The 5 Best Steam Cleaners For Car Seat

Today, professional car detailers are increasingly embracing vapor steam cleaners to detail vehicle interiors. Steam cleaning equipment produces dry superheated steam, useful for removing all kinds of grime and dirt. With the right tools, it is possible to steam clean car seats, door jams, dashes, carpets, center consoles, carpets, leather surfaces, and cup holders, among other upholstery.

Unlike other auto detailing methods, steam cleaning allows you to detail the whole car without using any chemicals. While commercial class steam cleaners are suitable for detail shops, car rentals, auto dealers, and car washes, residential-grade varieties are available to assist you in deep cleaning your car most efficiently.

Knowing how to steam clean car seats is particularly essential if your budget can’t allow you to get professional auto detailing services. Aside from effectively knocking off dirt, dust, and grease in minutes, steam cleaning is an eco-friendly auto-detailing method.

Additionally, it is economical in the end. But how should you steam clean your car for a clean interior finish? To help you out, we are sharing some easy tips that will ensure your car seats and upholstery remains clean during lean times. We will also review the five best steam cleaners for exceptional DIY auto detailing.

How To Steam Clean A Car Seat?

You can never be too careful when using your car because the interior eventually gets dirty and soiled. Regardless of how dirty the interior is a steam cleaner provides an excellent solution due to the following reasons:

  1. Steam removes the need for harmful chemicals.
  2. It offers deep penetration into the fabric and car upholstery.
  3. Steam is effective in cleaning hard to reach areas.
  4. Steam is safe for cleaning all types of surfaces.
  5. It helps to soften and lift dirt eliminating hours of scrubbing.
  6. Steam cleaning can quickly remove dirt before it stains your car fabric.
  7. Steam cleaners are cost-effective as you would only need water and a fraction of the time other methods require.

With the advantages of steam cleaning in mind, here are five easy steps to detail your car interior.

5 Easy Steps To Detail Your Car Interior

Step 1: Steam Cleaning Carpets and Fabric

A clean interior starts by cleaning the car seats fabric and carpets using steam.


  • Steam cleaner
  • A bristled triangular tool for the steam cleaner
  • A vacuum cleaner

The Procedure for Best Results

  • Use the vacuum cleaner for thorough elimination of dust and dirt from seats and carpets
  • Follow with a crevice vacuum tool to reach tight areas of the pedals and seats
  • Attach the triangular brush to your steam machine and use it to steam the carpets, fabric seats, and tight spots. The bristles will agitate and lift away dirt, which steam loosens deep in your car upholstery
  • Use the vacuum machine to lift off remnants of loose particles from the seat fabric and carpets

Step 2: Steam Cleaning Plastic, Leather, and Vinyl

Since leather, vinyl, and plastic materials are delicate, you will need a soft attachment to steam clean the surfaces to prevent scratching the surfaces.


  • Steam cleaner
  • The steam cleaner’s bristled brush attachment
  • Cloth or soft attachment for the steam machine

The Procedure for Best Results

  • Wrap a microfiber cloth around the carpet-cleaning tool and lightly pass it on vinyl and plastic upholstery, including the radio display, the gearshift area, and dash.
  • With the wrapped carpet attachment, gently pass the steam cleaner over leather surfaces to loosen dirt as the soft cloth lifts it away
  • Use the steam cleaner to eliminate oil on your steering wheel

Step 3: Steam Cleaning Hard to Reach Spots

For a perfect finish of the interior, you need to clean areas that are inaccessible by hand.


  • Steam cleaner and its crevice tool
  • Vacuum cleaner and its crevice tool

The Procedure for Best Results

  • Attach the crevice tool to the steam cleaner and use it to clean the areas that were otherwise inaccessible by hand
  • Move the cleaning tip as close as you can to the dirty areas for effective detailing
  • The nozzle can get into many parts such as the consoles, in the deep door pockets, between the seats, and cup holders
  • Wipe the surfaces you can access with a clean fiber cloth
  • After steaming cleaning areas with heavy soilings like the door pockets and cup holders, follow with a vacuum cleaner fitted with a crevice tool to eliminate loose dirt

Step 4: Steam Cleaning The Headliner

While the headliner does not need regular cleaning, it accumulates plenty of airborne dirt and dust. Careful detailing of the headliner is crucial to prevent ruining it, which might necessitate a replacement.


  • Steam cleaner
  • Microfiber or soft cloth
  • Vacuum cleaner

The Procedure for Best Results

  • Cover the steam cleaner tip with a soft cloth or microfiber material
  • Gently and quickly, pass the steam cleaner over your headliner fabric. Do not stay in one area for too long to avoid soaking and loosening the glue
  • Immediately follow with a vacuum cleaner to pick up any loose dirt and dry the headliner surface

Step 5: Steam Cleaning the Windows

You can use the steam cleaner to remove stubborn stains from the inside of your car windows.


  • Squeegee tool for the steam cleaner
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Steam cleaner

The Procedure for Best Results

  • Attach the squeegee to your steam cleaner or a microfiber-covered-wide attachment in the squeegee’s absence
  • Clean the windows by passing over the steam cleaner using a top-down approach
  • Use the steam cleaner to detail the inside of the windshield by working with half the glass at a time and making horizontal passes
  • With each pass, wipe the squeegee’s edge using a clean material, so you don’t transfer the dirt back onto the windows

Factor To Consider When Buying A Steam Cleaner For Cars

While everyone has distinct needs, the best steam cleaner for cars should be one that meets your criteria based on the following factors:

  • Size and weight: A home-grade tool should be light and portable.
  • Cost: The best steam cleaner for cars should cater to your budget needs.
  • Attachments and Accessories: A good steamer for you should carry the accessories you need at an affordable cost.
  • Tank Capacity: A reliable steam cleaner should continue to produce steam without constant refills.
  • Pressure and Temperature: The pressure and temperature a device can reach determines how effective it can clean.
  • Ease of Use: Steam cleaners should only be helpful if they are easy to use.

How We Picked And Tested?

To bring you the best equipment to steam clean car seats, we test each steamer on different car interior surfaces. Based on the attachments and purpose of each steam cleaner, we examine the auto-detailing performance against seat fabrics, carpets, vinyl, plastic, as well as leather surfaces.

Apart from cleaning quality, we look at the usability of each device concerning the simplicity of refills, usability levels in various situations, including how easy it is to interchange the available attachments. We also find it necessary to look at how long each device can last with a tank full of water and surface area covered on a single refill.

Why You Trust Our Review?

All the reviews from Cars Plan are moderate, comprehensive, and honest. We do not post reviews that sway emotions, such as on the extremes of positive and negative remarks.

At Cars Plan, we will not provide details corresponding to what the consumer would like to hear at the expense of the truth. We only focus on the quality and depth aspects of our written reviews, which we believe should help you make informed choices on auto-products.

The 5 Best Steam Cleaners For Car Seat Reviews

Steam Clean Car Seats

1) McCulloch MC1275 Steam Cleaner

The McCulloch MC1275 is a commercial-grade steam cleaner perfect for most floor surfaces, fixtures, tiles and grout, appliances, countertops, outdoor furnishings, along with car interiors.

McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam Cleaner


  • Up to 37 G/min steam rate.
  • Up to 43 PSI steam pressure.
  • A 48-ounce water tank.
  • A 15.7-ft power cable.
  • More than nine feet of steam hose.
  • Up to 18 attachments.
  • Chemical-free cleaning.
  • 8 minutes of heating time.
  • Up to 200° F steam temperature.
A 2-year warranty
Plenty of accessories
Provides value for money
Lengthy steam hose and power cord
Excellent for large area cleaning
Powerful steam pressure
Limited portability for small jobs
Extra-long hose limits steam output pressure
Hard to use on staircases

2) PurSteam World’s Best Steam Cleaner

The PurSteam World’s Best steam cleaner is a multi purpose handheld cleaning tool for different surfaces such as floors, furniture, carpets, and barbecue.

PurSteam World's Best Steamers


  • Up to 43.5 PSI steam pressure.
  • A 12-ounce water tank.
  • A 9.8-ft power cord.
  • 21-inch steam hose.
  • Up to 9 attachments.
  • Chemical-free cleaning.
  • 4 minutes of heating time.
  • Up to 289.4° F steam temperature.
  • Handheld usage.
Handheld product for small jobs
Fast heating
Excellent steam pressure
Affordable device
Safe, multi-purpose cleaning
Fewer accessories than other steam cleaners
Smaller water tank
Short power-cord

3) Wagner Spraytech 0282014 915 Steam Cleaner

Wagner Spraytech 0282014 915 On-demand Multipurpose Steam Cleaner is a handheld device suitable for various surfaces around the home, including car upholstery cleaning.

Wagner Spraytech 0282014 915 Steam Cleaner


  • A 48-ounce water tank.
  • A 96-inch steam hose.
  • Up to 18 attachments.
  • Chemical-free cleaning.
  • 10 minutes of heating time.
  • Up to 212°F steam temperature.
A 1-year warranty
Decent accessories, including an attachment for removing wallpaper
Portable design with wheels and carrying handle
Lengthy steam hose and power cord
Ideal for indoor steam cleaning
Long hose for extra reach
Locking trigger for continuous steam pressure
Heavier than other models
Uses distilled water

4) McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe Canister Steam System

The McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe is an excellent solution for both indoor and outdoor cleaning.

McCulloch MC1385 Deluxe Canister Steam System


  • Up to 31 G/min steam rate.
  • Up to 58 PSI steam pressure.
  • A 64-ounce water tank.
  • An 18-ft power cord.
  • Up to 23 attachments.
  • Chemical-free cleaning.
  • 12 minutes of heating time.
  • Up to 200° F steam temperature.
A 2-year warranty
Plenty of attachments
Provides up to 2 hours of continuous steam
Great value for money
Lengthy steam hose and power cord
Great for cleaning large areas
Scrub brushes quickly come off during cleaning
Not suitable for small jobs

5) Dupray ONE Steam Cleaner

The Dupray One Steamer is an excellent solution for small indoor cleaning assignments.

Dupray ONE Steam Cleaner


  • 8 psi steam pressure.
  • 39-ounce water tank.
  • A 16.5-ft power cord.
  • Over 6-ft steam hose.
  • Up to 16 attachments.
  • Chemical-free cleaning.
  • Less than 8 minutes of heating time.
  • Up to 303° F steam temperature.
A 3-year warranty
Decently accessorized
Average water tank with up to 50 minutes of continuous cleaning
Extra-long power cord and steam hose for maximum reach
Superior steam pressure
Ideal for cleaning
Kills germs and bacteria
Limited portability for small jobs
Extra-long hose limits steam output pressure
Hard to use on staircases

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Car Interior Steam Cleaning Services

Steam cleaning is an exceptional eco-friendly cleaning service for all cars that need sanitizing. With the right car interior steam cleaning services, you only have high-temperature water vapor, often at 200° F sanitizing the inside of your vehicle. Using dry vapor steam has plenty of benefits, including:

  • Eliminating waste-water run-off
  • Providing chemical-free cleaning
  • Killing germs and bacteria
  • Removing mold, mildews, smoking odors, and pet stains
  • Providing an easy reach to tight spots and cleaning up in minutes
  • Leaving dry interior surfaces as soon as cleaning is complete

Using steam is an excellent way to clean and disinfect your car. The high temperatures will not only kill the harmful bacteria but denature dangerous microorganisms as well.

Steam Clean Car Exterior

Just as it is essential to keep your vehicle’s interior clean, having a clean exterior is a critical part of preventive auto maintenance.

Anyone can steam clean car exterior to eliminate the dirt within the paint without causing damages to it. You’ll want to consider dry vapor to sanitize the car exterior for the following reasons:

  • Steam easily removes all dirt from the exterior of your car
  • Steam cleaning does not leave toxic residues on your vehicle’s surfaces
  • Dry vapor cleans your car windows without causing streaking
  • Steam quickly eliminates tar and wax among other components from bumpers, chrome, and moldings

Bottom Line

We have done hundreds of research and testing hours on steam cleaners over the past couple of years to find the best ones for different situations. Now you have a rundown of the best five multi-purpose steamers for various surfaces.

For auto-detailing, any of the units above would make a great choice to steam clean car seats. Further, these units double up as multi-surface cleaning tools for the home. If we have to pick the best steamer, our choice is Dupray One Steam Cleaner.

We feel the unit deserves the top-notch position because of its robust design, outstanding steam pressure, as well as quick water heating to the highest temperatures. Better still, the device has excellent portability while performing a spotless job of sanitizing the various surfaces we tried.

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