The 10 Best Greenworks Electric Pressure Washer

Pressure washers are an amazingly handy tool for the modern household. But amidst a host of brands, picking the right one can be challenging. Besides, the growing selection of the best gas pressure washers further complicates the list of available options.

Gasoline pressure cleaners come with an unmatched capacity for handling large cleaning jobs in a fraction of the time, owing to more pumping power. Regardless, a lot of impartial electric pressure washer reviews on the internet suggest that a majority of homeowners prefer the electric motor, such as these Ryobi pressure washer models, for convenience of use.

GreenWorks is one of the leading power washer manufacturers in the industry. The brand offers a strong lineup of powerful, GreenWorks electric pressure washer models, both for professional and DIY use, as the company claims.

But from the above customer reviews, most pro-use buyers find the units a bit underpowered for commercial jobs, resulting in several GreenWorks pressure washer problems. It’s the reason we recommend this brand for light to medium-duty residential applications.

Apart from the few issues, which we’ll discuss later in this post, GreenWorks electric pressure washer units are still a household name in terms of dependable cleaning power for the home. It is an excellent choice, particularly for homeowners, with random tasks throughout the year.

The company’s range of power-cleaning equipment is an excellent alternative to the emissions, maintenance-related issues, and noise of gasoline-based washers. And if you are here to find the best gas-based models, also we have Generac pressure washers that could work for you. In the meantime, keep reading for more insights about electric power washers from GreenWorks.

The Best GreenWorks Electric Pressure Washer: Everything You Should Know

In this post, we shall take a closer look at the top ten best GreenWorks pressure washer options. We will cut through each top-rated unit to establish its uniqueness. For example, each unit comes with all necessary GreenWorks pressure washer parts, including soap dispensers and applicators, corresponding spray guns, different spray-vertex nozzles, and other useful accessories.

In that way, you can spend on the right machine while getting value for your money. Note that our premium selection may not work for everyone as it did with us. For that reason, it’s always good to apply due diligence in finding a tool that best fits your needs.

You are probably wondering, ‘What makes greenworks electric pressure washer worth the investment?’ First, all of the brand’s machines are electric-powered, making them easy to use because they’re half the weight of a gas model.

Still, on usability, each washer comes with a convenient On/Off instant switch, lengthy GreenWorks pressure washer hose, and power cord, without dealing with gas hassles like purchasing gas or regular servicing.

Before embarking on reviewing the ten finest greenworks electric pressure washer options, let’s first examine how you should shop for a perfect power-washing unit. What makes these machines a must-have powerful tool around the house?

The device amplifies the garden hose’s power, using water to clear off all types of difficult stains on different surfaces. Today, you can use it to remove mildew and mold from your deck, wash the oil off your driveway, and clean your vehicle, among other tasks, without even touching the scrub brush.

How do power washing models accomplish all these applications with such ease? The appliance connects to an ordinary hose and uses electricity or gasoline to power a pump that increases water pressure to between thirty and eighty times more its initial hose-pressure.

With such force, you can effectively disintegrate grime, dried oil, paint, and other dirt from different surfaces, simplifying your household chores. The best GreenWorks electric pressure washer models have a detergent tank onboard, mixing the spray to enhance cleaning power.

Nevertheless, shopping for a pressure machine can be somewhat overwhelming, especially when you’re unfamiliar with the common terms. It’s advisable to get a unit with a corresponding cleaning force and water flow rate, rated in PSI and GSM, respectively.

To cut out the complicated jargon and make the choices a little easier, let’s describe the measurements as light, medium, and heavy-duty. Ordinarily, you would also have to choose between electric and gas-powered options, with each having unique pros and cons.

The following guideline highlights several power washer nuances, ultimately providing the info you require to pick the best greenworks electric pressure washer for your home.

Things To Consider When Buying A Pressure Washer

You’ll be considering several features when shopping for a pressure washer, all of which determine the tasks each machine can tackle, how well it performs, and how costly it will be.

1) Water Pressure

How much force a unit creates is one of the essential things to consider when buying a power washer. In this case, more pressure translates to more cleaning power. Pounds per square inch or PSI is the standard pressure measurement, with lower PSI meaning less cleaning pressure.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t imply that you just get the highest PSI equipment available. A lower PSI might be appropriate for your needs, depending on the intended pressure washer use.

Consumer-friendly pressure appliances usually range between 1300 and 1800 PSI. It primarily includes light-duty, electric-powered models suitable for small residential tasks, such as washing outdoor furniture, cleaning windows, removing mold, and washing vehicles.

The next level ranges from 2 thousand to 3 thousand PSI, making the medium-duty and heavy-duty categories that you can use for cleaning decking, driveways, house siding, and other hard-to-remove stains. Electricity-run washers stop at 2000 PSI, with gasoline models taking up the high-pressure spots.

Power units with 3 thousand and above PSI fall in the professional-grade class, which are ideal for stripping paint, removing graffiti, and industrial cleaning, among other applications. The high-end power washers are most costly, although most homeowners do not require this much cleaning power.

2) Gallons Per Minute

GPM or gallons per minute is another important factor that goes together with PSI, measuring the amount of water flowing through the PSI. You should expect higher GPM tools to clean faster and effectively because they are using more water.

GPM correlates directly to PSI, since the more the pressure, the higher the volume of water the model will use every minute.

Light-duty appliances might only utilize 1.5 gallons per minute, while the pro-grade units can use as much as 4 gallons per minute. As you shop for a greenworks electric pressure washer, first consider the PSI, while also keeping an eye on its GPM.

3) Source of Power

It’s also vital to consider the power source for different washers. You’ll find both electric and gas models, with each style presenting unique advantages and disadvantages.

Electric motor pumps are often more affordable, easier to manage, and lighter, among the two categories. Moreover, they operate more quietly with zero-percent harmful emissions.

On the downside, electric washer machines are typically less potent than their gasoline counterparts. Besides, the models will only function close to an electrical outlet. For that reason, the most-suited applications for this pressure washer include small around the home, like washing grills, outdoor furniture, and cleaning vehicles.

A gas-run power washer is another option, characterized by powerful, cordless machines with exceptional versatility and portability.

However, a gas pressure cleaner requires regular maintenance, making it an expensive model to get just for domestic use. Even worse is that gasoline engines are not only louder but also more harmful to the environment.

4) Source of Water

You must consider your water source when deciding the best pressure washer to buy, including well-supplied water and municipal water. What if you totally don’t have a source of water? While we mostly overlook this factor, it is an essential consideration when getting the best greenworks electric pressure washer.

You must ensure your water supply corresponds to your machine’s GPM. If, for example, you secure a power cleaner that uses 2.2 GPM, make sure your water supply provides that amount of water, consistently. Or else, you risk burning out the motor of your new unit.

There are a handful of options for those without water supply. Investing in an appropriate water tank might help. If not, you might want to get one of those small pressure washers with integrated water reservoirs. Simply fill them up in the shower or sink and start cleaning. On the downside, these alternatives will also limit your runtime.

5) Noise Levels

Pressure washers can be noisy appliances, although some are noisier than others. Consider buying the quieter version, electric run models, which are more silent than gas ones, especially if there are neighbors.

6) Portability

How do you intend to use your equipment? Will it run for domestic-only chores, or do you also want to take it to different job sites? The machine’s weight is the first crucial portability aspect, dictating maneuverability and transportability. Additionally, some models feature never-flat wheels for easy transportation.

7) Power Cord

When planning to get a reliable greenworks electric pressure washer, remember to check the power cord’s length and work with extension cords. The majority of power washer manufacturers don’t recommend using extension cords, limiting you to the length of the original power cable.

8) Detergent Tank

It’s always a good idea to purchase a unit with an onboard soap tank. In this way, you can spray both water and detergent onto surfaces, at the same time, for thorough washing. But you may not need the soap container if all you want is to strip paint and wash driveways.

9) Hot Water

Many pressure machines use cold water, although cleaning with hot water is more efficient. Therefore, some models can heat the water prior to spraying. The only downside is that they are very costly, making them suitable for industrial and farm applications.

10) Accessories

Spray tips are the most popular accessories in pressure washers. The nozzles come with special designs to change the intensity and size of the spray vortex. The majority of top brands include the spray nozzles as a bonus for purchasing the pump.

If not, consider a new pressure washer that you can quickly upgrade with top–quality accessories. You may want to buy new fittings and hoses as a replacement for cheap parts on an inexpensive machine. A surface cleaner is another useful accessory. The wheeled round-deck has spinning spray tips for cleaning different floors efficiently and quickly.

The 10 Best GreenWorks Electric Pressure Washer Reviews

Greenworks Electric Pressure Washer

It’s time to make way for the top-tier GreenWorks electric pressure washer reviews. We’ve put together the most practical and functional electric-run washer units in this section, to help you clean the toughest domestic messes in a jiffy.

1) GreenWorks GPW1702 1700 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

The GPW1702 series tops our list of the best GreenWorks electric pressure washer models, as one of the lightest units you can secure right now.

GreenWorks GPW1702


  • 13 Amp universal motor.
  • Maximum 1700 PSI with 1.2 GPM.
  • Dual, vertical-horizontal orientation.
  • Two quick connect nozzles.
  • Twenty-foot high-pressure hose.
  • PWMA certified.
  • Integrated hose reel.
  • One soap applicator.
  • Thirty-five-foot power cord.
  • Weighs 10.3 pounds.
Compact, lightweight make for easy portability
Convenient hose reel for storage
It can work vertically and horizontally
Easy-to-remove sprayer tips
It has a low-maintenance cost
It’s is unreliable for surfaces with tough stains
Limited interchangeable nozzles
It lacks a product warranty

2) GreenWorks GPW1602 1600 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

It is the best tool for those who want to get past multiple light-duty cleaning tasks in the home without using something heavy. Besides, you’ll find it suitable for regular car washing from home.

GreenWorks GPW1602


  • PWMA certified
  • On/Off switch
  • Thirteen amp universal motor
  • Maximum 1600 PSI with 1.2 GPM
  • Vertical-horizontal orientation
  • Two quick connect nozzles
  • One turbo tip
  • Twenty-foot high-pressure hose
  • Integrated hose reel
  • An attachable detergent container
  • Thirty-five-foot power cord
  • Weighs 15.97 pounds
Fast cleaning of surfaces with Turbo nozzle
Easy-start model with a dedicated button
Lightweight design
Useful onboard hose reel for storage
Easy-to-remove sprayer tips
It has a low-maintenance cost
No product warranty
Low-pressure output compared to other units
Limited interchangeable nozzles

3) GreenWorks GPW1950 1950 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

If you need any equipment for medium and some heavy-duty applications around the home, consider the GPW1950 is among the best GreenWorks electric pressure washer models with multiple features and accessories.

GreenWorks GPW1950


  • PWMA certified.
  • Built-in On/Off button.
  • Thirteen amp induction motor.
  • Maximum 1950 PSI with 1.2 GPM.
  • Dual, vertical-horizontal orientation.
  • Three quick connect nozzles.
  • Twenty-five-foot high-pressure hose.
  • Integrated hose reel.
  • Two, built-in soap tanks.
  • Thirty-five-foot power cord.
  • Weighs 32 pounds.
Dual soap tank for uninterrupted cleaning
One-year limited warranty
Extended reach with hose and power cable
Dedicated start/stop button making it easy to use
Compact design with two pneumatic wheels for smooth movement and storage
Innovative cable-holder, making it easy to store
Heavy-duty motor
Multiple spray guns for different applications, including stripping paint
It has a low-maintenance cost
No turbo nozzle for quick cleaning
It’s a bit heavy

4) GreenWorks GPW2002 2000 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

Are you in the market for a versatile power washing machine? The GPW202 series will tackle all your tasks, from light to reasonably heavy-duty domestic cleaning chores.

GreenWorks 2000 PSI Pressure Washer GPW2002


  • 13-A induction motor.
  • PWMA certified.
  • Integrated On/Off button.
  • Maximum 2000 PSI with 1.2 GPM.
  • Onboard cable holder.
  • Dual, vertical-horizontal orientation.
  • Two sprayer tips with one turbo nozzle.
  • Two sturdy wheels.
  • Twenty-five-foot high-pressure hose.
  • One soap applicator.
  • Built-in hose reel.
  • Thirty-five-foot power cord.
  • Weighs 37 pounds.
Excellent water pressure
Smooth operations with little noise
Extended reach with hose and power cable
One-year limited warranty
Convenient start/stop switch making it easy to use
Compact design with two pneumatic wheels for easy movement
Easy to store with cable-holder and hose reel
Heavy-duty motor for constant, reliable cleaning power
Several spray nozzles for multiple applications, like stripping paint
It has a low-maintenance cost
It is a massive model

5) GreenWorks GPW1802 1800 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

The GPW1802 is an excellent choice for a primary, daily-use outdoor cleaning equipment. For starters, it comes in a compact, lightweight design with two large wheels for easy movement and storage.

GreenWorks GPW1802


  • Integrated accessory rack.
  • 13-Amp universal motor.
  • PWMA certified.
  • Integrated On/Off button.
  • Maximum 1800 PSI with 1.1 GPM.
  • Onboard cable holder.
  • Two sprayer tips with one turbo nozzle.
  • Two five-inch, durable wheels.
  • Twenty-five-foot high-pressure hose.
  • One soap applicator.
  • Built-in hose reel.
  • Thirty-five-foot GFCI power cord.
  • Weighs 25.3 pounds.
Decent water pressure
Silent operations
Lengthy power cord and hose for maximum reach
Easy to maneuver with wheels and telescopic handle
Turbo nozzle for up to fifty times faster cleaning
One-year limited warranty
Quick, easy start and operational functions
Easy to store with cable-holder and hose reel
Multiple-nozzles, allowing different cleaning tasks
It has a low-maintenance cost
Low rate of water flow
It has a standard motor.

6) GreenWorks GPW1604 1600 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

You’ll get this GPW1604 series washer if you want a compact electric pressure unit that will fit almost anywhere in your garage. The lightweight machine is excellent for light-duty cleaning tasks, including cleaning windows, cars, decks, and other spaces in your home.

GreenWorks GPW1604


  • Thirteen amp universal motor.
  • PWMA certified.
  • On-board On/Off button.
  • Maximum 1600 PSI with 1.2 GPM.
  • Integrated cable holder.
  • Two sprayer tips.
  • One quick-connect spray gun.
  • Twenty-five-foot high-pressure hose.
  • One soap applicator.
  • Built-in hose reel.
  • One soap dispenser.
  • Thirty-five-foot GFCI power cord.
  • Weighs 15.96 pounds.
Useful rack onboard for holding accessories
Silent operations
Lengthy power cord and hose for maximum reach
Excellent maneuverability thanks to the lightweight design
One-year limited warranty
Easy to store with cable-holder and hose reel
It has a low-maintenance cost
No wheels for easy transporting
There’s no turbo nozzle
It has a standard motor

7) GreenWorks GPW1703 1700 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

The GPW1703 series simplifies your outdoor cleaning by enhancing maneuverability, thanks to its no-flat wheels. It will handle all your light-duty applications ranging from car washing to cleaning windows and decks around the house.

GreenWorks 1700 PSI Pressure Washer GPW1703


  • 13-amp universal motor.
  • PWMA certified.
  • Integrated Start/Stop button.
  • Maximum 1700 PSI with 1.2 GPM.
  • Two sprayer tips.
  • One quick-connect spray gun.
  • Two pneumatic wheels.
  • Twenty-five-foot high-pressure hose.
  • A soap applicator.
  • Built-in hose reel.
  • One soap bottle.
  • Thirty-five-foot GFCI power cord.
  • Weighs 16.98 pounds.
It has a handy, built-in rack for holding accessories
Quiet operations
Lengthy power cord and hose to ensure maximum reach
Outstanding mobility, thanks to the never-flat tires and lightweight design
One-year limited warranty
It has a low-maintenance cost
No cable-holder on board
There’s no turbo nozzle.

8) GreenWorks GPW2005 2000 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

When looking for a dependable GreenWorks pressure washer with an electric motor and the ability to power through the hardest cleaning tasks like boats, bricks, cars, and patios, consider the GPW205 series for an easy life. Its convenient corded electric design will plug into your wall socket, easily.

GreenWorks GPW2005


  • Telescopic wand
  • Internal horse reel
  • 13-amp universal motor
  • PWMA certified
  • Built-in Start/Stop button
  • Up to 2000 PSI with 1.2 GPM
  • Two sprayer tips
  • A metal, quick-connect spray gun
  • Two, rear wheels
  • Twenty-five-foot high-pressure hose
  • A soap applicator
  • One Turbo nozzle
  • One soap container
  • Thirty-five-foot GFCI power cord
  • Weighs 27.67 pounds
Convenient accessory storage onboard
The model has a built-in cable-holder
Up to 50 times faster cleaning with turbo sprayer tip
Great reachability with extended hose and cord
A telescopic sprayer gun to maneuver hard-to-reach areas
It is less noisy compared to gas-based engines
It is easy to maintain
The unit comes with a one-year limited warranty
Excellent mobility courtesy of the rear never-flat tires
There’s no built-soap tank.

9) GreenWorks GPW2000-1 2000 PSI Electric Pressure Washer

A GPW2000-1 power washer is an excellent tool for medium-duty applications. Its rugged metal frame construction can withstand outdoor conditions while cleaning windows, vehicles, decks, and other areas of your home.

GreenWorks GPW2000-1


  • 1-inch wheels.
  • Telescopic wand.
  • Internal horse reel.
  • 13-amp universal motor.
  • PWMA certified.
  • Built-in Start/Stop button.
  • Up to 2000 PSI with 1.2 GPM.
  • Two sprayer tips.
  • A metal, easy-connect wand.
  • Two, rear wheels.
  • Twenty-five-foot high-pressure hose.
  • A soap applicator.
  • One Turbo nozzle.
  • Integrated detergent tank.
  • Thirty-five-foot GFCI power cord.
  • Weighs 30.6 pounds.
It provides easy portability thanks to large, rear wheels
Convenient soap container for easy cleaning
Integrated holders for hose, power cord, and accessories make it easy to store
The turbo nozzle provides fifty times faster cleaning time
Decent reachability because of lengthy cable and hose
Outstanding maneuverability due to a telescopic wand
It includes a three-year limited warranty
It is easy to maintain
There’s no built-soap tank
It has a standard motor.

10) GreenWorks Surface Cleaner

The last item on our list of the best GreenWorks electric pressure washer options is not a power machine but its attachment. The 30012 surface cleaner series will work with nearly all in-brand, electric washers with up to 2000 PSI.

GreenWorks Surface Cleaner


  • ¼ inch connector.
  • Eleven-inch swatch.
  • Up to 2000 PSI compatibility.
  • Weighs 1.8 pounds.
It works with most ¼ inch spray guns
Easy, fast cleaning with the wide swath
The feather-weight design makes it easy to maneuver
It doesn’t support high-pressure units with over 2000 PSI

The list above summarizes our top best GreenWorks electric pressure washer models you can buy right now. But before we answer your frequently asked questions, let’s first look at a few GreenWorks problems.

GreenWorks Pressure Washer Common Problems

  • Loose Bolts and Nuts: Although GreenWorks only has the quiet-version electric motors, don’t be too sure to forget regular checking and maintenance. The nuts and bolts fixing the pump to the frame often become loose and damage other parts.
  • Broken Pressure Gauge: It is another common issue with GreenWorks electric units. The gauge can display too much pressure or no pressure, or any other false readings. Therefore, you must keep monitoring your pressure value for inconsistencies.
  • Pump burn out: The majority of complaints about GreenWorks electric pressure washer lineup is the quality of the pump. Reviewers are concerned that most motors will start developing issues after the warranty expires.
  • Frequent Cut-Outs: Greenworks pressure units can start cycling on and off, which is often an engine issue. Cross-check for water leaks in the frame or hose to ensure there’s no water draining. You can fix leaks with rubber tape. It is also vital to check the engine for loose connections.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The Bottom Line

There are many uses for a pressure machine around the home, including siding and decking, cleaning vehicles, and lawn equipment, among others. You can choose between electric and gas models, and select the best power supply for your chores.

Regardless, gas-powered washers provide a lot of pressure, which is mostly unnecessary for domestic use. It’s the reason electric units are best for handling household applications.

We’ve shared the best GreenWorks electric pressure washer options because it is one of the top line electric-only brands. The company features a decent selection of high-end pressure machines that run on electricity, are lightweight, and portable. Some of their washer series is available in vertical and horizontal orientations. Besides, bulkier units are still quite mobile, thanks to rear pneumatic wheels.

Although gas-powered washers are portable and powerful, they are suitable for large jobs, most of which may not apply for regular cleaning around the house. Moreover, they are noisier and a bit demanding with maintenance. That’s why electric units remain the most viable choice for home cleaning purposes.

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