The 10 Best Inflatable Mattress For Back Seat Of Truck

Inflatable car beds for back seats come in different modern designs. Back seat mattresses are the best way to transform your truck into a more comfortable place to sleep and relax. Most inflatable mattress for the back seat of truck is easy to carry anywhere since they are lightweight. Additionally, these mattresses do not occupy a lot of storage space.

Apart from acting as a sleeping pad, inflatable car mattresses can also be used for other outdoor activities. Based on the type of mattress you have, you can use it for camping, hiking, and other activities.

Most inflatable mattresses for the back seat of the truck have several features that differentiate them from regular airbeds. However, it’s essential that you select the right mattress for your vehicle. Most importantly, it should fit your needs.

Why You Should Trust Our Review?

In this review, we have highlighted the top 10 inflatable car bed for the back seat. We have covered the features that make these products stand out from the crowded market. The products have been certified and meet the necessary market standards.

This review aims to simplify the process of selecting inflatable mattresses for your back seats. The products covered have been tested by our team of experts.

In selecting the products, we looked at various factors like user experience. Additionally, we incorporated ideas from other users.

Therefore, every detail on each product gives you the real picture on the ground. All the information is up to date, so you don’t have to do more research on the mattress of your choice.

The 10 Inflatable Mattress For Back Seat of Truck Reviews

inflatable mattress for back seat of truck

An inflatable car air mattress is an excellent accessory for comfort on the road. This accessory will serve you just like the best dash cam for truckers. Once you get some uninterrupted sleep, the experience will be unforgettable.

The market has different mattresses that suit various needs. You can purchase large and comfortable air mattresses that give room for easy inflation and deflation. Your pick will be guided by things like features, price, among others.

Generally, the market has numerous air mattresses for the truck back seat. However, we have highlighted the top 10 inflatable mattresses to select from below.

1) Car Travel Inflatable Mattress

This is one of the high-end products available in the market with the best design. With this mattress, you can get daily sleep and feel right at home. The soft grey color fits most cars.

This mattress is ideal because it is easy to install. It comes with two pillows which are very considerate, and it also has a nice touch to it. It can fit into almost any backseat, and it’s not too small.

This mattress is suitable for camping, festivals, surf trips, travel, and adventures. This mattress also allows children to sleep and enjoy a relaxed time.

Car Travel Inflatable Mattress


  • Includes pump
  • Tough PVC construction
  • Comfort fabric top
Easy to install
The pump breaks very easily
It might leak Aand lose air over time
It is very sensitive to touch and scratches

2) Heavy Duty Car Travel Inflatable Mattress

This mattress is best suited for SUV. The heavy-duty car travel is comfortable for travel and sleeping for children. Once installed in your car, it creates room for romantic, intimate motion. It comes with an electric air pump, repair pad and glue kits.

The material is durable thanks to the heavy-duty PVC materials used. It is soft, comfortable with a fluffy feather feeling surface to give you a relaxing experience.

This mattress’s comfortability is enhanced by the ten independent air valves that increase your sleep quality and eliminates fatigue. It also portable, making it convenient to carry around, and the inflation process takes about 2 minutes.

It is also too easy to uninstall and occupies a small storage room. From a health perspective, it has artificial scents, eliminating the chances of getting skin allergies.

Heavy Duty Car Travel Inflatable Mattress


  • Comes with a pump
  • No chemical scents
  • High-quality PVC materials
Easy to install
Occupies small storage space
The pump needs high maintenance
Susceptible to leaks

3) Etekcity Twin Queen Size Mattress

This mattress has the fourth-generation inner construct with the latest beam internal support. These features make the Etekcity mattress durable and stable. Tests have shown that these air beds can withstand up to 450lb without suffering any sink or leaks.

The non-leak feature is enabled by the upgraded seam and superior welding man crafts. The material has been certified safe with no toxic chemicals making it suitable for all family members.

You will notice that this mattress has a multi-layer flocked top that is 20% thicker, making it puncture-resistant and waterproof. Unlike most mattresses in its category, the Etekcity has two valves. The inner valve is for fast inflating and the outer valve for adding air for a few seconds to reach your desired firmness.

Apart from occupying your truck back seat, this mattress can be used for camping, and it comes with a storage pump. Additionally, the manufacturer provides a rechargeable pump with AC/DC adapters. It can be inflated in 60 seconds.

Etekcity Twin Queen Size


  • Comes with a pump
  • Has two valves
  • Durable and strong
Quick to pump
Puncture resistant
The pump needs a lot of maintenance

4) Winterial Back Seat Inflatable Car Mattress

This mattress has a small size making it more versatile. The best thing about this mattress is that it can be implemented anywhere and in any car. It fits one person pretty comfortably.

The material used is soft and durable because it is double folded. The Winterial mattress comes with a car air pump which quickly inflates the bed to your desired firmness.

It has a double-sided flock material with weatherproof cold-resistant features. Note that the Winterial backseat is unique since it is made to fit most vehicles. It is also very versatile as you can take it camping and traveling.

Winterial Back Seat Inflatable Car


  • Comes with a pump
  • Comfort fabric fit
  • Simple design
High-quality material

5) Car Travel Air Mattress

Weighing 5.65 pounds, this mattress is used for comfort and convenience up on long trips and driving. The manufacturer used modern technology with the exterior flannel meaning that it does not easily leak. It is also double padded to provide warmth and comfort.

Nonetheless, it’s suitable for any car type and model including SUV, MVP, and Saloon car respectively and supports up to 300 lb of weight.

It’s easily folded and you can carry it around wherever you are. You could fold out the cushion bed for 2-minutes. It has air inlets situated close to the seat, making it a bit hard during inflation. It comes with an electric air pump and a repair patch and glue kits.

Car Travel Air Mattress


  • Comes with an electric pump
  • Durable
Ease of use
Sturdily made
Flimsy air pump

6) HAITRAL Car Inflatable Bed

The Central comes in four colors, blue, beige, black, and grey. It is built with very smoothly curved edges alongside ten independent air compartments fabricated mainly from thick and soft PVC oxford. It is compatible with different types of vehicle models.

This mattress is portable based on its lightweight. It is perfect for camping, travel, and holiday escapades. Additionally, it has a non-toxic material and considered safe for use to children, adults, elderlies, and even pets.

The package includes an electric air inflator, so basically, you won’t have a problem with it. As to its operation, this air mattress is not recommended for more than five-hour use.

It quickly deflates out and needs to inflate repeatedly for use. Aside from the air mattress, the package includes an air pump, two pillows, and a repair patch kits.

HAITRAL Car Inflatable Bed


  • Comfort fabric
  • Comes with a pump
  • Simple design
Ease of inflation
Environmentally friendly
Durable build
Not for long trips
Air pump is unreliable

7) HIRALIY Car Inflatable Mattress

This is a foldable car airbed suitable for your backseat and other activities like camping. It is compatible with various models of vehicles. Also, it comes in different sizes, therefore ensure you measure the size of the car before purchasing.

It has a comfortable flocking top to make it suitable for just your bed. This tent air mattress is completely airtight with no leaking and is also easy to clean with only a damp cloth.

The manufacturer kit comes with a portable electric pump for quick inflation and deflation to the desired firmness. This whole process can last up to one minute. Note that the firmness is adjustable based on your needs. Additionally, this mattress is portable and occupies a small storage space.

Apart from the pump, the package has two inflatable pillows, one children safety baffle, and a repair patch.

HIRALIY Car Inflatable Mattress


  • Has an electric pump
  • Strong material
Portable and lightweight
Ease of inflation
Prone to leakages

8) Yescom Inflatable Mattress Backseat

Yescom inflatable mattress provides you with excellent quality. It is made of superior quality materials that make it tough. Also, it is easy to install and deflate.

It has a modern construction with an attractive look. Moreover, this is extremely light in weight and is easy to use. The package comes with an electric pump that allows you to inflate it quickly.

If not occupying your back seat, the Yescom can be used for both outdoor and indoor activities. Furthermore, this mattress supports the maximum amount of weight and is long-lasting.

It is easy to fold when not in use and is convenient to store. It comes with an affordable price tag and is a heavy performing product.

Yescom Inflatable Mattress Backseat


  • Comes with pump
  • Easy to install
  • Versatile
Easy and simple installation.
Light in weight
Suitable for different events
Faulty pump

9) Hiker Era Camping Sleeping Pad

This mattress redefines comfort. It has honeycomb air cells that provide extra comfort with a spacious inflating size. It is excellent for any sleeping position, and it can support up to 400 lb of weight.

This is an excellent pick for overnight trips. Additionally, you can set up this mattress in any weather condition as it comes with an anchoring copper grommet design.

The deflation and inflation process takes about 10 to 15 breaths. You don’t need a pump. It is easy to set up, and no extra items are required to inflate. It uses 40D waterproof Nylon and TPU layer. The materials used are thick, so no need to worry about leaks and abrasions—no more crinkly or squeaky noise.

Hiker Era Camping Sleeping Pad


  • No pump is provided
  • Good for all sleeping conditions
Easy to inflate
Strong material
No pump is provided

10) Car Travel Inflatable Air Mattress

This inflatable car bed is a user-friendly product. It is ideal for different types of outdoor activities, like road trips and camping. The material used is superior, making it strong and enduring. Moreover, this is comfortable and allows you to relax efficiently at a covenant price tag.

It also comes with an innovative design making it very attractive. Furthermore, it is easy to store and comes with easy deflation and folding system. This is a heavy performing product and is long-lasting.

This is extremely light in weight and lets you transport it easily. In the manufacturer package, you will get a pump and a repair patch.

Car Travel Inflatable Air


  • Comes with pump
  • Strong, durable material
  • Comfort fabric
Attractive design
Highly durable
Small for tall people

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Factors To Consider When Buying Car Seat Protectors

Getting an inflatable mattress for back seat of truck can be a time-consuming task. With many available choices, picking one can be confusing.

However, if you focus on the right factors, the process will be much easier. Here is a buying guide that will help in selecting the appropriate inflatable car bed for the back seat.

1) Dimensions

When choosing an inflatable mattress for the back seat of the truck, It should be based on the type of vehicle you own. Take into account factors like the car air bed.

For this case, if you drive a station wagon, an inflatable air mattress 55″ long will be suitable. In most cases, the car air bed of this size is compatible with 95% of such cars.

2) Ease of inflation and deflation

The mattress you settle for should be easy to inflate and deflate. Note that blowing up the mattress is probably the hardest part of assembling it. This process is made more comfortable when you have a high-quality pump.

Ensure that the product you settle for comes with a pump that requires less maintenance. However, some products do not require pumps. For this case, ensure blowing up does not consume a lot of time.

3) Portability and Support

Air mattresses for the truck back seat can be used for outdoor activities. The product of your choice should be able to install on the backseat of the car as well as at various camps. This should be done conveniently.

Furthermore, air mattresses should provide plenty of support. If the air distributes equally on the mattress, you will be comfortable. If the bed is made with a good network of air coils and chambers, it will have great functionality.

4) Durability

You want an air mattress that will serve you for a lifetime. Focus on durability as it gives you a good return for your money. The material should be made of robust PVC that is scratch resistant.

A right air mattress should also retain air for an extended period. The mattress should be made of durable material that does not allow air leakage in any way. This will guarantee you uninterrupted sleep.

5) Sleep Weight Capability

The weight of an air bed can handle plays a crucial role in making the purchase decision. Usually, the capacity is more than enough to support the weight of an average person. However, it is essential to check carefully if you expect someone with a larger frame to be using the bed.

6) Height

Generally, mattresses with a reasonable height are more comfortable than the ones struggling with the ground. If you want to sleep comfortably on an air mattress, choose one with a height that sets you a little or far off the ground.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Once you have a buying guide for an inflatable car bed for the back seat, you will still have some questions. The question can be many depending on your specific needs. The following are some of the common questions other buyers have before purchasing air mattresses.


It is clear that inflatable air beds are plenty in the market, and they are of immense use. They are ideal for a variety of activities and comes with an easy installation process. However, go for air mattresses that meet your needs, and are affordable. At the same time, ensure the mattress can support the maximum weight. It should be highly durable since you want it to last for a lifetime.

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