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Audi is a popular German luxury brand that balances style and performance. It compares competitively with other well-known brands like BMW, Honda and Nissan on technology, style, and luxurious interiors. Whether you prefer Audi A3, A4, A5 and A6 among other models, you can be assured of solid performance, reliability and a high-grade interior. Every year, the brand updates its line of cars with new features and technology, which makes Audi an ever-present brand on every annual brand report card year after year. It does not matter whether you are opting for the latest 2020 model or you would like to save cost with a 2019 model, you can take advantage of the Audi extended warranty to continue enjoying the high-end performance with peace of mind.

Although Audi cars are some of the highly ranked cars on reliability, the maintenance and repair costs will increase as tear and wear increases. An extended warranty covers your car for a longer period than an Audi factory warranty. It may also offer better coverage than a basic Audi warranty coverage with most extended warranty options covering parts and accessories not included in the primary warranty. An extended warranty is usually included in your Audi purchase as an optional purchase. Your Audi car dealer will likely ask you whether you need an extended car warranty before closing the deal. Whether you are looking for an Audi or a BMW extended warranty, you should make sure that you understand what is covered by the warranty before including an extended warranty as part of your purchase.

What You Should Know About An Extended Car Warranty

An extended warranty is an optional plan that you can buy to cover repair costs that can increase as mileage increases. The extended warranty usually begins immediately after the factory warranty expires, but both warranties can overlap on some occasions. Furthermore, the plan will not cover everything and thus, it is necessary that you read the prints to know what is covered as well as the terms of coverage. You will need to further understand that warranties by different manufacturers such as the Honda extended warranty will not cover the same amount of parts covered by an Audi factory warranty. The cover may also not cover routine maintenance like new tires, oil changes, and new brakes among others. The roadside assistance may also not be included as part of the coverage.

With proper research, an extended warranty can help you reduce the cost of repairs over time. Before purchasing the warranty, you must ensure that it is best for your needs. Extended warranties are available for both new and used cars. Since a new car is less likely to need costly repairs, you should purchase extended coverage if you will be using the car long after the factory warranty expires. The best option for a new car is to purchase extended coverage that will start working once the manufacturer warranty expires. However, for a used car, an extended warranty may be indispensable. Used cars are more likely to experience breakdowns and thus, you may need a warranty to help reduce the costs of repairs.

You can determine whether the extended warranty is worth the cost by looking at the risks associated with your car. Some models have known repair issues such as leaks that are more likely to occur over time. You should research the kind of repairs that you should expect with your model to help you determine whether you need an extended warranty. Furthermore, how long you determine to have the car will play a role in helping you to determine whether the warranty is worth purchasing. If you intend to have the car for an unforeseeable future, you will see value in investing in the plan. Furthermore, cars with an extended warranty are known to have a higher resale value.

Do You Need an Audi Extended Warranty?

Once Audi warranty coverage expires, you can choose to lengthen the coverage by purchasing an extended warranty also known as Vehicle Service Protection (VSP) plan. Audi offers three types of VSP plans to meet the lifestyle and driving needs of every Audi owner. An extended Audi factory warranty protects you up to 120,000 miles or ten years, whichever comes first. The Audi new car warranty makes sure that you can enjoy your driving with peace of mind knowing that you will receive roadside assistance, rental car reimbursement, towing and coverage for trip interruption.

The types of Audi Vehicle Service Protection coverage include

  • Powertrain coverage: This coverage covers the engine, drive axle, transmission, transfer case, and specific electrical or hybrid components.
  • Gold Coverage: This plan covers everything included in the Powertrain plan as well as shocks, climate control, rear suspension, front suspension, fuel system, climate control and some electrical or hybrid components.
  • Platinum coverage: This is the ultimate coverage offering the highest coverage. It offers everything in the Gold plan as well as additional benefits. The platinum covers all mechanical parts in case of a breakdown unless the item is listed in the coverage as not included. The additional benefits of this coverage include brakes, steering, navigation, and CV boots as well as high-tech and audio components.

What Are The Benefits Of Audi Extended Warranty?

Although the Audi extended warranty cost can make you think twice before committing your budget, the warranty is a guaranteed way to ensure that your car maintains its high performance and reliability at a reduced cost. An extended plan will ensure that your car uses genuine Audi parts and service nationwide from all authorized repair facilities. Your car will also be entitled to 24-hour roadside assistance with flat tire assistance, battery service, and lock-out assistance as part of enhanced benefits for up to $100 per occurrence.

The coverage will also protect you from trip interruption of up to $200 per day with a maximum benefit of $1000 for 5 days. The rental reimbursement benefit offers a maximum of $35 per day for a period of up to 10 days. It is also worth noting that an Audi extended warranty is transferable for a fee of $50 when you sell the car to a private party. The warranty covers the same 120,000 miles covered by a Nissan extended warranty but with a longer period of up to ten years. If you find the warranty is not worth the cost, you can cancel the coverage at a fee of $50 anytime after 30 days.

What Should You Keep in Mind?

The choice of your vehicle service protection plan will determine the benefits that you will enjoy. The Powertrain plan only covers the basics while the Platinum coverage is the best-loaded plan. Nevertheless, you should seek the plans available for your car from an authorized dealer. You should keep an eye on limitations as some items like spark plugs may not be covered. In case of a breakdown, you will get three fuel gallons up to three times in a calendar year. Also be able to get emergency items like oil, water and fluid, but you will be billed upon delivery.

You should also remember that different plans have different terms and conditions. You must familiarize yourself with the different terms that govern CPO CV boots, term protection and vehicle service protection. The CPO plan has coverage of up to eight years or up to 120,000 miles. The term plan does not have a deductible and covers the total cost of wearable components including parts and labor. The vehicle service protection plan keeps you fully protected for up to ten years or 120,000 miles with the plan paying for parts and labor, but you will need to pay for a deductible. Furthermore, the Audi warranty platinum cost can also vary depending on the location, model, type, date of purchase, mileage and specifications. You need to talk to your local dealer to get the actual cost of the warranty, but you can expect to pay $4600 for seven years plan with a maximum mileage of 85,000 and a deductible of $250.

Bottom Line

An Audi extended warranty is a beneficial optional addition that you should consider when purchasing a new or used car. It helps you save on the costs of repair as well as give you peace of mind knowing that you can get assistance 24-hours. You also assured of other benefits like trip interruption coverage that makes the warranty worth every cost.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does Audi offer an extended warranty?

Yes. Audi offers three types of extended warranty with different terms and conditions. The warranty types include Powertrain, Platinum and Gold plans.

Should I buy an extended warranty on a used car?

Yes. You are more likely to need an extended warranty on a used car as opposed to a new car. As a car covers more mileage the chances of a breakdown increase. Getting an Audi used car warranty can help reduce the cost of repair.

Is Audi extended warranty worth it?

Although Audi cars are highly reliable, they also experience tear and wear that result in breakdowns.  Purchasing an extended warranty is worth the cost especially if you are buying a used Audi car.

How do I know if my Audi is still under warranty?

You can tell if your Audi car is still under warranty by looking at the terms of the warranty. For example, a warranty will define the number of years and mileage covered by the warranty. If your car has not reached the maximum mileage and it is still within the covered years, your car is still under warranty. However, if it has more mileage or surpassed the number of years, your car is not under warranty. You can also tell if your car is still under warranty by visiting your local car dealer.

How much does an extended Audi warranty cost?

The cost of the warranty will depend on the options you select as well as the type of coverage, but you can expect the Audi extended warranty platinum cost to be the highest. If you are not willing to pay for a deductible, you will have to pay a higher amount to compensate. Furthermore, the duration of the warranty and the mileage covered will also affect the price. As the mileage increases, the likeliness of your car breaking down also increases, which means you have to pay a higher amount to get longer coverage.

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