The 10 Best Dash Cam For Truckers Reviews

Anything can happen on the road and sometimes one can be accused of doing something they honestly did not do. In case of any incidences such as road rage, accidents, reckless driving, etc. one will need tangible proof that something really did happen.

Shopping for a dash cam to fit in your truck can be quite a time-consuming task which can be very overwhelming. Fortunately enough for you, we have gathered the 10 best dash cam for truckers. An encyclopedic guide has also been included to help you correctly pick the one that works best for you.

Why A Dash Cam Necessary For All Truckers?

A dash cam helps record a lot on the road and will come in handy at the end of the day. Here are our top reasons why every truck should have a dashcam.

  • Documentary evidence is availed in case of any accidents or incidents. Since the camera records every second and captures everything as it unfolds, the real culprit will be determined easily. Camera recordings are admissible in court making them very vital equipment every truck should have.
  • When it comes to making insurance claims, it becomes very easy when you just present the video footage and the process of making claims becomes an easy one.
  • Some dash camera brands have also incorporated other very useful features such as GPS capabilities, parking assistance, and many other useful extra features.
  • The fact that these cameras have come in handy when capturing amazing incidents cannot be ignored. These videos referred to as viral, insane, and amazing, you name it, have gained popularity and can also be used as a source of entertainment.
  • This is the perfect solution to catch undisciplined drivers.
  • Perfect for recording road trip memories.
  • Business and fleet owners can effectively track their vehicles.
  • Dashcams can easily get you out of a ticket when you were on the right.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Dash Cam For Trucks

The best dash cams should help you meet a number of functions. In order to adequately help you, they must have certain features which will be discussed on this page. However, not all cameras have all these features so it is up to you to decide what you want more than the other.

1) Dual-channel

This is the extra eye that you never had that these cameras provide. Having a one channel camera is okay but never enough. Incidents do not always occur from the front only but also front the back.

Having an extra eye on the back of the truck not only helps in capturing incidents but also aids in parking if it has the parking assistance ability.

2) Night vision and range

In addition to your camera having ‘eyes’ both at the front and at the back, it is important to know how far they can also ‘see’. The range of 20 meters and more recommended for capturing wider angle recordings etc.

Apart from the range covered, the ability of the camera to capture incidents under low light or at night is also very paramount.

3) Storage

The amount of space and storage your recordings will take up matters a lot. In addition to the SD card which you can insert in the camera for storage purposes, you can also get a hard disk that can enable the storage of data up to 256 GB.

While pricing might become different during the purchasing process, your schedule should be your guiding factor.

4) Display

Typical dash cams come with at least 2 inches of display. In either way, the quality must be of high quality which ensures you do not miss out a thing. In addition, it should display very clear images even when the conditions are very bright.

5) Lens angle

This feature is often overlooked by many as they set out shopping for dash cameras. The quality and the lens angle will have a great impact on how much detail is captured. The lens with wider angle views is much preferred.

6) Accident detection

Just as the name sounds, this added feature ensures that accidents are detected and all the captured footage is saved. Most dash cams with this feature ensure that the clip which is stored does not get overwritten by new footage when the storage is full.

7) Ease of mounting

Look for a dash cam that can easily get mounted without you having to incur extra costs. You may end up voiding the warranties of some brands when certain seals are broken, etc. Search for a dash cam that can be mounted on the windshield with ease.

8) Offline power supply

Most dash cams operate when the truck is switched on. As soon as the truck has been switched off, the dash cams are also put to sleep. Find the ones which have a backup power supply such as in-built batteries. These are especially very handy when the truck has been parked and can be used to record thieves and other occurrences.

9) Ease of use

Not unless you understand rocket science, always choose dash cams that are very easy to use. Before many other features get looked at, is it easy for you to operate it or it will need a Ph.D. in order to fully understand operating it.

10) Warranty

As mentioned earlier, not all products are perfect. There may arise one or two issues in a product. Always go for products where the manufacturer is willing to take responsibility in case of anything.

The 10 Best Dash Cam for Truckers Reviews

best dash cam for truckers

1) Peztio Dual Dash Cam Front And Rear

With a full 1080p HD display and a 4 Inch IPS Touch Screen, Peztio dash cam has all the features which make it earn its position as the first on our list. All you have to do is to tap on the display screen and get to experience simplistic and interactive feedback from the camera.

With very powerful extra features, this camera has got to be one of the best, if not the best front and rear dashcam.

Peztio Dual Dash Cam Front And Rear


  • IPS touchscreen: This 4-inch IPS touchscreen display has a wider and clearer view. Unlike most other traditional dash cams, this one is seamless with your car. It is also very easy to navigate and access the menu and the other various options available.
  • Dual lens: The front-facing 1080p, 170 degrees wide-angle lens offers more than enough clear views and recording. The waterproof 130-degree angle rear cam also provides a better view of the back of the car. In this case, approximately 6 lanes can be covered also reducing instances of accidents related to blind spots.
  • Night vision: This dash cam possibly has one of the best night vision technologies. With a combined F1.8 large aperture and WDR, clearer footage can be seen even at night. Not only will it give you sharp images even of license plates but also improves your night time driving experience.
  • Accident detection: The G-sensor automatically locks the recorded footage whenever it detects an accident. It further ensures that when recording continues and the storage gets full, the locked footage cannot be overwritten.
  • Parking sensors: The back camera will help you when reversing and also helping you park with certain guidelines and assistance.
Dual channel camera
Advanced night vision
24-hour parking sensor – automatically starts recording when there is an external force on the car
Loop recording
Motion detection
12-month warranty
Some reviewers complain that the screen starts glitching after some time
The camera might turn off without warning on the road

2) Crosstour 1080P Car DVR Dashboard Camera

The Crosstour DVR Dashboard Camera is one of the best dash cameras for trucks with audio capabilities. Apart from the audio, the camera has a whole array of features that make it stand out from many others in the market.

Crosstour dash cam


  • Large LCD display screen: The 3-inch display screen is more than enough as you are able to perfectly view everything in a clear picture. You do not necessarily have to download the footage to your phone as you can just view the clips straight from the camera screen.
  • Motion detection: The motion detection capabilities are outstanding as your car gets protected by presenting you with the necessary evidence even when you are away. If there is any movement in front of the lens after your car has been switched off, the camera automatically begins recording.
  • Wide angle of view: Offering you up to 170 degrees of viewing angle, you are able to clearly see more than can meet the eye. With a span of up to 4 lanes, you can easily avoid accidents.
  • Loop recording: Whenever the storage for your clips gets filled up, the recording does not just end there as newer footage overwrites older ones.
  • G-sensor is built-in: The in-built G-Sensor makes the footage taken during a collision locked. This ensures that the footage cannot be overwritten even on loop recording.
  • WDR technology: During night time and other moments when the light is quite low, the WDR technology helps you access crisp videos either way. The technology can restore the natural colors of objects to the best of its ability, better than most in the market.
Efficient night vision
170 degrees wide angle view
Top of the range motion detectors
SD card support is only up to 32 GB which is quite low

3) VAVA Dash Cam

If you are looking to purchase an all in one dash cam, VAVA is one of the best picks you should give a try. This camera not only works to record whatever is in front of the car but also inside the car.

The sleek, low profile design camera is your reliable witness while on the road. Presenting high definition images, this camera is simply the best, with more advanced features than most of its competitors.

VAVA Dash Cam


  • 360 degrees rotatable lens: The 360-degree rotation by the camera allows you to turn and point the lens in any direction. This allows you to capture all interesting memories even when on road trips. Capturing all images at 60 frames per second, the image quality of 1920 by 1080p is of the highest degree.
  • Dash cam is Wi-Fi enabled: With an in-built 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi transmitter, you can connect your phone to the camera and stream live photos and videos. Configuring is very easy and there will not be any need of taking out the SD card in order to access the photos and videos. More advancements have made such that you can easily share those pictures on social media in an instant.
  • Night vision: The dash cam comes with an advanced Sony IMX291 sensor and 1 IR LED lights to enable vision at night become easy.
  • GPS enabled: The built-in GPS helps fleet owners to easily track their trucks with ease. The location, driving route, and the speed at which the vehicle is going at are consequently accessed.
18 months of warranty
Parking sensors
Seamless loop recording
G-Sensors are great at impact detection
The dash cam has a hands-free snapshot button to help you capture and save important moments. Not only does it capture photos but it can also take short clips.
GPS enabled
Suction mount only
Quite pricey

4) Crosstour Uber Dual Lens Dash Cam

The features of the Crosstour Uber Dual Lens Dash Cam not only make it perfect for taxi drivers – as the name implies but also passes as one of the best truck dash cams. Apart from the front and interior cameras, it also has a built-in GPS which makes it ideal for someone who wants value for their money.

The 1080p front camera is perfect for capturing incidents as they occur on the road while the 720p interior facing camera is best when you want to capture moments inside the car.

Crosstour Uber Dual Lens Dash Cam


  • Built-in GPS: The in-built GPS lets you track the location, route, and speed the vehicle is going at.
  • Intelligence parking mode: The intelligence parking mode ensures that your car is secured even when you are not near it. The hard-wired connections to your battery detect any external force on the car and begin recording instantly for some time. It automatically turns off in order to save on power when not recording.
  • Super night vision: With 6 all-glass high-resolution lenses, WDR technology, industry-leading F1.8 aperture, and high sensitivity image sensors make the night vision outstanding.
  • Wide angle of view: The 170 degrees wide-angle view helps you capture more while also helping to avoid the blind spots.
  • Emergency locking: The G-Sensor is very efficient as it is able to detect any accidents and automatically locks the footage which can be used in court or any other cases where proof will be needed.
Dual channel camera
Able to record perfectly almost in all weather conditions
Built-in GPS
The sound quality is quite poor

5) YI Mirror Dash Cam

Providing both a front and rear-facing camera, the YI Mirror Dash Cam is one of the most intelligently manufactured cameras on this list. The front camera is a bit better in quality with 1080p than the backup camera which captures at 720p.

The wide-angle view of the front camera of 138 degrees helps you capture almost everything in your front view. Furthermore, this helps you avoid accidents caused by blind spots. The back camera has an angle view of 120 degrees which is not bad at all.

YI Mirror Dash Cam


  • Dual cameras: The dashcam comes with two cameras, both of high-quality. The front camera with a picture quality of 1080p at 30 frames per second. The dust and the waterproof rear camera have a 720p quality.
  • Driver fatigue alerts: After every two hours on the road, this camera will alert you with a prompt that can only be turned off manually. This protects you from accidents caused by fatigue.
  • Accident detection: A 3 axis adjustable G-sensor automatically activates emergency recording in case of an impact on the car. The clip is stored and cannot be overwritten.
  • App connection: With the ability to connect to your mobile phone, you can keep tabs on everything happening near your truck remotely.
Reverse detection
Simple set-up
HD recording
Narrower viewing angle as compared to other cameras
The camera does not have a brightness adjustment system

6) Crosstour CR900 Both 1080P Dash Cam

The Crosstour CR900 is equipped with a Novatek chip and Sony sensor which provides advanced recording capabilities than most other dash cams.

Both the front and the rear cameras record high-quality videos at 1080p. Many other dash cams can only provide 720p of quality for the rear camera.

Crosstour CR900 Front and Rear Dual Lens Dash Cam


  • Advanced night vision: Both the front and rear cameras have F1.8 super big aperture & HDR technology which improves the quality of both cameras at night and under low light.
  • GPS interface available: When connected to a GPS antenna, the recorder will present your location, the route being followed, and even the speed you are going at.
  • Wide angle of view: The 170-degree wide-angle view from both cameras enables you to have a much better view of your surroundings, better than most dash cams of the same price range.
Dual 1080P FHD recording
Dual 170° wide angle
3 inch HD LCD
Storage only supports up to 32GB which is quite low

7) Crosstour 1080P FHD DVR Car Dashboard Camera

Crosstour never disappoints when it comes to the best dash cams in the market. With a 2-inch LCD display screen and a 170-degree wide-angle view, this camera is very much one of the best dash cams from Crosstour.

Crosstour Dash Cam DVR Car Dashboard Camera


  • Full HD 1080p: The SONY 2M CMOS Sensor ensures you crystal clear images both day and night.
  • Wide angle lens: The 6 glass fixed-focus ultra-wide lens of 170 degrees ensures you capture more than meets the eye.
  • Advanced night vision: With 2 IR night vision lights with WDR technology, even the smallest of details get captured at night.
  • Advanced motion sensors: The camera is designed to automatically start recording if there is any motion detected within 3 meters from the truck. If no movement is felt within the next 10 seconds, it automatically stops recording.
Discreet design
Sensitive motion detection
Wider viewing angle
The suction is reportedly not strong enough

8) Rexing V1 Dash Cam

With a discreet, signature low-profile design, the Rexing V1 is a very good covert witness on the road.

Rexing V1 Car Dash Cam


  • Records Full-HD 1080p videos at 30fps powered by the Sony Exmor IMX323 image sensor
  • The 6 layers glass lens opens up to capture up to 170 degrees of wide-angle views
  • Loop video recording
  • Accident detection
  • Parking monitor
Ultra wide angle
Optional GPS
Temperature resistant
Poor night vision
GPS is not in-built

9) AZDOME 1080P Dash Cam

This dual-lens camera with a 2.4-inch display screen offers high definition images and videos. The front lens has a picture quality of 1440 by 1080p while the rear camera has 1280 by 720p picture quality.

AZDOME 1080P Dash Cam


  • Loop recording
  • Built-in GPS
  • WDR technology helps take better images under low light
  • Parking monitor
  • G-Sensor
30 Days Money Back Guarantee
12 Month Warranty
170-degree wide angle view for the front camera and 130 degrees for rear cameras
Night vision is poor
An audio recording would have been a better feature

10) Crosstour CR600 Dual Dash Cam

Summing up our list is the Crosstour CR600 which is very discreet and can also be used as a hidden camera for car interior.

The camera is small enough to be hidden next to the sun visors. With a high-performance chip, this dash cam also comes with a wide array of features;

Crosstour CR600 Front and Rear Dual Dash Cam


  • Ultra-wide viewing angle. The front camera has a view of 170° while the rear camera has a view of 120°.
  • Intelligent parking monitoring
  • High-temperature resistance
  • Waterproof rear camera
  • G-Sensor collision detection
  • Loop recording
Dual lens camera
Easy to install
Super night vision
Video is so compressed that you may miss out tiny details

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Shopping for the next dash cam for your truck has never been easier thanks to our buyers’ guide and top 10 list. If stranded, be sure to contact us for guidance.

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