The 10 Best Car Seat Protector For Dogs

Dog car seat covers are used to protect car seats from dog-related issues. Generally, dogs are known to shed their hair, dribble their saliva, and scratch car seats. For these reasons, you need to secure your seats since the damage caused can be permanent.

This is enough reason to get a car seat protector for dogs. You will be exposed to covers of different materials, sizes, and designs. The typical dog seat cover protectors are made of vinyl and neoprene. Furthermore, most of dog seat covers are usually compatible with different vehicle designs.

In this guide, we highlight the leading car seat protector for dogs. Before buying any seat cover, conduct thorough research to ensure the product meets your needs.

Why You Should Trust Our Review

All products covered in this review have been tested and certified for use. The goal of our review is to ensure readers get the best experience when using the car seat protector for dogs. Our experts have tested these protectors and have ascertained they meet the market standards.

In compiling this review, the experience of other users was also put into consideration. Therefore, every detail on each cover gives you the real picture on the ground. You will get value for your money by purchasing any of these products. Note that all the information contained in this review is up to date.

The 10 Best Car Seat Protector For Dogs

car seat protector for dogs

You will be spoilt for choice when selecting a car seat cover for your pet or child. The market has a variety of both high and poor quality car seat protectors. The protector you choose should be able to meet some essential qualities. It should be at least waterproof and durable.

Additionally, the cover should be versatile to accommodate both children and pets. The following products have been carefully selected and suit the different needs of users. Here are the top ten best dog car seats:

1) VIEWPETS Bench Car Seat Cover Protector

This car seat cover is ideal for your pets and children. It comes with solace and repels to protect your seats from puppy scratches, hide and pee. This cover also protects your seats from liquids like juice that can be spilled by children alongside other wrecks.

This product is also non-slip due to seat anchors, non-slip mesh, and side flaps, making it stay in one place.

It is made up of knitted rock solid, scratch resistant, and waterproof car seat cover. Its dimensions are 49″ x 56,” and it can easily be put on to save your car seat. This cover is easy to install, and it comes with a detailed guide.

Cleaning is also easy since you can use a damp cloth or just vacuum. Once you purchase this product, you will get a lifetime warranty for a defect in materials and workmanship.

VIEWPETS Bench Car Seat Cover Protector


  • Soft material.
  • Can be machine washed.
  • Easy to install.
  • Nonslip capability
Completely waterproof.
Perfect for kids and pets.
Fitting is slightly out

2) iBuddy Dog Car Seat Covers

This cover is ideal for anxious dogs. As you travel, it gives you peace of mind. It features a visibility window made of mesh for easy monitoring of the pet while you travel. This cover is also compatible with different vehicles and trucks.

The breathable mesh window also ensures that the hair flows back without making your pet uncomfortable. This seat cover is designed with the rubberized anti-slide bottom and seat anchors.

This feature ensures the dog does not move around while you drive. It is also made from a high quality heavy-duty waterproof nonslip oxford fabric for comfort.

After buying this product, don’t worry about the installation process. It comes with quick release clips that are attached to seat anchors and velcro openings. This process should take you about one minute to complete. The washing process is also hassle-free since you can use a machine.

iBuddy Dog Car Seat Covers


  • Mesh window reduces anxiety.
  • Hammock design for dog’s protection.
  • Durable and comfortable.
Easy to clean.
Easy to install.
Very comfortable.
Limited space.
BarksBar Luxury Pet Car Seat Cover

3) BarksBar Luxury Pet Car Seat Cover

If you are looking for a cover seat that is all about elegance, then the BarksBar is ideal for you. This seat is well designed with exceptional features popular with the BarksBar brand. It has three layers of polyurethane for splendid waterproofing. Additionally, it comes in a quilted design that somehow follows the paneled sections of front seats.

Furthermore, you will have seat anchors and a rubberized non-slip backing to make sure it stays in place. However, this cover only comes in black. It is also designed with colorfast material to prevent color bleeding. You do not have to worry about damage since this cover has been tested for extreme temperatures.

Unlike other seat covers in this category, BarksBar has two pockets for secure storing of personal items such as toys, leashes, grooming supplies, water bottle among others.

BarksBar Luxury Pet Car Seat Cover


  • Luxury quilted pattern.
  • Designed specifically for the front passenger seat.
  • Triple layer polyurethane waterproofing.
  • Nonslip backing.
  • Machine washable.
Easy to install.
Only available in black.

4) Urpower Waterproof Pet Seat Cover Car Seat

This seat cover is favorite among customers based on the guarantee that it can keep the backseats clean. The backseat remains fresh even when you are traveling with multiple dogs. Many consider this cover as the best option for SUVs. In terms of design and luxury, the Urpower is in the same category as BarksBar.

This cover is designed with a combination of waterproof Oxford and a comfy cotton mat. The back has a non-slip material that ensures it stays in the same place. Other features include the split zipper system that can be equated to Barks Bar’s hammock convertible mechanism.

Installing is very easy. It has quick-release clips plus buckle straps for added security while on the go. Also, it comes with side flaps for added protection to your car door. It has four sets of plastic clips that fit around the headrests in the front and the back. These clips are adjustable. To clean them, you merely need a damp cloth or vacuum.

Lastly, the seat cover is very versatile. With the velcro strap, it is suitable for not only pet but also children.

Urpower Waterproof Pet Seat Cover Car Seat


  • Side flaps for extra coverage.
  • Durable materials.
Easy to clean.
Durable material.
Reinforced designed.
Versatile seats.
A limited number of compatible vehicles.

5) Active Pets Dog Back Seat Cover

The Dog back seat cover has a dirt barrier on top of the comfort layer. These waterproof car seat covers incorporate four different layers to create an impenetrable barrier between your seats. You do not have to worry about water and fur. Additionally, on long travels, this cover provides the perfect sleeping pad just like a kennel.

It is designed to fit any compatible vehicle easily. It works well with SUV and truck backseats. The installation process takes about one minute. Note that this seat cover easily converts from hammock to standard bench coverage and serves as cargo cover.

If you are looking for a seat cover that guarantees the security of your pet, then Dog Back Seat cover got you sorted. It uses four levels of security protection to keep your pet safe. The four heavy-duty headrest anchors and two seat anchors will make sure your seat cover is secured.

The nonslip bottom will make sure your pet will never slide around, and of course, there is a seat belt opening so the whole family will be able to travel together.

Active Pets Dog Back Seat Cover


  • Dirt barrier.
  • High-Level security.
Easy to install and clean.
Nonslip capability.
The mud barrier can make the vehicle damp.

6) Vailge 100% Waterproof Dog Car Seat Covers

The Vailge is a large dog car seat that covers the entire backseat protecting your car from scratches or mud. It is designed for most backseats of cars, trucks, and SUVs.

It is easy to convert between hammock or standard bench coverage. Also, it has additional non-slip support and the seat does not move around. It has Velcro openings for your seat belts for your dog’s safety.

The versatile split zipper hammock allows pets and children to share the back seat when zip up for a full hammock or zip down for half/half so dogs and passengers can travel together.

You don’t have to worry about water seepage reaching your seat. The Vailge seat cover has two waterproof layers. The top layer is the 600D Oxford with a water resistant coating. On the other hand, the bottom layer is the to which is new waterproof material.

The designers used the heat-pressing technology to connect the top layer and bottom layer. This technology ensures 100% waterproof because there are no needle holes. A machine can wash this cover.

Vailge 100% Waterproof Dog Car Seat Covers


  • 100% waterproof.
  • Versatile zipper hammock.
  • Heat pressing technology.
No water seepage.
Easy to use for children and pets.
Can be washed by machines.
Cumbersome to uninstall.

7) 4Knines Dog Seat Cover

This cover has a fitted skirt that wraps around the entire seat to fully secure the backseat. The velcro openings provide access to two seatbelts alongside the youngster wellbeing frameworks. This cover is instrumental in protecting your vehicle from the mess created by dogs.

It is effortless to install with quick-release clips. The clips are strong enough to withstand even large dogs and have reinforced headrest straps. Cleaning this cover can be done by hosing or wiping. A washing machine will also do a good job.

Additionally, it has a hammock attachment that protects the rear of the front seats. When you are not using it, it tucks back out of the way. The velcro openings make it easier to reach safety belts.

They are made from durable and colorfast material that is free from azo dyes toxic chemicals. It also comes with a quilted top layer that is non-slip and a waterproof backing that will avoid moisture seepage. The covers are available in two sizes and three colors.

4Knines Dog Seat Cover


  • Easy to install with quick-release clips.
  • Can be machine washed.
  • Velcro openings for seat belts.
  • The quilted top layer that is non-slip.
Waterproof capabilities.
Easy to wash.
Easy access.
Fitting is slightly out

8) Vailge Dog Seat Cover For Back Seat

If you want to monitor how your pet is doing while on the move, then this product suits you. It is a large dog car seat with a mesh window that also ensures the dog can see you while reducing anxiety. The mesh also allows fresh air towards your dog.

This cover has two waterproof layers with the latest materials. The convertible side flaps help your dog get in or out of the car quickly. At the same time, it prevents the dog from scratching the seat and door. The designers of this product have put into consideration the safety of your dog.

The cover is held in place by four headrest straps, non-slip backing, and two devices that anchor it to the seat. This feature ensures the dog does not slip every time you brake. It also comes with two openings to insert the dog seat belt that prevents your dog from getting injured. This cover is machine washable, and you can also use the gentle cycle.

Vailge Dog Seat Cover For Back Seat


  • Safety features.
  • Machine washable.
Easy to install.
Focus on pet safety.
Occupies the entire back seat

9) Urpower Dog Seat Cover For Car

This cover has some similarities to Urpower Dog Car Seat Cover. However, there is a bit of a difference in the design. Despite lacking the side flaps intended for protecting your doors, it maintains an elegant look.

It comes with a fully waterproof and highly durable protective layer. The material is a combination of PP cotton, 600d Oxford, and polyester to give your pet a comfortable experience while traveling.

This seat cover also has a non-slip surface to prevent your dog from sliding. Additionally, the built-in nonslip backing and seat anchors prevent the seat cover from sliding around. The installation process is, and it can be cleaned using a damp cloth or vacuum.

Urpower Dog Seat Cover For Car


  • Combination of polypropylene, and polyester materials.
  • Nonslip backing.
  • Easy to clean and install.
Easy to clean.
Easy to install.
Not full coverage.
Might hang loose in some cars.

10) Meadowlark Dog Car Seat Covers

The Meadowlark has extra zipped side gussets to secure your dog and the vehicle at the same time. This seat cover traps all the hair and soil remains on the sheet since it is made of durable material. This product’s high-quality materials have been uniquely designed, making it waterproof and non-slip.

Additionally, it has a durable zippered side flap for added comfort. It also has four layers and double stitching for durability and protection of the dog.

This seat cover is versatile as it is compatible with different types of vehicles. You can adjust the middle zipper according to your needs, so your children and pets can share the back seats without hassle.

Meadowlark Dog Car Seat Covers


  • Full coverage.
  • Heavy-duty material.
Dual zippers allow for folding one side down.
Machine washable.
No distinct tank for detergents
No extra shell for protecting the engine against bumps and direct damage

Factors To Consider When Buying Car Seat Protectors For Dogs

Buying the appropriate dog car seat covers can be overwhelming. You want to get it right it because you want to ensure your precious car seats are always protected.

The challenge is magnified when you are presented with an array of options to choose from. However, putting some factors into consideration will make the process much more smooth. Here are factors to look out for;

1) Materials used

Dog car seat covers are made of different materials. However, we have some qualities that should cut across the board. The material should be scratchproof and comfortable for the dog. Remember that getting a match of these qualities can be hard.

In most cases, comfort is often equated with a softness. In turn, soft materials are perceived to be less durable and sturdy. Modern car seat covers for dogs are made from polyester and cotton.

This material offers exceptional comfort because of its smoother finish. On the downside, it is not a good waterproof material. However, they are a little bit expensive.

2) Ease of Cleaning

You want a cover that is easy to clean. Most products will come with guidelines on cleaning, gentle drying, or even air drying. The point is that these covers should be easily cleaned. A good dog cover seat should only require a few wipes with a moistened cloth.

However, this is not often the case, especially if your pet urinates inside your car. In such cases, thorough washing is a must.

3) Availability of replacement parts

The goal is to get a durable car dog cover seat. The truth is that it won’t last forever, and at some point, you might be required to replace some parts. The product that you want to buy should come with replaceable parts, specifically, replacement covers.

More importantly, it is the availability and accessibility of these parts. Additionally, put in mind that these parts should not take a lot of time before being replaced.

4) Vehicle make

The design of your vehicle’s seats will guide you in buying the right cover. Some dog car seat covers are ideal for bench seats, some for bucket seats, and some are made specifically for trucks. Bear these factors in mind when picking your dog’s car seat cover.

5) Strong straps

The straps should be strong enough to withstand some pulling. Additionally, the straps should not fray or perish in sunlight. They must also be adjustable so that you can get the covers to fit. They also need to have quick release buckles, so you don’t have to fiddle around when you remove them.

6) Weight

The weight of your pet should be on top of your head when buying a car seat protector. Effort must be exercised to determine the weight capacities of the product that you’re entertaining on buying.

Furthermore, put into consideration the maximum adult weight of your dog’s breed. Don’t be guided by the juvenile weight of a dog because when it grows, you will need to buy another cover that accommodates its weight.

To Sum It Up

We all like to take our dogs along with us when we travel. However, due to the messy nature of dogs, we might be tempted to leave them at home. This should not be the case in the era of car seat protector for dogs. Determine your needs and buy the appropriate car seat cover.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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