or buy vehicles from local dealerships from the comfort of your home. Some of their strongest selling points include a huge inventory, transparent pricing, as well as speedy deliveries.

Forget the leaps of faith and winding roads by viewing personalized rates without visiting the car lot. Along with accessing crystal-clear pricing, there are thousands of countrywide local dealerships, showing their fees, bonuses, and taxes. And after delivering the vehicle to your residence, Rodo will follow up with a confirmation message for a completed order, a sign of great customer service. 

3. AutoNation

Several of the major auto dealerships with countrywide chains were already involved with some kind of online sales before the corona pandemic. Many of them are now making it the cornerstone of their franchises, as they try to reduce the coronavirus financial impact. Automotive is a practical case in point. AutoNation has an online auto purchasing app and site, linking its national chain of 300 dealerships, spreading across numerous states. You can do virtually everything through their platform, such as comparing a huge selection of car inventories, finding credit facilities, and making online payments that come with free home delivery services.

4. Bakhtiari Auto Group

Like most car leasing websites, Bakhtiari Auto Group has done an excellent job of trying to keep some of its operations flowing. With other chains in the San Francisco Bay Area and Southern California areas, the car lot is already promoting online transactions integrated with cost-free home deliveries. As part of the brand’s initiative to respect social distancing, customers can now handle everything as far as their auto purchase goes on the Bakhtiari portal.

5. Modern Automotive Group

Although you are witnessing fewer shoppers in the marketplace, the Modern Automotive Group has this issue under control. Based in North Carolina, the brand’s forward-thinking marketing group realized that shoppers are more willing to trade on the internet. For that reason, consumers can use Modern Automotive Group digital marketplace to shop, set up the financing, and purchase from home. And what’s more, car delivery is free.

6. Autopia

Autopia is one of the largest car communities on the internet, dedicated to assisting customers lease vehicles online. And according to their statistics, digital car sales have always accounted for between ten and fifteen percent of all the United States’ vehicle market. While it’s still unknown how much the figures have intensified following the coronavirus surge, Autopia is one of the many companies, increasingly evolving with the online marketplace idea by fully embracing contactless strategies for auto sales.

To find lease deals, simply visit their website and use preferred keywords to narrow down your searches. Also, Autopia arranges vehicle financing and makes plans for the delivery of the car. If you qualify for financing, the transaction is very quick and the car will show up at your home.

7. All American Motors

Although no one has an idea of the post-pandemic economic environment, according to interactions with trade organizations and dealers, shoppers can look forward to purchasing cars as they purchase many other products, using their tablets and smartphones. And now consumers at All American Motors, an independent franchise in Tacoma, Wash, get the option for 100% online transactions. You will also enjoy free home deliveries for any purchases.

What sets them apart from other car leasing websites is their high-tech system that virtually walks you around the car you are considering. It means you can leverage chat and video technology to learn as much as possible about specific sign-and-drive lease deals without stepping into the dealership.

8. Vroom

Vroom is how carmakers would prefer to sell new vehicles if dealer business laws sanctioned it. This company eliminates all the restrictions by only selling used vehicles, though others with a few hundred miles’ odometer readings. The best thing is that you will be able to handle the entire transaction over the internet. 

9. Tesla

Some of the car sales brands have been offering online vehicle leasing and selling services for years. You may have already heard about Tesla for their unceasing wars with some states, concerning local dealership laws. Well, aside from these battles, the company runs digital sales and delivers purchased vehicles directly to consumers. You can deal with auto financing, registration, and handle all other paperwork online. This includes sending any documents with an in-person signature via express mail.

10. Carvana

Even during normal times, we recommend that buyers research cars and multiple packages on the internet before making contact with a dealership. And Carvana is a car sales franchise that helps shoppers by empowering them to take the initiative in this regard. Although it exclusively deals with used cars, Carvana allows you to identify the exact vehicle you want without coercion.

Furthermore, if you are not a tech-savvy client, you can still negotiate the lease deal or buying price via email or on phone. And once you reach an agreement with a digital sales assistant, you’ll be allowed time to sign documents through mail and wait for delivery of the car at your house.


Sign and drive lease deals are an excellent lease payment structure. If you do not have money to put down at signing, but you still need to pick up the new vehicle and drive off right away. Putting more cash down when signing the car lease will result in lower monthly payments. On the other hand, put no penny down, and you will see the cost of your monthly payments increasing.

Whichever way you want to structure lease payments, each option has its pros and cons. This ultimately boils down to personal preference, along with your credit and financial standing. For a lease deal that involves paying $0 at signing, you should be ready for higher monthly payments over your lease term, which includes taxes and other acquisition fees.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the cheapest car to lease in 2022?

The cheapest to lease is a matter of personal needs. But in terms of price alone, the Kia Forte LXS 2022 model offers an affordable lease it has been starting at $179 a month for 36 months.

What credit score is needed for a lease?

The credit score required for leasing will vary with the type of dealer you are considering. Most lenders consider FICO ratings above 740 as excellent. You will also get approved for scores ranging from 680 and 739, categorized as prime ratings. The quality of lease you can get starts reducing at near-prime ratings, from 620 to 679.

What is the best month to lease a car?

Timing is a crucial factor when it comes to realizing maximum savings. Usually, the best month to lease a vehicle is just after the model is released. At this time, the car’s residual value is at its highest, allowing you to put away money through reduced depreciation costs.

Is it better to lease a car for 24 or 36 months?

If you are looking for added flexibility, then a 24-month lease is better than the 36-month option. However, as far as monthly payments go, the majority of shoppers find the two-year lease to be expensive. So, if you are looking for better monthly rates and securing the most value for your dollars, you will probably want to get a thirty-six-month lease contract.

Do you have to put money down to lease a car?

Putting down money on a lease deal is a personal choice, depending on your circumstances. While a down payment can reduce your monthly premiums, it does not lower the total cost to save you cash down the road. Unlike a car loan, leases include all interest charges into the arrangement, to determine the overall lease cost upfront.

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