The 10 Best Hidden Camera For Car Interior

Anything can happen in your car whether or not you are in the car at that time. We have seen videos on the internet of people doing some crazy things and it all got caught on camera. While providing proof and evidence for things other people can easily deny, you will always be on the safe side.

There are hundreds or even thousands of hidden car camera brands in the world and it can get a bit confusing on which brands to purchase.

Some of them not only provide video evidence but act as hidden car cameras with audio recording. We will take you through exactly what you need to look for when buying hidden cameras. Thereafter, we will go through the list of the best hidden camera for car interior.

Why Should You Buy A Hidden Camera For A Car

People use hidden car cameras for various reasons. As mentioned earlier, you may need hard proof or evidence in case of an unexpected occurrence.

Moreover, you will just want to keep tabs on whatever is going on inside your car at all times. Some of the common uses of hidden car cameras include;

  • Keep tabs on your company or business vehicle and ensure the driver does exactly as instructed.
  • Monitor your teenage kids who are legally allowed to drive so that they do not use the vehicle to indulge in any acts not permitted by you.
  • If you are a taxi driver, you will need concrete evidence as some customers might start making claims you do not even know about.
  • You may wish to secretly spy on your partner and monitor whoever they have and what they do inside the car.

Before setting out to buy a hidden car camera, it is paramount to first ask yourself what your intent is. What do you plan on capturing? Which angle of view will be best suited for you?

Where do you want to keep it? What size of a camera are you planning on getting? Asking yourself such questions will help you narrow down the list and get you closer to picking the right camera for you.

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Right Hidden Car Camera

1) The camera invisibility

It goes without saying that a spy camera must be invisible from the eyes of the person or people you are spying on. This means that the camera must blend in very well with the immediate environment while not looking out of place.

The best spy camera must be inconspicuous even when it is kept in products or devices which are seen and used regularly.

It is important to understand that a spy camera comes as a unit. It always has the recording unit and (or) a wiring unit if it is not a wireless one. Also, it will be useless to have a perfectly hidden car camera but the recording unit is in plain sight and the wires can also be seen and traced back to the camera.

It is important to consider the location where you will keep the camera and check whether it will remain completely inconspicuous.

2) Flexibility and Simplicity

When getting a hidden car camera, it is important to know how flexible the unit is. Is it easy to move from one position to another or it is fixed?

The ease of usage also matters a lot when getting a spy camera. Can it be turned on and off by the simple touch of a button or it will require a rocket scientist to understand?

3) Field of View by The Camera Lens

How much can the camera capture? The depth and field covered by the camera also depend on which side of the car you want recorded better. If you want to keep it at the cup holders, you can get it installed in or near one of your coffee makers for cars that you can buy.

4) Storage Capabilities

Having a spy camera that does not have enough storage to handle all the data recorded is just a big problem. However, knowing what type of recording you will require will also help determine the storage capacity of the camera.

If you just need short clips recorded, you can just get a removable SD (Storage Device) card. If you require long hours of footage, then it would be wise for you to have a backup storage option or a hard drive. The most advisable camera to get is the one that can offer you more than enough recording storage space.

5) The Camera Audio

Capturing videos of whatever is going on in the car can be proof that somebody did something. Having a spy camera that can record audio can be proof that the person not only did something but also said something. The best spy cameras have the option where you can choose to have audio turned on or off.

6) Night Time Recording

When shopping for the best covert car camera, you should also consider its ability to record at night or with little light reaching the interior of the car. Always go for the cameras which monochrome lens or the ones with the ability to record videos clearly during the night.

7) Motion Activated Camera

At this age, technology needs to be made the most out of. You need to record as much footage without having to replace the batteries (If battery powered) and also without freeing up space.

Motion-activated cameras only become active when there are motion and movement inside the car and become inactive when there is little or no movement detected. At the end of it all, such a camera will have recorded everything you want, also saving up on power and storage!

The 10 Best Hidden Camera For Car Interior

1. Enji Spy Hidden camera

Reliable, packed with all advanced features, and very much affordable is the hidden spy camera from Enji. This is probably one of the smallest spy cameras in the market. Although it was not made specifically for cars, this covert camera has proven to be very useful inside a car.

The camera is very versatile and can be very useful to you in a number of ways such as acting as a body camera, drone camera, extreme sports camera, security system, and even as a nanny camera. People who have used this camera before will not fail to mention how clear the picture quality of the covert device is.

Enji Spy Hidden camera


  • HD footage at 1080p quality, 30 frames per second
  • A built-in microphone
  • Powerful motion detection capabilities
  • 6 LED lights for enhanced night mode which are completely invisible to the human eye
  • Supports SD card storage up to 32 GB
Motion detection
Night vision
Very affordable
Loop recording which makes new footage to written over old footage
Low storage capacity
It does not have crash sensors as it is not ideally meant for cars

2. NIYPS Mini Spy Hidden Camera

A very tiny device, less than one inch big, can be deceiving and you may think it cannot deliver excellent results. The NIYPS Mini Spy Hidden Camera is one of the tiniest, yet very efficient spy cameras any car can possibly have.

With outstanding 30 frames per second recording, you get a clear picture of 1920 by 1080p of video quality. To add on top, this camera goes a notch higher to not only record videos but can also capture still photos.

This Wi-Fi spy hidden camera for cars is also waterproof so you do not have to worry when your car goes out for a car wash. Installation of this product is very easy as the magnet on its back makes work easy.

All you have to do is to mount the back of the camera to any iron or metallic surface and it instantly gets attracted and fixed.

NIYPS Mini Spy Hidden Camera


  • The removable mirror makes it easier to hide as the lens of the camera which can be seen by hawk-eyed people will become inconspicuous.
  • The camera takes 1920 by 1080p HD videos at 30 frames per second. Advanced 4pcs IR LED lights help boost the camera’s night vision capabilities.
  • Supports up to 32GB of data.
  • Built-in 240mah battery which when fully charged can work for up to 50 minutes.
  • Motion sensor which activates the camera. It only starts recording when some movement has been sensed. This saves on storage and battery.
  • Loop recording camera which allows new footage to overwrite old footage. Old recordings are deleted so you do not have to manually do so.
Motion activated
Night vision capabilities
Very tiny, not easy to spot
Records high-quality videos
Easy to use
The battery life is quite short
Storage is quite minimal

3. AOBO Spy Hidden Camera

This spy camera is so small that it can easily pass as the world’s smallest camera. With 8 unique DIY lens buttons, this camera has the ability to capture everything as it unfolds, without anyone else knowing.

Apart from taking high definition videos, it can also capture quality photos depending on your liking. The stylish, compact design makes it possible to be installed almost anywhere inside the car.


  • Wi-Fi enabled and has live stream capabilities. With only a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi access to connect, you can use a free downloadable app on any of your devices to remotely access the camera. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Doing so you can keep an eye on whatever is happening in your car anytime.
  • Easy to install and use. The internal magnet makes it possible for this camera to be absorbed on to any metallic or iron surfaces. A magnet mount is also included in the packaging meaning your work will be very easy. No screws required.
  • The in-built battery enables one to record for up to 80 minutes of uninterrupted footage. You can also continue recording while the camera is charging.
  • Motion detection. You will get push notifications to your phone whenever motion is detected by the camera. This makes it easier for you not to miss any important events as they unfold.
  • Night vision has 6 inconspicuous infrared IR lights which bring you high-quality videos even with low light. The night vision capabilities of this camera have a 5-meter distance so there is no chance you will not see every part of your car even under low light.
Night vision present
Motion detection
5-meter night vision view
Magnetic back
Has 150 degrees wide angle lens
Live streaming can be an issue when the car is somewhere with a low internet connection
The battery is reported not to store power for long

4. Papakoyal Hidden Spy Camera

With a sleek and dainty appearance, this hidden camera for cars integrates practical features for high definition video recording, digital photography, and also acts as a hidden car camera with audio recording abilities.

Reviewers who have used this camera before just keep on praising the impeccable images this camera takes. The tiny, easy to use camera has a wide array of places it can be used such as a nanny camera, pet camera, extreme sports camera, home security, and a perfect candidate for hidden car spy cameras.

Papakoyal Hidden Spy Camera


  • Mini hidden spy camera which cannot be easily noticeable.
  • High-quality videos and photos are taken by the camera. Supporting both 720p and 1080p formats, the optical glass multi-layer coating technology helps take high definition stable videos and instant pictures.
  • Night vision capabilities. This camera has a 6pcs IR LED lights for Night Vision. It does not have a visible infrared light making it more inconspicuous at night while still present in a wider range, high definition images.
  • Loop cycle recording which makes new footage overwrite old footage is very helpful in ensuring the recording stays on even after the storage gets used up. This spy camera can take up to 32GB of T-Flash Card for storage.
Night vision
Motion detection to help record instantly after movement is detected
Free 16GB storage device (SD) card and card reader for efficient storage
18-month worry-free warranty
Can be used while charging
Records both 720p and 1080p formats
Lens are buried deep inside so the field it can cover is limited
Some reviewers have found it hard to activate the motion sensor as the manual does not mention how
The instructions manual is not easy to understand and follow
Inserting and removing the card into and from the card is challenging to some users

5. SYOSIN Mini Spy Hidden Camera

Should you wish to record your car without anyone literally noticing the camera, the SYOSIN Mini Spy Hidden Camera is the option for you. The camera has the ability to capture high definition images and videos.

SYOSIN Mini Spy Hidden Camera


  • Sleek and dainty design, not easily noticeable.
  • Records high definition videos. You can choose to either record it in 720p or 1080p.
  • Advanced 6pcs IR LED allows clear image quality even under low light.
  • Has a motion detection ability. The camera has the option where you can choose to either record continuously as surveillance or it can only start recording as soon as it detects movement.
6-month worry-free warranty
Night vision enabled
Motion detection
Records in high definition
Does not support Wi-Fi and live streaming
The instructions manual is poorly written and some users might have a hard time figuring it out

6. Hidver Hidden Spy Camera

Offering wide-angle views and HD recording day and night, you can never miss a thing when having this camera. The camera supports taking snapshots and also has a motion detection sensor.

Hidver Hidden Spy Camera


  • Compact, portable design can be inconspicuous to other people.
  • Capturing over 12 million pixels, this camera lets you capture crisp images and videos with a 1080p sensor.
  • Motion detector which gets the camera activated immediately after sensing movement. The recording automatically starts.
  • Using it is very simple to use the camera. All you have to do is to insert an SD card and the recording will be ready to start.
  • There are 6 LED lights, invisible to the human eye help in capturing images and videos at night and under low light.
  • Built-in lithium battery 240mAh which has a working time of about 60 minutes.
One of the smallest spy cameras in the world
Night vision enabled
Motion detector
Storage capacity is too low
No audio recording

7. RZATU Mini Hidden Camera

Rzatu came up with more than just a camera, it has more advanced features than many other spy cameras in the market. With a built-in 3000 mAh rechargeable battery, this has got to be one of the best cameras which efficiently does its job.

The battery can support up to 5 hours of operation while still supporting recording while charging. The camera lens is too small that even hawk-eyed people might not even notice it. This network camera has no limitations of distance as to when you can access the recording being taken in your car.

RZATU Mini Hidden Camera


  • Connect your mobile device with the spy camera over Wi-Fi and get to access the recordings anywhere, anytime. You can configure your smartphone APP in the P2P mode.
  • Motion detection service. Whenever movement is detected, the spy camera starts recording automatically and the other people being recorded will never notice it. The real-time video recording which has an ASF video format has 25 or 30 frames per second rate.
  • Circular storage is supported and the camera can take an SD card of up to 32GB.
  • Wide angle of 90-degree FOV.
One of the biggest benefits of owning this device is the battery capacity of 3000 mAh
It is a rather large capacity more than many other spy cameras
5 hours battery of life
No audio recording

8. PELDA Mini Hidden Camera

This security hidden spy camera from Pelda has a lot of features that make it very ideal to be used as a hidden camera for the car interior. Presenting to your crystal clear images and videos, you will never miss any details as all details are captured as they are both day and night.


  • Night vision capabilities. The 6pcs by 940nm infrared light which is not possible to be seen by the human eye makes night recording possible.
  • Smart motion detection abilities are very effective. The camera automatically goes on whenever there is motion detected and saves the files and footage recorded after every 2 minutes. When there is no motion detected after quite some time, the recording automatically stops.
  • In-built 170mAh battery can work uninterrupted for about 60 minutes.
  • The magnetic back enables it to be fixed almost anywhere that has iron or metallic surfaces.
  • The camera is very easy to operate. It only has two buttons so you will not have to undergo too many set-up processes.
Loop cycle recording
Easy to use and install
Crisp images and videos
Night vision
Motion detector
The camera is reported to gain some heat when operating

9. ZOHULU Wireless Hidden Camera

With a full HD 150 degrees wide-angle lens, you can expect to have a better view of the interior of your car, capturing every moment as it unfolds. This camera offers unmatched technological advances that make it more efficient.

ZOHULU Wireless Hidden Camera


  • Supports up to 128 GB micro SD card.
  • Built with night vision. With 6 invisible LED and infrared IR lights, a night vision is enabled for up to 19 feet.
  • Motion sensor. The camera automatically starts recording when motion is detected. A push notification is sent to your phone and a snapshot of the same is saved to the app.
  • Magnetic plates and rotatable brackets with a 360-degree adjustment, you can place the camera anywhere in your car without anyone noticing it.
Generous storage space
19 feet of night vision capabilities
150 degrees wide angle lens ensure you have a better view
Does not record audio

10. Relohas Mini Spy Camera

Reholas upgraded everything about their hidden spy cameras with better and more advanced features. With a wider lens angle, better battery capacity, upgraded night vision, and motion detection notifications, this product has rightfully earned its place on this list.

Relohas Mini Spy Camera


  • Remotely monitor everything captured on the camera when connected to Wi-Fi. If without Wi-Fi, the device automatically records everything and stores in the SD card.
  • Advanced night vision capabilities. With 8 invisible lamp heads, this is simply the spy camera with the best night vision on Amazon.
  • 24-hour loop recording.
  • Crispy clear images and videos in 1080p and 140 degrees wide angle view.
  • Magnetic suction to be attached to any metallic or iron surfaces.
Easy to use, the app is also very to connect to the camera
Best night vision capabilities
Advanced push notifications for motion detection
Live stream
Generous storage capacity
The app is not supported on PC
No audio recording


Picking the right hidden spy camera for cars just became easier for you. Follow our buyers’ guide and pick one of our choices and you will definitely get the right one for you.

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